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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  February 24, 2017 9:40am-10:11am EST

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caution here is in order. ties to the trump administration, we don't know, here has been a lot of speculation and that is why i think thorough exploration the issue is of very much warranted. host: eugene rumer thank you for longer to take questions and calls from the viewers, russia eurasia at carnegie endowment for peace. appreciate your perspective, have a good weekend. couple headlines from "wall treet journal," the event that continues to get attention on friday morning. yesterday, steve bannon, senior to donald trump and top us, chief of staff, aides stand up to preach trump agenda to friendly crowd. "wall street journal." the "washington post," bannon presses issue of deconstruction, steve bannon in just a moment, along with riebus, we want to hear from
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you for the next half-hour before we go live to cpac at 10 astern time, we want to hear from republicans, only, and this question. unity between your party and the conservatives? or republicans in eastern central time zone, call 202-748-8000. out west, ublicans 202-748-8001. again, republicans only, is unity between your party and conservative? here is more from cpac yesterday. >> i think there is hope it will change, we sit here everyday and president pumps out all this work and the executive orders nd bunching through the promises he made to the american eople, we hope the media would catch up eventually. we're so conditioned to it, i'm conditioned to hearing about why president trump isn't going to win the election, why one -- controversy in the primary will take down president trump, chairman ough it as
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of the party. summer of maybe the 2015, you remember the media was president pounding trump and the polling kept getting better and better and trump, but president when i went home and got out of this town and i went back to kinosha, and talked to my neighbor and said, bob, what do you think? said, man, i love that trump. sandy, what do you snng she said, we're for trump. as you all live through it, you people you erent were for, you kept running into your neighbors and kept running know, they kept telling you, trump, trump, trump. -- "trump"] >> tomorrow, okay, just be patient. it was back then, my family and my sister, who is diego, r out in san
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everyone around me that nothing impenetratable. goes back to what i said before, country was hungry for off hing bigger than one issue, something people wanted in the country, it was real and somebody that would change the itection we were heading and was president trump that was the answer. >the reason rex and i are good partners, we can disagree, it will not get better, it will get worse everyday in the media. internal logic makes sense. they are media, to economic osed nationalist agenda like donald trump has. president trump really laid this ut as ryan said at cpac, it is cpac that originally gave him the spring board. the first time we started seeing how people -- his speeches resonated with peep and guild to smaller town
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halls and got traction with same message he's bringing today. here is why it will get worse. to press to continue his agenda and as economic conditions get better, as much will et better, they continue to fight. if you think they will give you your country back without a are sadly mistaken. everyday, everyday it is going to be a fight. that is what i'm proudest about donald trump, all the opportunities he had to waiver this, people come to him and said, moderate, everyday in the says, i ice, he committed this to the american people, promised when i ran and on this.ver [applause] you hearthis question, bannon, senior advisor to president trump and chief of staff priebus among advisor to president trump and
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chief of staff priebus among republicans only, is there unity? priebus is calling for that yesterday, the event we covered live between the party and bannon tives, steve making reference to earlier by candidate trump when he was thinking about running in 2012, and he spoke at weekly standard writes bout it and quote him saying "u.s. has become a whipping post for the rest of the world, the world is treating us without us ect, not treating properly," that was donald trump in 2011, headline the day cpac tpac. jackie, republican only from woodland hills, california. good morning. caller: good morning. we're totally unified. i think you can look at the dow, and see how people are up with it is getting pparent protesters right now are pushing us closer and closer everybody knows they are organized. david brock, you know, they are trying to fight against,
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do like what bannon said, you think they are going to give you back your country without a fight? yourself. host: jackie, thanks. , ll, silver city, new mexico republicans only for next half-hour. go ahead, bill. morning.yeah, good are the united and together? no.l, scombrs i think who is getting on the train, realize they have to get the train or you might call the old traditional republicans, they resist that they can't trump and that movement anymore because let's face it, he's the now and so i'm sure in the beginning they didn't want establishment doesn't want to change. so yeah, they are coming around realizing there is you might say, i wouldn't use the word evolution, but i think the biggest momentous change in this
