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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 3, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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so-called sanctuary cities. nd later, eric catz, senior correspondent for government executives examines the size of the workforce and potential cuts under president trump. morning. it's monday, april 3, 2017. the senate judiciary committee morning meet this about three hours from now on voting to advance the supreme nomination of judge neil gorsuch to the senate. today's "washington journal." following news last night that son-in-law jared kushner was in iraq, after being the office of efficiency, and took a formal senior position to her father as advisor. thoughts onear your
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the role ivanka trump and jared have in the white house. republicans 202-748-8001. democrats 202-748-8000. independents, 202-748-8002. you can also catch up with us on media, twitter, cspanwj. very good monday morning to you. onwant to hear your thoughts the role of ivanka trump, and kushner. you can start calling in now. news last night of his travels weekend. this from the new york times. several other news organizations well. orting this as senior administration officials confirmed the visit to iraq over weekend, saying that mr. kushner, the 36-year-old, as senior advisor to trump was invited by the chairman and joint chiefs of staff. repeatedly ump has arned to mr. kushner creating
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parallel structure, the one led by secretary of state rex tillerson. and those headlines this kinds , adding to these of headlines, we've been seeing in the last couple of days even announced trip was late last night. from cnn, ivanka trump's and kushner's ever growing fears of influence. son-in-law jared kushner's role in the white house -- the expanding with the latest white house assignment there. that story talking about jared kushner's role in the office promoting government efficiency. there is this headline from ast week in washingtonian magazine, with ivanka trump's we have wing role, government by government by javanka. 202-748-8001.
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democrats 202-748-8000. and independents 202-748-8002. lead story ory, the in today's new york times. china recognizes kushner as path to president. resident trump welcomes ji club for tw days of meeting. the gathering will bear the two people. ambassador to washington and mr. trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. the chinese ambassador has back door a relationship to mr. kushner. they have come to at least one clear judgment. mr. trump's washington, his is the man to know. we want to hear your thoughts this morning. we'll start with joe. california. line democrats. joe, good morning. caller: yeah, good morning. his, to me, is just part of
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to, you rump's plan know, just create a fortune. you know, he's little by little family. his it's almost a form of a family o ligarchy. ivanka and jared kushner are worth 3 or $400 million or something like that. smells of a conflict of some kind of way. should bei think they watched very closely in terms of doing, in terms of their role as part of president trump's white house. i question their knowledge in terms of being in are. itions that they i just think they're part of donald trump's business empire. > let's go to peter in
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douglasville, pennsylvania, also on the line for democrats this morning. morning. d caller: good morning. i feel almost the same way as on there. t was just trump won't verify any of his businesses. and now he's having his whole family in there. say he's a l king -- might as well have a this nd a queen in country. host: financial disclosure released over the weekend show information about president trump's closest advisors. from nbc noting that those financial disclosure friday for ased on mr. kushner show he and his wife still benefit financially from a real estate and investment empire worth as much as $740 million. most es clear that this powerful washington couple is walking on perilous legal and ethical ground according to experts on thent subject, according to nbc. unlike mr. trump, who is exempt
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interest laws, both mr. kushner and ms. trump, ho took a formal white house position this past week, are under civil and federal law to take any action hat might benefit their holdings. your thoughts this morning on influence of ivanka and jared kushner. e're going to be talking about it for our first hour of washington journal" this morning. we'll also get you caught up on news around the country. king's park new york. steven, good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. good morning. call. iate the steven. u're on, caller: i appreciate the call nd i just wanted to express my
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enthusiasm to have ivanka trump member olunteer family white prestige to the house and i think she's going to do a good job. do you like about ivanka trump, steven? well, she has -- she has across tolity to come people as in her past -- you conveys a good image to the white house, and she's thinking. that's my best feeling i can say bout it, and it's a good portrayal of the white house. asset to bably be an distorted of the images that they try to portray n the media about, you know,
