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tv   Peoples Defense Holds a Rally Against Neil Gorsuch Nomination  CSPAN  April 3, 2017 1:10pm-2:00pm EDT

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the second point, your excellency, that supporting you very strongly and very earnestly in finding solution to the problem of the country. i'm quite confident that you'll be able to bring a solution to this issue. president trump: we will. i will tell you we will. we will do that together. we will fight terrorism and other things. we're going to be friends for a long, long period of time. we have great bond with the people of egypt and i look forward to working with the president. we have some interesting conversations going to start effective immediately. then we're going into the cabinet room and we're going to meet with your representatives. again thank you very much for coming. i look forward to a very long and strong relationship.
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>> the coalition of civil rights groups held a rally in washington, d.c., over the weekend to oppose the nomination of neil gorsuch to the supreme court. they called the gathering the people's filibuster. hawaii senator mazie hirono is a member of the senate judiciary committee was among those who spoke at the rally. about 50 minutes. >> good morning, washington. we're joined by cities all over
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the country today. we're getting together to say one loud message of we object. we object! we object to trump's agenda. we object to the people he is putting in place to do nothing but assert his agenda. and we certainly object to a lifetime appointment of a justice put in place by a president under investigation for collusion with russia. we object, we object, we object. cheers and applause] i was sitting in the hearing of neil gorsuch a couple weeks ago when my phone started going off and it was my staff telling me hat jim comey had just confirmed that president trump was currently under investigation with russia. i could not believe in that moment that the same senate who
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had said our president obama was not legitimate to nominate a supreme court justice was moving forward with hearings for someone who was under investigation from russia. and that was just the last reason. the very last reason we needed to object to neil gorsuch for a lifetime appointment. we know he's terrible on women's rights. we know he's terrible on workers' rights. we know he's terrible on voting rights. we know he's terrible on lgbt rights. and we know that what runs through every single one of his decisions is a characteristic that we cannot have. and that characteristic is a lack of compassion, a lack of ability to understand our lives, and certainly a lack of
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ability to judge our destiny. so we will not have it. we do object. and here with us today we have one of the very first courageous senators who came out to stand with the people. she is on the senate judiciary committee, she asked the hard questions. she made neil gorsuch squirm in his seat. she put his feet to the fire and she is now -- not only will she vote against this judge but she is going to stand with the people and filibuster his nomination. [cheers and applause] >> please welcome to the stage senator mazie hirono from the great state of hawaii. senator hirono: aloha, everybody. how many of you watched all
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four days of the gorsuch hearings? i have to hand it to you guys. after what we reer in to -- refer to as the event and we -- oh, my gosh. what happened? some of us call it the event, as we decided, what the heck is going to happen to our country? what happened was the very next day after the inauguration you had the march on washington -- [cheers and applause] and that started with a retired attorney, her name is theresa. she used social media and within a day 10,000 people said we're going to do something. all across the country and all over the world. and this ack have itism, this engagement has not stopped since. it's because of you guys and all of us who have worked with you and are with you that we stopped trumpcare. [cheers and applause] and the person who was the
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labor secretary nominee dropped out. [cheers and applause] i have heard from more of my constituents in the time that the president has been in office than in the entire years i have served in the house and senate. i had something like -- for hawaii, my gosh, 4,000, 5,000 communications on betsy devos is a lot. then i have this wonderful group of activists who come to my office in hawaii every tuesday to make sure that i am staying the course with you guys. thank you so much. a couple weeks ago i did a video chat with them. what we do in hawaii we say we talk story. meaning that we don't yell at each other. we listen to each other. it's a wonderful way that we frame when we get together, we say let's talk story about
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this. so going forward on neil gorsuch, yes, when i met with him, he said, he said a couple of things. i think he told all of us he met with he has a heart. we were really looking for that in the four days of hearings. he told me that the federal courts are there to support minority rights. he, of course, did not respond to any of our questions that a loued us to figure out what his judicial philosophy is. that is really important. because if judicial philosophy weren't important we wouldn't have lot of these 4-5, 5-4 decisions. it's because the supreme court justices bring their entire life experience and what their frame of reference would be based on their life experiences. so he needed toll us what his judicial philosophy was and wouldn't. he basically just said i am going to follow precedent. he is going to the court that sets precedent. we looked at his record and
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what i saw was a disturbing trend where he'll support corporate interests over individual rights. you know the litany of cases. --by lobby [boo] >> we expanded religious rights of the company. owner of thousands and thousands of women who worked for hobby lobby or the case where a person got electrocuted and he didn't think the company should be held responsible for not training this person. or the case of the truck driver who has a choice between freezing to death and doing something about it. he didn't think that that truck driver made the right decision. this is not the man who is standing for all of us. so, yes, i asked a lot of questions. all of us d the democrats did. i have to say as you were listening -- watching the republicans, many of them were asking, hey, how's fishing?
