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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  March 2, 2017 7:00am-7:59am EST

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anyo affiltewi t trump caai ailtewi the ruia gerendunghe ur o ts mpgnwh wi y d >> senator fnken,'m t arofny of thos acvies ha been ll aurga aim or two and i dino ha cmucaonwi t ruians and i'unleo mmt on i ho:he confirmiohein, we have st thacl aou tit cpaorg atrney ger n cfiin th hdiha meetis t setofrom abama. e statent fr t jti departntasnit ads as follow--
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poiboromneo t inou with baads,ot itohitdiert mbs ovnmtsn ffencotrs. mti wh e ssns dfenturea amssorwod oblye whsn h n mti ssnsreifre eopn baads ulprab ba d gn host: ts eeca fm izetwaenesrd. n the puicin dera ijoinusro crce cy,loda cutoheonrsio dera wco tthcoerti, boh. le s, eylws emo ken ffeson smso aicma d't inhes ejic. altoeoed the aedercecoite. atou bnara i in 's unfa f h t --orhetoiconim e'relws yi tta
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pele dn. th'reo st i wh eyou bk f d erneetlo. anyo ho: tethashes you nten-- ruia tay" ao reportg ts,ita otra onayeli, the adneseioieto decr cli f t atrney ger tregnve algeruia ts. nay lo, mainth t atrn gener rigfo lying de oh dinhi coirti hris. moatinis nt. ck iins. odorng. caer hello. iss ck ay, t y ts sms likevyby w afido call tmp o with s upiehrght s
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alaba last arhatw mein wh the ssn amssoro e it ste stent tt or while ago fm the ste partme. be, ldf,aran gd rng. caeroomoin s. thk 'aonrf tng atch theubca t decrs, andhe med, coinue tha tiratn th rsi minrmion caai y are tryin tru onhemecapele asonasou gs ntueo y sy hisoa i ini's ndfu bau yowill nerolve t prle o yr communi pnt use, vecoin t americ pplth y're trngo nheinto beevg athe rsis had meintoo thhe econ. 'aminth t ppl at youreo afra o t ruians, y we feny thheth we e soviet unn. ted keedy wt to the sie unn underneond agan. th he les oth.
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seio, rmeplin baador fm alaba, testifyi ueratth h dinoavcounatnsit thruia. e ctas e mi uere cae torneyenal ssns endord ump eay his cpaign,- troducg h cpan rli, inn e ." i ltebary ai sayinth the aory general spokonheho wh ssn ambaad i septemb dung te enntlinc ofcials re asserting tha ruiaasntfering in the s.redeialeio thne cl is bi, demoat line, omewexo. od morning, welcome tohe nversaon. gd rng,-sn. yes,efseio, undeth he sed that w
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a surrocyor the cpaign of doldru wn he ske to eusan theseepublins keep cain thdecratsomnis. th en ll nancy rean mmis she had gtoond rga whwa ect t gld aor president,o ke tm stop lling her cmust bau shwainlv inolwo i th 's,heth rubca were calli t democra communts annoe owho t rl communists a. thanyou, cpa ho: tnk y f t cl. rewes. nar ssns aedo dict- aed- re tet --
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hostera isex rubca li, omenss. look him to e nvsaon your rctn a othis? ll: gd morning. melaers e one adg tnvtiti io ff seio. james cpp, inthsame peonhoieunr oh thameric ppl that the n wano sing. ye tt s ba-facedie de oh cgrs. th ithe man whwasang at jeff ssis ia ar caina n lr? i n't get it i mean, cpp iin tir woinfooba'seet veme a io't lie wo o i th a sti h up, jt e y they setp nel
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fln. d en aft t ft un outhat trea't thing wrg. fnd nhi wrongitis nversaonitruia i's l sep. st tnkoutesa thraindecr oth usinllen cmiee su tswe - a ts,rosetoro de-- st thaisrosetoro wyn. thhoe ersigh cmiee th fm ij cmis, llg r e siatn thatrn general aer relaons aut cmucaon wi t rsis. stomofheeaio. wanto aranheto retetohi rsrert ithneyo
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i w atn the pe ts rng. ui inth t uny ithwot nditioi's enn nc ju poro e viar e viwawaceaiy rse. tt ao rtndarl arin sty. y galthwabao om jfeoners hn ads,hacaaiasor bral tn wt a sin w. , thk t cnt wl enal ce roh is inhaki oonti sll mas bse. sthas r e ll caer sryim. stppcie ur ntbuono eroamhi moin trki hdlesgingou e dai ofhe sto tt rely fir bkeesrd wi "e shgt pt. cmein o e mmtsrolise gramsanghath mht
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ed apeal pseto heoid hnccn aow ha mti tt okla la nhtnnn rortashi tet- hindhethe anhecoenfr aier tet or ves phe ll. dre, ldf, ryndgo mni. rrl? odorng gohe, u' othai wc't rkoghe toeehithg roh? wte tbeerblfo evyby. a's e y seit wt o trie r erod th'thwai e . st ft udda, od rng. ll:rihoerdungn
