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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 2, 2017 6:59am-7:46am EDT

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recent, phenomena. join our live three-hour conversation with annie jacobsen. send us your facebook questions, twitter or calls. here on c-span this morning, washington journal is next. at 10:00, newsmakers with democratic congressman ben ray lujan of mexico. and later, the first in a series of. intelligencete committee on russian interference and the 2016 elections. coming up on today's washington journal, a look at potential pandemics around the world and what can be done to prevent them. our guests include dr. anthony tobias, whonet directed and produced a new film on the topic. then, we hear from dave spencer, founder of the group "
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practically republican." and later, we discuss the uk's recent decision to formally begin the process of leaving the european union with eu ambassador to the u.s. david o'sullivan. host: good morning. all eyes on the u.s. senate this week. the nomination of neil gorsuch to serve on the u.s. supreme court expected to be voted out of the senate judiciary committee tomorrow. a full senate vote slated for friday, but not before a week of debate and ongoing threats of a democratic filibuster. it is sunday morning, april 2. at the white house, the president meeting with foreign leaders, including a significant meeting late this week and into the weekend. president ji of china traveling to west palm beach, florida. we want to begin with a tweet late last week by the president and get your comments, calling this investigation by the
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democrats and members of congress a witch hunt. the investigation into russia. he phone numbers, 202-748-8001 , republicans. for democrats, 202-748-8000. we have a line for independents, 202-748-8002. send us a tweet, we'll read them, @cspanwj, or join us online. good sunday morning. thanks very much for being with us. want to share with you the tweet and the line the president used, calling it a witch hunt, saying that, yes, his former national security adviser and campaign supporter mike flynn "should ask for immunity" and that this is a witch hunt, an excuse for a big election loss by the media and democrats of historic proportion. in the headline from the "new york times," as white house press secretary sean spicer asserting the political intent, it's also available online at here's part of what the "new york times" is reporting this eekend --
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host: at the white house on president, press secretary sean spicer was asked about this. here's part of that exchange. >> you frequently tell us to take the president's tweet at face value and they speak for themselves. so when the president says mike flynn should get immunity, is he suggesting he should be granted immunity? mr. spicer: i think mike flynn and his legal counsel should do what's appropriate for mike flynn. >> they cannot obtain immunity. it had you been granted. the president recommending either to the f.b.i. or to congress to grant immunity. is that the only way it can happen? sean: i understand that, but again, he did not say congress should grant. reporter: what does he mean by
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that? sean: he wants to be very clear with everything they ask and what they want. reporter: he could have just said i testify. he said he should get immunity. i'm asking you, because it's an important -- every lawyer who works on this tell you it's extremely important to seek it and then obtain it, and there's only one way you can seek it, by being granted, either by the f.b.i. or congress. and for the president of the united states to even lightly indicate that he's in favor of that, it seems to me is a significant development. i'm trying to find out if that's what the president was trying to accomplish. sean: and i'm trying to answer the question, which is -- i've talked to the president about this, and the president is very clear that he wants mike flynn to go and be completely open and transparent with the committee, and whatever it takes to do that, he is supportive of. reporter: even if he obtains immunity? sean: again, i want to be clear. he wants him to do what is necessary to go up there and talk to the committees to get this matter behind us. reporter: you talked to the president about this. he was not trying to suggest to
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the f.b.i. or the justice department that it grant immunity? sean: i think he was asking -- i'm not entirely sure of the process, whether the congress ask it or d.o.j. or both in this case, but the point that -- i get it, but -- right, i understand, right, but the bottom line -- reporter: he's not instructing the justice department -- sean: he's asked and instrect them to look into this. host: we posted the "new york times" story on our website and also on our facebook page. the president calling the russia probe "a witch hunt." share your comments at meanwhile, david french of the national review has this piece, it's available online at, a beginner's guide to the trump-russia controversy. e writes the following --
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host: again, that's this more than from national review. your treeks all of this, we'll begin with sue in utica, michigan, our line for independents. good morning. caller: good morning. i do have a couple of comments. i think the biggest thing here is that the more we're seeing, the more we feel like there's something going on that we need to find out. i didn't vote for hillary because i thought that there would be one investigation after another, and she wouldn't get nothing done. well, this is what's happening with trump.