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could you believe that? this is serious business. this is a person who is going to be on the supreme court. for decades making decision that is will impact all of our lives. so we need somebody who truly ll adhere to a separation of the powers, serious questions about what he's going to do with roe v. wade. that was one of the president's litmus tests. he is the guy for the federalist society and the -- what is the other group? heritage foundation, 17 million . there are people who say you can't support this guy who is pushing forward as this nice person with heart which we couldn't really find. who would we support? merritt garland . and also somebody who is not the person from the heritage foundation list. somebody who will represent all
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of us. i want to thank you-all for your ack have i vism -- activism and make the difference what you are dofplgt the kind of engagement, make the huge difference to us. believe me when the folks come to visit my office every tuesday, when we hear from thousands of you-all across the country, it keeps me going. it keeps me going. i thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do. [cheers and applause] let me leave you with one more thought. as we care about lgbtq rights, voting rights, as we care about our right of a woman to choose, a loft these cases that will go to the supreme court come from -- a lot of these cases that will go to the supreme court come from the states. we have to pay attention to gets elected to the state legislatures. we have to pay attention who becomes our governors because all of these cases emanate from the states. i know you are going to be out there all across the country making sure that you're getting
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-- you are electing the right kind of people to the state legislatures and governors office because i think sometimes we don't pay enough attention to that. mahalo, aloha. it is a beautiful day. beautiful people. thank you so much. cheers and applause] >> please welcome to the stage, rio chazzwell, for people for the american way cheers and applause] >> all right. how we doing this morning? [cheers and applause] all right. fired up, ready to stop gorsuch. yeah. my name is rio, campaign manager for people for the american way. i'm happy to be here today on
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behalf of our more than one million members across the country who are troud to be part of the broad coalition of progressive allies pushing back against the extreme and dangerous agenda of donald trump. in particular, to oppose the nomination of john neil gorsuch to the supreme court. -- justice neil gorsuch to the supreme court. i'm also here today to share a personal story about an experience that nearly brought my life to an early end. traveling for work in asheville, north carolina, i found myself caught in a house fire. as the building quickly went up in flames and smoke, i realized that my only chance of escape
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and survival was to climb out on to the roof and jump from the third floor. i fractured my spine in four places, broke every rib on the left side that all members may have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarks body, punctured my left lung, collapsed my right lung, shattered my left shoulder, and suffered several other serious injuries. i then laid in a ditch for two hours completely paralyzed from the neck down but fully if conscious waiting for the firefighters to find me. fortunately i did make a full recovery and in some ways i'm perhaps stronger now than maybe i ever was before. but were it not for the affordable care act i would not have had health insurance. and been on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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in medical expenses at the tender age of 23. at the time i was working for a start-up nonprofit that was able to pay me a small salary but unable to provide health insurance. but since i was under 26, i was able to be covered on my parents' plan. [cheers and applause] today thankfully i'm debt free and maizingly pain free. -- amazingly pain free. fortunately last week the republicans failed in their attempt to repeal the affordable care act. [cheers and applause] at least for now. but the fact that so many of our elected leaders are comfortable with millions of people living drastically diminished lives in debt or losing their lives all together because of the lack of affordable and accessible
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health care in this country, is really outrageous and truly a travesty. we need a supreme court justice who will stand with the people ot special interest. we need a supreme court justice who isn't beholden to special interests and will do the right thing. when difficult cases comes before him or her. we need a supreme court justice that will look out for those that are most vulnerable among , including 23 recalleds who almost die because of extreme events like house fires. judge neil gorsuch is not that justice anti-senate should
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reject his confirmation. -- and the senate should reject his confirmation. it's on all of us to let the democratic senators we want them to hold the line on this filibuster next week like our lives depend on it. because you really never know when that might prove to be true. thank you. cheers and applause] >> please welcome farook, muslim community activist. cheers and applause] >> good morning. it's so great to stand here with all of you in opposition to neil gorsuch's nomination to the supreme court. we have to use every legal tool at our disposal to oppose this illegitimate administration of
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donald trump. we did it when they tried to pass trumpcare. we did it when they tried to do the muslim ban. now we have to do it again to oppose this supreme court nominee. i want to quickly talk about the muslim ban. when donald trump signed his executive order, there were muslim americans across the country who were afraid. they felt like they didn't belong here. that they weren't wanted in this contry. and they are still -- country. and they are still afraid today. these are people that contributed to this country as doctors, police officers, firefighters who served our country, entrepreneurs who started businesses and created jobs. people who were born and raised here who are u.s. citizens. they felt unwanted. my own family members called me asking me, farooq, should swee travel outside of the country? if i leave and go to next core or europe or somewhere just for a vacation, are they going to let me back in?