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mbge thk u veryuc ho: tnkouermu for thca. rewes,hiis fm archie -- host: well, fox news is also reporting on that story that we showed you a moment ago from "the new york times to go the obama administration racing to preserve intelligence on contacts between russians and trump associates. "in the final hours of the barack obama presidency, white house officials raced to spread and preserve information about possible communications between host: on the republican -- on
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the democrats line, we will go to houston, texas, next. caller: good morning, stephen. and a great day we're having here in america. host: how much coffee have you had, brenda. good morning to you. cup,r: i'm on my second now, stephen. watch it. listen. ♪ happy days are here again i am so happy, stephen. you know, i look at this whole thing and i see the very thing that the republicans perpetrated or try to perpetrate against president obama, isn't it something. person, because i will never call him president, their person now is dealing with it. how do you like it now, big toy? can't take it, can you? listen, you just read an article i was interested in. i was going to ask you about
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president obama preserving information, because he knew he had to do that. i heard that on "morning joe," i start with that. i turn them off and go to you guys at 6:00 my time. listen, i heard also -- host: let me read to you the statement, the story from "the new york times," we have it, we can show it to you, the audience, full-screen. host: at -- caller: absolutely.
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i heard, also, and i don't know if you just said that, some of the information was given to our allies so that they know. i hear that germany is not even disclosing different things to american intelligence now because of the fearful relationship that this person in office has wizard -- with russia. boy, i tell you, i could not have written this on my best day. this is just wonderful. i want to address that guy from maryland that said for us to continue doing what we're doing, continue doing what you're doing, democrats. i say to you, we are going to continue doing it and let me give you a visual. rogers? roy of actor with the horse? host: sure. caller: he used a ride trigger, prancing right and left, bowing
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down, he would be able to stop him on a dime with a cloud of dust behind him. that is how we intend to ride this one in the office now. we intend to write him like roy rogers road -- ride him like roy rogers road trigger -- rode trigger. have a good day. host: back to your coffee. roy, you get to follow brenda. morning, c-span. senators having meetings with foreign dignitaries? ok, i want to know what it can't it's from. was it in a crowd of 23 people? a handshake? if so, i want to know how long the meeting lasted. one minute, two-minute, they talkte? did about dinner? is that what the democratic party is saying? the one thing that bothers me more than anything, the democratic pundits are slamming
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the wife of the fallen navy seal. i'm not hearing anything about that on the news today. that's really disgusting, that's what others me. we expect our senators to meet with foreign dignitaries. that's about all i have to say. host: roy, think you for the call. anna, you are next. independent line, missouri. good morning. caller: good morning. first of all, i think that trigger was smarter than trump on a good day. host: [laughter] brenda started something this morning. i don't know what she has in her coffee, but she's ready to go. caller: i love her. let me get to my point. i think it's about time that there is an investigation into this rocket -- russian hacking. comey's release, right before the election. all of this stuff really needs to be investigated. these republicans loved it when the russians were hacking the democrats. but someday they may get hacked.
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the republicans. i think that will be a bigger can of worms. how about hacking the tax forms of trump? we knew that there was something in there that would keep them from being elected. secondly, lastly, in 2006 when the republicans controlled they not only got the free trade deal for china passed and we lost millions of jobs, they did not think to help the millions of poor, working-class people get health insurance. i don't know why anybody thinks they are going to have any kind of plan for health insurance. from, thank you, louis, missouri. want to read you this statement from the justice department. the attorney general's spokesperson that came out yesterday, responding to the story that was generating so much interest last night on the cable channels, first reported by "the washington post." it reads as follows.