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country since the time of the war.l yeah. starting to get it. host: bill. thank you. times, ge of washington promises made and promises to pence the. president steve from spring hill, florida. good morning, is there unity the party? caller: i believe yes, there is we it is getting stronger as go. president trump is being relentlessly from the left and i believe that is consolidate the republican party and is going to stronger.tually host: thanks for the call. ext is -- well, to another caller, but go to reince priebus and the white house chief of staff talking about the issue of need for unity within party at cpac yesterday. priebus: what this shows
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and what president trump shows, talk d ourselves, i can about data and ground game and steve talk about big ideas, the is donald e matter trump, president trump, brought ogether the party and the conservative movement and i've got to tell you, if the party nd conservative movement are together, similar to steve and i, it can't be stopped. and president trump was the one the one person and i can say that after overseeing 16 other, it was ch donald trump that was able to this party and this movement together. up on e're picking comments to get your comment and reaction from republicans only. outside ther headlines of washington, d.c. arizona republic is focusing on theion at town halls around country. congress wraps up president's day recess this week. back next nd senate
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week on tuesday. president trump will deliver a speech before a joint meeting of congress. from the arkansas democratic gazette, secretary of rex tillerson meeting mexican counterpart as u.s. hopeful after meeting trump's tone often conflicts. the arkansas democratic gazette. san diego union tribune quoting kelly saying no mass eportations, l.a. trying to reassure mexico after trump called enforcement a military operation. the white house later said he meant military precision operation. florida, good morning. caller: good morning. how are you? are you?e, how caller: fine. it's a pleasure talking to you, your een trying to reach station for a long time. host: dmrad to hear from you. caller: thank you. i am really elated and excited trump.president for years and years, the
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establishment whether be democrat, has been government.of our i am in favor of term limits and that is so important today is term limits. get rid of the establishment and the people over ave been there for 20, 30 years that do not think keep their ox, but power, term limits is a must and senator ted cruz has got a bill for term limits to constitution. if people really want to train swaucmp, they better support term limits so that we don't in the iticians government for 20, 30, 40 years to do not know how anything other than what they have been doing all this time. include mitch t
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mcconnell? caller: yes, it would. host: thanks for the call. who is , a columnist married to the head of cpac. united than re mainstream media reports. conservatives acknowledge president trump is not a pure sxift establishment on ervatives criticize him issues such as infrastructure, spending and trade and establishment can gree mr. trump is making concerted effort to keep promises. conservatives understand the importance of this moment and historic opportunity to proven and lead effectively happens once in a generation. headline should read conservatives are united and ready to work with president trump, but one wonder fist mainstream media will take notice. is from hawaii. good morning. kiana, you are on the air. hello.:
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i want to say, i think trump is doing a good job so far, we giving him the opportunity. the media talks about race as people he has as ired in political party that represent america and i think giving him the opportunity to put forth that message. host: thank you for the call. up early for getting from hawaii. johnny.s, georgia, caller: what a great show today. fantastic show. toatch a lot of news and try keep up with what is going on. host: thank you. caller: of course you guys are favorite and that is over to --ody from mud cat joe host: we appreciate that. thank you for tuning in. we do it every morning. go ahead with your comment. caller: thanks. about the say republican journey that is on, 'm thinking that yeah, the
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republicans are unified, but not a republican party in the to be it is going something else. and i also want to talk about briefly the deep state trying to think the trump almost immediately. i always thought deep state was conspiracy thing, but when you watch what happened and the cia, and the leaks the state department or the f.b.i. or whatever the case, it really, really kind of eye-opening and when you see guy and say, n come out i'm going to destroy this -- say, something like this state of administration goes through -- host: deconstruction. used the word deconstruction. caller: yeah. and the guy that called and said his is biggest thing since the civil war, i believe it. thank you for your time. host: thank you. ote about democrats, they are
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meeting over the weekend in a newa, georgia to select party chair. the two front runners, ellison and perez. candidates in the race. the chairs of south carolina and new hampshire democratic party the race and f politico is writing already about 2020. and bernie rren anders, harris, among senators being talked about in 2020, along with governor andrew cuomo of new york and jay ensley, the opportunity ion, and timing raising prospect of democratic party for 2020. details available online at -- tico penalty tom, good morning. caller: good morning, sir. drawn a long time ago, a movie had spencer tracy, parallel the union,"