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we're doing one investigation after another. and i feel like that's hindering his presidency. and the more we find out, i think he's his worst enemy, too. that's it. host: thank you. let's hear from jan, who has this tweet, you couldn't pay me enough to do spicy's job of spinning the truth, reference to white house press secretary sean spicer. on the republican line, layer, you're next, here in washington, d.c. good morning. the president calling this a witch hunt. what do you think? caller: well, there's a lot of deception, because the matter is why general flynn was removed has nothing to do with it. he has a list, he was talking to the russian ambassador, which is occurring in russia. top people in the democrat and republican party, this is the real thing. and this is the c.i.a. with leaks that come from russia. these leaks are from the c.i.a., so forth. and there is a war to remove him. and so forth. so this is what the truth is,
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there's a lot of deception. these are leaks from inside -- from the c.i.a., american intelligence. this is to remove him from office. host: larry, thanks for the call. the attorney for general flynn issuing a statement on thursday, releasing it to the "wall street journal," it reads n part -- host: we'll go to jim, also on the republican line, in fort lauderdale. good morning. caller: good morning. i'm 70 years old, and of all the ridiculous things i've ever seen the congress do, this one tops them all. if you're trying get away with something, if you're trying to do something illegitimate, aren't you supposed to try to
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get away with it? president trump goes on television and asks the russian government to release the emails that hillary clinton erased, and he's supposed to be trying to get away with some kind of a russian conspiracy? that's so incoherent and ridiculous, i can't believe it. but what we do have is president obama sitting at the knee of russian leaders saying, oh, i'll have some more flexibility after i'm elected. give me a break. this is so ridiculous. it is indescribable how ridiculous this is. thank you very much. host: thanks for the call. and this is from -- anyone who seeks immunity is guilty, agree with the president, flynn is guilty. meanwhile, fox insider at the website quoting former house speaker newt
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gingrich, here's the headline, the trump-russia probe is a one-sided witch hunt spurred by leader pelosi and the senate democratic leader chum shuker. read the story online at robert from henderson, kentucky, independent line. your take on all this. good morning. caller: good morning, mr. scully. my comment is this, mr. trump has committed, in my mind, what i would consider espionage. if it had been -- or treason. any other president, particularly barack obama, would have been arrested by now had it been a democrat, dickly a black man. they would have had this person kicked out of office immediately based on the things this man has said, the things he has done, and the people in his administration, the archenemies of america, the things he been in office the first 100 days have been atrocious, and i believe he would be arrested. thank you very much. have a blessed day. host: thank you.
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let's hear from ben, also on the republican line. state college, pennsylvania. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you doing? host: we're fine. thanks for phoning in. caller: well, i just think, in regards to this tweet in particular, i believe it's completely appropriate for president trump to refer to this as a witch hunt. when you think about it, he's just telling it how it is. presidents have had to bite their tongue in the past, but now since social media is well on its way to rendering the mainstream media, cbs, cnn, "new york times," irrelevant, he's more or less the first president who can truly say what they are thinking. granted, some of his tweets are somewhat inappropriate coming from a sitting president, but still, it just shows you that they're being controlled by the mainstream media. like i said, personally i have no problem with with him calling this a witch hunt. his political opponents are going to stop at nothing to discredit him, so why should he just sit back and take it? i believe it's completely appropriate for him to fight back in this situation. host: thanks very much for the call. let's go to chris, joining us from port jefferson station, new york, democrats line.
