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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 4, 2017 7:00am-8:04am EDT

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congressional reporter paul kane joins us to talk about the neil gorsuch supreme court nomination in the senate's use of ♪ good morning. 2017.tuesday, april 4, the showdown of neil gorsuch's nomination escalated yesterday as democrats rallied enough no votes. senate republicans look ready to invoke the nuclear option. the result could change the way the senate does business and move that chamber away from bipartisan cooperation. want to hear your thoughts. it should democrat filibuster judge gorsuch -- -- should democrats filibuster judge
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gorsuch? we want to hear your thoughts. you can catch up with us on social media. a very good tuesday morning to you. you can start calling and now. here is how it played out in ."day's "new york times judge neil gorsuch was passed out of the senate judiciary committee yesterday. it was a partyline vote, a love and to nine. the ranking democrat, dianne
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feinstein spoke about why she .as voting against neil gorsuch >> his views or difficult to discern because he refused to answer many questions, even basic questions that have been answered by previous nominees. for example, senator blumenthal asked the judge if he agreed with the results of brown the the board of education -- brown versus the board of education. rather than agree that schools should not be segregated, judge gorsuch instead said it was "the correct application of precedent." to be clear, when he asked if he supported brown, george gossage -- george -- judge gorsuch refused to answer. when justice kennedy was asked
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about brown, he replied, "i think brown v. board of education was right when it is -- when it was decided." host: that hearing happened yesterday morning. the majority leader took to the floor to talk about the republicans efforts going wererd and why democrats blocking judge gorsuch oscar nomination. >> it was unfortunate to see colleagues break with recent resident and not support this well-qualified and widely respected supreme court nominee. i would remind colleagues that in addition to agreeing an up-and-down vote to the nominations on the senate floor, republican's offered each of the last four first-term supreme court nominees of democratic
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presidents clinton and obama at least some bipartisan support in a committee vote. judge gorsuch is no less clock -- no less qualified than those who were nominated by president clinton and obama. it is disappointing he didn't get the same sort of a bipartisan support today. it now seems apparent that this well-qualified and widely respected judge will be the subject to the first successful partisan filibuster in the history of the senate. yesterdayblicans vowing that judge gorsuch will be confirmed by the end of the week. here is a speech by senator hatch. if implication being that republican need to change the long-standing rule of the senate, they will not hesitate and we are asking you about what
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is happening this week with judge gorsuch's nomination. it should democrats block the nomination? use theepublican's nuclear option. caller: the democrats don't have a choice because of their eight year nonstop temper tantrum. they are stomping their feet, clinching their fist and having a temper attention because they still can't -- there gal hillary voting.hy bother she is going to pick the next super court nominee, maybe garland, maybe not it i am loving this. i'm going to send a thank you and i amarry reid calling it the harry reid option. if democrats have a fit over any
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of the stuff that pumpkins wanted -- that republicans want to do -- maybe the next time the democrats will get the base out. host: do you think it is bad for the chamber for bipartisanship? is there any such thing is that? caller: can you tell me the last time we had cooperation bipartisanship? ever since george w. bush, it is getting worse. they can lose an election, a court case -- anytime they come up on the short end of the stick, they have the worst temper tantrum. like people are going to die, women are going to die. it is amazing to me. we are talking about a conservative replacing a conservative. let's do the harry reid option and then went -- and then when ruth bader ginsburg steps down,
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we can get another conservative. host: cornell is waiting in new jersey. good morning. caller: i think it is imperative that the democrats show some spine and deny the nomination, because first of all, the not --cans of today were would not even give judge garland a vote or even give him an opportunity to say no. the republican party has turned monarchy.acy into a look at what is going on with the donald trump and his why are and son-in-law they so silent about that? the guy talking about how the democrats are the ones? the reason why they went nuclear
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option when president obama and only at the district court level is because their main option was not to let president obama get anything done. judge --u what, this if president obama put this judge up last year, they would've still not given him a hearing. the democrats -- host: what does it accomplish if they decide to filibuster? caller: it shows that they have some spine, at least. you do something, the republican party over the last so many disrespectedally the whole process. how is it when a president obama he wasjudge garland,
