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tv   German Chancellor Merkel Remarks at Munich Security Conference  CSPAN  February 18, 2017 7:17pm-8:01pm EST

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of donald trump. >> you can watch the rest of the discussion tonight at 8:30 p.m. eastern tonight on c-span. ♪ >> sunday on c-span's washington journal, the results of our third historian survey of presidential leadership, joining us is douglas brinkley, edna medford, and presidential historian and biographer, richard norton smith. the survey was concluded by 91 historians, it ranked the president's in 10 different categories, public persuasion, crisis leadership, relations with congress, moral authority, join us live sunday morning at 8:00 a.m. eastern to see which u.s. presidents received top billing in the presidential leadership survey on these bands washington journal.
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>> speaking this weekend at the annual munich security talksence, angela merkel about the ukraine. she also talked about nato spending. this is 40 minutes. >> colleagues, ladies and gentlemen of the security internationale offing was actually kicking a passionate debate. a debate in meeting that left an interest on this day, today it is the munich security conference.
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this is where we will have a discussion and debate. countries, welcome to munich. , weill also be doing this know that this is very special. i would likeellor to welcome all of you. this was very much influenced by thatold war, the conflict was happened by nuclear deterrence. cohesion, the strength of the partners in the western alliance. this with -- this came at the end of the cold war. achievectually able to its goal, i would like to bid a
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that welcome to the united states of america that is here. and all of the others that have come here from united states. very warm welcome to all of you. today, more than a quarter of a century later, the world has changed are medically. there are no longer two blocks order and a a new new balance of power as the structures become much more unilateral. we have a unified europe with 28 we have emerging economies, particularly in the asian companies. -- countries. this, to say a word with i was looking at the global gdp, it was about 25 years between 1990 and 2015, it is actually
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tripled. the gdp has also tripled. unionp of the european has only doubled during this. of time. the gdp of china has actually of 28. by a factor what america is able to increase their share. risen from 2% to 15%. when there is islamist terrorism the affects of 9/11, and due to the growth of population and climate change. there has been an increasing amount of interconnectedness due to globalization.
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what we have today is a world where there is no global order. in spite of the cold war and russia, at the end of the cold war the relations with russia as good as it should be. the challenges of the world acted on by one state alone. this is a cooperative effort, we go ahead, we have to render them more efficient. this is true of the european union. this is true for the united nations. i am saying this all, looking at one country where germany calls responsibility. we have a chair this year. the meeting, the level of heads of states of government, that founded this in the aftermath of
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the global financial crisis and -- one would say that this profound crisis could only be marked if we work together. we are g 20 presidency, going to shape an interconnected world, because we are firmly convinced that only if we act together will he be strung together. some structures are not as efficient as we would argue, it with many places. countries, we see that the most effective to solve problems. is the inward looking, i would argue that it isn't effort to fight for all of this.
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my me start off by saying what in appening, the eu is very difficult situation. due to the result of the british referendum and the future of what is going to happen in 2018. , it is very regrettable sad i think. it is a fact. states havemaining to be even more interested in asking themselves what can they do to shape the future. the whole that hallmark of the eu is a big single market. that is now challenged due to globalization. we have to show people that there is an added value, we have to create jobs. we have to create competitors, we have to use this with our
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people. tenantket economy is a of globalization. this is something we wanted to do in the eu as well. secondly, we have to talk about our currency, we have lived through very profound crises twice in the eu. we have created a currency, it was not sufficiently resilient. and later on did we adopt secure this currency, so we did not have to worry about it. in most of the member countries, you can move freely without border control. we were not prepared for the kind of pressure we would see on our free movement of flight.