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it showed strength and how the smoking and the cigar and everything and parallels were there. the people finally caught up biggest thing i note, especially when i hear we republic and they are finally starting to say are sentative republic, we not a democracy, they are still teaching democracy in school. school, they had books called "problems of themracy," i'm glad to see recall our country a republic, which it is. the call.ks for cbs news survey focuses among ther things how people view president. nearly six in ten do not think resident trump understands the complicated problems that a president faces. online read that story at al from fallon, nevada. good morning. hi, al from fallon, nevada. i'm ed pharmacy person and
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moderate republican, i voted for i'm , i was hoping and hoping, still hoping that he was going to reach across the aisle pick off maybe 20 or 35 the freedom lose caucus and get something done in washington. hese people that are standing on their goal line and not willing to move the ball 20 ards either way, we're never going to get anything done. i'm sick and tired of hearing to pay w we're going doctors. you know, the insurance this up have screwed and the republicans are going to screw this up again, keep it in company's hand, what we need to do is take all we he federal dollars that either match medicaid with or provide healthcare for federal in the s and anybody administration, congress or ju put in the ary, and first national bank of health. money, l medicaid medicare is untouchable, take
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medicaid matching federal bank andnd put in that if the state wants to participate in medicaid they put match in there and everybody is covered that doesn't have insurance cht thanks for the call. the republican house member coming out with healthcare plan that from the d house speaker paul ryan. chicago tribune reporting on house speaker boehner in orlando speaking yesterday that there will not be a full repeal of the affordable care act. gathering "republicans are going to fix obamacare, most framework is going to be there, saying republicans have never agreed on healthcare," and the story is available at chicago tribune website. before 10 more minutes we go live to the cpac conference, using this opportunity to hear from only whether or not there can be unity between the party and conservatives.
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annie, from mariet, georgia, ive picture from inside national harbor outside of washington, d.c. go ahead. caller: hi. disagree that the party is united. are many people who educated top that the republicans offering glorified, voted for him simply because they did not like watch clinton, but to this man, so unfit for office, scares me to death. and when i hear these people about how great he's doing and how he's sticking it o the establishment, i think, they are not seeing the forest for the trees. cpac event yesterday ust showed how much conservative and republican party has divolved. have been on stage who was
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and the bright bart website that preaches hate and ere we are, you know, praising him as republicans, what has happened to this party? call.thanks for the mother jones writing about this, ead online headline, conservatives cannot figure out denounce embrace or alt-right. short trip from 1600 pennsylvania avenue to national maryland, relatively new facility. if you are not familiar in they have a .c., brand-new mdpshgs m casino and number of hotels, where the cpac is getting underway this year. it started yesterday and will wrap up tomorrow. weekend here on the c-span network. live coverage of the d.n.c. meeting, selecting a new party leader and the nation's town ors gathering in
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tomorrow into monday, we'll have coverage of the nation's governors sunday, our coverage gets underway 9:15 eastern time. in the s there unity republican party? caller: i imagine there is to degree, but i don't know -- bannon is, an of i agree with the aspect the government. followed that on the history channel and science channel and then i watched a lot of the church shows where not the ones the singing, but the prophecy people and i really on the previous show, but i didn't make it lines, but there is something to the government their research on the -- they got to track it all down. on as far as i'm not really
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any of the republican stuff because i don't know exactly the terminology they are using when conservative to republican against republican all that, but the avenue that hat -- i got a comment on massive amount of stuff from the last three weeks or so. go to other o sources to find out different on what they're all talking about, you guys have been talking about. callers have been complain complaining when they call in. they can find information if alternative t sources like church channels like satellite t.v., i don't them on cable ve or not. host: they do indeed. the r: when they get to
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people, they bring on guests, speakers on the shows, that is church channels i'm to.rring host: steve is saying this show is the best and current climate is as polarized as during the civil exclamation mark. a fan of g i'm not boehner, but he was great yesterday, in talking about appeal the not fully affordable care act. beth, welcome to the program. thank you. really happy to get through today. think slowly, but surely, e are becoming more united and my goodness, it hasn't been two months yet. people time and when tart seeing more money in paychecks and rollout of health is actually t
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affordable and doesn't have astronomical deductible to where you are paying for no health think that will be of eat unifier in and itself. live in a neighborhood with people who are undocumentd and illegally. i'm just really happy that we're finally starting to admit that you are here illegally, you our immigration laws and you need to go back and come legally. mean, the first time, i first time in 50 years we're dealing with this crisis called immigration in our country. we're finally starting to hear dialogue about enforcing the that are on the books.
