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tv   Washington Journal William Galston Discusses President Trump and Congress  CSPAN  March 7, 2017 3:11pm-3:41pm EST

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district of columbia, england, germany, singapore and taiwan. students competed for the chance to win $100,000 in cash prizes in first, second and third place categories. you can log on to our website 30 minutes before our big announcement to view all 150 winning documentries at be sure to watch the announcement of our student cam 2017 grand prize winner wednesday, march 8 at 8:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. william galsn brookings institute, governance study senior fellow, agenda of thishe president and role of congress. good morning. guest: good morning, sir. as an agenda, how has this president compared to ones?ous guest: this president so far has been long and strong on orders, but slow when it comes to actual legislation,
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to mention the president's budget, which technically was is going onth and now to be dribbled out over the next six weeks we've learned. that because of just the way he wants to conduct or because of issues such as with ties to russia, the things that popped up, have that affected put bility of agenda to be out there? guest: there have been a lot of distractions, some of them self-created n. cabinet on, the officers have been slow to take their places because of a slowdown in senate. there haven't been any nominations for the individuals cabinet below the officers, who usually do a lot of heavy lift og organization policy. lso, because the republicans were not ready when this president was sworn in to move
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major pieces of legislation. example, the affordable care act, they promised to repeal for seven years, but it became clear long wayly they were a away from agreeing among themselves on draft legislation, which was just released last night. ost: so, i was going to say in the light of that, we've had release of that and the executive travel ban, the second consecutive travel ban, other elements, as well. aca replacement. t is early, what do you think, what is the challenge for republicans as they try to attle democrats and some republicans, as well? guest: i think the major challenge for republican system external rather than at this point. the bill is besieged on two fronts. in the house of representatives, about atives are unhappy what they see as the creation of namely the ement,
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tax credit to replace the old one, namely subsidies. in the senate, there are fair number of republican senators, signed public letter to this effect who are prospect py about the the medicaid expansion, which has occurred in their states rolled back and these shelly moore e capito, one estimate to the 184,000 constituents stand to lose coverage under anything like this bill were to go through. ow, obviously all this will have to be reconsidered in light of the particular bill and one that the oint out is gate keeper for analytical purposes is congressional budget office, which has yet to release public analysis, either of the bill or consequence of this bill and i don't think egislation is going to proceed
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further down the road until the cpo makes findings public. host: when does that take place when you roll out this type of legislation? is, if the problem republicans just agreed on final hasn'testerday, then cbo been able to get to work on evaluating it until yesterday nd i don't think they can simply snap their fingers and do it, they put the pedal to the by the end it done of this week. host: our guest is former policy advisor to president clinton serveing from 1993 to 1995 as assistant to president clinton and here to talk about republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. republicans. for and independents 202-748-8002. the healthcare bill released last night, what is the president's role and what do you his role taken as far as getting this ultimately past congress to his desk?
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will have aresident very important role because as i opposition on the moderate flank and the the white e flank, house has coordinated very leadership on this bill and not the but for ation's bill, all practical purposes, the administration's fingerprints all over it. it is up to mr. trump to deliver some waivering republicans, both in the house and the senate, based on his personal popularity many of the t decenters represent. example.t virginia, for mr. trump won west virginia by 40 percentage points, one of his biggest victories in the 50 states. he obviously has a role to play bringing around west virginia's senators. what about his ability to not only reach out to be opposing ho may
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this, but democrats and his bility to relate to them on one-on-one level to get this agenda passed? guest: i don't think the bipartisanship on the affordable care act repeal and replace are very bright. republicans have preceded really without consulting bill.ats on the no doubt the republicans regard for as historical justice the way the affordable care act place.fted in the first but still, i would be very urprised if a single house democrat votes in favor of the ill and anything like the present form. things will get more interesting in the senate if republican out ors actually hold because then somebody will have to negotiate with someone and that point the democrats may an opportunity. host: first call is on the hillsboro, line, north carolina. dan, go ahead. track: my question is off
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a little bit, but i think it is to the core of this problem. a situation where trump bought $40 million estate and fertilizer russian king for more. t was decreped to the point it can't be developed. that guy came in through a bank, is majority owned by a new plus t officer nominated, we have a little matter of heavy bajan, nvolvement in orking with the local mafia over there. it goes back to when donald, were gettingd they incredible amounts of money in tr russia with trump
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enterprises. host: thanks. address that as you wish. of thethe whole question relationship between the trump ampaign and the trump administration and russians and ussian factor influenced organizations is one that i hink has riddled the waters since before president trump was sworn in. congress, as ns in well as democrats are concerned bout this connection and various efforts to investigate it. i have to say at this point, out fact and truth on one hand from rumor and inuendo other is extremely difficult. legislator necessary both political parties hope to setting thists and issue, getting this issue behind us if we possibly can. fairfax, crats, virginia, john, good morning. forer: good morning, thanks
