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tv   President Trump Says He Has No Doubt Courts Will Restore His U.S. Travel...  CSPAN  February 10, 2017 8:01pm-8:32pm EST

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asked about his executive order on immigration. this is 30 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states and the prime minister of japan. pres. trump: thank you very much. prime minister abe, on behalf of the american people, i welcome you to the very famous white house. you honor us with your presence. this is one of our earliest visits from a foreign leader. band i am truly glad it could be from such an important and
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steadfast ally. the bond between our two nations and the friendship between our two peoples runs very, very deep. this administration is committed to bringing in those ties even closer. we are committed to the security of japan and all areas under its administrative control and to further strengthening our very crucial alliance. the u.s.-japan alliance is the cornerstone of peace and stability. region it isc , important that japan and the united states continue to invest very heavily in the alliance to build up our defense and our defensive capabilities, which
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under a mutual leadership, will become stronger and stronger. as time goes by, ultimately, they will be impenetrable. we face numerous challenges and bilateral cooperation that is essential. our country is committed to being an active and fully engaged partner. we will work together to promote our shared interests, of which we have many. we will have freedom of navigation and defending against the north korean missiles and nuclear threat. both of which i consider a very very high priority. on the economy, we will seek a trading relationship that is free, fair, and reciprocal. one that benefits both of our countries. the vibrant exchange between us
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is a true blessing. japan is a proud nation with a rich history and a culture. the american people have profound respect for your country and its traditions. i also want to take this opportunity, mr. prime minister, to thank you and the people of japan for hosting our armed forces. working together, our countries have the opportunity to bring greater harmony, stability, and prosperity to the pacific region and beyond, improving countless lives in the process. we are committed to the goal, highly committed. prime minister abe, on behalf of
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the united states of america, i thank you for being with us today. we will soon be traveling to the great state of florida, where i know we will have a long and very successful talk, negotiations, and a very, very productive meeting. mr. prime minister. >> this is the fourth time in six months for me to visit the united states. the last time was in pearl harbor, hawaii, at the end of last year. i am indeed sincerely grateful of the always heartwarming welcome of the american people. i would also like to express my sincere gratitude to president trump. donald, you must have been very
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iod ofn this important per the first 100 days after your inauguration. i thank you very much to inviting me over to the white house. in the united states some people , mistakingly pronounce my name "abe," but that is not bad because everyone in japan knows the name of the great carpenter who would go on to become a president. 100 years ago, japan was still under the shogun's rule. the japanese open their eyes to democracy, the united states is the champion of democracy. donald, president, you are an excellent businessman. but you have never been in the .ongress or been the governor you have no experience being in a public office, but you have
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fought the uphill struggle and thet for over a year in election process to become the new present, and -- president, and this is the dynamism of democracy. i would like to celebrate and congratulate donald as the president. the united states is a country having the largest number of chances opportunities in the , world. that has always been the case, right now as well is going forward, this will never change. that is the reason why automotive industries and other japanese businesses have built factories all over the united states to engage in local , production here. last year, from japan to the united states, there have been more than $150 billion in new investment being made in the united states. those japanese businesses have created a large number of
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jobs. the mutually beneficial economic relations have been built in the japan and the united states. with president trump taking on the leadership i am sure there , will be major infrastructure change made, including more trains. lots of you who have roads appreciate you would the speed, comfort and safety , with the latest technology from washington dc. to new york, where trump tower hour would it one take to write this mag-lift train from washington dc to new york. with our high level of capability we will be able to contribute to president trump's growth strategy.
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there will be even new jobs in -- more new jobs born in the united states. to further deepen this by lateral relation -- bilateral , there will be a dialogue held, and we have agreed on this. furthermore, in asia-pacific where we see dramatic growth, to expand free trade and investments, this will be a big chance for both japan and the united states. of course, it must be done in a fair manner. never should a state or company company backed by state capital should not make any economic intervention. free right to intellectual property should not be condoned.
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in asia-pacific region with japan and the u.s., there is leadership that could create free and fair markets based upon rules. this should be built. have president trump confirmed to do so. the cornerstone of peace and prosperity in asia-pacific that is the strong japan-u.s. alliance. there is an unwavering alliance between the two countries. i and president trump will work together to further strengthen our alliance that we have shared. as we see increasingly difficult security environments, we have concerns about the u.s.-japan
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security tax in article five. under the banner of proactive contributions to peace, japan will play a greater role. at the same time, we will also proceed on reducing the impact. we will be honored to see realignment in a just pacific -- asia-pacific and japan. there will be relocation for denmark is the only solution. japan and the u.s. will continue to work on this. on north korea, we strongly north korea to abandon to the nuclear and ballistic missile program, and not make any more provocations.