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that's not the america i was raised in. that's not the -- those are not our values. the reason i bring that view up is because the judiciary is so important to our balance of power. all of the people in my community, the muslim american community who are afraid, when we saw the ninth circuit decision to halt the muslim ban -- [cheers] it showed not only our country but the world that our system works. right now the judiciary is the one branch of government that has our back. that is stand up for the rights. that's calling out these policies for what they are as racist, as hate mongering, and as zone phobic. they -- xenophobic. donald trump went back and he tried to do it again and he tried to make it pretty. then we saw again from hawaii that the muslim ban was shot
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down again. i just want everyone to remember that and remember that it's not even about the muslim ban. this is a nominee that has allied himself with donald trump who stands with trump and has shown that he's not willing to separate politics from his work. when we have such issues where this administration's trying to strip millions of people from their health care coverage, they are trying to break apart families of their immigration policies, and they are going out against working class people and making false promises about jobs that they know they don't have the ability to bring back. so this is a great important time in our history. thank you-all for being here. and let's work together to stop this nomination. cheers and applause] >> please welcome rhonda and
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megan from every voice. [cheers and applause] >> good morning, d.c. thank you everyone for coming this morning. i'm rhonda with every voice >> i'm megan with every voice. we fight for democracies that works for everyone. not just the wealthy. i got one question for you. do we need more money in our elections? >> no. >> i didn't think so. neil gorsuch does not agree with us. over and over he has sided with the wealthy and powerful. he thinks corporations are people and he would go even further than citizens united and he would end all contribute imits in our election. >> on every single thing we care about gorsuch will give the wealthy and powerful even more power.
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crazy. will make it harder for our voices to matter in our elections and it will make it easier for billionaires to spend millions more and to influence our elections. this is a direct affront to our american values. this means dirty energy companies can buy the policies they want to pollute our air, endanger our climate. it means wall street can spend millions to go back to the reckless policies that crashed this economy. >> if he's confirmed to the supreme court, we know that he is going to side with corporation and billionaires, not us s that what we want? that's why we cannot let him get a lifetime seat on the supreme court and why we're here today to tell senators to oppose gorsuch. >> we deserve a democracy that works for every single one of us not just the wealthy and
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powerful. let's keep the pressure up. this week is the week. call your senators. have your friends and family call their senators. we can't leave any stone unturned. this is our fight. this is a lifetime seat. together if we work together we can stop the corporate takeover of the supreme court and our democracy. thank you. cheers and applause] >> please welcome grace from united we dream. >> good morning. how you doing? it is an absolute honor to be with you today. my name is a -- grace. i am undocumented, unafraid, nd here to stay.
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this election, and the days after the election and months have been difficult. who remembers where they were exactly when they announced the results? at that moment i was in a room full of women. undocumented women that were ready to figure out how do we win immigration reform in a hillary clinton administration. and in a moment of deep pain we have to bring those women together and say, this is actually going to be a much different moment than we thought. the mothers that went around and each said what they were feeling in the moment, some of them said i'm scared. some of them said what's going to happen to me and my kids? but one woman from florida, she's been part of the united we dream. united we dream is the largest immigrant utah network in the country.