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host: sam, you're next, from st. paul, minnesota. independent line. theer: hi, i think that issue of sessions is a minor cover up for the real issue. a is that we are no longer country. both political parties discussed me now. i used to be politically active in one of them. really active at the state level. it just disgusts me. we don't have any more one
7:30 am
country. it's about time that we realize it. whatever it is that switzerland did, the other countries, because all the democrats are doing is using the same tactics that the republicans used when obama got into office. and the reverse. we're no longer one country. this election was so close that we can't say that we are one country anymore. thank you for the call from st. paul, minnesota. we began the program with an exchange between senator al franken, who is making the rounds this morning on the morning talk programs. we have posted, by the way, the exchange on our website, we covered the confirmation hearing of jeff sessions. the vote today for the housing and urban develop an secretary will take place today on c-span two. in the senate, yesterday, this
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exchange between senator marco coonsof florida and chris of delaware. about the russian interest in the u.s. and european elections. [video clip] >> at that security conference, the russian foreign minister the world will choose a democratic world order, eacht west one, in which country is defined by its sovereignty." aced on recent history it is clear that -- aced on recent history, we should interpret that to mean post american. i would ask the senator, with regards to this, what are his views with regards to vladimir putin's desires to establish spheres of influence in europe, the middle east, create divisions with our allies. how should we view the russian worldview as it compares to the national interest of the united
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states? >> i would like to thank my friend, the senator from florida, my colleague on the foreign relations and appropriations committee. i would like to answer his question by saying that it seems clear to all of us on the foreign relations committee, who have had the opportunity to travel to eastern europe, to visit with our nato allies, vladimir putin has a worldview and agenda in sharp contrast with our own. he dreams of returning rusher to the days of the russian empire. to re-exerting influence over a broad, geographic region from the baltic sea to poland, to central asia. west and nato the as a scapegoat or russia's internal economic woes. he has launched invasions or extended his influence through forces and supported separatist fighters in georgia, ukraine, and the former soviet republics. has launched cyber attacks and propaganda campaigns, coordinating the use of his powers against our nato allies
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in central and western europe. all of these things suggest a very different worldview. a different set of values than we hit -- have here in the united states. a different set of values that worries me. host: another part of the debate senator kunz and sen. rubio: we have that on our website, rubioator tunes and sen. -- senator kunz and senator rubio. we have that on our website. "it is clearer than ever that the attorney general cannot, in good faith, oversee an investigation at the department of justice and fbi of the trump russia can ash -- connection. ." must recuse himself separately, writes "the new york patrick leahy asked
7:34 am
senator sessions in a written questionnaire whether "he has been in contact with anyone within the russian government about the 2016 election either before or after election day." senator sessions at the time simply replied no. dawn, chesapeake, virginia, good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. how are you? host: we're fine, thank you. caller: i got a question. back when obama was president and he was talking to the had moreabout how he flexibility when he would be reelected, what was that all about? also, hillary, they asked her a question about lying and she said "i try not to." i mean, the democrats need to get back on their medicine or something. they are really losing it.
7:35 am
they are starting to evaporate. democratser seen more flipping over to republican in one year since i have been alive. and that's 60 years ago. much fornks ray joining us. the president, by the way, down in hampton roads, newport news -- thanks very much for joining us. the president, by the way, down news,pton roads, newport to see a new aircraft carrier that is part of the new navy fleet. the headline from "usa today," "trump inspiring dow to 21,000," donald trump tweeting just a short time ago not on russia, but this, dealing with the economy and the stock market. host: this is the headline from
7:36 am
"the wall street journal," " stocks surge as optimism rises." mike pence travels to cincinnati, ohio, to talk about business, jobs, and the economy. danny, your reaction to the attorney in his meetings last year with the russian ambassador? caller: good morning. i'm not surprised about any of these things that are going on. i just look at the way that the republicans treated president obama. i'm basing everything that the democrats are trying to do based on mitch mcconnell. his words were "let's make president obama a one term president and not do anything with him to try to work with his policies for the country." it just makes me wonder why the republicans now, the democrats just have to roll over and a ball? they didn't do it with obama. for donald trump, everything that he says, from the day that
7:37 am
he pledged to run for president, you can't trust it. he's not telling you the truth. why would anyone that he puts into office or anyone that he deals with, you can trust them? it's like whatever he says or whatever he puts out there. we talked about this the other night with the president's speech. how do both parties get beyond the tit-for-tat? is there a point where both parties say -- enough, let's work together on these issues? there is.s, they have to be reminded that they work for the american people. the american people have to be reminded, too. these people into office. we put them in there and when we see that they aren't doing their job, don't elect them again. put someone in their that will do the job that we elect them for. if you keep putting the same people in officer p diddly, you ,ill keep -- office repeatedly
7:38 am
