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tv   This is a Disappointing Day for Us Says Speaker as Health Care Bill...  CSPAN  March 24, 2017 9:01pm-9:13pm EDT

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bath gs seonhe ol bonweavbeen thpls rtipinin amare. five states, you've got one plan left. one choice. other a third of the counties in america, one plan left. and the kind of projections we're being told from the people providing health insurance to these people and plans, it's going to get even worse. so i don't think the architects of obamacare envisioned this future. it's not one we want for the american people. i wish we had the kind of consensus we needed to bring a bill to the floor to pass and replacet but don't have , that right now. poerwh autho, u veo epheovnmt en inbo fe ek dt cein t ror how mh catadiyobu oth a hodo tt poteiay ju the hebis? mrry: thk r mbs owe d erythi wcod g cseus th ihogorng rkwh y'ren e joty
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