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tv   Washington Journal Michael Wilner Previews President Trumps Meeting with...  CSPAN  February 15, 2017 9:31am-10:01am EST

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and they agree that the iran nuclear deal of course is ultimately a bad deal for israel and the united states. they're laying out these broad ambitions for a peace process without specifying what that might look like and what an ultimate piece might look like. >> what would president trump
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like to see as far as a two-state solution. >> i was told that the white house remains committed to a two-state solution and as of last night, we were told that they are simply committed to peace and that might come as a form other than the two-state
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solution. ask our guest from the jerusalem post about these topics, you can do so. it's {202}748-8001. especially after the previous administration. the trump administration wants above all for this to be a seemless visual.
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how far that goes is the real question when it comes down to policy disagreements that will come up over the couple months and even maybe today. to some i would suggest looking past those at where these policy disagreements are currently and where their aides say they're working to bridge those differences. >> so we probably expect a high highly tailored or highly
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orchestrated event today. >> melania trump the first lady will be there to greet sarah netanyahu which i don't believe has happened yet. you're going to have a guest book signing. you're going to have a joint press conference. two hours of meetings. michael flynn was the point person for planning this meeting. so absolutely, there is that hole if you will because he was coordinating with israel's
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national security advisor on the details of the meeting. these meetings are highly structured, keep in mind. he was going to usher the leaders through each segment of the meeting and now that he's not there, we're not entirely sure who's taking that job but generally we know what the topics of conversation will be. >> i've been following the history of the conflict and the two-state solution is historically failed every time.
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israel disengaged from gaza. then hamas. hamas promptly -- thousands of buckets and missiles -- rockets and missiles. and it seems like going back to 1948, the ratification of the state of israel the palestinians have just continued to use terror and military as a strategy and they have never really come to terms with the reality and the permanency of the state of israel and just -- i'm just asking you it seems like in popular opinion, the two-state solution is the only thing and i'm saying if you look back since 1948, it has never worked. guest: it's a great question and
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it really gets to the heart of this visit. there are certainly israellies who will cite gaza and lebanon in terms of pulling out their security forces and what results israelly israeli but they can argue that they have not been unilateral or in conjunction with the international community.
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what has been characterized as the two-state solution more specifically is a comprehensive final status agreement resulting living side by side in peace and security and that's a comprehensive resolution. there have been small initiatives that have been unilateral that have been
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tested. >> there are three different probes into the prime minister and one is on these state funds. another is on a deal on submarines. with a lebanese firm that was brokered by a family member of netanyahu. both of these are considered to be by israeli police serious enough to consider recommending an indictment. we're not entirely sure if that's going to come down. that's one of the reasons netanyahu wanted this current trip scheduled at a difficulty time was that he was also going to asia and didn't want to be
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out of jerusalem for so long.
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we paid for that dome and are now giving them $38 million and i don't feel like he has given our country or the last president the gratitude and respect that he should have and i think they need to realize that the american people are hurting and i don't agree with us bar rowing money from china china -- borrowing money from china to give the israel. israel is not a poor country. a lot of american people are really getting tired of being israel's private atm machine and anyway, that's my comment. thank you.
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the reason why the u.s. and israel and -- have the -- such as those that assure you identify and uniquely american. israel being the only democracy in the middle east. short term security and specific tactical needs but long term security is best served by israel brokering a two-state solution with the palestinians.
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we are investing in the long term security of the state that we consider to be indispensable. and adjust state in existence but we think in the long term in order to continue being viable state and the state of israel that we have long supported, you need to broker peace. missile technology and in fact it's the only testing ground really for short term rockets that witness-3 ever seen.