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pretty centrist, they would not give him a vote. they disrespected the process. host: let's go to michigan. good morning. caller: hello. yes, i am a democrat but i'm opposed to the democratic strategy. i think they are not going to get a better judge than this one. i think the democrats ought to find it in their heart to so there's not such a big wrangle in washington. we need to put our energy into more important projects. host: what do you think about the last caller who said democrats need to demonstrate spine? caller: i think we have plenty of spine. i think that has been demonstrated already. -- our partyed
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opposing trump and the republicans, i don't think this is a thing you take your stand on. host: let's go to woodbridge, virginia. caller: thanks for taking my call. the republicans, they talk about democracy but they are the party of cheaters. most of the republicans come from gerrymandering districts where they pick the voters. obamaheated in the last nominee where they did not give him a hearing which was unconstitutional. i think the democrats -- if they go nuclear, they should boycott them, just like they boycotted obama's nominee. this judge gorsuch is anti-constitutional because he believes in forced reproduction which is a religious tyranny,
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imperialistic value. 50%raceptives -- you have a higher failure rate so if someone's contraceptive fail then republicans think they right go the extreme value enforce a fetus to be born. host: what do you mean by boycott them? caller: like they did obama's nominee, they even boycotted having a hearing for him. host: republicans control the hearing. they had the hearing yesterday. caller: if it goes to the floor and they change it, and they changed the rules, and get the simple majority until it -- instead of a super majority just 51 votes, if they change the vote it isce they
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done, if they change the rules from a super majority to a simple majority, i think the democrats should go ahead and boycott. host: is go to upper marlboro, maryland. are you with us? stay by your phone. eric, north myrtle beach, south carolina. caller: how're you doing? host: doing well. caller: i wanted to basically say, i can see where they have a , merrick garland should have at least been shown the hearing.of a they didn't give him a hearing, the vote. they talked to them very lightly but that was about it. one of the problems that i see in the republican party, and i
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served under reagan and i served under both bush's and clinton in the military is this. this is not the same republican party that was back 30 years ago. gone for absolutely themselves and nobody else. perfect example, look who they nominated and got for president. i understand that it was kind of like a change election like it was with president obama. they have to start getting to their skills a little bit and makes theheir -- what republican party decent. host: you mentioned merrick garland. is the no vote just payback? know.: that, i don't
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here's the thing, we are a republic but we use the and iatic or democracy have always been against the filibuster. i have been against the stuff that when you have a person like merrick garland or this gentleman, gorsuch, you are talking about -- if they are in their 50's or 60's, they are going to be staying on for 20 or 30 years. that is going to be basically where the country is going to be going whether we like it or not. host: some democratic members of the senate taken to twitter to explain there are no votes yesterday. one of them was chris murphy of connecticut. he says --
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jeff merkley from oregon -- senator ben cardin from maryland -- richard blumenthal, a democrat from connecticut -- one more from tom udall from new mexico -- currently according to the latest counts on this vote, four democratic senators are voting for gorsuch in his nomination.
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the question senators, joe manchin, heidi heitkamp, joe donnelly and michael bennet's. "the wall street journal" with their list. arthur is up next. good morning. caller: you are one of the best ones. you let the speakers get their point across. this is my first call since november. my first want to congratulate president trump for keeping this atheist queen of the status quo,
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a.k.a., hillary clinton. the precedent is established by gorsuch, it comes time for ginsburg or kennedy to hang up, and that is very likely, the republicans need to announce that this is our nominee, there is nothing you can do about it. [indiscernible] sicknk many americans are of the same political posturing on the grounds of protocol. the trump era will be defined by ask of presidents -- act of precedence. this always dishonest media into a frenzy. if those things happen --
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if it is here is the nominee and that nominee is going to be confirmed, does that moved the supreme court toward a partisan branch of government? democrats are giving the republicans the opportunity to sack the courts, whether they like it or not. that is what is going to happen host:. -- happen. host: let's go to john, severna park, maryland. caller: i feel strongly that the democrats should not be trying to block this. do we not remember the biden rule? back when george bush was in his last year? i know they have hurt feelings because they did not get a senate hearing on merrick garland. let's not forget what biden said on the senate floor. now they want to be the party of hypocrisy, grudges, because it went against them last time.
