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tv   Open Phones on Affordable Care Act Replacement Part 1  CSPAN  March 24, 2017 3:37pm-4:13pm EDT

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theowhen take the health care in america, you're actually saying, we don't care if you die. that's what we want. and that's what that bill says. we don't care if you die. and i find it extremely disturbing that congress has that attitude in our country that represents our citizens. thank you so much. host: thank you. we understand that the democratic leader of the house, nancy pelosi, may also be
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speaking to reporters at some point. we will effort to get that to you as well. when that occurs. hope to bring it to you live here on c-span. again, the house speaker, paul ryan, has scheduled a news conference for 4:00 eastern time. and we'll have that for you as well. the house in recess subject to the call of the chair. and members have been debating the health care replacement . ll through the day getting your comments now on what you've seen, what you think about that, what you think about the republicans pulling the bill at this point in the afternoon. before a vote. don joins us from florida on the democrats line. caller: hello, how are you doing? host: good, thanks. what do you think? caller: well, i tell you. i've been watching this for weeks now. what i find hard to believe is the republicans have had seven,
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eight years to look at this situation and come up with a replacement. what they did and presented to the public seems like it's more a tax break for the wealthy. i just don't understand that. they're there to govern and help all americans. i understand they have their districts and stuff. but come on. these are grown men. let's get together and work to improve what we have and make things go forward. host: let's get a republican caller now. gail in dear island, oregon. caller: hi. well, i may be a republican, but let's say first off, i did not vote for trump. host: all right. caller: i am very upset at what's happening. that there are tax breaks and alliances for the pharmaceutical companies, the insurance companies. i have a 30-year medical career
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behind me. i'm 60 years old. i'm going to be one of those people that you guys are talking about, raising it up five times the rate. i won't be able to afford this. and why? because in 2008, our tax money bailed everybody else out, i had to shut down and take it in the shorts, losing my business and all of my retirement money. our govern has do -- our government has done this to us and we're the ones that are paying the taxes that pay for all of those elected officials. let me tell you, like no other year, i've become an advocate on trying to get things done right in washington. and every voter, i don't care how they vote, are looking at who's voting which way. and the next vote, there's going to be huge consequences -- host: let me ask you, where do you get your health insurance now? caller: for a very short time,
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because my husband has cancer and had to retire, he's on medicare. i was able to cobra out. but i've only got a year of that. i'm looking at those huge moneys. $14,000 a year. i can't afford that. i can't afford it. i have nothing left after what the governments and the banks did to us. i own my own home. but my retirement savings is gone. and i'm still paying back because i own a business -- owned a business when everything went down. if these government people don't start looking out for the little guys that are paying for trump's golf games and his children's ski trips and all the poor secret service that are spread thin asking for money and he denies it, but yet the billionaire clubs get all the allowances. this country's a mess.
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host: thanks for calling. you can see on your screen the reporters on capitol hill, at the capitol, getting set for a news conference with house speaker paul ryan. set for 4:00 eastern time. just a few minutes from now. we expect to hear what the status of the health care replacement bill is that was debated through the day today and then pulled apparently before a vote that was scheduled to take place in the next hour or so. the house is in recess subject to the kale of the -- call of the chair. the republican conference holding a meeting on health care bill status at this hour. we'll bring the paul ryan news conference to you as soon as it gets started. we'll have live coverage here on c-span. until then, back to your calls. dennis on the line for independents in texas. hi, dennis. caller: hello, how are you today? host: good. caller: great. i'm 70. i retired from at&t. i have signa health care. i'm very happy with my
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coverage. the constitution does not say anywhere that it is the government's responsibility to furnish health care for the american people. now, as far as health care , i g a right or a privilege don't believe it's a right. like the second amendment. because that is in the constitution. if a person does not have health care and their only job that does not furnish that, it go heir responsibility to to a company that has health care or maybe go back -- go to night school and get a better education so you can afford health care. but the not the government's responsibility -- it's not the government's responsibility to give health care to anyone.
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we have too many programs now, people on welfare and people that are perpetuating the welfare from one generation to the next. they teach their children how to game the system. and how to get around it. that said, the government should not have the responsibility. obamacare should have never been passed. that's my opinion. host: if you say the government should have no responsibility, what do you think of the republican efforts so far in this bill that's on the floor now? caller: well, i don't like the bill. it takes too many thing away from people. older people. like i said, i'm 70. i don't like the bill. i don't like trump. i voted for him. no, i voted against hillary. if we had hillary as president
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today, i hate to think what kind of situation we'd be in. but as far as the republicans i think they're trying to please a many in the house and senate, trying to please them by manipulating obamacare. they should stop obamacare and not have the government furnish health care for anyone. host: all right, dennis, thank you for your thoughts and your call. paul ryan, speaker of the house, scheduled for a news conference at any time now, as you can see on your screen a good crowd of reporters in the capitol waiting for the speaker and we understand that the house democratic leader, nancy pelosi, will be here after paul ryan speaks to also take questions from members of the press.