you will keep getting the same results. they are not doing the job that we put them there for. we need to get rid of them. you cannot bridge this gap, just as you said, tit-for-tat, keeping the same people in office. you have got to mix this up. they are working for the american people, we are not working for them. host: this is the headline from "the washington times." "senator sessions failed to disclose conversations with the russian ambassador." this tweet from a viewer -- from joy,s hear independent line, from state college, pennsylvania. happy valley, good morning to you, joy. caller: good morning, c-span. a thought about everything that's going on. said that they claimed he was a surrogate for the trump campaign. he answer the question as a
7:39 am
senator. he was never part of the trump campaign. he was a supporter. watching the democrats at the speech the other night, it's appalling, their behavior and everything. the media, russia, russia, russia. i voted. middle america voted. russia did not vote. get on inpast russia, helping the country in getting -- of obamacare improving obamacare, improving our lives. as middle america we have taken the hit and we are tired. youcrats, get off your lazy know what and let's get our country moving forward. question --wer the answered the question. an advocate part of for the trump campaign. he was a supporter. i was not a supporter of trump, but i definitely did not want hillary and all the lies and the
7:40 am
crap she has done against our country. host: thank you for the call. this tweet -- the: a new development from attorney general. he met with reporters this morning. in speaking to them, jeff sessions said that he would recuse himself from the russian investigation, if needed. that coming just a short time ago. chuck, coming from scenic city, alabama. former senator, chuck, what was your former senator, chuck. what is your reaction? caller: it's surprising how much they are attacking jeff sessions. they never once went after eric holder with all of his lies, fast and furious. the situation with obama. selling cellaring -- influence. jeff sessions should open this
7:41 am
hillary thing again. it would go back to loretta lynch. it would tie into possibly eric holder committing crimes. this is ridiculous. al franken, it's a known fact, that he probably stole the election to become senator when he went for office and everything. the news media, you guys are very quick to go out here and quote everything that is anti-republican. you will take three calls from a democrat versus one from a republican. i don't know what your agenda is, but it's quite obvious. you are very biased. host: you can respond. we have absolutely no agenda. we take calls on the democratic, republican, and independent lines, being very fair this morning, reading you the headlines and the statements and
7:42 am
responses from the attorney general. the goal is to get a cross-section of people and to be as balanced as possible. we have been on the air now for 40 minutes. we have taken an equal number of republican and democratic calls. i would fervently disagree with your assessment. , you havedon't know an agenda. why don't we go out here and look at the truth of the matter. host: what do you think our agenda is? it's quite obvious, you are prominent in reading anything that is anti-republican, whether it is a tweet -- same accusation when barack obama was in the white house and george w. bush was in the white house. we are simply reflecting what is in the news and allowing the audience, quitting you, to react to it. caller: first of all, you're going out here, when you are reading this stuff off that people say, you have no way of knowing whether it is fact or fiction. have you ever jumped on this
7:43 am
, sellingama and them uranium to the russians? we did countless programs on that. the whole iran deal, absolutely. caller: jeff sessions should go after hillary clinton. this thing, if you went out here and pushes hillary clinton it would go back to obama. it would of -- involve obama, loretta lynch, eric holder. everything that's gone on during eight years, the country has gone into a tailspin. i'm 78 years old. i have been watching this stuff for many, many years. instead of going out here, put facts out there. not something that is going to somebody's head. host: we try to do that here at c-span. i appreciate the call. thanks for watching. hopefully you will understand that we try to be balanced and fair with everyone. thank you for phoning in this morning. caller: yup. host: tweet from another viewer --
7:44 am
host: here's more with senator jeff sessions, courtesy of msnbc as he spoke briefly to reporters as he headed to the justice department from his home. [video clip] have not met with any russians at anytime to discuss any political campaign. those remarks are unbelievable to me. i don't have anything else to say about that. >> [inaudible] recuse yourself from the agency probe [inaudible] >> i have said that when there is a probe, if it's appropriate, i will recuse myself. no doubt about that. host: that was from msnbc. the attorney general confirming that a senator from alabama he met with the russian ambassador, but met with him in his capacity as a member of the senate armed
7:45 am
services committee. canandaigua, new york, outside rochester. good morning. caller: good morning, c. i have been listening faithfully since 7:00 and i'm disappointed, because usually i like c-span to be fair and balanced. question to you, steve, i wish you would answer. short comment, sessions did not lie to franken. there is no they to this subject at all. to this subject at all. you have had this headline on your screen saying that sessions discloses, like some underhanded thing, a meeting with russians. my question is this. why did you choose this story, where there is no there there. by the way, the earlier caller was correct. i lost track, it's about five to
7:46 am
one, your tweets are overwhelmingly, you are putting them on in favor of your position. you've taken a position on this, by the way, steve, it's clear. my question, i'll stop talking -- host: we're glad to hear from you. is this,y question it's a beautiful morning here in canandaigua, by the way. host: i've been there many times. it's gorgeous. caller: come again. why did you choose this story? of all the stories that are out ,here of significance and truth why did you, steve, and i'm sure you chose this, because you are the he-man on that show, why did you do this? host: let me turn it to you, what question would you have selected this morning? caller: my question would have been -- what would be the key issues that president trump laid out for you, as a viewer of c-span, that would have been my question. host: we did that yesterday.