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saidyou have a caller that forced reproduction -- how about gorsuch even said roe v. wade is the law of the land? i think this is being politicized. the democratic senators need to stop wasting our time and money and do what they are put there to do in vote. that isthat it -- host: a good reminder for viewers. if you want to go back and watch the entire gorsuch hearing, you can watch it all on see it for yourself. byron is in louisiana. the morning -- good morning. caller: thank you for accepting my call. people better think about what happened last year, whenever the republicans would not hold a hearing for judge garland. they stated they wanted the seat
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and they got it. who is putting up $10 million ad campaign backing gorsuch? haven't you called your congressman? this sigrid man. he is a good man for donald .rump, the koch brothers that is who he is being bought and paid with. thank you. host: the board of the washington post encouraging senators to step back from the precipice. they write --
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several editorials on this topic today. we will get to them but we want to focus on your calls. we want to hear about what you want to say. this very busy week on capitol hill. reginald, good morning. caller: today is april 4 and this is the 50th anniversary of dr. king when he was in new york and he gave the speech, "beyond vietnam, " when he was saying we should not spend our money on weapons. we should spend it on social justice. that is talking about social justice and when dr. king was alive, we had thurgood marshall who was in the courts working along with him for these social justices and these reforms to take place. he did so excellent. we do not have a thurgood
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marshall and their. clarence thomas is not serving that capacity. i don't believe this nominee would have that type of capacity could where we are now as a nation and where we are going to, we are going to have to have somebody who has compassion for the people and a repenting spirit the whole justice of it i believe in a christlike manner like dr. king in thurgood marshall try to do. dr. king was talking about a community of chaos. -- weare at a point we go are headed for chaos because community is a being dissolved and being taken over i corporate interest. -- taken over by corporate interest. i am hoping for a change so that we can have that change. we are going to have to stand up and boycott and divest so they can hear the people's voice. that is where we can go from
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here as a people. that would give us a thurgood type marshall individual and maybe clarence thomas can wake up and do the things he has been called to do to represent the people. host: let's go to lawrence in georgia. good morning. caller: yes, i voted for donald trump and i feel like i can criticize them when i need to. neil gorsuch has grabbed the imagination and he should be confirmed it i'm against the nuclear option and the filibuster. thank you. host: you say you are against both. sean is here in washington, d.c. , an independent. caller: how is it going? host: doing well. caller: i didn't vote for trump.
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i think he is a clown, he is crazy. the democrats better pick and choose their battles. they need to let this will go. there's a good chance that one of the other justices will be now, and this guy who's up he is not that bad. -- i not really against cannot think of the name. they really need to pick and choose their battle. let this go, because these republicans are doing so many types of crazy stuff, they want to battle them on that. i think they are exhausting everything. let this go, because trump could pick somebody worse. host: what about the viewer the: earlier that said democrats need to see their senators stand up to republicans and the president . that is why he thinks it is important to filibuster now. caller: i understand what he is
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saying, but i disagree, because these republicans backing trump, they are delusional and crazy and they are doing so much crazy stuff. there are so many battles that the democrats are going to have to fight, you cannot just exhaust yourself. this is one battle that they should let go. the guy is not that bad. i will admit though, what he said to dianne feinstein about brown the board the education, that disturbed me, they need to let it go. your first caller talking about how the democrats always -- he must have a selective memory because i do remember the republicans battling obama for every last single thing. especially his first day in office, mitch mcconnell said i want him to be a first-term president. to make my point, that is one
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reason why the democrats need to pick and choose their battles, because these trump supporters are so delusional that it is one to be a lot of battles so pick and choose host:. -- pick and choose. host: the senate judiciary committee held that vote yesterday yesterday -- here's the chairman, chuck grassley and his criticism about complaints from democrats that judge gorsuch did not give them enough information about himself and how he would vote during the hearings. >> next we heard that the judge hasn't answered questions. that argument is basically a complaint that he will not tell a how he is going to vote on host of legal questions that he might have to deal with when he sits on the bench. the irony here of course is seeking assurances from the nominee how he will vote on particular legal questions
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undermines the very independence that we demand of the supreme court and right now, his nominees. his approach is consistent with the canons of judicial ethics. it is consistent with the position taken by justice ginsburg during her nomination. in fact, that is where the ginsburg rule comes from. she put it this way, "a judge sworn to decide impartiality can offer no forecast, no hence for -- for thathow would show not only disregard for the specifics of a padilla case, it would display disdain for the entire judicial process." reflectssuch response