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don't throw dirt where it doesn't belong. call, and iate your nice speaking to you. ost: ivanka trump taking a formal position in the white house. it's an unpaid position. advisory to senior her father. tom is in conway, south carolina, an independent. tom, good morning. morning. d how are you doing? host: doing well. caller: well, i think that okay, you know, i don't think there's no reason. disagree with the first caller, when people call in and spin this liberal rhetoric, that right away there's conflicts of stuff like that. look at the history of past who they and appointed to do so. right away they're ready to bash the president. call in thursday or friday because i listened before "washington journal" i senate, the he committee hearing where they have the experts educating the what putin is trying to do with this country and i think one of the things they this bout is all of
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divisive things with the media and the politicians bashing each other. putin, that's what he wants to do. he's sitting back laughing. but we've got to start supporting the president and try to get this country fixed instead of just spinning politics and bashing and people. and i think he'll do a good job, and i think we've got to give him a chance and see what he does. all i've got to say. host: erie pennsylvania, a ye -- jerome. thoughts? caller: yes. my thoughts on it is that it's a conflict of interest. look at all the money donald trump is making after taking the presidency. malar go, we go to we're paying him. it's going into his state account. this country is paying trump. his family is reaping off the white house and that's my opinion. host: on the issue of nepotism, ormer ethics lawyer 94 man
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easton said wednesday on cnn he believes ivanka trump's role as president trump is a violation of nepotism laws. the interviewting that happened on anderson cooper 360 last week. he's saying in the interview, for decades, the justice the tment held that, yes, nepotism statute applies to the white house. resident trump got an opinion that the nepotism statutes don't apply to the white house. with that don't agree opinion in that opinion and that referring to is the nepotism laws passed in 1967 no public official from the president down to a low at federal r agencies may hire or promote a relative. illinois. cago, line for republicans. good morning. you with us, deborah? help if i hit the button. there you go. am. er: yes, i
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host: go ahead. caller: hello. can you hear me? host: yes, ma'am. okay. generation of change. ivanka and her husband is the new dimension. know, i'm a baby boomer, and i have to, you know, accept the generation. gap. got the now we can mend the gap, and hese people are mostly for social development. business, but somebody else is doing it. the need to put -- people he poem with our generation, children, this stuff , all of is about social development. host: all right. last week, jared kushner was
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lead the new white house office on american noovgz to find more efficiency in the federal government. innovation. here's white house spokesman sean spicer talking about that office. business. t is not we recognize there's certain things business would never do government has to do because we serve all of our people. but there are certain practices can n put in place that help us deliberate better product and better service to the american people in some of key areas, and i think that when you look at some of ccumen that jared and some of the other bringing into s this process that really -- i think it's a great service to this country. individuals that jared has talked to that have so blessedl and been in our nation that have wanted way, shape k in some or form, and using the opportunity to give back in ways hey believe they can use their
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expertise to do. host: we're getting your thoughts this morning on the ivanka trump. jared kushner in president trump's white house. up next from stephenville, texas. good morning. caller: good morning. can you hear me? host: yes, sir. caller: kushner, why is he the in d.c.? anyahu's guy. cheney, may be related to monticky, a montana representative. department of interior that includes opening public il rights and lands, would genie oil gets some. rupert mur ie oil,
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dock, nitanyahu's connection, they have an offshore account in kay men islands. host: do you think it has more to do with those connections the son-in-law of president? caller: well, i don't know this. if you want to get on the other side of it, wendy dean was married to president? caller: well, i don't knowruper she got caught with blair, so the story goes, he divorced her. she's supposed to be putin's girlfriend. she goes, a russian yacht goes with her. host: all right. we'll try to stick to the role of ivanka trump and jared house. in the white carol is in richmond, indiana, a republican. good morning. caller: good morning. ahead, carol. caller: hi, yes. jared and donald trump's family, the nepotism policy, if he's got
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social business and political ies that are going to help the country become, you know -- develop and grow, then for it. it's no different than the clintons. they mixed them up on the e-mail investigation. they called her president clinton. you couldn't tell which one they were talking about. got bush sr. and bush jr. that were in there. locally 's a lot of -- where i'm at in richmond, indiana, there's a lot of on. ism that goes they just sign a conflict of interest waiver and they're off and ready to go. o that's part of the past administrations, and i think that maybe we're at least going come to lightings and some things change, but out in the ty much open as family as to what they're doing, so i think it's because be a good thing we need all the help we can get at this point.