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we have completely agreed on the importance of early solutions of the abduction issue in the east china sea, south china sea, and the indian ocean. everywhere, there should be a freedom of navigation and rule of law. such international order must be maintained. japan and the united states have will strongly protest any use of force or coercion. i and the president will address butonly bilateral issues, regional issues, we should contribute to the peace and prosperity of the world. terrorism's should be solely condemned, and will cooperate in our fight against terrorism. japan will exercise a
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commence her role in this regard, and furthermore -- commence or it role -- commensurate role, furthermore with the refugees, there have been many challenges in the world. this will be a serious issue with japan and united states. but japan and the united states and the international community must work hand-in-hand. of course there are , disagreements. but we should not close down the dialogue just by pointing to the differences and ignoring common interests and goals. .e need to have a dialogue whatere are disagreements, is mostly desired by those are challenging the international order -- we should not close the
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international dialogue we have had for four years i have consistently produced. whatever the challenge and us, i and ahead of president trump will continue our dialogue and sharing solutions. after lunch, i am looking forward for a weekend in florida with donald. we will play golf together. my scores in golf is not up to but myel of donald, policy is never up, never in always to aim for the cup. , never golf with shortcuts. those are the words never found in my dictionary. but in a relaxed atmosphere, i hope to take time to discuss with donald the future of the
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world and region, the future of japan and the united states. thank you. pres. trump: thank you very much. we're going to be a few questions unless you don't want to ask any questions, if that's possible. where is the new york post? daniel? >> i am curious about yesterday's ruling in the ninth circuit court. has it caused you to rethink your use of executive power and how will you respond? will you sign new executive orders and perhaps a new travel ban? and mr. prime minister i am , curious to your reaction of america's withdrawal from the tpp. do you think that has weakened america's position in asia and how do you envision any kind of trade deal with the president working out? pres. trump: question was
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-- your question was unrelated to what we are here for, but i will answer it. we are going to keep our country safe. we are going to do what is necessary to keep our country safe. we have a decision that we think will be successful and it should not have taken this much time, because safety is a primary reason that i am standing here today. the security of our country. the voters thought i would give it the best security. so we will be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security for our country. you will be seeing that sometime next week. in addition, we will go through the court process and ultimately i have no doubt that we will win that particular case. >> now, in the world, we are also facing the issues of refugees and terrorism. we need to work closely together on these global issues.
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japan has always played our own role. going forward, we would continue to work with international to execute our responsibility in a commensurate matter. and each of our countries has immigration control, as well as policies on immigration and refugees. those have to do with semantic affairs of the country, so i would refrain from making any comment. blake, fox. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to pick up where daniel left off, if you don't mind. you said earlier this week that
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have learned a lot in the past two weeks that terrorism is a far greater threat than people understand, but we are going to take care of it." basically, you have learned information and now that your executive order is temporarily on hold, do you feel as confident now as you did at any point that you will be able to protect the homeland? and mr. prime minister, i would like to pick up about tpp. do you feel it is a mistake that the united states has at least signaled its intention to withdraw from the deal? thank you both. pres. trump: i feel totally confident that we will have tremendous security for the people of the united states. extreme vetting, which is a term i developed early in my campaign because i saw what is happening. while i have been president , which is for a very short
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time, i have learned tremendous things that you can only learn , frankly if you are in a , certain position, namely the president. and there are certainly threats to the country that i will not allow to happen. i can tell you we will not allow , that. so we will be going forward and continuing to do things that will make our country safe. it will happen rapidly and we will not allow people into our country who are looking to do harm to our people. we will allow lots of people into our country that will love our people and do good for our country. it is always going to be that way, at least during my administration, i can tell you that. >> on tpp, we are fully aware of president trump's decision.
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on economic issues, will be working with old -- relations,conomic how can we how can we develop and grow our relationship? about how we will work out the trade. i'm quite optimistic that the and results will be seen from that. now, we need to make sure it is a free and fair set of rules for the free trade regime. that was the reason for and the purpose of the tpp, that has not myself -- changed. i myself believe that. >> thank you. have a question for prime
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minister abbe. -- abe. for the automotive market in japan, as far as foreign exchange, there have been remarks discussing the discrepancy in your position. what were the discussions, were you able to narrow down the gap? and president trump has said that he will make the estates a -- the united states a great country. what is meant by the great country? and prime minister, what do you when you say that the united states is a great ally for you? >> for the trump administration the new genesis will be built , between japan and the u.s.. in awkward to put forth -- in ader to put form -- forward strong message, i have released a new framework for economic dialogue. we were able to agree on this.
