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tv   Open Phones on Neil Gorsuch Supreme Court Nomination  CSPAN  February 4, 2017 1:27pm-1:47pm EST

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place today, and i look forward to that process moving ahead for a person who is imminently qualified to be on the supreme court, a person who is known to be fair in his jurisprudence, a person who believes that judges ought to judge and that legislators ought to legislate, and that's exactly what the constitution calls for, and i think this person has a reputation for that. thank you all very much. >> u.s. circuit judge neil gorsuch nominated by president trump this week to fill a vacancy on the u.s. supreme court, to fill the seat of the late justice antonin scalia. we would like to get your
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thoughts after you watched for the last few minutes judge gorsuch making the rounds on capitol hill. your thoughts on the nomination of judge gorsuch to the supreme court. numbers there on your screen. as always, you can tweet us or leave a comment on our facebook page. you just saw a video with the senate judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley and the supreme court nominee. this story from rollcall senate judiciary chairman charles grassley is laying out his plan on thejudge neil gorsuch supreme court before the easter recess. the republican from iowa has a roughly six-week timeline for getting the circuit appellate judge from colorado, who was
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named tuesday night by president donald trump, as his choice to replace the late antonin scalia up on the highest court. grassley, "i'm not saying absolutely six weeks because you always try to be accommodating to the minority as long as they are reasonable, so we have to work things out, but it kind of worked out to be ," senatorweeks grassley said in an interview with rollcall. he anticipates only one week of senators questioning gorsuch with three days of hearings overall. of course, those open hearings will be here on the c-span networks. we will have live coverage of the confirmation hearing of judge gorsuch coming up in the coming days and weeks. now, though, let's go to your phone calls, starting with dante in ohio four democrats. what do you think? >> they should block it. he don't have the ideas what he is doing.
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they should not be carrying guns to crazy people off the street like chicago and ohio. >> all right. thanks for calling. another point of view. victoria is on the line from florida on the republican line. what do you think of the toination of judge gorsuch the supreme court. >> i am for it. we had then praying for a man like him for years. i liked the other guy, too. the one that just passed away. he was good, too, but i think more people need to stand behind him. i am praying for him, and i really believe that it is god that is putting him in. god bless you, and, america, look up for jesus is coming soon, and this is his choice. god bless you all. for calling. roto, texas, is next on the democrats line. caroline is here. go ahead.
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isi think judge neil gorsuch an exceptional choice for president trump. the people that are in this country are -- were all but were foreigners -- were americans second, and we are americans because of the constitution, and we need a judge who abides by the constitution. calling. for to another democratic collar, larry in richmond, kentucky now. larry.d, >> ok, my name is larry, and i fora policeman in kentucky a time -- >> let me interrupt for just a second. could you turn your tv down? we're getting a little delayed
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audio in the background. or have someone do it for you. go ahead with your comment. >> ok then. as a democrat, you know, i am very, very -- well, i tell you what. let me let my wife talk to you about this, ok? >> this is martha. way, i sure any would love to let trump know that i pray for him. i believe in him. i'm crazy about him. i think he is what we need, and i'm very patriotic. i'm a conservative republican.
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i believe what it says in the bible, and i do not believe it is fair that we have to, as christians, go against what is in the bible just to please some of these people, if you know what i mean. but my whole family is for trump , and we are just sorry he has to put up with the stuff he has to put up with from people. he does have our prayers. we do support him 100%. >> all write, thanks for calling. we are asking for your thoughts on the nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court, a circuit court0th of appeals in colorado. keith in san antonio, texas, a republican collar. your thoughts on the nomination.
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>> i think it is clear judge gorsuch is eminently qualified, and i am appalled by the partisan behavior of the democratic senators. they ought to be punished in some fashion. i don't know how. >> thanks for calling. one of those senators who raised those doubts in this tweet -- again, that from senator chuck grassley.