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installo retroactively the necessary control mechanisms to secure our borders. onhave to concentrate more these really important challenges, this competitiveness with jobs, they talent security. nextediction is over the 10 years, we also have to look at regulations that can be scrapped, those that are obsolete, those that hinder us. this to be the be-all and and all. we have to change it. we will do more on the defense. the lisbon treaty allows a eu, theion of the defenses of france and germany,
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sees the opportunity to do more. all that they say, yes if we want them to be. if we want to be a union of security and defense, if we want to be. we have 16 military missions, all over the world in which we can participate. we bear more than a third of the expenditure on national missions. also the largest donor in syria and afghanistan. we have to do more. in order to integrate our military. we spoke often in detail about this. we need to talk about our leadership capacity to we need to talk about what is happening in the air -- eu. we need to integrate the approach, which helps our military capacity. about anded to talk celebrate our approach. in the to move forward
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ways that we are going to deal with those countries. we have to train people, we will have to equip the security. the eu mustcity on never be seen as an alternative. rather it must be complemented and integrated in the overall state. that, there has always been a very important role. strength of989, the moving overare now to have revealed and programs. in other areas, there are military corporations, and social security, we are protecting our borders, there is a lot of initiatives that are
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also feeding into european initiatives. there is one central issue that i would like to address. see that the initiative in the conflict between the russia and that russia nation and report, i can not yet that we have all the points of the mixed -- makes agreement. that is inhing porter, we are going to continue to keep it safe, because the people are very insecure, they are very afraid. the makes agreement leaves me to nato. the importance of nato i feel, highlightedmarks a
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-- it is related to the annexation of crimea, and the conflict in the ukraine where russia is supporting this effort. that is something that saddens and worries me. what is that matter when it comes to security, we all have to remind yourself that the one principle in europe in the postwar. , safety and security and peace. we have been the principle of integrity that has been violated. this is something the european order of peace rex. that is must be why we are so strict in enforcing that. no longer the tenants that bind us. upset, itorld order is most important to strengthen the flank. from theing this
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bottom. andunited states is poland,, we did invoke article are ensuring each other of a standby agreement of our countries. we are in a major mission in afghanistan, this basically started after 9/11. workny is continuing to together with nato here. with 20 other nations in the north. opportunity to talk to the afghan president. a political solution as well. in order so we can ensure a peaceful future for afghanistan. when we speak of nato these days, nato always talks about the financial contributions that
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everyone puts on the table. thatld just like to say ,uring the nato summit meeting just as the defense minister ensured we will do everything we can to fulfill this commitment. nato is verywever, much in the european institution, it is very german. it is also in the american interests. together,e all united we see this and we rely on this. it is a project of common interest. ladies and gentlemen, third i would like to talk about the enormous challenge i see and the connection of terrorists. to organizations such as boko haram.
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there is the increasing importance of islamic terror. this israeli fought against by anti-islamic state alliances. syria, germany is in other parts of the world right now. is very much going to the challenge of islamic terrorism. let me address this very openly. the europeans could not cope with finding international islamists who need the strength and power of the estate. the border between the eu and europe, is like a part of it separates from islamic terrorists.
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that is very much the same in europe. in the ad states thatery important to me is in islam, muslim, it has been our corporative into their tone. those countries, first and foremost have to give a contribution. there is a fourth of the study. you will have to find strong language and distance themselves -- distance themselves from a globalist terrorists. we cannot do it. with the religious authorities. thank you to the impact of
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terrorism, many fall lead to flight. for example in the neighborhood almost 3 million , jordan has received quite a few as well. we have a responsibility. the eu has a responsibility to bear. expecting those -- excepting those responsibilities, fighting, we as germany have shown a bit of sensibility. in the eu we have nothing the common position on this. quite the neighboring state in syria. that is the border from what separates us. numbers great
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inventively from the terrorists. if you like there is nothing to do with that. we will have to do something about it. on the topic of islamic terrorist, let me mention one thing. this is ay the reminder for the past 25 years, create aeen able to neighboringtable area. effortsot relent in my to champion the cause of happy relations with russia. mean, i do not think the nature of russia has to be respected and feared. thank you secretary-general for holding the meetings, i think we are also united in the fighting
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international terrorism. you can see that is where we have common interests. this is a global institution. with united nations, it is thertant to understand that work of you nations has to do a lot with providing global security. this is something united states secretary-general is in today. security these days are under such a much more comprehensive way. it is not only sense cooperation, they put quite the prevention at the top of the agenda for the future of the united nations. that is important. that has been prevented. situationavoid a where we have to tap out, defend our budgets. area, we have to do this
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in a way in africa. we have been doing this in the eu, it will be very far up on the agenda. how can we see to it that in africa we have a systemic and economic development. yet,ackets are not where how people live in that world, if around the we have that same sense with development. we would be able to record that. during our 2020 presidency, we will is -- discussed many instances of what leads to global health. agitation, -- education shaping women to power their own lives.