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good morning. how are you today? caller: good morning. how you doing? host: fine, thank you. caller: i just think that trump, he can be a good president, but his one lie after another, who's going to pay for that wall? mexico? oh, nobody on my team has ever been with russians. look at the russians, complete opposite of the united states. their government is all about the president making their decision on what to do with people, can't protest, can't do this. over here, you can do what you want within some boundaries. and this guy's judgment is nothing. it's just like no call, no show judgment. it's a shame that he makes these claims, and there's nothing behind it. they're vacant. who's paying for that wall? mexico. and now what? $10 billion in tax the american people to pay for it. oh, we'll get the money back later. anybody can say that. that's my comment. thank you. host: chris, thank you. and this is from jack, the
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florida caller who phoned in just a moment ago, defied my logic, says jack, the candidate throws an explicit hack to hack h.r.c. emails and he scoffs that off. on our facebook page, here's what some of you are saying., saying of course it is a witch hunt, this is from alan david, these leftists are pathetic and have nothing to offer americans only whining all the time. chris says, is anyone actually following this nonsense story? and andrea says he's guilty. nbc news is also the target of some tweets by donald trump. here's a story from "the washington times," a tweet that president trump issued over the weekend, the headline, trump, nbc, stop focusing on russia, look into the wire tapping instead. and here's specific what will president trump tweeted over he weekend --
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host: let's go to cindy, joining us next from laurel, maryland, good morning. caller: yes, hi, good morning. you know, i'm listening to the last several previous callers, and i just about agree with most of them, except for the witch hunt. i do believe it is a witch hunt, because maybe that's what we're looking for. i'm not trying to call our president a witch, but i think that he has -- you know, he has been alluding to so many things that he's done that he's been involved in, tweets that he makes, and, you know, the concern is that any other sitting president -- and just like other previous callers -- for a quarter of the things that mr. trump has been involved in or asserted to,
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sort of comments he's made, the president would have been pulled off. i think that the republicans have been so desperate to get ck in control that they will join the trump bandwagon, regardless of the implications that it's going to have, and they're all rolling out now, and, you know, the biggest thing that i see daily with this whole campaign, because that's what it seems to be, well, i don't think we have a president yet. we still have a campaign. is that when questions are asked, there are never any answers. there's just quick blaming to the democrats. they never, ever, ever answer a question. it's always shifting the blame. and i mean, we just heard about what you aired with paul ryan. he stumbled over trying to answer that for you. for the commentator who was asked asking him that question.
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host: sun did i from maryland, thanks very much, you're making press to sean spicer. ul ryan, the white house speaker. here are regular tweets. proving collusion is revealed, his supporters will simply ignore it. when there's this, does trump want flynn given immunity so he does not have to give him and others a presidential pardon? and finally, david, politics over patriotism? arty on putin? #missionaccomplished. one reporter from "the washington post" has this on this sunday available online at --
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host: republican line from colorado springs, good morning. welcome to the program. you're on the air, go ahead. caller: i agree with the president's tweet there. he's pretty good at some of them. but i agree with that one. and i think the big news was on the other story on friday, some more stuff came out about one of the former obama intelligence officials not related to the f.b.i., that said that trump actually was spied on before he was the nominee, along with some of the people around him, and then their names were unmasked is what they are calling it, and those are all felonies. so i think the guy from the post, you just quoted about scrutiny, i think it's going to be the former obama officials pretty soon, becauseer that
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just trying to undermine this presidency as 85% of the media is trying to do that. so i just think -- the people elected a businessman, not a politician, just to remind that lady that just was on criticizing him. he's not -- he's a businessman. he's not your washington insider. so anyway, thank you for c-span. i hope next week, when that stuff comes out about what i just talked about about the obama officials, i hope you guys will talk about that a little bit, ok? host: absolutely. we always do. thanks very much for the call. you can check out more details online at joining us on the line is the white house correspondent for "usa today." good sunday morning. thanks very much for being with us. guest: good morning, steve. host: let's first talk about a number of tweets, including the one late last week in which the president accusing the media and the democrats of being on a witch hunt with this russia investigation.