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and despite all the effort on of the left to obviously skate it with this tearing families apart and whatnot, what about lovedmilies who have lost ones permanently at the hands of illegal alien who was upposed to be deported several times over, what about those permanently are torn apart? host: beth, thanks for the call from north carolina. president trump as he heads to cpac to speak momentarily. he wrote the following, the f.b.i. is unable to stop the leaker that rity permeated the government for a long time. e goes on to say they cannot find the leakers within the f.b.i. itself. classified information is being media that could have devastating effect on the united states. find now. donald trump. he added going to cpac, live
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coverage getting underway in a minutes. trace from las vegas, good morning. morning.ood thank you for taking my call this morning. host: absolutely. the r: i'm dumbfounded by callers this morning. there are a few republicans, ones that are like the boehner and mccain in the republican party, there to problems. i said since november, being in mid-50s and having voted in he first time in my life and voted for ronald reagan. i worked with ronald reagan and h. bush as president and never seen such unbelievable at this in my nation period of time. ould you imagine what would be occurring right now if jeb bush elected by the establishment republicans? could you imagine what would be nation right ur
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now had hillary clinton and all of the millions of fraudulent for her, gotten away with it again? and put her in office? president donald trump is right that posing why it is people like myself stood up and oted against all of the fraud to put a nonpolitician businessman, self-made charge of our country, to handle the problems created, been especially the massive problems and the separation and division has occurredn that over the last eight to 10 years nation. we have an issue here. healthcare ost my insurance that i paid for, that i liked with doctors that i had. now have a healthcare system that works only for those that and do m this nation nothing to help this nation. that -- he questions
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answers to questions that need to be given by the republicans, establishment, by the republicans that we put in charge. ost: iville to stop you there, we'll go live to cpac in a moment. thank you for your calls, of you for to all your participation. you are looking at a live icture from national harbor in maryland, president traveling on marine one, he is on the ground and will be introduced momentarily. he did not speak at cpac last year, he first spoke in 2011. more details online on the cpac website. coverage is available online at we'll get reaction to the comments tomorrow morning on "washington journal." ive coverage of the d.n.c. meeting in atlanta, the nga, governor's meeting this weekend will wrap up tomorrow. busy couple days all in advance f the house and senate returning next week and president trump delivering peech before joint session of
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congress on tuesday evening. thanks for joining on this friday. live from national harbor, more from the cpac conference and the president of the united states, donald j. trump.
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>> second day of cpac, the conservative political action conference. here just outside the nation's capital at national harbor. president trump speaking shortly, he'll be introduced by the chairman of the american conservative conference. here just outside the union, ma. live coverage will include nigel, who led the and independence party brexit vote in the u.k. and hear later today from vice vice president, executive vice president of the
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we'll have apierre, coverage of that, coverage second day on c-span and events covered yesterday available on our website at


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