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host: a couple of tweets on this robert wright. former clinton administration, and former cabinet secretary wright writes on twitter that we used to have ethics laws and an office charged with them. ng we used to have a state department too. ivanka. ave kushner and rhodes. tweet from ben he writes in... totally normal, he writes. joyce, jacksonville, florida. line for democrats. good morning. yes. hello. host: go ahead, joyce. good morning. i think this is a bad thing what trump doing with his family up and doing e house, all kinds of things. hadn't seen it yet. we have yet to see those cases. wei we don't know what's going on. it's a bad idea.
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knows we do not mess with russia but everybody don't see the picture. whole white the house is corrupted. they smell some rats, and close by. host: michelle is waiting in camden, tennessee. independent. michelle, good morning. caller: good morning to you too. ma'am. o ahead, caller: okay. in old enough to remember when john kennedy bobby, ed his brother, attorney general. bobby was probably his most trusted advisor, and i have no with this. because when you're in that your , you want people at back. and i also have one little more make. to
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host: yes, ma'am. caller: compromise. and worried, when i see representatives calling each other names. can these people not work compromise? each side taking a little? i -- and the media, i a media so een against the president. thank you for letting me express my thoughts. ma'am. s, howard. good morning. caller: good morning. hasn't been in office -- president trump has not been in office long enough really get anything done. they ow, the democrats,
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don't want to work with the they're ns, because like boycotters. and if you want people that you got a st, and he's working relationship. of one 's a parent -- of his daughter. there. ave trust he can't trust -- he's picked people already in the office. e needs to clean out and get his cabinet together, you know, of everybody. and it's like everybody just and to fight and argue stuff. if something would really happen right the united states now, how prepared are we? how are we supposed to form, you know, a perfect union, you know?
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union. what it says, a union. united. posed to be and you have -- you have these partiesle, or these two that really fight amongst themselves, you know, don't be it's so know, ridiculous. host: on twitter, milen burke in, i like ivanka in official role in the white house. she is a liberal. ere is a statement from the white house after trump took on hat former role as an advisor to her father last week. we are pleased that ivanka trump take this step in her unprecedented role as first aughter... furthers commitment to ethics, transparency, compliance, and foovrdz her opportunities to lead initiatives and having real policy benefits to the american
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that would not have been available to her previously. this morning, we're getting your thoughts on the role of ivanka trump and jared kushner and the an eye t always keeping on president trump's twitter feed for you. a few tweets this morning to you on, what the president has on his mind. surrounding russia in the 2016 election. president trump writing earlier such amazing reporting on unmasking and the by fox scheme against us and friends. spied on before nomination in quotes, he writes, the real story. and one other tweet from the president this morning, he asked podessa rother of john paid big money to get the sanctions on russia lifted? hillary, no. thoughts on president trump's minds this morning. we want to hear what's on your this question about the role and influence of ivanka trump and jared kushner. arty is in new york.