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again, to update where we are, the house debating much of the day today, the health care replacement bill, going into recess about a half-hour ago subject to the call of the chair. the republican conference meeting off the floor and we hear numerous reports from congressional reporters that the republican leadership has pulled the bill prior to what was a scheduled vote for some time in the upcoming hour. we expect to hear more, of course from the house speaker when he appears here before the press. until then, try to squeeze in a couple more call, let's go to julia in seattle, washington. julia, a democrat. hi. caller: hello. life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness includes, i believe, the base exneed of health care of the people. we should continue to fight for
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keeping the historic a.c.a. that brought health care to millions of people who did not have health care. repealing this historic action is saying that it is a failure. it is not perfect, but calling it a failure is a disgrace. the house and senate should not throw out this historic law and should work together to improve it. thank you. host: donald in west virginia on the line for republicans. caller: hi, hello. host: your thoughts on what you're seeing in the house today. caller: for many days i have been following this, i can go back several year, i had a good job in the coal industry which now we don't have jobs. i started seeing our health care dwindling starting, beginning in 1998. we had to start paying out of our pockets as part of our premiums but as time went on, when the affordable health care
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was first enacted an passed in the house, nancy bepelosi said you can't know what's in it until we pass it, which i thought was ridiculous. ever since they put that in, we have done nothing but dwindle to where we've lost about everything we've had and now is not the time to separate. our country is divided, the house has been divided for many, many, months and years osmba ma has been in there for eight years with nancy pelosi for many, many years and now is not the time to be arguing politics. we are suffering the -- we are suffer, the people are suffering health care. not a card. we're talking about provided care professional medical care is bh you can't get. you can carry a card but if that card doesn't get you proper care for any disease or any signess, it's just useless. and i can tell you when i was going to apply for obamacare, my
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deduckable was going to go from $200 to $10,000 per household which was my wife and myself. so it was ridiculous. i called my senators and congressmen, joe manchin even said it needed work years ago. so why the republicans, whether they're saying they've had seven years, which that's here or there. now is the time that i think both the democrats an the republicans should come together and represent us for what we've got them there for and come up with something that is proper for everyone. the only body that can actually say that they have benefited by obamacare are illegal aliens or somebody that's never worked for a living that's had to pay for their kear. us boys that's worked 45, 46, and 60 years and paid into social security are the ones that's getting creamed. and she knows that and those people know that. they're looking for a vote instead of what benefit this is
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country. host: thanks for call, donald. we'll move on, get some more viewpoints on the air. from west virginia we head west to new mexico and twyla on the line for independents. hi. caller: hi. host: you're on the air, go ahead. caller: well, i am constitutional conservative, i think we need to repeal obamacare, we need to get government out of our health care, it is not a constitutionally delegated duty. my insurance went from $600 to $1,500 for two people under obamacare. the health care acts are not about health care. they're about subsidizing the insurance agencies. and we need to stop playing politics and start restoring the constitution and liberty. host: we're waiting for a news conference from house speaker paul ryan at the capitol after the house went into recess a
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little over a half-hour ago subject to the call of the chair and we expect to hear the status of the health care law replacement that's been debated on the floor all day today and a vote was expected at this hour. we'll hear from paul ryan, the speaker, then we expect to hear from house democratic leader nancy pelosi as well, talking to reporters. ur calls until then, johanna in denver, on the line for democrats. caller: yes, sir, i want to say something about why the house has not talked to the average person. i'm 64 years old, i'm disabled, my insurance is pretty good now, but with what they're saying the insurance is going to be now, i won't have any coverage. i just don't understand why we can't get along and do what's best for the country. host: thanks for calling.
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to donald in azalea, oregon, line for infeints, hi, donald. caller: hi, there, my name is donald, i'm from oregon. i would just like to say, you know, i'm 64 years old. i remember back when i was a kid , first of all, this is the greatest country in the world. i mean you can't want for a better place. but i remember back when i was a kid, there were little small doctors in towns my parents would bring me to. my dad never made a lot of money but there was always a doctor to go see. there was always even when you went to a hospital, you were well taken care of. everything was -- but i've watched over the years i've -- hed this country go from
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one other thing, i'm not a democrat, i'm not a republican, i'm not -- i consider myself an american, old american that wishes things would go back to the way they were. i've watched this country just go down politically just to where this -- it's unreal what -- the way it's going out there. but this is still the greatest country in the world. and i just wanted to say that i hope all things are -- all things republicans, democrats, others, come together and figure out something. host: thanks for the call, donald. word coming in that donald trump, president, will also have a statement today. we do not know when, yet, but we will certainly cover that and have it for you here on c-span. paul ryan, the speaker of the house, expected at the capitol
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at this hour. we'll cover that live. as you can see reporters are all set, crowding in, ready to hear from the house speak thorne health care replacement bill. we'll also hear from nancy pelosi, the leader of house democrats. el paso, texas, patrick on the republican line joining us now. caller: i just want to say, it just confuses me to not really understand what the alternatives to repealing obamacare are. you know you hear some people calling in and they're say, you know, that maybe we should keep this bill. but when it comes down to the things that people are really upset about, not being able to keep their doctors across state lines, premiums going up, what are the options? you know, you don't hear the democrats talking about that either. not putting out realistic
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options for something other than repealing this affordable care act. host: thanks for calling. to ray in ohio. we're awaiting paul ryan in the capitol. ray, we might have to keep it brief, go ahead. caller: i'll try to keep it as brief as possible. i'm listening to a lot of different calls from a lot of different people and the majority of them are all correct in what they're saying. i don't know what's going to be the answer but i got an idea how maybe you can solve this, since the democrats and republicans cannot get together on nothing anymore, we are so divided in this country, i think what we should do is republicans and democrats, a small committee, get together, sit in a room, as long as they have to, and to correct the problem and get insurance for everybody, put all federal employees under the same plan that the normal people out
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here in u.s.a. has to be under, put the federal employees under the same plan and i think we will get an answer and a correct one and correct the problem that we have and finally get a health care that's needed. but i think that's going to be the answer, is they have to sit down and talk it out and put them under the same plan we're under. then they'll realize what they have to do. host: thanks for call, ray. we'll leave it there we understand paul ryan should be in the briefing room here momentarily. so we'll watch here and wait for the house speaker. we also expect to hear from the house democratic leader, nancy pelosi, after the speaker of the house.
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>> we expect the speaker at any moment, he will explain what went down here in a stunning defeat of what seemed a central part of republicans' plan. we're told that president trump -- i'm going to pause here.


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