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she said, i want to pray for him. i want to pray for donald trump. i want to pray that god gives him wisdom. unfortunately, i know that -- i know that her prayers have been answered, but not that one specifically. so we know that this guy gorsuch, he is part of the racist administration that this man, donald trump, wants to take us into. and make no mistake. undocumented people all across the country will suffer if this man is on the supreme court. 11 million people right now are facing the most horrible attacks. and i was just thinking one from washington state, a daca recipient, that has been unjustly detained for more than a month in washington state because the i.c.e. has decided that they want to take over his life and they want to eject him from this country. if people like gorsuch maybe
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one day we'll have to make a decision whether someone like me as the right to be able to come out and speak. to be able to say i'm undocumented and unafraid. and if it's up to him, i don't think i'll be able to do it. so in this moment of uncertainty, i know that people like you, people of conscience, are going to stand with me with 11 million people that we're going to help answer the prayers when she says i want to feel safe. i now think that in this moment we have to both ground ourselves in what we want, what we're opposing in this moment which is gorsuch, which is an agenda of mass deportation. we oppose that loudly and clearly. we object. and at the same time we're looking forward to the future that we will create together. a future where i will be able to stand here without fear and
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continue to declare that i am undocumented. a future where senora betsy doesn't have to pray for the safety of her kids. she knows it's going to happen. a future for women will be able to choose whatever they want to do with their bodies. we will be able to defend people can marry whoever they want to marry. i believe in that future. united we dream believes in that future. and we will not back down because we're going forward together not one step back. [cheers and applause] >> forward together. not one step back! >> not one step back! >> forward together! >> forward together! >> not one step back! >> not one step back! >> thank you. [cheers and applause] >> let's hear it for ed from naral.
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>> thank you so much for being here. it's wonderful to be here with everyone. thank you to our friends standing behind us. showing everyone at home how awe soment energy is here today. we're taking action with brothers and sisters across the country and dozens of other cities that are standing up to oppose neil gorsuch for a lifetime appointment to the supreme court. i wanted to ask everyone to take out your phones, pull up your social media platform of choice, facebook, twitter, instagram and tell your friends and family why you're here today. please use the #, we object, to let everyone know why you object to neil gore sufment we're hearing from lot of amazing activists today about all the reasons that neil
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gorsuch would be a disaster for a lifetime appointment to the supreme court. please take this moment, send a picture, send a tweet, tweet at donald trump. let him know we object and we will not back down without a big fight. thank you-all. cheers and applause] 100.ease welcome pyb >> hi. i'm so glad to be here representing byp 100. a national organization that has a chapter here in d.c. we advocate for racial justice through a black queer lens and we proudly stand with we bject.
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45 has nominated nothing but racist, misogynist, and ill prepared people one after another. to close the civil rights division of the department of justice. devos, more concerned about some grizzly bears than actually protect our children. especially our black children. she recently said she wants schools to be selected like uber and lyft. they are not selected. a are appointed an uber with surplus charge that is not going to work for our education system. and now judge gorsuch. another conservative. he's not legally allowed to tell us how he feels about things, but we can tell through his actions on the circuit
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court of appeals. we can tell how he feels about our nation's most marginalized community, especially black people. and police brutality. as the sent -- senator from hawaii said, i just want to tell a little story. it's time for story time. i'm going to give you two stories. it shows exactly how he feels about black people and exactly how he feels how police should be interacting with our communities. it takes place in colorado a 22-year-old young man had marijuana. a police officer confronted him. the young man ran. that police officer chased him, grabbed him, and tazed him in the head killing him on the spot. gorsuch decided to protect that police officer claiming the police officer did not know it was unconstitutional to kill somebody for marijuana by
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tazing them in the head. my next story takes place in utah with a 9-year-old who was only 57 pounds. i'm twice that child's size. this child was 57 pounds and the child took another child's ipad. a police research officer came in, grabbed that child, and put him in an arm lock as he handcuffed him in school. gorsuch decided to protect that police officer instead of the child saying it was the child's fault that the police officer used excessive force. this is how gorsuch feels police should be interacting with our community. this is you how gorsuch feels that we should be teaching our children right from wrong. it is no coincidence that in less than 100 days there's been an attack on our department of justice. there's been an attack on our education system. an attempt atk on our -- attack
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on our health care system. and now an attack on our last line of defense to uphold our basic human rights. trump is building a goon squad. gorsuch is part of that. and they have a destructive agenda. trump must be stopped. gorsuch has to be blocked. cheers and applause] >> please welcome the national gbtq task force. >> good morning, beautiful people. thank you so much for coming out here and telling everyone, including those behind here, he senators, that we object. my name is candice, and i'm the reproductive health rights and justice policy counsel for the national lgbtq task force. and as an organization we
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object. we understand how important a lifetime position is to the supreme court. lifetime. 40-year plus term that judge gorsuch could have on the supreme court. and that is detrimental to all of us. all of us who really believe in justice, who believe in the rights of workers over the rights of corporations. and we're here to show that we object and we resist. [cheers and applause] we know that judge gorsuch has ruled terribly for women's reproductive rights. and the rights of all people who can become pregnant, including transfolks and gerned nonconforming folks who can also become pregnant. we know that neil gorsuch is t going to protect transgender rights. and we know that the supreme court is going to hear a transgender rights case very soon and we cannot have someone on the court that is not going
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to allow someone to go to the rest room that is associated with their gender identity and the way that they express themselves. this is not his choice. this is a personal choice. and we know that and we have to show our senators that we know that and we're watching them. we did this with trumpcare and we have to do it again. we have to call every single day, every hour, tell your friends, tell your mailman, tell your grandmother, they need to call every single day. even if your senator has already said they are going to object, we need to make sure that they will still object. and we need to make sure that they still will hold the line and filibuster this appointment because it is too important. ll of our rights depend on it.
