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tv   Hearing Focuses on Dam Infrastructure  CSPAN  March 2, 2017 3:29am-5:19am EST

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you calog on our websi 30 mites bere our annouement to look atll 150 winning documentariesca a at be sure to watch the announcement of the grand prize onner on wednesday, march 8 c-span. floods in california, montana, and wyoming have brought attention to the state infrastructure. the senate environment and public works committee looked into the state of the nation's dams, and question the head of the u.s. army corps of engineers, which maintainns those systems. wyoming senator john barrasso chairs this 1:45 hearing. i call this hearing to order.
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president trump has made improving the nation's infrastructure a top priority and this committee is continuing its effort to highlight the nation's structure needs. as i stated, network is nation's to our prosperity. i have met with members of this committee, both sides of the youe and i will tell infrastructure is always listed as a top priority. it is a driver of this nation's economy and impacts every community. this committee has a long history of working together and a bipartisan way and i would continue that tradition. the senate environment and public works committee has ourping jurisdiction over nation's infrastructure. our last hearing focused on needsys and roads and the of rural water systems, all within this committee's purview. natural weather events in the last month in california and other western states are highlighting the need to focus levees andon on our
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other structures that catastrophic flooding. earlier this month more than 180,000 people were evacuated in california because storms cause to the oroville dam, the oldest dam in the states. the potential threat concerned of state officials and people of oroville.ream any future severe weather events could make this even more critical ended is raising questions of the readiness of our infrastructure. dams and levees across the country need to be modernized to prevent future disasters. anylieve that infrastructure bill this committee develops should consider the need to maintain structures.e these winter weather events aren't california but are occurring throughout the
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and, hitting towns big small, including ice jam wyoming, asnorthern well as towns located to the south like river to know, hudson, and areas of the wind reservation. this past month, the ice jam over 100ve damaged homes in a city of roughly 5,000 people. floods have serious and lasting impacts. blocks of ice the size of cars have sat on front weeks.nd playgrounds for water treatment plants and public parks with small businesses. jams are regular occurrences harming small towns not just in wyoming but in parts states from the dakotas to upstate new york. for these small towns, the cost of cleanup and repair is an enormous burden from which it recover.ths to fully in certain instances, flooding be mitigated by the army
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corps providing more flexibility and allowing towns to take steps protect their communities. we have jurisdiction over those law that is impact the jurisdiction of infrastructure. oftentimes in rural states federal one-size-fits-all rules can have absurd effects on the ground. the town shouldn't have to go bureaucraticgthy, process to remove issues while the town floods. bureaucratic red tape should be cut when people's lives are on the line. levees are the most common infrastructure to address flooding. however, new technology can mitigate the threat of flooding, including ice jams. i include language in title one resourceser development act this committee enacted last congress creating program tops pilot develop innovative and cost saving technology to address the jams. of ice the program needs to be
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implemented. i also like to note that in the thistwo water bills, committee provided additional femarity to the corps and to help states, local address levees and dams. to hear what this committee and the army corps can infrastructure, address red tape and provide life saving materials to prevent flooding. to turn to ranking member carpa for his statement. >> thanks mr. chairman, thanks very much for bringing us together. all of you, and are glad you are here. you could be a lot of different places but it's important that you be here. we look forward to testimonies and to the opportunity to ask goodions, have a conversation. the chairman and i talk a lot about mike enzi's 80-20 rule. mike enzi is a senator from
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wyoming and he talks about the 80-20 rule is something that he and ted kennedy used to lead a committee called health labor pension committee and i would say to him how does the most liberal and conservative republicans get so much done, provide leadership to the we believend he said in the 80-20 rule. agree on 20%nd i of the stuff and disagree on 20% 80% where weon the agree. senator baraso agree on a lot, need to investhe wisely in infrastructure. it's not an especially partisan issue as we heard last night in the president's state-of-the-union address. although it was preciously short on how to pay for stuff which is payys a challenge, how to for stuff. it's easy to figure out how to spend the money but not so easy areigure out how to pay if it but democratic senators continue to press on consensus on the issue of infrastructure and it appears to me we are one
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of the few senate committees here really talking about bipartisana bill and comprehensive way and intend on doing that and i applaud our leadershipr his there. i believe that members on both sides of the aisle are feeling urgent need to report on a infrastructure package in a thoughtful way and rather than kick the can down the road, something we're pretty here, as a recovering governor, i judge any legislation that makes these by asking a simple question, that question is this, how does this proposal, whatever the proposal of the day is, how does it help create a more nurturing environment for job and job preservation. that's what i ask. and in addition to answering also believe as lincoln used to say when asked a long time ago what is the role he repliednt and famously the role of government is to do for the people what they cannot do for themselves. wise words. flood controlnvestmts are tneth araiten s ua f tmsve
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4:12 am
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4:13 am
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4:14 am
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4:15 am
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4:16 am
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4:17 am
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4:18 am
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4:19 am
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4:20 am
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4:21 am
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4:22 am
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4:23 am
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4:24 am
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4:25 am
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4:26 am
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4:27 am
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4:28 am
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4:29 am
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4:30 am
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4:31 am
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4:32 am
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4:33 am
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4:34 am
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4:35 am
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4:36 am
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4:37 am
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4:38 am
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4:39 am
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4:40 am
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4:41 am
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4:42 am
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4:43 am
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4:44 am
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4:45 am
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4:46 am
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4:47 am
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4:48 am
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4:49 am
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4:50 am
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4:51 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:55 am
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4:56 am
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4:57 am
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4:58 am
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4:59 am
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5:00 am
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5:01 am
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5:02 am
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5:03 am
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5:04 am
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5:05 am
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5:06 am
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5:07 am
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5:08 am
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5:09 am
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5:10 am
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5:11 am
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5:12 am
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5:13 am
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5:14 am
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