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a democrat. artie, good morning. caller: good morning, john. how are you doing. well, sir. caller: all right, listen. two-year job d a interview for this country, okay. a 30% approval rating. he majority of the country is against the majority of the this guy is doing. it's time to clear the clown car and the beverly hill billies out and take his ouse appointees with him. that's all i have to say. thank you. are you talking about impeachment? caller: yeah, yeah. i basically am. grounds? hat caller: because as time goes on, he's doing nothing but getting worse. country, you know, we've got problems here. we've got to fix it. he's busy fixing up his own created by t he himself, okay. host: let's go to jay. scottsville, virginia. line for independents. good morning, jay. a good, n my view,
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ealthy democratic republic is enterprise,a private and a public enterprise. not mix. go to, and you'll what our president is mixing ith our private -- he's mixing the private enterprise with the public enterprise. our line of g and our credit rating to advance his regimes. i'm calling it a regime now, ecause he's putting his entire into our to the -- public enterprise, and they're to g the public enterprise
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their private enterprise. host: what's an example of that concerns you at most. caller: okay. you go to a trump hotel. visiting? are you visiting a private hotel? r are you visiting a public hotel? when you go to, are ou visiting something that's being protected by one of my mein triots that died for mein vietnam or are you visiting a rivate hotel when you buy by someone who was financed by -- it's just too a mish mesh when you have people who are running a out of the white house. the two have got to be
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separated. we are slowly but surely a like the russian federation. host: do you think any businessman could be president f this country or do you think president trump -- caller: a businessman can the country. but he's got to totally get rid of the business. himself. the trump signs have got to come down from the trump hotel. totally divest, themselves from those business where they have connection no whatever. host: all right, that's jay in virginia. more of your calls on this topic just a minute. but as we noted earlier, a key place in the senate udiciary committee on judge
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neil gorsuch nomination. sun bin kim joins us from to talk about that vote. and the outcome of this vote doubt, is t really in it? >> no, not at all. there are 11 republicans who sit committee and y there are nine democrats. so as long as all republicans in favor of the -- favorable report judge gorsuch out of the committee, he should make his there's the floor and no sign that any republican will defect. the question is what happens when the nomination goes to the floor. about 37 senate democrats who have declared they will vote to filibuster the nomination for the supreme court. obviously, you would need 41 to block, and that's very close to getting there. to be seen remains what happens the rest of the eek, but i think we're all
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expecting judge gorsuch will get confirmed by the end of the week. and that the senate majority to use s fully prepared the so-called nuclear option to get there. ost: and explain what the nuclear option is. >> it's basically a very tool. tive procedural it's not used very often. t's changing the rules by just 51 votes. a lot of times, the change of rules of the senate usually 67, 2/3 of the chamber, usedhis is a tool that was by then senate majority leader arry reed to change how the filibusters work on all nominations of the supreme court. that includes nominees and lower judges. basically any judge except for the supreme court. fewuriated ove that time. republicans at the they say democrats are being stubborn with their refusal to
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judge gorsuch to an up or down vote. mcconnell, it would be, you know, almost all of his ranks of his 52-member stick together to use this nuclear option, is that he will get judge gorsuch confirmed by the end of the week. host: what happened to the talk week of a deal on gorsuch to preserve the filibuster for nominees? >> i think that's talk that it too much anywhere. i think always -- especially in these circumstances, there's group of democrats and republicans who are genuinely concerned about the direction going, in enate is terms of careening towards the nuclear option. people like john mccain talking with democrats, reporters all week how concerned he is about the senate. of the we know chris kunz has been involved and talks well.