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we are what democracy looks like. what is happening right now in the supreme court, we in the administration is not democracy. this is not what democracy looks like. and us standing out here right now, this is resistance. this is democrat. -- this is democratcy. please remember our existence alone is resistance and we have to continue to fight together. thank you so much. continue to object. cheers and applause] >> please welcome patrick, the president of afscme council 3. >> thank you. thank you brothers and sisters for being here, to stand up for working men and women all across the united states. as a father and a husband and the president of the council in maryland, i urge the united states senate to oppose the lifetime appointment to the united states supreme court of neil gorsuch. [cheers and applause]
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he has consistently proven that he only favors the privileged and powerful at the expense of all of us. judge gorsuch truly believes that corporations are people. that their rights come before ours. we need an independent justice that will use the constitution to protect us, protect everyone, not just the powerful and not just the privileged. based on his record it is clear that neil gorsuch is not the person, not the person that time and time again has sided with the powerful and the privileged that will work against working men and women. we can't afford someone like neil gorsuch in the supreme court. in the transscam trucking case he ruled against the truck driver whose life was in danger when he was stuck in subzero temperatures. by siding with the company that fired him for leaving his truck so he could seek shelter and
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save his own life. he sided with the company. in the environmental case involving a workplace death, gorsuch even argued that a company should not be responsible for the electrocution of one of their own employees. one of their own employees is that they did not even train. that worker's name was cris carter. and the company was only fined $5,500 for his death. $5,500. judge gorsuch thought that was an overreach. that the $5,500 fine for that man's death was an overreach. and he sided with the company. he ruled an assistant professor at kansas state university, grace wong, who was fired after 15 years on the job because she needed more time to recover from breast cancer.
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it was too accommodating for her -- to her. it was too much. she was asking too much of the university to give her some more time to recover. in cases involving employee compensation, he has ruled over 90% of the time for the employers. 21 out of 23 cases he has sided with the employers. we cannot afford a supreme court who will tip the scales of justice even further in favor of the wealthy and the powerful. every day i see members of our union and dedicate the public servant employees serve their communities. people like mental health workers, teachers, social workers, bridge inspectors, public safety officers. i see their work and it means a lot to them and it means a lot to their communities and their neighbors such as you. if you have put in an honest day's work, served your
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community, and really listened to the concerns and struggles of hardworking americans, then you know corporations are not people. [cheers and applause] we don't need another corporate flunky on the supreme court. we have heard a lot of this election in this last election about the forgotten man. well, we see that judge gorsuch has forgotten the working women and working men of this country time and time again. we need a supreme court that respects the 99%. not a judge that sides with the % 99% of the time. america needs justice and there
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will be no justice, there will be no peace with neil gorsuch on the supreme court. thank you. [cheers and applause] >> please welcome emily from the center for american rogress. >> hey, everybody. i'm emily from the center for american progress and this is dean. this is the first rally. give him a nice welcome. i don't think he's been slapping. he knocked doors. he's not sitting around. he gets to work. because to work, yes. i don't know what protections he's going to nee. don't know if he's going to need access to safe and legal abortion. and this court with gorsuch on
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it will not protect him. i don't know if he's going to need access to bathrooms. this court will not protect him. i don't know if he's going to need idea protections in education. don't know if he's going to be able to access the -- to be able to marry who he loves. this court with gorsuch on it will not protect him. we need to stop it. and we can. look, not just on every issue with gorsuch is wrong, and we know every gorsuch is wrong, but why are we here in the first place? why are we letting a president who won't even tell us what his ties are to russia and to how much they interfere with the election, why is the senate pushing through this confirmation? it makes no sense. the senate time and time again has said, look, we don't need a full investigation into russia. we can just band-aid.