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what's been happening since then? guest: well, yes, that tweet, i think the one you're referring to is the one responding to reports that his former national security advisor, michael flynn, had asked for immunity in order to testify before congress about this alleged russian connection, and the president says, he absolutely should ask for immunity, because the congressional investigation is a witch hunt. the president has been trying to take that whole russia investigation into another direction by making the issue, as your caller has been talking about this morning, the issue being the unmasking of the names of trump transition officials in intelligence reports. host: in fact, let me share with you the tweet, the most recent tweet from the president, wow, @foxnews just reporting big news, source the official behind unmasking is high up, known intel official
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is responsible. some unmasked not associated with russia. trump team spied on before he was nominated, if this is true, does not get much bigger, would e sad for the united states. >> guest: yeah, and the president says this is big news. i have to say, it's a little hard to know if that's true. this fox news report cites one congressional source familiar with the investigation who says that devin nunes, the house intelligence committee chairman, knows who the official was responsible for the unmasking. i think we have to back up a few steps. first of all, there's nothing necessarily improper with the unmasking of president trump or a transition official. there are any number of contexts in which that's completely appropriate.
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one says if it's just information that anyone would know by reading the newspapers anyway, those names don't have to be minimized. and also, it's important -- i can understand, it could be important for intelligence officials to know what efforts that foreign nationals were making to -- what they knew about trump and what intelligence they were trying to get on the united states and the president clinton. it's still a little early in this election, and it's impossible to know really how much unmasking there was, how inappropriate it might have been. but remember, this is, you know, this storyline is alongside the other storyline being pushed by democrats about russian interference in the 2016 election. host: greg korte, you're now covering president trump, and as you talk to white house officials, can you glean any insights into the president's tweeting habits? guest: well, you know, unlike resident obama, who had this
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@potus twitter account, and you would see tweets from president obama, and we were told they were written in his voice, but not necessarily written by president obama himself. that's clearly not the case with president trump. his thumbs are on his phone, you know, banging out these tweets. there are two twitter accounts from president trump. one is the @realdonaldtrump twitter account he's had all along. the other is the official @potus account, which is the same that president obama used. white house officials are often in a difficult position trying to explain the context of the president's tweet, some of which, you know, seemed to allude to facts that are unsubstantiated or unverifiable , and, you know, the white house has to come out every day and defend those tweets. i'm thinking of a couple of tweets a weekend or so ago
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about how much money germany owes the united states as far as the nato bill, which is just, you know, completely untrue. germany doesn't owe the united states any money. they owe money to their own defense. but these are the things, especial on the weekends, you see these tweets when there are fewer officials around, when we get some of these more questionable tweets by the president. host: we're talking with greg korte, correspondent for "usa today." let me ask but president's week ahead, some significant visits, including the president of china, who will be traveling to mar-a-lago this weekend. guest: yeah, this seems to be a foreign policy week for the president. he's got the president of egypt on monday. king an call from jordan on wednesday. and then on thursday, the president will fly down to his winter retreat in mar-a-lago to meet with the president. this is probably the biggest foreign meeting he's had so far. he's met with theresa may of
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the u.k., and chancellor merkel of germany. but, you know, china is a huge rival to the united states on the world stage, and this is a very sensitive meeting. it's one that the president has already signaled that trade is going to be on the top of the agenda. he says it's going to be a very difficult meeting. he's going to talk about the trade deficit, which is an interesting choice in and of itself. there are other issues with china, the tensions in the south china sea. there's the north korea issue. there is cybersecurity. and for president trump to start right out of the gate with the trade issue signals, i think, exactly what president trump is trying to signal, that his administration is all about jobs first and that they're going prioritize that in the relations with other countries. host: and finally, the battle in the senate, as we said at the top of the program, will be over neil gorsuch, a vote by
