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tv   Freedom Caucus Chair Says Votes Not There For Health Care Bill  CSPAN  March 19, 2017 10:00am-10:34am EDT

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a group of about three dozen law makers who support open and to talk aboutment the debate over the house republican healthcare plan.
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joining us for the senate clothings nd as we look at that, i think the freedom caucus even though not indicate.may trying to find than sweet spot understanding that a fully conservative bill that may meet of all our roval caucus is not something that's 216 votes in the senate.r 51 votes in the
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so we're addressing concerns for noonly us but i would say even the majority of our conference if they're honest about it. they have concerns there. but certainly over in the senate. there's l you that informal count there's at least 12 senators that have very difficult -- it extremely difficult for vote for it. so unless we get at the essential health benefits and mandates that are the backbone of obamacare in a repeal or some type of vehicle assurance thathe we address that, we're not going in a ng down premiums meaningful way. i think it's been expressed concern on the tax credit that.on of where we're actually currently
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giving a subsidy to people up to 400% of poverty under the gop up that actually takes it to 850% of poverty. ut some of the impacts on our seniors and working poor, you know, we're not doing a good job there. at and itrying to look have not talked to senator spoon. i don't want to suggest that. number of lked to a senators who have had conversations with him. his document yesterday. and so we're trying to look at with something that actually makes people plan and in this doesn't leave people behind. nd so as you see that without giving anymore specifics where i have to end up debating it on washingtonage of the post between now and next week, we're re the areas that looking
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. house bill n the pass? bob, absolutely not. sophisticated whip count that the freedom caucus reedom t just for our caucus members. we also reach out to me that mbers of th caucus a more cally vote in conservative passion. today votes were held even with minor as i hear they're talking about potential based on that there's not anywhere close to votes and i can tell you the whip has been working very hard undecided so i can assure you that this bill needs only to pass not the house but certainly to pass the senate as well. congressman, how far off are
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you or is this leadership? the ar off are they from vote that they need to give people an idea of the necessity changes? >> well, they don't ever give count.whip can tell you that based on a number of different scenarios. more than 40 nos at this point and there still has to be at least another 20 to undecided. now, undecideds typically when undecided, you have a so in y to go yes and some of these undecideds really towards they're trying not to align in they're open to look at negotiations and what might change. i would be encouraging the hopefully to communicate we're a lot closer.
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to 25 vote threshold that's very different that i can really based on that we have.ers >> how would you like to see this going forward? is it enough to make these of a manager's rule's nt in the committee this week? >> i mean, i can tell you that i to the that going back drawing board obviously has its merits. op ed z and i put out an -ed hat to that effect. taking the oing is framework that leadership has put forgot and certain three that energy and commerce and ways and means have bill to ry to get the this point. say ake that framework and how can we amendment that?
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nd amendments that happen at rules to not only get the 216 required voteds here in the ouse but to go further than that to make sure that it has a uch higher likelihood of passage in the senate. optimal we may have an what i would like to see happen, m, we're trying to look at all case scenarios. i mean, in a perfect world what we would like to see the obviously a full repeal. a replacement that gets voted on actually goes further in a separate vehicle. we work through that, ttempt to get those eight democrats to come along on a replacement. you guys, this is not your first rodeo. ou guys see the logistical hurdles of that. so we're trying to operate within the frame work of where to put forth some reasonable solutions to get
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everybody. >> what does leadership speaker changes?k of your is he open to them? are you talking to leadership on a regular basis? and does the white house support how the changes that you want to make to the bill? so i'll give you a two-part answer to that two-part question. of it is there's no meaningful discussions with our own leadership. more with the president and the administration working ber of people at the white house on this particular bill. most of conversations with leadership have happened in the hours. most of those have been more their fashion in terms of, well, we've got to do something that doesn't lose side.on the moderate we can't do this or we can't do that. one reason or another and it all comes down to the bird rule
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does and doesn't do. only thing that may survive some of those
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conversations according to might be an optional work requirement on medicaid not andndatory work requirement if that is indeed accurate then i would say that's a step and not forwards. >> do you ever worry that that different groups are lobbying the white to see d there's a race who can be the last one to have the the presidency before he decision to go public >> >> i'm not worried about that. i appreciate that. i think that narrative out there that it's the last person who talks to the president and he goes with that. i can tell you based on number conversations with the resident, based on a number of staff ations with his
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their ceo is more important than a different ho has job. it's just not appropriate and so thing. he does the same i saw him on the campaign trail and so i'm not concerned that 've got to be the last one #there many making that pitch. made a very compassionate argument with the president the other day on a number of fronts and we're unified in this. have to bring premiums down. this current gop plan doesn't to hit the mark there.