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taking my call. i want to tell the guest there, ctually the republicans, they tried to repeal obamacare 60 60 times tried to repeal it. as a smart person, sometimes you they come up, what after 60 times tried to repeal, tells me in the first place and furthermore, i don't know country.ened to my i mean, it's amazing to me that people that g the we want to get rid of them, keep democrat and e republicans and still complaining about everyday. mean, this guy is not there for us, they are there for themselves. up, americans, we are sick because of both party if you can't do your job, then the hould be fired, end of story. has raised twoer
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questions. first of all, were republicans ready with replacement plan when they voted 60 times to repeal affordable care act, obamacare? answer is, obviously not. it took a lot of hard after mr. trump was elected president for the epublicans and the house of representatives to come up with a plan. plan and so the period period, what we have put on the i said, it will be a lot easier to look at it once analysis from the condpreszional budget office is broaderlic w. regard to political problem, caller is absolutely right, in the of the united states, the house of representatives,
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the vast majority of seats are safe for one political party or the other. a person is elected, remain inis likely to office unless or until challenged in a primary by of his or her te same political party, that is, i a real problem for the current political system, figuring out what to do about it very difficult. host: this is chuck from florida, independent line. go ahead. caller: good morning. host: good morning. yeah.r: we've been negotiating healthcare for 40 years now. pay for iraq's healthcare. we pay for afghanistan's healthcare. we've now invited iraq to come over fter we invaded there. socialized medicine, the one payer system, why the hell don't we give it a try?
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tried socialized banks, we bailed the banks out one time. i mean, let's get some damn healthcare. the people need it, don't republicans go bankrupt? go bankrupt?dents bankrupt, rybody go illness?t a serious i mean, geez. thanks.ller, guest: well, the caller has put n the table, one of the traditional traditional, how a single payer look like, t would one way of think suggest for all. so if you like the way medicare
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then functions, presumably you would approve of covering all americans. at ould be very expensive, and for the public share many people think that medicare unsustainable financial course and if there were medicare for all, would solve the problem or make the problem bigger along the dimension? these are questions that need to be debated. what is clear is that there are of other countries, western democracy that use a single payer plan and they have made it work at lower cost than the world's record high cost that healthcare, y for either through the tax system or through their premiums or out of pockets. host: rose in nashville,
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the ssee, calling on republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, thank you for taking my call. have a question about the healthcare and then i also have on an unrelated topic. on medicare, then they are allowed to buy we lement insurance because all know medicare only pays for medicare e person on is responsible for the other 20% supplement have a policy. my question is why is it okay medicare recipients to buy heir health insurance, supplement policy across state have and yet if you don't medicare, you're limited to insurance company in your individual state and i was plan ing if the new submitted has capability for insurance, uy their
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health insurance across state lines, like we can life instance., for host: uh-huh. caller: the other question i fiasco going on about the tapping of trump tower. michael flynn was tapped when he was in trump he supposedly it these conversations with the russians. question, it has been reported in the media, there was pfizer --ication, fisa application denied earlier in the year and later in the ear, a second fisa application was granted. i'm wondering what if, that has een reported, but there has been no proof shown to the american people. curious, what if james clapper went on meet the
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and said no ay there was no wiretapping, any of his him or knowledge, but i'm wondering, was a fisa e never application made in october, what if the wiretapping was done those are my two questions. host: thanks, caller. first with regard to the question, the purchase of health lines, e across state this has been a long-standing lank of the republicans .eplacement plan i want to emphasize the plan was released just yesterday, it is pages long, vinot had a chance to read it, i would be surprised if it did not include provision allowing for the purchase of health insurance lines because that has been part of the republican years.oposal for with regard to your second
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get to the need to bottom of this. swirling allegations around, based on unconfirmd and media reports. people with impeccable reputations, like mr. have gone on national television to deny the allegations, yet the rumors persist. we need an investigation that is broadbased and independent. if that can be done by the united states, fine, but in survey released yesterday, 65% of the american they would that prefer an independent special prosecutor. afraid it may come to that, even though there are all sorts not so quences, some great once you appoint special prosecutor. yesterday on the program, an op ed editorial reads as
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such, it is an institutional and perhaps constitutional crisis when the president of the united accuses predecessor of illegally wiretapping him as candidate. with that?gree crisis, constitutional no. an institutional crisis? maybe. will say this. he words of the president of the united states have weight at abroad. and if the president of the statement,tes makes a , it is ation, a charge his responsibility to have reviewed the evidence carefully advance. and to make the evidence bearing n such an important charge public to the extent the source
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evidenced of which the was obtained permit. f the president has secret intelligence sources, then the committees and the house and senate should be brought into the picture immediately. is not the president's own determination, but he owes it to people to go beyond what he has asserted so far going totherwise we're be mired in rumor and peculation and conspiracy theories for the next four years. host: william galston talking about the role of the president and congress. democrats.0 for 202-748-8001 for republicans. and for independents, 202-748-8002. from connie, spartanburg, south carolina, independent line. this is connie.