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as far as other discussions we , will be having that during lunch. in any case, between president trump and myself, on u.s. and japan economic relations, we have already agreed that we will have vice president pence and the deputy prime minister discuss fully the economic relations between the two countries. and we are looking forward to good results ensuing from the debate between the experts. as for the foreign exchange, we will have the secretary treasury and minister continue close communication with the united states to continue to become a great nation. the role played by the estates -- the united states and the responsibility to go with it,
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the world over is filled with increasing uncertainty. states will become a great america and a good and strong ally that will be good for japan. we need to do this not only for our two nations, but to continue the peace and prosperity of asia-pacific and the united states will be even greater. we welcome that. pres. trump: thank you. i will say that -- you have seen it -- ever since i won the election and become the president-elect i have been , telling car companies and other companies, many companies, to come back to the united states. they have been coming back in. big announcements are going to be made over the next two or three at a time. some of you already know what those announcements are.
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we lost a lot of our factories and plants. those factories and plants will be coming back. jobs will be coming back to michigan and ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina and so many other places where we have lost so many jobs. those are the people who were so good to me and now i'm being good to them. and so we have had a tremendous number of announcements, we've had forward and general motors and general motors, many others intel made a major , announcement, they did that because what is happening with our tax structure which is going along very well. we are going to have some very big news over the next short. -- short period of time. but we are a nation of tremendous potential, the expression "make america great again," i will tell you it will be greater than ever before. and i just want to thank the
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prime minister for friendship. we developed a great friendship when we met in new york city at trump tower. we spoke for a long, long period of time. when i greeted him today, i was saying -- i shook hands but i grabbed him and hugged him because that is how we feel, we have a very, very good bond. very, very good chemistry. i will let you know the changes, but i don't think you will. -- it will. [laughter] pres. trump: i\ want to thank the prime minister for being here. we are going to be meeting your wife and i look forward to that. i want to thank everybody in the room. we are going to have a tremendous relationship, long-term relationship, of mutual benefit with japan. thank you all very much. thank you. yes, certainly. go ahead.
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>> i have a question for president trump. the obama administration had to and emphasizea asia china has taken a hard line , stance in the south china sea and north korea has armed the missiles and nuclear development. some countries in asia are concerned about the commitment of the united states in asia. so against this backdrop, as was mentioned earlier for the trump , for theation situations in asia, how would you respond to the increasing difficulty hearing? -- here? and president, you have repeatedly said about china taking on currency and foreign exchange policies that are not good for the united states. do you think that will change in the future?
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pres. trump: i had a very, very good conversation yesterday with the president of china. it was a very, very warm conversation. i think we are on the process of getting along very well. i think we will also be very much of a benefit to japan. so we had a very, very good talk last night. we discussed a lot of subjects. it was a long talk. we are working on that as we speak. we have conversations with various representatives in china. i believe that will all work out very well for everybody. china, japan, the united states, and everybody in the region. as far as the currency devaluation, we have been complaining about that for a long time.
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and i believe that we will all be eventually and probably much sooner than many understand or inc. -- think -- we will all be at a level playing field. that is the only way to spare. -- it is fair. that is the only way you can fairly compete in trade and other things. we will be on the field and we will all be working very hard to do work for the country. but it has to be fair. and we will make it fair. i think the united states is going to be an even bigger player then it is right now, by a lot, when it comes to trade. a lot of that will have to do with our tax policy which you , will be seeing in the not-too-distant future. right now nobody knows what , policy we have, we will have a very much incentive-based policy. we are working with congress, paul ryan, mitch mcconnell.
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i think people will be very, very impressed. and this also has a lot to do with business, we are also talking about health care, where we can get great health care for the country at a much reduced the peopleoth receiving the health care and the country, because the country is paying so much and obamacare, as you know is a complete , disaster. so we will end up with tremendous health care at a lower price and i think people are going to be extremely happy. difficult process, but once we get going -- and as you know, tom price was just approved a few hours ago. we finally have our secretary, now we get down to the final strokes. again i want to thank everyone , for being here. i want to thank mr. prime minister, what an honor. what a great honor it is. let's go to florida. [applause]
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>> after the joint news conference, the prime minister and the president moved on to palm beach, florida. en route, the president was once asked again about his immigration order. pres. trump: hi everybody, hi. everything good?


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