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tv   Chinese Foreign Minister News Conference  CSPAN  March 11, 2017 4:40am-5:26am EST

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public because we do not have all of the details -- a pig in the polk because we do not have all the details. >> c-span programs are available at come on our homepage, and by searching the video library. >> at a press conference in beijing, china's foreign minister talked about relations with the u.s., north korea's ,ecent ballistic missile test and china's role as a permanent member of the. this is 45 minutes -- permanent member of the un security council. this is 25 -- 45 minutes. >> thank you. i am from nbc news. minister, you have included a politicians clearly
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recognize that there cannot be conflict between china and the united and because both will lose. and both sides cannot afford that. propose inen can you order to secure the overall stability of china-u.s. relations? president trump is a leader quite like no other. how confident are you that compromises can be found on the most important challenges that concern both sides? what is your impression of rex tillerson? thank you.
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>> this is a very important question because people are interested in the prospects of china-u.s. relations. through the intense communications and joint efforts of both sides, the china-u.s. relationship is transitioning's readily and developing -- transitioning steadily in developing and a positive direction. they have a very important telephone conversation where they reconfirmed the of fortunes -- reaffirmed the importance of
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following the one china principle. the phone call has set the direction and paved the way for bilateral relations. the two sides are having fruitful communication on realizing exchanges between our levels,t and at other and expending all levels of cooperation. as long as we act on the consensus reached the two in our president, follow the principle of no conflict and mutual respect, there is no reason why china and the united states cannot become excellent partners. [speaking chinese]
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>> the importance of china-u.s. relations, between two countries with global impact is self evident. preserving and developing the relationship is in the interest of our two pupils and the and theion -- peoples expectation of the international community. they have laid a solid foundation. looking ahead it is very important that we rise above two things. we need to rise above the difference of our social systems. china and the united states have chosen different systems.
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the chinese people have great confidence in our own social system and path, and we welcome efforts to build a better united states. pluralityrogress and there is a compelling reason for china and the united states respect each other, learn from each other, live together peacefully, and realize, development. secondly, we need to rise above the zero-sum mentality. china and the united states have a growing set of common interest. the areas where we need to work together on far outweigh our differences. in many ways our interests are closely intertwined. we should pool our efforts to enlarge our shared interest rather than building one's success at the expense of the other because it is just not possible. [speaking chinese]
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>> and has been years since china united dates normalize diplomatic relations. when turning 30 one should be able to turn -- stand firm and when turning 40 one should no longer have any doubts. we hope china and the united states can truly rise above the old ideas, open new horizons, and build a new robust, mature relationship as it turns 40 so that we can put the minds of our two people and the whole world at ease. [speaking chinese]
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>> recently, i sat next to secretary tillerson while we were both attending the g 20 foreign ministers meeting. after that we had our first face-to-face meeting. my impression is that secretary tillerson is a good listener and a good communicator.
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i hope and believe we can establish a good working relationship, and work together to normalize the development of china-u.s. relations. [speaking chinese] [speaking chinese] years china's few diplomacy has been more active. if you were to use a few words to sum up china's disbarment -- diplomacy since the 1850 congress what would they be and why do you choose these words? [speaking chinese]
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>> since the 18th congress,
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chinese diplomats have risen to challenges and broken new ground. under the strong leadership of the cpc committee with comrade sheeting ping as a core, we --e, let -- accomplished diplomacy with chinese characteristics. let me try to sum it up with three keywords. the first is vision. they have grasped the trend of the times in the course of history, and put forward a series of new ideas and new thinking. he has called for building partnerships that replace confrontation with dialogue and alliance with partnership. then we can build a new type of international relations. on that basis countries can build a community of shared future for all humankind. these new ideas and thinking reject the old concepts of alliance and confrontation, rise
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above the old approach. they have distinct chinese characteristics and major implications for the world. they are the guide to action for chinese diplomats in the new era, and will have far-reaching implications for human development and progress. the second keyword is initiative. chinese diplomats have worked creatively to secure an advance our countries and peoples interests. we have established a global web of partnerships and provided enablingapartment -- and strategic support for china's development. we are opened a new chapter of openness and win-win cooperation, putting people at the heart of our diplomacy we have improved consular mechanisms and procedures, and safeguarded the legitimate and lawful rights and interests of