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to chat, democrat in illinois. >> i am a democrat and have leaned more liberal in my voting history and my opinions, and i think that it's just really important to know that the opposition to this supreme court nomination is straight out of the republican playbook from what they were doing in the past 10 and a half months. that i feelsubject like i keep hearing about is abortion, and i just really want to offer everyone this viewpoint and perspective -- you can be pro-life and the against lawtion without needing a to do that. the fact of the matter is a lot of people have this opinion because of their religious beliefs, but it comes down to an individual opinion, and because
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opinions vary, everyone should be allowed to feel and choose for themselves whatever they feel is right for their particular circumstance. and you can be active and provide as much support to your cause as possible, but it is really important to allow to practice their own belief and their opinions the way that they want. that's just what i wanted to share. >> thanks for calling. next to new york on the independent line. >> yes. nomination-wise, after 10 months, democrats should give the vote to mr. gorsuch, but i am ashamed on the republican
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side. senators should not till the seed after 10 months last year. that's not good for the country. i am very sad about republican senators. they are not sincere with the country. they should have told this post last year, not this year. >> anthony now in brooklyn, new york, on the republican line. go ahead, anthony. >> thanks for taking my call. i am a republican. i live in brooklyn, new york. i actually am also in my final year of law school. about what ach jurist should be and how the supreme court should be filled. i think whichever side you are on -- republican, independent, democrat, a jurist like mr. gorsuch is someone who either side of the aisle can really appreciate and that we should be commended president trump for
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selecting for the nomination. say or as john roberts, the chief justice, andd say that judges jurists are calling balls and strikes and not necessarily making decisions that they individually agree with, but that they think as a matter of law and under the doctrine and constitutional law is a correct decision. my comment is not to be taken as judges should kick things to the legislature or to the democratic process all the time, but that this juncture in our political atmosphere, they should not be this activist justice that the democratic party is typically the one to select. a jurist who is able to call balls and strikes and is not just going to impose their positions on the people through the bench is someone that any side of the aisle can appreciate. that is all. thank you.
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>> thanks for calling. was confirmed in the senate in 2006 by voice vote in the u.s. circuit court of appeals, the 10th circuit. here is a tweet from one of our viewers concerned that the andnation of gorsuch subsequent confirmation will further stop any agreement in the legislative branch. au can tweet us or leave comment for us on c-span's facebook page. bob in harrisburg, pennsylvania, the democratic line. go ahead, bob. >> thank you for taking my call. this nomination should be blocked by the democrats. is legitimate. our last president, president obama, should have been the one nominating a person for that. but our republican senate
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decided to hold out, and i thought that was an unprecedented move, never seen before. i don't think it is fair that we normalize this kind of activity. i believe and i hope that our democratic senators block this nomination. thank you. >> terence in raleigh, carolina, joins us now. go ahead. >> yes, i'm calling about the situation, what is going on. i think the republicans -- they have the republicans in the senate and congress. now they got donald trump. closek america is being week. he say he is going to do this, going to do what is in the best interests for all of his cronies , alle congress and senate the millionaires and billionaires. i guarantee you he has skeletons
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in his closet. within one to two years, it is going to come out, and the south supports him more than the north. poore south, it's more than the north. i don't understand why are they voting against their own interests. they got poor health care, poor jobs. they need more social programs that up in the north, you know? but i think what it is is most ideology oft the white supremacist. if you look there on who he has got by his side, middle-aged white males, it shows that what is going on. >> all write, thanks for the call. to nancy in saybrook, connecticut, on the republican line. what do you think of the nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court?
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trumphink that president made a stellar choice. >> why? >> why? because he is brilliant. inwill read the statement the law, and i just feel he has done the right thing. >> to a democratic caller next in tampa, florida, go ahead. >> i am a registered democrat, broken to sees the mean spirit that democrats white and black is doing to get elected person. he is elected under the sovereignty of god. >> before we get too far, let's take it back to the subject at hand, the neil gorsuch supreme court nomination. what specifically do you think of that? >> he said he would do by the law that man-made, but he is standing at the christian of what god said. we need to remember this -- men make up laws or whatever, but he said he would abide by them. he is a christian man, and we even eisenhower
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changed it to remind us that we are under god. >> thanks for calling. this article from "the san francisco chronicle regarding senator dianne feinstein. the headline -- the article itself says --
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time for a couple more calls. let's go to ronald next in shelbyville, kentucky on the democrats line. go ahead. >> i'm glad he blocked that, and they should have locked it. i think mitch mcconnell and all those other guys would never let do anything, and yet, they said he was a bad president, but he was one of the best presidents we had. >> thanks for calling. andrew, you will be our last call. let's go around to somers, new .ork >> good morning. i would like to say i'm a little bit confused when people on television say that the individual rights should be
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withheld -- not withheld, but we force thesider and in individual rights of people. iu know, that's great, but don't think that is what the supreme court is all about. it's the right of people of america, and america is composed with a lot of different points of view, and if we consider the individual opinions of all people, we would have total chaos and confusion in our government and in our country. it really boils down to majority. often, particularly in a notressive party, people do consider the views of the majority of the united states. is the selection of a
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certain group of people, the republican party, which won the election. they have certain rights in governing the country. that's the way our government operates. to say that individual opinion transcends that in the selection of supreme court justices is outrageous. thanks for calling, andrew. a reminder that we will follow the confirmation process, of course. the senate hearings for judge neil gorsuch to be the next associate supreme court justice. we will have live coverage on the c-span networks when that process gets started. the nomination of judge gorsuch was the subject of this week's weekly addresses by the president and democrats. we will hear first from president trump. this week, senator edward markey representing democrats. bo


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