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the military experience for the united states as it were. the u.s. only provides funds that protect civilian areas under rocket attack. host: this is charles. caller: thank you for taking my call. what i want to say is nobody -- any leader of any country brings the bible into their conversation concerning the affairs of the world and i believe that everything that the bible says about what's going to happen in in this world is going
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to come through and the bible says that every nation is going to be judged by our lord and savior jesus christ by how they treat israel. he puts leaders in place and allows things to happen. whatever happens is going to happen according to the bible. i just mentioned to your previous caller people support israel for their shared democratic values. obviously there's a lot of people in this country that support israel because of precisely what your caller just
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said. for the u.s. to support israel. but i think that what makes the u.s.'s real relationship so broad and bipartisan is that it really is for fundamentally a moral or strategic alliance. and the israel of today serves as an at least in the minds of many american leaders as a beacon of many democratic ideals. >> when it comes to advisors on
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israel and middle east peace, who does president trump rely on? >> that's evolving quickly as well. david freeman served as his chief jewish and israel advisor during the campaign. he has taken a strong interest in making a serious play for peace. steven bannon apparently has
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become one of his chief foreign policy advisors across the board including this portfolio. host: carol, you're next. west virginia. caller: good morning. i'm calling in i'm a life long generational democrat. i truly support israel and i don't believe that a two-state solution would be the answer because palestinians just want to wipe out israel. they don't want it to exist. my support is for israel and i hope it continues to be that way and i hope we continue to protect israel. there's one true democracy. i thank you gentlemen and i hope you have a great day. guest: thank you for that. i think that you raise an important point which is that
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polling shows there are substantial portions of the palestinian population that don't believe aa two-state solution is actually the end to the conflict. there are of course those who say that a two-state solution would require a right to return an recess central homes in modern day israel effectively cree eliteing two arab states. israel and palestine.
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there is a conception of a two-state solution that does result in an end to all claims and a jewish state of israel living side by side. >> do you know why the white house has reached out to palestinian leaders at all in the larger discussion of the two-state solution or peace in the least? >> i do know that there was a palestinian delegation here and that they were at least in touch with the trump administration. i know that they were trying to secure meetings but i'm not sure if those meetings occurred. >> let's hear from mario in tennessee. >> yes.
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good morning to everybody. there's no way that anybody can protect israel without having our military forces there to defend it but until you have two palestinian states where somebody lives on one side and the other guy lives on the other side and when somebody crosses the border you can take action.
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you are never going to have peace over there. they don't want the people who got kicked out of the area. but they get everybody from russia and poland and everybody else to live over there. >> thank you. there are two points there. one you mentioned americans picking up their rifles and defending israel. israel argues that one of the reasons that american military aid is so important is that they know that americans and no other forces will ever actually send boots and their own blood to defend israel. israelis will always have to defend themselves. and you raise the point they
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simply want to continue taking palestinian land. i would characterize it this way: there are two camps in israel at the moment. there's one that does want to settle. historic west bank territory. and they believe they have a right to the man and that it's in israel's interest to ultimately -- it's foreign to the american for that actually to be a serious discussion but it's not the majority.
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the israelis who don't want to settle but argue that it has very little to do with the palestinians or settlements. it has to do with security. having that sense of security. that's what scares the majority of israelis. it's not about settling that land but you're right that, that camp exists host: from massachusetts, brian, go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. i would like to get a little detailed idea of what occurs when a president speaks with the prime minister. i've seen the prime minister on television enough and i know that he is bilingual in english and so i'm wondering aside from press conferences, does the prime minister speak in hebrew or yiddish with the president? guest: there's a joke in israel about netanyahu that he speaks better english than hebrew. he does speak hebrew. his whole staff speaks english fluently. certainly his ambassador to the united states. he was born here i'm pretty
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sure. and netanyahu himself studied here. so it's an english conversation. definitely a huge benefit. the last time i was on this show was with -- when netanyahu was addressing a joint session of congress on iran to much fanfare and outrage. and he is a very eloquent speaker. there's no question about that. so we don't really know what the dynamic is going to be between netanyahu and trump. that's in part what makes this meeting so interesting. they've known each other but this is a whole different dynamic and especially now that trump is going to be making an
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ask of trump on -- rather making an ask of netanyahu on settlements, we don't really know how that dynamic is going to go with netanyahu pushing back against trump. who knows what it's going to look lake. >> has the issue about the u.s. embassy in israel been resolved? >> it has not been resolved. bob corker, the senate foreign relations chairman was considered for secretary of state and he told politico"politico" last week that when he was being considered for state they wanted on day one, january 20th genuinely day one, their first act to move the embassy and they obviously were told to roll that back. >> michael wilner serves not
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only as the washington bureau chief and also the white house correspondent for the jerusalem post talking about today's meeting between president trump and the israeli prime minister. thank you for your time. >> my pleasure. >> don't forget you can watch that press conference with the two gentlemen at noon. you can see it at we now go to the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. february 15 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable harold rogers to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists


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