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chinese citizens and businesses abroad. the third keyword is consistency. in the face of instability and conflict in many parts of the world we have adhered to the inh of peaceful development the face of skepticism over the international order and system. we have called for maintaining it and where necessary, improving it. in the face of a growing backlash against globalization and rising protectionism, we have champion a -- championed openness and inclusiveness. the consistency and continuity of china's diplomacy is our due responsibility as a large country. it can offset uncertainties in the world and demonstrate china's confidence and the firmness of purpose. chinese]ing
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>> this is the year the cbc will hold its 19th national congress. chinese diplomats will continue to forge ahead, guided by the diplomatic thinking of the general secretary. china will continue to be an anchor of international stability, and engine of global growth, a champion of peace and development, and a contributor to global governance. >> thank you, foreign minister. the situation on the korean
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peninsula at the moment is extremely tense. north korea has again tested missiles this week and the united states says that for options are on the table. in malaysia, the half brother of north korea's leader was murdered, apparently on the order of north korea's leader. does china think there will be war on the korean peninsula, and what is china strategy for preventing war from breaking out? chinese]ing >> [speaking chinese]
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>> tensions are again rising on the korean peninsula. has ignored international opposition and insisted upon advancing its nuclear program and launched ballistic missiles in violation of security council resolutions.
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u.s. andher hand, the r.o.k. are conducting military operations. the disco sides are like two accelerating trains coming towards each other -- two sides are like two accelerating trains coming towards each other with no one willing to give way. are they ready for a head on collision? our priority is to flash the red light and apply brakes on both trained. -- trains. chinese]ing
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>> to defuse the looming crisis on the peninsula, china proposes that as a first step the dprk may suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange
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for the halt of the large u.s. access. this suspension for suspension can help us break out of the security dilemma and bring the parties back to the negotiating table. then we can follow the do track approach, establishing a piece mechanism. only by addressing the parties' concerns in a synchronized and reciprocal manner can a fundamental solution be found to lasting peace and stability on the peninsula. china's proposal is fully in keeping with resolutions 2270 and 2321. trying to resolve the nuclear issue, we have to walk on both legs which means not just implementing sanctions but also restarting talks, both of which are set out in the un security
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council resolutions. [speaking chinese]
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>> the nuclear issue on the korean peninsula is mainly between the dprk and united states. china is a next-door neighbor with a relationship with the peninsula so we are indispensable to the resolution of the nuclear issue. china has a strong commitment to dig nuclear rising the peninsula -- denuclearize and the peninsula. china has done its level best to bring the dprk and u.s. together and to chair the six party talks. we have also made our contribution to adopting and implementing un security council resolutions. ,n the future, to continue china will continue to be a switchmen where we will switch
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the issues back onto the track of seeking a negotiated settlement. i wish to emphasize that nuclear weapons will not bring security. the use of force is no solution. talks deserve another chance, and peace is still within our grasp. >> [speaking chinese]
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that theeople believe era of western domination is coming to an end, and it is china and the other emerging economists dust economies that hold the key to the future. what is china's position? china will host the leaders meeting. what do you hope to accomplish? [speaking chinese]
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>> iwatch your show almost every night and i hope cgt and will have greater support and have better developments. they are representatives of the emerging economies. over years the fortunes of the -- riseny have rise in or fallen. as the president has put it, the bricks are like five fingers, each with his own strength. it is when we come together we pharmacist that can punch. -- fist that can punch. as long as we stay united the -- itwill not lose its
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will shine more brightly. >> [speaking chinese]
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>> this year, brics will enter into its second decade. china will work with other brics countries to plan the future, usher in the second golden decade of brics, and provide import for world peace and development. we hope to accomplish for things this year, first in terms of political and security cooperation. we will make full use of the meeting of national security advisers, build consensus for holding a standalone foreign ministers meeting, and demonstrate the strength of brics cooperation to the world. in terms of practical cooperation, and will fully implement the strategy for brics , andmic partnership announce a number of solid
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cooperation initiatives, and add ever more substance to brics corporations. in terms of people to people exchange, we will implement the agreements of our leaders and hold a brics cultural festival, film festival, sports meet, and so on to expand all areas of people to people exchange and build stronger public support for brics cooperation. importantly, we will explore the modality of brics plus by holding outrage dialogues with other major developing countries or groups of developing countries. we hope to establish a more extensive partnership, wide in the brics circle of friends, and turned it into the most impactful platform for corporations. -- cooperation.
