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tv   Senator Dick Durbin Criticizes Revised Travel Ban Executive Order  CSPAN  March 6, 2017 8:12pm-8:27pm EST

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professionalism. but we will enforce the law. we want to thank the president for his leadership on his issue and for his steadfast support of -- lawe for spent enforcement security. as previously mentioned, i have spent much of the day on the members of congress, leadership, explaining the in's and outs of this. i did the same thing last week. there should be no surprises whether it is in the media or capitol hill. thank you very much, thank you for your time. >> is this acknowledgment that the first order was flawed in many ways? are still given priority under this executive order? >> here is a look. mr. president, earlier today,
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president trump signed a new executive order that bans travel to the united states from any new list of muslim majority countries. it dance all refugees -- bans all refugees. this new executive order includes new cosmetic changes. these changes don't alter the fact that president trump us travel ban -- president trump 's inconsistent with the values of this nation. this plays into the isis argument that whitt united stats is waging a war against religion. the president's first travel ban was blocked by many courts. will is thei hope same fate. same fate. president trump signed his first executive order banning muslims and refugees. chaos inr resulted in
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airports across the country. dozens of legal immigrants were detained, not because they did anything wrong or that they were any danger to our nation. solely because of where they came from. and iraqi immigrant who put himself and his family in h arm's way. to disable seniors, a husband and wife and a five euro child. -- five year old child. it will face widespread resistance. acting attorney general sally yates said that the justice department could not in good conscious defend the president's executive order. the president fired her. now comes this new executive order. we know that over time, mr.
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wass was right -- ms. yates right. she stood for principle. when multiple courts blocked that order, we appreciated that she appreciated the law. unlike those who crafted this horrible order. the trump administration is trying to update legal challenges by issuing a new version with some tweaks. the original executive order that travelers in the united states from seven muslim majority countries. deeply about her this ban on muslim travelers, he issued a new order today. ban travelers from seven muslim majority countries, only six. it is alienating hundred of across the muslims
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road. our focus should be on people with suspected links to terrorism. there will be no support in congress on either side of the aisle if he goes after suspects of terrorism. if this order, the new one still blocks refugees from coming to the united states for at least 120 days, with cuts within 50%. turning away innocent people who are fleeing persecution, genocide and care is not the american way. it will not keep a safer. -- us safer. of americaan image totally inconsistent with what we want. the president's executive order
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is still fatally flawed. several of his advisers have made it clear that his intention is to bar muslims from entering the united states and to give priority to christian refugees. constitution'she establishment clause and the equal protection clause. tweaking which of the bank can't remedy the president's original unlawful intent. during the presidential campaign, the president issued the following statement. donald trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what is going on. ". his the president signed original executive order, his advisers made it clear that this was intended to carry out his presidential -- campaign
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promise. i quote, i will tell you the whole history of it. rudy giuliani said when president trump first announced that he said muslim band. he called me up and said putting commission together. show me the right way to do it legally. miller has made it clear that his intention is to been muslims. he says and i quote, these are mostly minor technical differences. fundamentally, you will still have the basic outcome for the country. mr. president, we are in the midst of the largest refugee crisis in the history of the world. more than 65 million people have been forcibly displaced from their homes. the brutal syrian conflict, the epicenter of this crisis has
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killed hundreds of thousands, injured more than a million, displaced more than half of syria's population. children of this country in the 21st century art starving to death. the conflict has forced more than 7 million refugees to play syria. -- please. . syria. mr. president, we can't forget the lessons of history. in 1939, the united states ss st. louist the stock in our country, sending over 900 jewish refugees back to europe where many died in concentration camps. after that tragic failure in the united states, after we turned our back on the jewish refugees , the uniteder
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states examined is conscious. it came up with a new approach. it was bipartisan. since world war ii, the american people were to set an example for the world by accepting refugees. listen to the swedbank excepted and made part of america. europeans,0 eastern close to 400,000 vietnamese refugees fleeing the vietnam war. approximately 650,000 cuban refugees after castro came to power. mr. president, that may note that of the four hispanic united hades senators today, three trace their roots to this given migration to the. in their families were refugees. this it on the floor of the senate representing some of our great state.
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yes, with this president, he is using them and all of to ignore this history. we have accepted over 100,000 soviet jews who were escaping the persecution of their religion. looking for freedom, they came to the united states. many of these refugees were fleeing regimes hostile to our country. some argue that despise and hostile elements could be -- think of the hundreds of thousands that came from intonist controlled cuba the united states. where the subject to extreme that it -- vetting? they were people looking for freedom, we opened our doors, they have made us a better country because of it. the united states is not frightened by the fear mongers. we shouldn't be today. let's be clear, refugees coming
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to our country this day are the most carefully vetted and investigated of all travelers to the united states. admitted to the united states, they have to pass careful screening. all of this has to happen before they set foot in america. syrian refugees undergo a new layer of enhanced review before they are allowed to come to america. president trump's on department of homeland security has determined that his travel ban will not make us safer. listen to this memo from the department of homeland security. >> president trump's countryration, citizenship is unlikely to be a reliable indicator of potential terrorist activity. since the beginning of the syrian conflict in march of primarilyforeign-born
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u.s. based individuals were inspired by a foreign terrorist organization. they were citizens of 26 different countries. the trump administration believes they have found the first seven and now six countries. they believe this will deny terrorist activities to the united states. this from another memo. the same department, homeland security. under president trump, the office of intelligence analysis, most foreign-born u.s. based, radicalizedemists, several years after entry to the united states. limiting the ability of screening officials to prevent entry because of national security concerns. the point was it wasn't like a terrorist would stand in line for two years to become a refugee to the united states and
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go through all the background checks and live in a refugee camp. those who were committing terrorist activities had arrived in the united states. included in the ranks were many who had borne in the united states -- had been born in the united states. most people don't know, mr. president, we hav enoe not precluded or stoppped. we should focus on individuals who are engaged in suspicious behavior. not target entire muslim countries for the entire refugee population. it makes no sense, even president trump's department of homeland security. says as much. this president is determined to go forward with the muslim band.
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he is determined to instill. in our hearts. that is not how america works. it is not how we will move forward. that is not blame immigrants and refugees for our economic challenges. we should work together. in the spirit of post-world war ii america, setting an example for the world to build a better america for all americans, including new americans, no matter the color of their skin, with her parents were born or how they prayed. mr. president, i yield the floor. washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up, tuesday morning, sarah chamberlain. discusses the role that moderate republicans will play in the trump administration.
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then alisa caldwell, immigration and home and security reporter for the associated press will be on. she will talk about the newly revised travel ban. be sure to watch c-span's at 7:00on journal live eastern tuesday morning. join the discussion. the national association for business economics hosted a policy conference in washington dc. next, peter navarro, white house trade council director talks about the trade policy goals of the trump administration. this is 50 minutes. >> na


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