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so-called eeing a we saw in gz like 2005. the gang of 14 was a group of republicans and seven democrats that was brought together under the repeated nominees s of bush back under the george w. bush republicans n, and in the majority had threatened to invoke the nuclear option at that time. 14 senators came together and said they would not judges unless there were extraordinary circumstances so that pact kind of held advance a lot of these bush nominees over the threshold. a situation like that today, first of all, it's a different senate. there's only three members left gang of 14. hey're all republicans, collins, lindsey grammy, john mccain. i example, lindy graham, talked to him a lot about this issue last week. twice,ok, i've done this
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been burned twice. he feels this is not a chamber kind enate that can make of these deals like that. nuclear optionhe seems all but inevitable. we have to wait to see if there 41 democratic votes to block there are h and if enough republican votes to go nuclear. but it is really a reflection on of the senatetion just in the last several years. to : certainly a webbing watch. seun gmin kim, thank you for us, with hat down for pol politco. that if you want to watch enate judiciary vote today, it happens after this program ends at 10:00, on c-span 2. o to the c-span radio app and as well. about a half hour left in this segment of the "washington thisal" where we're asking question. tell us what you think about the role and influence of ivanka
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in p and jared kushner president trump's white house. lines for republicans are, independents. jim is on the line for independents in texas. good morning. doing. hey you yeah, i just wanted to say that a lot of people are complaining about having family anywhere making, but we had to suffer through eight years of clinton's administration when we historically found out that hillary had a great deal to policies andof the some of the things bill did with his policy at that time. through that, and eight more years of bush and obama. o for the past 30 years collectively, we've suffered down and had red to take it. we voted. but we didn't ride in the protest. dn't you can protest orderly and all free country. when people say we wanted to man, bill clinton
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couldn't play ball and leave. same thing. people talked about impeachment with bush and it did not happen. it and survived by the grace of god maybe but we survived as a nation. we've got are saying to get that man out of here. million as ade $745 a nameless tv preacher in texas, worth $760 million. money, people talk about you know, and talk about what people have done, donald trump success. and he was diligent and hard working in everything he did. he stuck his nose to the grind and made it work. host: all right. we're on twitter asks why not talking about nepotism, not kennedy bout the family. that bobby kennedy required confirmation.
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not so far ivanka and jared. ext from woodbridge virginia, independents, good morning. caller: good morning. he says that r, donald trump is a successful i just want to know, like, what does it take to be a successful businessman? inherit a lot of money from your parent, you know, does that make you a businessman if you go and -- is six times that success? host: all right. brenda, south carolina, line for democrats. good morning. morning. od i don't agree with his daughter son-in-law working with him,
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because i keep hearing that they're working for free and everything is free. but the money that you have to pay for the whole family is -- the bottom line is nothing for free. to me, they are furthering by working in the by being an nd associate with the president. they are not working for the american people. is working for themselves. the poor getting poorer and the rich getting richer. just my opinion. host: as we're talking about president trump. here's the front page of the today talking about their exclusive interview president trump. some of trump's comments on various topics in that interview. if you want to read it, go to financial times. president trump said if we're not going to solve north korea, we will. on healthcare reform. if we didn't get what we want from republicans, we will make a democrats. e on his twitter usage, a statement from him in that interview, without the tweets, i
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here. be i have over 100 million followers. don't have to go to fake media. exclusive read that interview in the financial times today. one other issue we'll be talking about and we'll likely talk and more is that government funding deadline. mcconnell saying he's confident they can work together to pass the budget deadline. they must pass by april 28 to a shut down. oints of contention include $1.45 billion to construct the wall and defunding planned parenthood. in today's s washington times if you want to read it. erry, lexington michigan is up republican.
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good morning. yourepublican. good morning. you with us? we'll go to jim in martins ferry ohio. line for the democrats. good morning. caller: hey. russia o bring up about involved in our election. all those ocrats and in trump that come to my house for they'd vote but on the other hand, i want to talk about our news media. a proven fact that cnn does illary clinton questions in a debate. to me, that's more deplorable anything else. host: what do you think about of news media's coverage ivanka trump and jared kushner? caller: i don't see anything don't. h it, i really if they have some knowledge about something across the country, then good. i don't see anything wrong about it at all. ost: do you think the news
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media covers those two individuals, those two family or do you think they treat them unfairly? depends on who's pulling it. stuff pushing all of this about truch. obviously, the fcc should step take the license off of cnn for what they did in the election. host: okay. deborah is in bu ford, georgia, an independent. good morning. good morning. i'm calling because not only is it obvious that the son-in-law daughter are there for free -- i don't think so -- but areaughter and her children on spring break right now, and the white house because the first lady refuses to leave her penthouse new york the taxpayers are dollars half a million
7:38 am
every day to keep her there, and hat's the reason why the kids can't see the white house. host: they are till doing tours at the white house, deborah. pardon? host: they are still doing tours at the white house. caller: my daughter said she in there because melania refuses to do the a part of thed be whole system. she's in her penthouse in new it cost a half a million dollars a day to be there. functioning as a first lady, period. host: okay. fredricksburg, virginia. line for democrats. good morning. caller: good morning. call. u for taking my it's wrong, all the way wrong, jared should not be kushner and ivanka trump should not be there. and anyway, the whole cabinet family lies because he said on 60 minutes she was just going to be a daughter.
