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tv   [untitled]    April 1, 2017 2:50pm-3:03pm EDT

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senate judiciary committee meets nominationote on the of the associate justice on the supreme court live at 10:00 a.m. monday morning on c-span2. the full senate will then take it up. majority leader mcconnell has announced a plan to hold a final confirmation vote friday next week, april 7. you can watch that live. our senate coverage is on c-span2. you can also watch on and listen on the c-span radio app. about 10 minutes from now, we will show your remarks from this past week on the senate floor regarding the neil gorsuch supreme court nomination. again, 3:00 p.m. today, 10 minutes from now, here on c-span. video competition. this year, students told us the
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most urgent issue for the president and congress. our second prize middle school winner is a seventh grader from miami, florida, a student who believes cyber security is an urgent issue, and her , "cyberary is entitled security, the safety of our ation." take a look. >> we all use technology every day as part of our lives. don't you love using the web to contact friends? what about when websites are off-line or your computer shuts down or your phone stops working? situations like these have serious fixes, but more serious issues can be the result of cyber attack. the cyber security of our nation is the most important and urgent issue in our nation and needs to be addressed by the white house in the future, but let's start at the beginning. what happens in a cyber attack? there are many different problems and techniques used for
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very specific purposes. some are even a simple as sending messages via text, phone, email, or social media. while this involves simple technology embedded with viruses when you clicked on them, establishing them have become hard to detect as technology is -- has advanced, but this is not the only way hackers get information. techniques have been developed to destroy firewalls and rob governments. this is called a denial of service attack. the system is overwhelmed, causing it to break down or become temporarily unavailable, which means the weaker a computer firewall is, the less number of attacks it takes to overwhelm the software and breakdown. a distributor denial of service is the same on a much larger scale. it usually requires hundreds of thousands of computers sending
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request to multiple computers, causing the same type of shutdown. malicious malware and devices embedded with harmful codes can be used by hackers to attack firewalls and steal information. >> as a technology consultant, that is one of our main concerns, ensuring we are securing the data for our clients, not just from external threats, but also internal. there are risks of outsiders trying to get in but also risks of protecting the data from employee's that should not have access to it or employees that may decide to do something malicious. 781 breaches of security were reported in 2015. additionally, between december 2015 to 2016, 50 1% of american adults were reported to have experienced some breach in security. this is a big number, especially considering most breaches in security are not reported to similar organizations. spammers and others flood a
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site with traffic, and it increases the cost of hosting that side, so there are many potential consequences. >> systems are impacted by losing money, customers, and resources because customers cannot make transactions when their way of doing so is unavailable. >> businesses today are relying very heavily upon their online presence for not only their brand image, but also for attracting business, so if something happens to compromise that online presence, it can thect the bottom line of company as well as the professional appearance to people who are searching for them. >> at a much larger scale, u.s. government information and plants can be stolen or altered, and online government functions can be greatly affected by cyber attacks. >> what if somebody hacked the cia or nsa or something or the
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department of defense and got control of missiles and so forth and launched them. >> looking out into the crystal ball years now, that is a real fear. destroy for qwest can strong software and have destructive results against the government and confidential information of the u.s. and its citizens. no matter what type of cyber attack takes place, the american people will always be affected, either directly or as part of a nation through larger breaches. cyber attacks are dangerous because i small scale, they can put personal information and identities of the population at risk and at a lighter, they can jeopardize private operations and steal personal information of the u.s. government and its businesses. iswhat they are doing developed what are called points of interaction.
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now those are everywhere, so it increases the number of places. secure,channel is not it could increase the ability to be attacked. >> major breaches in cyber security have been traced to foreign nations such as russia and china. these countries have been formally accused in the past of major cyber attacks against the u.s. can make a network hearted to hack, but you cannot make it uninhabitable -- un- hackable. protectis being done to the cyber security of the united states? president obama has participated in cyber security action plans, which involves integrating $19 billion into the presidential budget of 2017 to be used toward cyber spending. at a smaller level, many computers software that can identify viruses and hybrid tax as well as check the individual cost computer security level.
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many i.t. and security companies have devices that can detect harmful code. many say you can still never of the unpretty stability of cyber attacks. >> that is why we need to protect strength and our nation's cyber offense and cyber defense capabilities. we must work to ensure sound cyber security policy to secure our nation from threats while more importantly protecting our nation's freedoms and civil liberties. >> but our plans and steps really enough? shouldn't our cyber security be strong enough and prepared enough not to have to deal with attacks in the first place? while many people can help in their own way by protecting themselves, it is essentially the government's job to protect the nation as a whole. the cyber security of the u.s. should be strong enough to
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prevent cyber attacks, and the american people should be protected by the government against these cyber attacks. it is washington's to protect citizens against cyber attacks because cyber security is the most important and urgent issue that needs to be addressed in 2017 and beyond. >> to see all the prize-winning documentaries in this year's studentcam competition, visit "washington journal" live every day with the news and policy issues that affect you. coming up sunday morning, the director of the national institute of allergy and infectious diseases, and the director and producer of the film "unseen enemy" discussed the potential of pandemics around the world and what can be done to prevent them.
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republicanally founder dave spencer talks about his assessment of the republican party and what needs to change. the european union ambassador to the u.s. discusses the decision by british prime minister theresa may to formally begin the process to leave european union. be sure to watch c-span's "washington journal" beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern sunday morning. join the discussion. >> in case you missed it on the foreign policy research institute at the senate intelligence hearing. >> the russian influence system began pushing themes and messages seeking to influence the outcome of the u.s. presidential election. russia sought to sideline opponents on both sides of the political spectrum with adversarial fears towards the kremlin. they were in full swing during both the republican and democratic primary season and helped sink the votes
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of candidates more hostile to russian interests. >> the total force was short 2100 11th fighter pilots. it should be noted the cost to train it with generation fighter pilot to prepare him or her for their first operational squadron is approximately $11 million. >> nfl wide receiver at a congressional forum on policing in minority communities. >> there are a lot of police involvedthat are not in the communities that they are serving or are supposed to be serving, so i have this crazy theory that if i know you, i'm a lot more likely to treat you a lot better than if i don't. so if i have a relationship with
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that relationship, i'm not going to be so quick to lock you up. >> security challenges in the middle east. >> while we consider and establish accountability over our actions in this incident, it is also important to clearly recognize that the enemy does shields, has little doesd for human life, and use security -- civilian casualty allegations as a tool for propaganda. >> the state of israel is a modern-day david, and goliath is the arsenal of hundreds of thousands of rockets and missiles aimed at the jewish state by terror groups like thisllah and hamas, but time, israel has a major upgrade in technology that will help it take down the next giant. amen. the david's sling missile
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defense system, which was codeveloped by israel and the american defense contractor raytheon. >> c-span programs are available at on our homepage and by searching the video library. >> the confirmation process for judge neil gorsuch to replace antonin scalia a on the supreme court continues next week. the senate judiciary committee will vote on his nomination monday, and the full senate will take it up. majority leader mcconnell has announced he plans to hold the final confirmation vote on friday, april 7. watch the senate live on c-span two. this week, a number of senators spoke on the floor about judge gorsuch. .ere are some of their remarks senator mcconnell: last week, supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch came before the senate judicial nominee for his


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