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sop what kind of push back did you get? ou said publicly it was more than you expected. than i s more, bob, expected. i can tell you that i know that wants to save medicare and social security. now, having seen the numbers and worked through it, i believe ma the best way to do that is to working on reforms now so that we can save it. campaign i was on the trail with him where he said i'm not going to affect your enefits if you're retiring or about to retire, wegoing the save it and make sure those preserved.e and when i mentioned that to him in terms of a balanced budget need to go with pushing back
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believing that, that would -- might go against the campaign promise. on one part where i wish that he would agree with me on disappointed on the other. he believes that it's going against a campaign promise that and until we make a compelling case on how it would we ally be the only thing can do to preserve it, he's not there. to go i wonder about this conversation
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about hearing ads on the radio saying this is a tax on older have the new gop coming to the do you worry that the takeaway is the public -- not.ou know, i would hope but that's a narrative that's been out there long before the months.en i mean, we've run against many not being compassionate astrying to be, quote, scary you would say. i think at the end of the day, hat's why we have to get the policy right. drive down
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get hat comment will defused some. >> there's been speculation and
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ome media coverage that anyone -- any republican who votes against the republican would get bill primary. including you. now there's also been coverage you talked to steve bannonand apparently that's not true. what is true? will republicans get the support of the white house who are people who vote no like you? if thank you vote no? >> you know, i can tell you that on that, bob, you know, i'm not talking about any specific conversations that i've had in the white house but i will comment on that one because is one that i think goes against who the president is and against what he said. i can tell you that making a ersonal threat of running somebody against me in a primary is not something that he's done it something that
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happened. so if they're true i would edge courage those sources to actually name themselves and be glad to go with them to the white house and try to work it out. so precious to me that i worry about a primary for oing what is right for my district and the american people i'm in the wrong job, bob. temporary job of which i'm doing the best i can to epresent the people of western north carolina. i believe in representing them, actually goes coast to and hopefully represents a wider swath of people. that, if it sends me home, so be it. the 't be concerned about political consequences when
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how often are you talking? how's your relationship? >> there's a lot that gets tell you that can i've met with steve obviously. friend.consider a and, yet, at the same time, the association of the freedom bannon is steve create conflict perhaps in -- here on the hill house.the white we've got relationships with a number of people in the white house. steve banno's really desire here is to serve one and it's not the freedom caucus. it's to serve the president of the united states and i can tell is his loyalty. soow in doing that, do we have conversations? yes. but he's not the most
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interactive talkative guy. you know. him outhy you don't see there and so the only time he gets involved is when it is at a critical stage. he is trying to make sure that not only he understands my of the tuesdayat group and so we've got a good at the same but time, i wouldn't say it's our into the white house. ecause his loyalty is undeniably with the president. he was on the campaign trail and not questioned. >> you mentioned your work with healthcare and we know in your conversations in the past you've talked to enator lee and perhaps senator rubio. who are you working with elsewhere in the senate? moderates.mentioned who are those people?
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then they may have the same conservative record. had a number of conversations with senator steve danes and on healthcare and on the medicaid expansion part of it. some very good ideas that are different than what we are even considering today. forwarded some of his thoughts to the white house as well. to that, have three y spoken to two or other senators who i think are in the middle of this particular debate in bringing consensus. and outside of that -- come over andalk to the freedom -- even supporting the
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bill, i applaud them for getting actually have something that we can debate and both of nd i've told that. that will make real news if we say we're backing off. we still believe that the best repeal and is vehicle.with a separate look at lling to concessions on those areas changesg on real policy in other areas and the answer is
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yes. i think when we look at that tried to incorporate some of rand pauls ideas into this how we shape that into perhaps the framework that we've any good faith negotiation does require a the headline could be that. i think as someone who negotiated all my life, if i go and say these are the demands, this is what it is, it is in concrete. anything else. then that's not negotiating in good faith. so i think that we have to look ofthe give and take and some those areas that you're talking give and re is some take if we get some real policy changes in some other areas. it's all about. >> time for a couple more.
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>> congressman, you and the played a big roll in really pushing speaker -- speaker boehner out the door. how would you grade paul ryan as speaker? >> you know, i can tell you that putting one comment with the other i want to make sure that i'm clear. there are no discussions. zero discussions right now about speaker.a new
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there are concerns about the with s and the openness that but as we look at that, the been r certainly has engaging and asking for input the his is a telling time with the particular bill that is probably the most important bill that we vote on in this congress are perhaps e we not negotiating and making changes that affect the people that we serve. so i would give him a good grade. i will say that there are learning moments that we can find from this bill and when it was rolled out, it was, well, it's way. you have a binary choice. highway.or the at least we're open to modifications now.