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the judiciary committee tomorrow. a full senate vote on friday. will we see a swearing-in of the new supreme court justice by the end of this week or early next week? guest: well, that's difficult for me to say, although the republicans picked up a couple of centrist moderate democrats over the past few days, which would make it likely that one way or another, by hook or by crook, gorsuch will get nominated. the question is whether senate majority leader mitch mcconnell will have to invoke the so-called nuclear option in getting past that 60-vote treasury hold for a filibuster to end debate and get to the actual vote on the nomination. there's a precedent for senators voting to end the debate, but voting against the nominee, so we'll see how much support there is among democrats that take this all the way to the end. i suspect that by the end of the week, yeah, it's very possible that we'll have a
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ninth supreme court justice for the first time in more than a year. host: greg korte, covering all of this for "usa today," his work available online at thanks for getting up early on this sunday. we appreciate it. guest: absolutely. any time, steve. thank you. host: meanwhile, the president's tweeting habits is the subject of the "new york times" sunday magazine, using some of the words that the president has used over the last year and a half, weak, truly weird, clueless, sad, exclamation mark, also available online at f. you're just tuning in, if you're listening on c-span radio or watching on the bbc channel, we're focusing on the president's tweet late last week calling the russia probe a witch hunt by democrats and the media. going to get your reaction to all of this. vod joining us on the democrats line. thanks for waiting. good morning. caller: good morning, steve, how you doing? god bless america. basically we have to take a step back and look at the
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intent of the framers of the constitution, and one thing they did was set the checks and balances for the three branches, and the real issue is, each branch has their own job to do, but the ideology of the legislative branch, they need to be able to come together and find some common ground. the executive branch with the president, talking about a witch hunt, that's his right. but we need to find a conversation and work together with communication and try to be bipartisan so we can move the country forward. everybody's watching. we need to do something about this communication issue. host: thanks very much for the call. this is a sfrore the hill newspaper. michael flynn should ask for immunity in the russia witch hunt. let's go next to bernard, who's joining us from new york city, republican line. good morning. actually we'll go to rick next in rock hill, south carolina. good morning, rick. caller: good morning. how are you today? host: fine, thank you. caller: good, i was calling
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because i'm really concerned about the distraction that's going on here with this russian deal altogether. i mean, not just about trump, it's about our whole national political system in america. i think that the example that he's setting is not even trying to find out whether or not russia did anything, calling it a scam, is just another distraction, because he's a man ull of distractions. and he is really adept at causing distractions or entertaining people, and while all of this mess is going on, by his own admission, just changing obama's rules of law without consulting anybody, without the public, you know, what he's changing or his intent. and as long as this russian thing is out front, then we don't know what he's doing with his own hand. he's distracting us on one case, and he's setting his own agenda without the american people even knowing what's going on. and that's really suspect to me, because some of the things he's doing are actually
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financially beneficial to our relationship with russia, you know? host: rick, thanks very much for the call. this is a tweet from richard rogers, flynn failed to report russian earnings on his taxes. what is that about? well, not necessarily on his taxes, but the "new york times" does have the story at on his financial disclosure form, and the story eads as follows -- host: more details available at "the washington times" reporting on the president's tweet over the weekend, trump backs flynn's request for immunity in what he called a witch hunt.