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like to know who paid for the security clearance. are we paying for her staff and staff? are they renting a room in the wing? or are the american people paying for it? you know, it's really crazy. crazy. rump is but his followers, they are frightening. believe anything. nothing. nothing. focuses on some of the palace intrigue at the white josh, with this story by vogull and alex from late last week. kushner's privileged status invokes resentiments in the there. they write kushner is frequently the last person president trump night. o at he spends most weekends with his ather-in-law traveling to florida aboard air force 1. last week, he called in colorado s the healthcare bill went off
7:40 am
the rails. his wife ivanka trump is taking a formal position alongside her husband in her father's administration. hat story goes on to say that kushner's a visionary bringing mind-set icon valley that helped him succeed in the technology and real estate industries as well as on trump's presidential campaign. if you want to read more it's in politico. ross, richmond, virginia, line for republicans. good morning. morning, sir. how are you? host: doing well. caller: that's good. so yes. recently became a republican years, i, for years and democrat. and then recently, i just noticed all the hostility from democrats, and i'm just seeing they're trying to block everything.
7:41 am
of their cusing all on trying to get the president impeached. s far as the ivanka trump thing, i think that that's been long s position for a time. to ink he's always tried advance his daughter and move her up in the ranks as high as in business and anything. host: is it different in doing that in business versus from the oval office, ross? yes. : right, i mean, i think him and -- ivanka go of husband, they let business ties, i think 261 of them or something like that. go a lot of their business ties. they tried to do what was in america's best interest. a hink they could have made lot more money but they let go of a lot of their business ties nd connections on purpose to
7:42 am
show people, hey, we don't want a conflict of interest, but his learn r wants to politics. she's new to it and he's trying to show her the ropes. first s to learn himself and he's learning, but i feel like there's a lot of things, reform. ture, tax there's a lot of things that i as a democrat, but i notice that the democrats don't other than to have another race and hillary clinton to be president. going to happen. it's not realistic to think it's going to happen. an unpaider is taking job. and the funniest thing about it an undercoverably democrat or liberal and any she gives to her father will be good advice for the democrats. but people don't realize that. see it on both sides because i was a democrat and now i'm a republican. on both sides and it's
7:43 am
funny, any advice she gives her best will be in the interest of the democrats. it's probably going to be the advice, andpeaceful i think they're lucky to have her. lucky to ats would be have ivanka give any advice to her father because it's going to advice bly reasonable versus unreasonable advice. host: on your point about jared kushner's business ties, to the financial disclosure reports released late last week, nbc news reporting jared kushner did resign from more than 200 positions in limited erships and liability companies that make up bill mily-run multi- dollar real estate business, but mr. kushner will remain a eneficiary of most of those same entities. the headline on that story. white house now employees can't escape conflict laws. if you want to read that story on it. speaking of potential a letter from
7:44 am
democratic senators warren and arpenter from the office of government ethics last week on the whitemp's role in house. that we write to request rules about ethics, she indicated she will voluntarily comply in her role with the president. we understand the role your office will play in ensuring trump's compliance with the rules so the democratic senators rying to get the government office of ethics involved. choline from pennsylvania, for line, good can morning. caller: good morning. yeah, i just wanted to call. i thought it was a good thing his daughter and going to be working with them. with everybody bashing do, thing he's trying to
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in age. he's up get young l good to people involved. host: let's go to ethan in south dakota. good morning. caller: good morning, sir. how are you doing. host: well. caller: great. thank you for the opportunity. i wanted to pass a couple of ess or nonpartisan takes on what we're talking about this morning. host: okay. go ahead. first take is just obviously on the conflict of interest between the family and trump administration young nd myself being a father with a little boy learning how to talk and coming from a family that was very involved. all very close in my immediate family, the way i take it is that it's -- the law is up to that's been set reflect an attitude of conflict of interest within a family unit think. so to clarify my point here, i understand the two takes on the