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it needs more than just a few in order to get that 216 votes threshold. >> i have a question. guess i would a dyou agree with the saker that this healthcare bill needs to be done by the end of the month in order to make sure that the rest of the agenda that you guys have is achievable? >> it's a valid question. if we do not get this done by the month, it does hold up tax reform which is critically important. it holds up other areas in the appropriations process. be dealing with because it would hold up our budget. hold up a budget reconciliation vehicle because you've got to get this one done get to those. so it does need to get done quickly but it needs to get done more than quickly. so i'm mopeful that the us to stay ins on session for the next 100 days holidays religious and say you just stay here, get it done, don't go home until
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this is done. get it all there. personal isrupt my life or life back work energy the district but this is not a time for us to take off for a week or two. is a time to get it done on behalf of the american people. when gressman, be careful you wish for. thank you very much for being this week's news maker. great to be with you all. thank you. >> all right. me turn to -- bob, what did you hear there? well, i heard someone who wants to be heard more from leadership. the discussions are not very fluid right now and he is asically saying there is no chance that this bill can pass the house as we've been doing a vote count on the right. it can't pass the way it is right now. ut if you move the bill to the right, then you could actually have a worse cbo score that came recently where 24 million people will be uninsured.
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so then you potentially lose the in the house who also have said they have concerns. to havenk there's going to be a lot of discussions over the weekend in early next week is what we're going to do and ts is how we get the votes but they're a long votes. getting 216 >> yes. i'm also fascinated he is talking so much about the senate the rest of ause the caucus has been really speaking to this idea that worry the house now make sure it passes the house and deal with the senate later. he idea that he says he's working with people who are not within that conservative block in the senate, that's a new move for them. doesn't want to say he's backing off but it sounds like he's willing to compromise on to be lines in the sand for the freedom caucus. repeal now. later.e medicaid expansion needs to stop earlier than expected. they compromise on those,
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o they lose some of the members? a lot of the members have been they are to us that working on this process of moving from being an opposition governing block and some of this may be a natural art of that realization that governing requires a come pro-mize. not had to they have compromise. >> mark meadows is respected signsthe members so if he off on the deal and says i'm a firm absolute no even though he no against this bill t i k that it's tar tnd ng there he's raising that congress should stay in session because to house is only scheduled be in session eight legislative which -- so i
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could see trump doing something like that. in his year. absolutely. this is going to be a very, very tough list. very dramatic vote. they're going to make some changes. we don't know what they are. have, you know, this white house has not fully emgraced this bill. trump has endporsed it but he not talk about it a lot in speeches. e doesn't want to the it to be called trumpcare. so they are not tied to this bill. ryan's bill. it's ryan's baby. >> it is. i hear people calling it all the time. so they have -- the house epublicans do have the possibility of taking the blame or credit no matter what happened. so walk our viewers through what week coming up.
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it's a chaotic process. amendment that takes -- some control over what will happen. we don't know what will begin as we heard congressman -- people who don't know potential health benefits are the minimum standard that he has affordable care act requires making sure re or that emergency -- long list of -- health insurance.c it's things like prenatal care or making sure that emergency room room visits are covered. there's a long list things that are basic requirements. they want to get out of those just conservatives say it's easier to offer a lower price health plan if it doesn't cover
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things that people don't necessarily need. the counterargument there though is that you are essentially offering people coverage that doesn't cover it. weekend -- and they said it wouldn't better of this would never be signed into law because you're taking away current benefits from people. even reforming medicare like mark meadows wants to do, they say that the beneficiaries now don't have to worry about it, it's for the future ones. these are for print benefits and a point to be a real problem. merge them? and i shall get it to trump's desk in april? i don't think so. it's an uphill battle, it can be done but the odds are against it right now. thank you both very much for the conversation. >> thank you. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017]
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>> anyone, working at any hedge fund, involved in short-term trading, meaning that every day they would come in trading in and out of stocks, those people one edge. that's a common term in the industry. they want edge. there's thte edge the discount of useless for their purposes. there is the gray zone, and others there's black edge that is clearly inside information. q&a, the newn yorker staff writer talks about the insider trading case against hedge fund manager stephen cohen and his firm, sec capital, in her firm, black edge, inside information, dirty money, and the quest to bring down the most wanted man on wall street. >> the central characters of the heart of the story, they are very central characters my book, these two former portfolio managers for the fund. matthew mark, is one of them. michael storm -- michael steinberg is the other one. facing a hearing
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sentence in his cases on appeal and mr. steinberg was convicted but his conviction was then later overturned after an appeals court made a ruling that made it much harder to convict someone for insider trading. on c-span, on "q&a." >> the confirmation hearing for neil gorsuch begins monday at 11 a.m. eastern, you can see it live on c-span two. now, we look back at the opening statements of all eight current supreme court justices at their confirmation hearings. the program includes remarks by senators who introduced the nominees. this is just over two hours. >> as supreme court nominee neil gorsuch prepares to testify before the senate judiciary


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