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now we'll go to bernard in new york city, republican line. thanks for waiting, sir. good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. of course it's a witch hunted. we have to understand something in this country. this country is split. it's split between two ideologies. one is a very left-wing ideology, and the other is conservative ideology. in this battle, we have, on the left, the colleges, hollywood, the entertainment business, and the communication business. so every single news -- i'm not putting you in the category of the news network in that sense, ut i mean, like abc, cbs, nbc, cnn, they're all left wing, every one of them is left wing. and the only one that's on the right is the fox news, which is why that's the only one anybody should watch. the difference between these
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two ideologies, and they lie, everything. about so they lie about the report you had on before, for instance, he downplayed this unmasking -- it's a very big deal. it's a felony. it's against the law to do that, to take an american you picked up either by accident or however you picked them up on a tape or any other way. you have this guy, ed o'keefe, the worst of all of them. on cnn, this fellow ed o'keefe, he's a big shot writer from -- host: "the washington post." caller: he made statements, very interesting statements. he said, "the beef i have
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against bill o'reilly is when he calls these people illegal aliens." he said, "because in journalistic circles, that's a no-no." i wonder how many other things are a no-no within journalistic circles. host: you mentioned bill o'reilly. let me get your reaction to the headline in "the new york times." "o'reilly thrives as settlements add up, pointing out his annual salary is $80 million per year." nearly $13id million to address a number of complaints from women, some claiming sexual harassment. caller: this is part of the weapon of the left. they take these phony sexual-harassment charges, everybody in the democratic party is a victim, so therefore anybody on college campuses,
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anybody that should say something that is interpreted as racism, you can be a sexist if you are against abortion. if you are pro-life your sexist. host: thanks so much, we have to move on, but appreciate you weighing in. "the boston globe" also has the headline, the president saying the russia probe is a witchhunt. some of the headlines in reaction, carol has this. ever hear a worrisome word from russia with obama was president? no, it was all democratic politics." let's hear from henry in michigan. your take? caller: good morning, steve. host: good morning. caller: i will try to keep this simple for the trump deplorables. has hundreds of millions of dollars in business ties with russia.
7:33 am
he won't show his taxes. he won't show his paperwork on his russia portfolio. flynn was paid by russian tv. a gala with putin there. wilbur ross, the commerce secretary, who is head of the bank in cyprus that launders russian money. paul manafort, the former trump campaign manager, hundreds of millions of dollars laundered throughrussian banks, the bank of cyprus, paid to afort by the ukrainian puppet of putin. all these russian politicians and oligarchs are dying, killed, probably by putin. there is a trail that is so clear, and for people to call it
7:34 am
and want to do select -- call in and to deflect to the obama administration, you have a former fbi agent to set in front of the senate -- agent who sat in front of the senate intelligence committee and said donald trump is using the russian talking points. this information, -- di sinformation. he lies constantly, he dislikes constantly. this is clear. you have a constitutional crisis in the treasonous president, and it is going to be proven. no matter what this guy from new york says about the left and ideology, this is a pure and simple criminal case that will be prosecuted. host: henry for michigan, thanks from the call. this is the headline with the senate intelligence committee, confirming that at the moment it will not grant immunity for michael flynn. the request was put forth.
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this story from "the new york times." david joins us from middletown, new jersey. after the president suffered his first feet on capitol hill, can the white house still make good on its legislative promises? david, good morning. caller: good morning, c-span. the best channel on television. good morning, steve, it's a pleasure to talk to you. host: good morning to you, sir. good to hear from you again. caller: i have been listening to what's been said by president trump and russia. on what have any idea has been going on. thell give president trump opportunity to prove himself, if he has nothing to do with russia that would cause any problems. but i would like to know one thing.