7:47 am
we did three hours in response to the president's speech. but i will answer your question. this is a story that people are waking up to this morning. we want to reflect what others in the media are talking about, what washington is talking about. you have a statement from the attorney general just a short time ago. a statement from the attorney general's spokesperson. you have a crack -- claim from the democratic party leader saying that sessions lied. it was not my statement, it was a statement from nancy pelosi. senator franken saying that he should recuse himself from the investigation. a story that people are talking about. we want to share with the audience the headlines, the stories, the information on all sides of the aisle and over the phone lines to get reaction. that's why we selected it today. caller: i can appreciate that, steve, but what did you reject? what did, u.s. are projected some stories. host: absolutely. we were going to talk about the health care law.
7:48 am
there was a meeting that took place yesterday between senate republicans to figure out a way to move ahead on the health care law and the reason why that issue is going to continue over the next several months, we will revisit that question, so initially this morning we thought we would focus on health care but this story broke yesterday so we moved from that story to this one, but we will come back to it in the future. that's one of those stories that is ongoing, because of the negotiations. there will be a markup next week , we are told, in the house committee. caller: steve, i appreciate your time, don't want to take anymore of your time and for being responsive. line, you'rebottom are getting about five to one more calls, more tweets anti-sessions, anti-trump than pro. have a good day, steve. host: i tell you what, come down to washington, you can sit in on an editorial meeting at 6 a.m. and join in to see how we do it all.
7:49 am
give us a call, we would love to have you. caller: swell. line,allen, republican good morning. caller: one thing, why don't they do a real investigation into obama's giving them money and stuff to try and influence ?srael's election that would be a good one. eric holder, where was all the democrats screaming for him to resign when he ran fast and to mexico to guns kill border agents and mexicans. why didn't anyone ever put him in jail? that's where he belongs. host: alan, thanks for the call. this from msnbc, "rex tillerson boasting exceptionally close --
7:50 am
manafortul with pro-russian ties in the ukraine." "they do not comment on the usual diplomatic practice areas senator sessions was the first senator to endorse donald trump exactly one year ago, when he campaigned with trump in madison, alabama." michigan, henry, you are next, good morning. caller: just a couple of facts. sunlight is the best disinfectant. times,d, a couple of sessions'spokesperson's statement -- sessions' spokesperson's statement? his first meeting with the russian ambassador, it was reported, was at the republican national convention.
7:51 am
so, that doesn't say to me that he was meeting with him at a -- as a senator, but as a surrogate of the trump campaign. another important factor. wilbur ross, the new secretary of commerce, is also chairman of disgracedank with a german deutsche bank official. they both run it. launderk is known to russian money. donald trump has many, many dealings, real estate dealings, with the russians. white nationalists are panicking. they are coming on and blaming you, which is very, very telling. they are upset because this president is a mentoring and candidate and a puppet of manchuriantin -- candidate and a puppet of
7:52 am
vladimir putin. if we pull these threads, it's going to come out. get ready for a constitutional crisis in this country and it is all because of the obama hating faction in this country. host: another tweet -- maybe some morning we should just open the phone lines and ask you what questions you would ask on a morning here on "the washington journal." -- chrysalisris at a, at "the washington post," "it is now political suicide for republicans if they don't call for deeper investigations into ussia." "it does not take a political genius to understand how big a .roblem this is response, "i talked to a lot of people," is not
7:53 am
going to cut it." is next. st. joseph, michigan. good morning. i agree with chuck. also, the gentleman from new york. i voted for mr. trump. and i think he's doing a wonderful job. i think all of this that's going on right now is just a distraction. it's the democrats. are -- so much hatred, so much distrust, what they are trying to do is just start .omething as a distraction of,they are targeting all all of president trump's people that he's trying to get in there to do his job. the democrats, if they don't watch it, going to be, there's not going to be any democrats anymore. and that's what i fear, that we
7:54 am
will not have the balance in congress and in the house. i think we need to democrats and we also need the republicans. but what's going to happen is people are going to get so tired of both parties because of the fact that they can't work together. the independents are going to get bigger and people just start -- better just aren't recognizing it. host: catherine, thanks. we have to move on. a few more tweets -- host: and there is this, fro anotheviewersaying tha c-spanhould dohr hrsf enhos longierso ckheop mt poanto em wi dth.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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