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i would like to find all views to help us. attention andyour let me tell you it was an honor and a privilege to address you here today. tremendous to be a challenge to all of us. so that is expected, will we be together movies are will we fall back to our parochial tendencies. together, it will be a better place for all. thank you all very much. [applause]
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>> i am delighted, thank you very much for the trexler -- chancellor for that speech. i think we have set the tone for the day. i am pleased that we have the opportunity to accept some questions, if you want to ask questions, it could be one precise,and it can be and we will answer quickly it will be very easy to answer that. course pose af
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question in any other language. it would be my privilege to ask the first question, manager chancellor, you said yourself to openlyre willing address the issue of the contribution to nato, yesterday in our first session we had the minister from germany, the secretary of defense, others, it was my impression that this of course is the contentious issue at the core. especially when it comes to the transatlantic relations, from the u.s. administration. from german voices, for example from your coalition partner.
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we hear that we are a little bit fear thatical, do you in the course of this year we will have a controversial issue across the atlantic. one thatther bilateral between the eu and nato. could it be and affect for the eu. that some we are pro-nato, pro-u.s. the others are against that. inecall a situation back 2002. it proved to be quite unconscionable. maybe you can comment on this. >> well i am not the partner. i am by myself. seriously. what they to you
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german interest is. germanyeveryone in ought to see this line as an argument. citizenso tell our that we would do everything to ensure security. without the states of america, wen if we stand together have to worry about international terrorism, it is not summit we on our own sufficiently. it is right and understandable for the of -- youof america, president obama did this. that is why we decided to do it. to do more. germany is aware of his responsibilities. to see that in the national campaign.
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our we would increase polling budget. if we cannot do more, because it has the option to be absorbed create we need capability, numbers will not be sufficient. i think we owe it all to pursue our own course. with the bone of contention, it will not be with decreasing expenditures and you are doing something for security. , we have those done up there. i have spent a lot of time defending those. use that for the refugees. that is the only thing we need to do. that way is talk about what to do this year. that ourot create
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security is not to be seen in a contraband way. i think when we look at crisis situations, we see people in their home countries, they have a better life in spite of all the controversies. be drawn into it the debate who is more military minded. need more will capabilities and we will need many more. this is a vote of contention. it is taken out and put them together. everything will run smoothly. class a famous bavarian would say let's see what happens. seen a couple of raids.
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i have one question here on paper. let me just read about or would you just like to ask it yourself? that is a very eloquent speech. beensence, you have talking about more defense. you can see that there was a lot of blood, mrs. vander land, spoke about the issues. ask questions,y relating to my own country. this is france. mentioned,ions were there is also an election coming up. have ag we're going to pro-eu reform president next may. what would be your expectation of the french german resolutions
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in these area of more defense, more europe. thank you very much. >> well obviously i hope that there is good to be a continuation of what the past two defense ministers have already initiated. they have been given a lot of support over the european union. it is very interesting, the defense union actually worked when the eu was established. the french at the time had resignations, it has failed. again, they were working towards road was being chased. i think it is very important we talk about this defense union. i think we have to look at the reality of the data.
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when you look at there is a quite healthy opposition. think we make them all over the world. that does not excuse that our defense interests may find a common ground. think they had that in any other time in history. especially a positive cooperation between the germans as there is now. this is a case in point. out on a limbne there. we have this long-standing experience, and african-american businessman is something they also offer. we know it is a peacekeeping mission. we know there is a lot of terrorist activity. we have done this to merge our
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bonds and try to eliminate all those who do make murder -- all those who would you burden. we have shown that. it shows. we are willing to embark on a new course. the next question comes from the front row here. we have a microphone. >> what can we do to protect our >>ocratic processes taken whether we connected do that before the election who knows. is something you are very
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well talking about. you have had the conversation a few times. the defense minister has demo we know that russia actually is actively saying thatis also the cyber warfare is a part of its legitimate policy. i think it would be very good if it is misleading in some information, that is a great challenge to democracy.