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side and the issues and oh, these people will be able to see a difference and there andate here and we have to give them the benefit of the doubt. but at the end of the day, what young family trying to make a difference in the world, and at the end of the of your advisors is your daughter, you have to add dimension of family relations and ties into, can i tell my father, who's the leader of the free world this and this, he may not like to hear said. r last caller host: ethan, if it works in a business setting, do you think it's different in a government setting? -- minister cameron: caller: you know, the funny that, the stigma is family members shouldn't get other, siness with each right? we're told not to get into business with our friends. just things of human experience
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and our judgment calls are sacrificed. ost: let's go to betty, chicago, illinois. good morning to you. caller: hi. in. you hear me host: yes, ma'am. caller: my thing is family should just stay out of it. it's a conflict of interest. unprofessional and unethical and if they are going o be part of the team, which i strongly believe they shouldn't, they too should have are to show all their taxes for everything. host: what about the point some have made, in the presidency, that you can trust you and you ound want to trust your family member. do you disagree with that point? if he can't trust his then e has helped built, that's saying that there's a problem there. host: okay. let's go to david.
7:48 am
oak dale, new york. line for democrats. good morning. caller: yes, hi. morning. i have a couple of statements definitely, in my opinion, does -- there's not conflict of interest having your family in the roles that they have. really believe that there's media playing a role as well leaders congressional playing a role as to how the american people are seeing their government work. nd i don't think it's very helpful. i don't think it's very helpful. every single morning, very big stories are not being published media. and i it's very unfair don't think that ivanka trump is going to ruin america or not advise her father to an issue.
7:49 am
are totally wo different and i think the news harmful than ivanka trump. host: what's an example of a big published? ing caller: the stories that aren't being published is that the administration or trump with f has colluded russia. and the story not being published is the wire tapping in tower. all of the problems that have been happening. have the benghazi issue that's never been resolved and a side onsort of took the story instead of reporting the story. you had lois lerner come up and take the fifth over and over and being fired,ead of
7:50 am
pension. ng a he taxpayers have been paying this person to not do anything. host: let's go to deborah in manassas, virginia. morning. life-long e been a emocrat and i have never been so ashamed in my life. i did not vote for hillary. lies out there that need to be straightened out. 1, hillary and the dnc, to the ve their servers fbi to examine. company, their own hich oh, my god, happens to be a russian company called crowd strike. now, another thing. to the ivankatick trump and jared kushner question? caller: i don't see no problem the advisor. attorney t like the
7:51 am
general or the head of the homeland security or anything like that. they're just an advisor. vanderbilt is in michigan, republican, good morning. caller: hello. well, i pretty much have the say that she did. here is nothing wrong with ivanka and jared being advisors to donald trump. if hillary would have been elected, you can believe chelsea would be in that white house. question. as far as saying was okayed, yeah, he was the attorney general. they're not doing anything like that. with the you okay portfolio being given to jared kushner and ivanka trump. e's now going to head up the white house office on american innovation to try to find ways o make the government more efficient. he's serving as senior advisor to the president. brokering asked with
7:52 am
middle east peace, and he traveled to iraq over the weekend. know who he met with or what the exact reason for the visit was. are you okay with that portfolio? caller: i am fine with t somebody has to do it right. the last eight years. what's the difference between none. valerie jarrett, concerned. m host: wendy is in westminster, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. wendy. ahead, caller: yes. host: you're on the "washington journal." go ahead with your comment. okay. i am a republican and i support his because he brings business and his whole family go to the white house. doing it for the
7:53 am
people. so. 't think we each can make more money from paid, ducer when we get and the son-in-law and the daughter, all kinds of money spent and his wife, you you this guy -- why doesn't he bring the taxes? because he has something to hide. being a er than millionaire, how is ivanka trump to be advisor to the president of the united states. on twitter, writing in, donald yet taken up ivanka's issues. will be er say women treated and paid equally. yet. utive order from michael cnn, dan toneio, never enough, donald trump and the pursuit for success.