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[speaking chinese] >> after trump became u.s. president the world has met a lot of commentary on russia, china, america relations. do you think anything has changed in the triangular relationship and how? chinese]ing
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>> i am sure this question also interests many other people. let me tell you at the outset that we have great confidence in china-russia relations. we have a comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, not because it is contagious -- convenient. it is on the basis of our fundamental interest. the relationship has stood the test of international vicissitudes. the relationship is as strong as it has ever been, and our mutual trust has reached a historic high. the relationship will not be affected or weekend by any external factor. we welcome improvements in russia-u.s. relations, which
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will be an important piece of good news for the world. ofs year, the presidents china and russia will have multiple face-to-face meetings which will take our relationship to new heights. china and russia will improve strategic coordination on international and regional issues, and together act as a stabilizer in an otherwise turbulent world. [speaking chinese] >> as far the china-u.s.-russian relationship in the new era, it
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should not be a seesaw game. the three countries should work for each other -- with each other rather than against each other. believe the three countries can develop a healthy and positive relationship so that jointly we can fulfill our responsibilities for world peace and development. >> [speaking chinese]
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>> in 2016 china reestablished diplomatic relations with several countries. nigeria demanded the taiwan mission remove its placard and remove -- move out of the capital. people in china hailed the news and believed that should the furtheruthorities move from the one china principle they should have no future. talk about this. [speaking chinese]
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>> there is only one china in the world and taiwan is part of china. this is a fact, recognized the principlean important enshrined in a series of international documents including u.n. resolutions. there is no basis in international law for the taiwan region to establish or maintain so-called diplomatic relations with any country. since such relationships have no legitimacy, surely they have no future the taiwan authorities should clearly recognized this major trend. block the eventual
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and complete reunification of china. [speaking chinese] chinese]ing
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adopteddent trump has and america first approach and his policies are quite isolationist and populist in nature. people say this will hand china an opportunity to assume global leadership and the president said china will work with the international community to build a just and equitable new world order. will china step up to a globe or -- global leadership role, and what is china's view of the existing international system? >> [speaking chinese]
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>> i think your question comes down to whether china will displace anybody and become a global leader. let me say this, first, china believes in the equality of all countries, large and small. we do not believe some countries should lead other countries. secondly, the u.n. as the world's most authoritative and incredible intergovernmental organization, should effectively play its role of coordinating international affairs according to the purposes and principles of its charter.
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thirdly, rather than talking about leadership we should really be talking about responsibility. comparatively speaking large countries have more resources and capability so they should shoulder more responsibility and make a greater contribution. as a permanent member of the un security council, china will fulfill its obligations for international peace and security as the second-largest economy. china will make its due contribution to global growth as the largest developing country. china will play an even bigger role in upholding legitimate rise and interest of our fellow developing countries. thank you. ♪ >> c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up, former michigan republican congressman peter wikileaksiscusses the release of cia hacking document.
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policy analyst at the center for data innovation on his recent lease on the hill, why is federal government data disappearing? contributing writer for the bigon who is writing about oil in the nation's greatest state, california. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 this morning. join the discussion. weekend c-span twos book tv is live from the tucson festival of books with two days of panel discussions and author interviews. coverage begins at noon eastern and authors include richard reeves and his book them for me, the shocking story of japanese-american internment in world war ii, lillian feder men ,nd her book the gay resolution fromr even cami -- stamped
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the beginning, the definitive history of racist ideas and america. on sunday starting at 1:00 p.m. eastern, politics and immigration with national affairs correspondent jonathan nichols and his book, people, get ready. new york times op-ed columnist or rained out, the year of voting a range -- maureen dowd, and former goldman sachs vice president and her book my underground american dream, my true story as an undocumented immigrant who became a wall street executive. book tv is live from the tucson festival of books today at noon and sunday and 1:00 p.m. eastern. >> the marine corps is investigating a private group on facebook that marines used to share nude photos of their female colleagues. at the


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