7:36 am
i would like to know what will appear before the committee, the house intelligence committee, give him immunity so he can say what took place. and also, just as important, sally hayes, the former attorney beeral under obama, she'll appearing before the house intelligence committee. i want to see answers to questions that the house intelligence committee will ask her. you know, steve, i've been vo ting since harry truman. i voted in every federal, state, and municipal election since president harry truman. and the gentleman you had just a little while ago, who spoke about the division in our
7:37 am
country, we are not divided, steve. our country, our great country, unfortunately, is polarized. i've never seen it in my lifetime. the country so polarized, one against the other. host: even more so from vietnam war watergate or the clinton impeachment? caller: yes. were milestones in our country, but what's going on now, i have never seen before. the type of partisanship that's being shown today. the gentleman that spoke a little while ago spoke about fox news above all other channels. i watch fox news, bill o'reilly, iwatch msnbc, i
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watch all this and i read different newspapers -- host: that is how you stay so sharp didn't you just celebrate. e your birthday? caller: yes, my 93rd birthday in january. host: happy birthday. caller: i have lived to a great i remember vividly seeing at the dinner table under candlelight, not because we were romantic but because my dad didn't have a job, and i always remember standing there with my getting foodr, into giving clothing because my dad was out of a job. wet i see happening today is me tell you- let
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is goingl gorsuch, who to be confirmed as associate supreme court justice -- host: quickly, then we have to move on. caller: ok. -- the congress has asked him about the bill of rights. judge gorsuch says, the bill of written to make sure that we spread power, so we wouldn't have tierney in our country -- have tyranny in our country. the we have today, we have executive branch very conservative, and when judge assuch is confirmed, associate justice of the supreme court, we will then have a supreme court that is conservative. host: i'm going to stop you
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there because we have to move on, but thanks so much for phoning in. happy belated birthday, and keep calling in.we appreciate hearing from you . caller: thanks, steve. host: come on down for a visit, we would love to meet you in person, ok? david from middletown new jersey calls every month. this is from "the weekly standard." the turmoil inside the country -- last thursday the cover story of "time," "we need to rebuild, can you get your act together?' " "the wall street journal" is writing about this, "our country is stressed to the point of fracture, culturally, economically, politically, spiritually. we find it hard to hold together on a peaceful day, never mind a violet one. we have got to keep the long view in mind.
7:41 am
there is too much gravitational pull to the present accumulated mistakes." she concludes with these words: "crisis reveals the character, the essential character of the white house 70 days in -- that is my worry." that's from peggy noonan, available online. let's go to pack in dallas, texas. republican. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. thanks. i don't know -- i watch a lot of television, i watch msnbc and rake the president over the coals every morning, and we have two committees, one in the house, one of the senate, and they're probing about the russian connection to our 2016 election. they'll get to the bottom of it, and if donald trump has anything
7:42 am
to do with it, let's find out. the right now, all it is is conjecture. -- but right now, all it is is conjecture. what bothers me more than daysing is fbi comey, 11 before the election, deciding he's going to investigate hillary clinton again. that threw the election to donald trump. and nobody seems to want to investigate him. i'm 75 years old, so i have seen a lot, too. i have seen a lot of division in our country, and i don't think it is any worse right now than it has ever been. host: thanks for the call. says theington post," most suspicious part of this presidency, an editorial focusing on russia, available online. we will go to kathy, joining us from the democrats line in california. good morning, kathy. caller: hi.
7:43 am
host: you are on the air, go ahead. caller: i'm watching you want tv, i have to turn it down. i just want to say, either democrat and i didn't vote for trump, but i am a little confused about the whole russia thing. it's like, the head of intelligence -- i think it was clapper, comey -- also said that there was no connection. feedingnews media keeps this like there is a connection. with trump and russia. and there has been no proof. everybody that has been asked a straight on question says no, there is no connection. and the media -- i watch fox news, i watch cnn, and msnbc, so bop tohit a commercial i the other news -- and both cnn
7:44 am
do, itbc, all they seems like, is trash trump, and they keep on this russia, russia, russia connection. and so far, what i'm seeing, it seems like only fox talks about it, is all these good things that trump is doing with the manufacturing and trying to r eboot our country and start building american products again and bring back the companies to start building here again and employing our american citizens. american citizens. we need to build -- he is on the right track, and all he does is get bad press from "the washington post" and "the new york times." -- whyon't understand are they just belittling this president and not sharing any of
7:45 am
the good things that he is doing? host: thanks i much for the call. -- thanks very much for the call. "mike flynn should ask for immunity, this is a witchhunt." bonnie from maryland, republican. good morning. caller: yes, i am so tired of hearing this, he's going to bring back jobs -- he just cut 38 new trademarks in china. he can't meet the president in the white house, he has to go to mar-a-lago so he can take his daughter and go back to her trading. everything that he does is done in another country. all of his employees are from india at mar-a-lago, but yet he is stopping everyone else from green cards from coming over. i don't believe he is a billionaire like he says. that is why he's not showing his taxes. host:


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