7:54 am
he writes in the column on cnn, consider from president trump's perspective. you can imagine why he's pulling family close. he tried to invest some in an outsider appointing michael flynn to be advisor only seeing him in g driven from office weeks. another president might turn to seasoned and respected elders. and the reaganer years. about stable, trump's solution to invest trust and power in couple whose youth, inexperience and lifelong isolation -- he points out that and jared kushner were both born in 1981. an is in new hampshire independent. good morning. caller: yes. good morning. you today? host: i'm doing well, john. caller: yes. couple of quick thoughts
7:55 am
you know, dback. having family members in the his president needs free round himself with not assistants as they claim they are, but as advisors, will basically tell him not what he wants to hear but what and i believe r that is being lost, i have this the white house just his bidding or following, you know, basically all the stories that are out all that russia and good stuff, you know, if people facts. the hard i'm a independent and pick the er side but
7:56 am
times worse 100 than obama. trump hasn't submitted any legislations. ost: you're concerned about what's being lost bringing in family members. those concerns when first lady hillary clinton was advising her husband on reform in. caller: absolutely i did. i wasn't her place. i thought the hhs secretary hould have been the one to drive healthcare, not hillary. i i have the same feelings .ad with them as with trump yoo host: let's go to roslindale a massachusetts. paul is up. good morning. hello. this is paul. first of all, i agree with ivanka or the family that donald trump, because they are close to donald trump
7:57 am
to the people, and non-political. so i totally agree with what is in the white house. host: let's go to old forge, pennsylvania, an independent. morning. caller: good morning. i wanted to just say that the few eman that called a calls back, i totally agree with him, who said that the coverage completely unfair, and main stream media. except for fox. -- fox hink foc unfair. the other n watch channels. host: are you talking about the coverage specifically of the president? bashing, i think, is just causing more angst and i sense, it's some of the violence that we're seeing. but to go beyond that, i have no with ivanka and jared. he made it known during his he trusted ivanka and jared completely. they said, the
7:58 am
him. ecision is even his boys say, we can tell him and advise him but he the decision. they're very successful people, which i'm also thrilled. know business and learning the political perspective. which i feel sorry with all the getting, and i don't take anything politico newspapers of the are reporting because the e-mail said they gave articles to dnc and hillary for them in before they put the paper. timesme with the new york and washington post. wikileaks proved it. for your do you trust news, virginia? caller: pardon me? host: who do you trust for your news? don't trust my local paper either.
7:59 am
you. t news for they're bashing all the time on the president. think he's done a lot of good things in bringing the people he's brought in so far. ivanka is going to be very good women. he's surrounded himself with women. respects them. businesses are women. so i think they're going to be him good, both of them, for being there and they're people he can totally trust. segment from this youngstown, ohio, an good ndent, brenda, morning. caller: good morning. es, i don't see any problem with ivanka or jared helping him out. president, i don't care who it was, their family always helps influence the government. of getting around it. like to ther thing i'd comment on is this russia thing. what would have happened if illary got in because of the
8:00 am
clinton foundation? would there have been all of this controversy and talks of impeachment in that's one thing i don't understand. last caller. we'll leave it there for this segment on the "washington journal." discussion on social programs that could be affected by president trump's budget. with the center for law and social policy joins us next. the center for immigration studies, jessica by hn joins us on an effort the trump administration to so-called ants from sanct your cities. on discussion is coming up this morning's "washington journal."


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