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very upset at this healthcare thing. i've worked, my husband was we never ever took his medicare, my insurance and i him, also, and he was sick for 20 years and i paid myself out of my workman's and out of aarp, so of efore, i didn't take any people care so maybe should marry people that is the best them and thing i can say for donald trump crazy.s connie, 's hear from another connie, louisiana, democrat's line. go ahead, you're next.
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yes, i'm a democrat, i voted republican. to say that how are the american people to believe is going on, the democrats and i am a registered with all of prot testing and everything going on president, i mean, you had watched the election of new officials, they promote violence, which ncludes, which louisiana experienced the nation of our enforcement and what i'm i am ned with or what concerned with is the united of america is protecting
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people of our country. guest: the constitution of the guarantees the assembly as eful way of petitions government to egress of grievances, a word straight from the first amendment to the constitution. bright line obviously between peaceful assembly on the the and and violence on other and it is responsibility of government to police that but peaceful protest is not a sign of the weakness of democracy, it's a sign of its health and it is important peaceful protest with violence and anarchy, which wrong in principle nd in practice, ought to be
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prevented with full fours of the law. host: protest two months past president, of the is that unusual to you to see the kind of protests you see or see toward this president? guest: there are many things presidency t this and that is just one of them. texas, gene, onk the republican line. morning.yes, good host: good morning. caller: i'm very, very concerned repeal the ffort to aca. i am a republican. the classification of insurance uniformity ding the of the plan summaries. agent and try to get into the market, number one, they will approach on the basis premium credits. the cost discuss
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sharing portions of the plan. higher up being quoted premiums. it is cost sharing portion that of your incomese affects deductible, co-insurance. we've had a six-year campaign, a between the republican party and the discreditcompanies to this legislation. host: caller, we'll leave it there. well, the insurance companies actually were part of that helped pass the affordable care act in the and if they have been in firm opposition to it, i wouldn't be we having this discussion. i don't think it is the case hat the insurance companies have been intentionally undermining affordable care act,
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their own business imperatives and if they find as did, they em underpriced their product in the they felt , then compelled to raise their prices to a point they thought they profit on the transacti transaction. certainly the case they undermined the affordable care act. major stake holders in the have not been em part of that coalition for the most part. carolyn, from louisiana, democrats line. caller: hi, i am concerned about how we're not looking at act, both domestic ith border in mexico and with the international immigration ct and how our president
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invoked 1921 provisions that outlawed in the 1965 immigration act that draws line at has not been discussed with these immigration be iing the fear that is is out there for americans not even real. united states navy nd army, and i find it appalling. guest: well, in fact, you raised legal question. 1920s, we passed highly restrictive immigration 1924 act, for ing ll practical purposes, slammed
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immigration gates shut. they remained shut for more than when they ntil 1965, were reopened with the landmark reform bill. nd one of the things that the 65 act did was to outlaw iscrimination in immigration based on a number of categories f which race was one and nationalality was another. ne legal problem the trump administration is encounter necessary trying to single out countries is that on some interpretations, it will of thefoul of provisions 1965 law, then the question is, dominant law, does the 1965 law supercede all acts on the subject or are there contradictions that need to resolve? you raise, as i said, a very important legal question.
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rollout of the e replacement for affordable care ct, talk about the success of this rollout, especially in relation to other items that the trump administration wants to donees, immigration, like you talked about, tax reform, infrastructure, spending, how does this have to be in order for the others to mind?d in your guest: the issue is not only the ollout, it is also the legislative results of the rollout. affordable care act has been on the republican agenda, both in congress and white house. that must be g done in order to clear the way for the rest of the agenda. on a very e now ambitious time table to get this weeks or so, x that would be remarkable if they this stalls . because of division within the republican party, it would be a one stalled truck on
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lane road with all of the other legislation backed up behind the stalled truck. the would be a disaster for republicans in the white house. heaven l move hech -- and earth to make sure that doesn't happen. host: is there a lesson learn president clinton tried to handle these efforts to make that happen? as you mayot happen, recall. ou know, he went before joint session of congress in fall of 993 and announced administration's plan with great fanfare and never came to a floor vote. important presidential george w. n stall or bush in 2005, tried to make the of rm partial privatization social security centerpiece of his second term agenda, it talled with disastrous consequences for the rest of the second term in office


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