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you know what we can push through? this nomination. that's right. that makes no sense. so we're going to -- real complicated but i feel good about this crowd, ready. we're going to say, if there is no russia probe, there is no scowtuss robe. we're going to try t i'm going to say no russia probe. no russia probe -- >> no scotus robe. >> no russia probe. >> no scotus probe. >> no russia probe. you guys are great. i know the senate will hear you. >> please welcome the septre for community change with the mgration campaign. >> how is everybody doing?
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are we feeling the people's powers? when i say people you say power. people -- >> power! >> people! >> power! >> power >> that's right. this is only the beginning of democracy uplifting and showing the real site of justice. my name is isaias gue rarea and i'm with the fair immigration forum movement. center for community change. we're a coalition of 44 organizations across the u.s. that fight every day for immigrant rights. i came from colombia 16 years ago to live in indiana. the hoosier state. hoosier hospitality is what it's known for. i experienced it up until my dad was arrested and almost deported because of things that he couldn't carry because of
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being an immigrant parent. he had to work 12-hour days assembling radios. he was very strict. he didn't know the language and had he five stomachs to feed. the stress took him to take decisions that got him in jail. and that's the moment hi to decide whether -- i had to decide whether i was going to be ok with him being deported or not. i took the decision that no matter what happens, no one should be deported because already we're suffering so much by being jailed and by being -- having laws against immigrants all throughout the u.s. as i saw the pain in my father's sight when he was getting the shackles and put in the police car, i got reminded just this past week when i went to alabama to work with the alabama coalition for immigrant justice, to stand with 40 families who suffered from a
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raid in northern alabama. i was sitting in a living room hearing a mother's story of how immigration came. they almost broke down the door. and they took her loved one away. she called in that moment and she was stuck in with her son reminding him to continue singing the "sponge bob" song even if she wasn't able to sing it with him. because one day he was going to return home. i could not tell this little one 7 -- one and reassure him that his dad was going to come home. no 11-year-old should have to go through this where he's wondering when his dad is going to come back so he can continue singing and continue living a life of dignity in this contry. and that's what we're -- country. that's what we're facing right now. this executive orders on enforcement are unjust and are not only going to create so
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that instead of 34,000 people being jailed every day, we're going to see 70,000 immigrants being failed every day. is that right? >> no! >> that's not right. and that's why we're here today. because we're here to tell this administration that we're not going to stand still. that the mantle of justice we're going to take it and we're going to wrap ourselves around it and try to get as many people in the u.s. under it so that we uphold the laws and the constitution. we have seen continuous violation of search and seizure by immigration, customs, and enforcement where they came and done the raids across the country. is that right? >> no! >> is that the america that we love? >> no! >> that's why this is the beginning of a movement. this is the beginning of a movement where we're going to go into our communities, we're going to go into our kitchen
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tables and advise our brothers and sisters, muslim, african-americans, and the continued keep suffering from this injust -- unjust policies. we're going to make sure other neighbors will go out and vote in the election and make sure that we tell people in the senate judiciary committee and senate to not let gorsuch continue this anti-democratic genda. i'm going to say undocumented. unafraid. friend and allies unafraid. undocumented. >> unafraid. >> friends and allies! >> unafraid! >> undocumented! >> friend and allies! >> unafraid! >> thank you so much. [cheers and applause] >> let's hear it for the
1:58 pm
resident of naral. >> you have heard the personal stories, you have heard the sues that we know of gorsuch court will rule on. by the time that gorsuch would be retiring from the court, this little girl is likely to be 35 to 40 years old. he will shape her life. he will shape the life of undocumented children in this country. black children in this contry. of latino children in this country. the stakes are too high. when we started this campaign, we were told it was unwinnable. e were told he's a nice guy. he's credentialed. credentialed just means he's a white guy in a suit with an ivy league education so nobody
1:59 pm
should look at his record. we have looked at his record. we object to his record. and we now have 35 senators committed to objecting with us. [cheers and applause] we need six more in the next five days. we're going to do it. [cheers and applause] i hope everyone leaves here fired up. knows that there are crowds gathering as we speak in miami and cleveland in las vegas in denver until and tell all of your friends to call all of their senators and say, we object to gorsuch and if you can't get to 60, you don't change the rules. you change the nominee. [cheers and applause] >> we'll leave this rally at this point. we should let you know t


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