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i have every intention, when we talk about the news and fake news. these are of fence where everybody flips. it seems like the citizens and germany, will be confident. he will be taking their own efficient of the well. we have seen that recently. that is so that we have the thought about since they want. >> he wants as they question >> yesterday from what mr. trump , what is your opinion on that, where do we take it from here? thank you very much. president trump -- has denied
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this. it is very shocking. in contact with the president of the ukraine very often. agreementthat makes is the only thing we have in order to have this channel of communication. are trying to bring fusion to the problem forward. i am firmly against throwing something out that might still be useful. when the things we may have, there is a certain kind of hope connected to it. as i see it, there are two huge problems. -- the minxment agreement there was a roadmap. the problem was, when the minx agreement came out, there was of we never had a cease-fire, you
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can argue that we cannot do anything relatively. because of the people ukraine said we initiated this process. that is why we are working on the election along with the foreign process. with this, i can only work you and highlight all of our failures. i could talk about length at where we may be failed. i talked about the challenges all over the world. to fight against international terrorism with russia. we would like to have relations with europe.on we would like to keep this up. we owe it the ukraine and many other countries. we have to find something here and they are more than willing to put every effort towards
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this. we also see this appointed toward this progress. [applause] >> with your permission met him we have time think for one question. yes, sure. it may be difficult for you to see. met him chancellor, i am sure that you would not like to comment on what is going on in the new united states administration. there has been criticism regarding the trade, and we have had heated debate. problem when you take the first steps towards the new u.s. administration? second question, what would you say to the u.s. media coverage
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when it comes to your domestic policy? >> well. my information usually comes from german newspapers. i suspect he will be happy to's -- to hear that. as for the rest, i think a free and independent press is of the essence, i have great respect for journalists. we and germany have always done that when we show respect for each other. we show mutual respect, whenever we talk about this, freedom of the press is a pillar of democracy and i think that is something that we have always accepted. the trade balance that is going to take place, we can talk about the economic views. i do not want to go into greater detail into the causes their grade we are proud to have very
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good products as the americans are very proud of theirs. as you look around the room you can see how many apple products that are here. i think you can be more than avenue, you can see that the german product is still in the minority there. euro, we have a dwa should problem with the euro. the european central bank is still assuming a policy that is not oriented towards germany but from portugal to slovenia and czechoslovakia. that needs to be from all of the member countries, if we still , it wouldeutsche mark be a different value. monetary different policy. there would be zero influence on this, that is demographics coming into play.
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i'll world suggest that we talk to our partners in the united states. has one of the greatest demographic changes apart from japan in the next years to come. , that we have to be saving our money to whether that great challenge and that is the government. when i look at foreign investments by other countries -- companies united states. not just trade balance, there are a lot of other things on our agenda, i look forward to them. thank you very much ben chandler. >> says its opening, the national museum of african american culture has welcomed over 750,000 visitors. on sunday, american history tv on c-span3 takes you inside the toeum for a live exclusive work. our essence of look at the
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galleries and telling the story of the african-americans story. curator withthe us, throughout the program, our guest will be talking to you and hearing your input. join us for an exclusive live for at the national museum african american history and culture. why sunday beginning at 6:00 p.m. east that is on c-span3. >> join us for the historians who rate our presidential leadership. top billing this year went to abraham lincoln, he has held the top spot for all three historical surveys. the three other contenders continue to hold their position. towards washington for it, franklin roosevelt, dwight d. eisenhower who served in 1953
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makes his first appearance in the c-span top five this year. choices ist the top harry truman, thomas jefferson, and jfk, and ronald reagan. lyndon johnson jumps up one spot this year to return to the top 10. ranked deadan is last in all three c-span surveys. that is the same for andrew jackson, his overall rating dropping this year from 13 to number 18. the survey has good news for barack obama, his first time on the list, he has been placed at number 12 overall. george w. bush. three spots. and publicins persuasion and relations with congress. did our historians rate your favorite president.
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you can find all of this onnext, a discussion russian cyber operations. this is 90 minutes.


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