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the ginsburg principal. host: while much of the attention was focused on george gorsuch pasta nomination, some of the news coming out of that committee hearing yesterday. senate democrats support the nomination for the number two spot in the justice department despite his refusal to promise to appoint a special prosecutor to handle the probe of russia's interference in the presidential election. jeff sessions has recused himself from the probe and the russian hacking. leaving the responsibility to fall to his deputy attorney general. that goes to the full senate as well. kerry is up next, dayton, ohio. should democrats block judge gorsuch cost nomination. caller: yes, they should. they need to suspend everything that is going on in the trump
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administration right now seeing he is under fbi investigation. the other thing i want to say is as i have been sitting here listening to a lot of men make their comments. when i look at gorsuch and his record and his stance on women issues, i am very concerned. i'm concerned what is going to issues that happen for women as far as planned parenthood, those type of things. women's rights. this time as far as a woman, i am extremely nervous about the way that this country is going as far as against women issues -- women's issues. sitting here listening to all of the calls, i haven't heard a lot of women, but i've heard a lot of men. i think we all can educate ourselves and stop listening to talking points and go and read some of the rulings that that judge has made to better educate
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oneself on who he really is. when you think about him and ,hat decision with the trucker and he wrote a dissenting opinion on that. if you don't have compassion for someone who is out in subzero weather, i don't know who as a human being you are. this, the supreme court knocked him down on a ruling last week. when people talk about the democrats need to pick and choose, we need to fight on every battle. we have to defeat this evilness that is amongst the republican party that is festering. i don't want us to back down, i want us to fight every battle like they're going to us. we are going to bring it right back to them. i thank you very much for your called. just for your call -- for your called. host: the investigation into
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ties between russia and the 2016 election. some stories on ties in today's papers. the front page of the "washington post." that story if you want to read more in today's "washington post ." next sack -- the exact same position on the front page of the "washington times."
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those two stories if you want to read them. paul is an kentucky. an independent. good morning. caller: thanks for taking my call. i just wanted to respond to the gym in a while ago talking about dr. king. first off, we need to as a
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nation realize that when we are divided, a nation divided cannot stand. we need to realize dr. king's deceased and i don't want to put them down, i am not racist. he is deceased and he can no longer help us. what we need to do is come together as a people and realize it is not about me, it is not about you, it is about all of us and we need to come together and let our government work and realize where all human. we have all made mistakes. christ had a woman before him taken in adultery and she was accused in he said the one without saying -- without sin cast the first on. we need to -- host: how do we do this in this debate? regarding the gorsuch
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domination? democrats are threatening to filibuster. how do you come together? the election was one in the fall and the republicans are in power and they chosen nominee . he seems to be an honest, straightforward judge. he might be contrary to somebody's false, but as long as he is right with the law, i don't see where anybody should have a problem. he seems to be an upright, outstanding judge to me. i would like to see him ,onfirmed without this battle without the democrats and republicans fighting. we need to come together as one. host: laurel is in fairfax, virginia. caller: hi. i would like this -- i would
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like to -- i was really offended with the democrats. donald trump won the election and if we were to hold another election, donald trump would win. i'm very offended by the democrats, because they are not letting a standing president do obamab, although with selecting a standing resident the supreme court justice, that was not right. now donald trump is in office. together for the good for those who love the lord and are according to his word. let donald trump do his job. trump drain the swamp, please. continue to drain the swamp.
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the american people are behind you, black and white. we did not want hillary clinton as our president. she has the double all in her eyes, hair and her shoulders. host: let's go to cindy in st. petersburg, florida. caller: good morning. i agree with the next to the last woman. not this last woman. i believe the democrats should definitely fight every battle. how in the world does trump get to nominate a supreme court judge when he is under investigation? the man has been under investigation since last summer. why does he get a chance to nominate someone is beyond me. i don't understand that. host: what of that investigation
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goes on for years, you would hold off any sort of nomination until that is complete? caller: yes. you think the supreme court works better with eight people on it versus nine echo caller: -- versus nine? caller: no. my point is it has become ridiculous, all of these scenarios. i think that he should not be able to nominate. i don't know what the law is about that, but if the president is under fbi investigation, he just traces around and does what he wants, no, we need to find out about this investigation before he nominate anybody. that is all i have to say. host: wendelin isn't oxon hill, maryland. caller: good morning. how are you doing? gorsuch shouldil
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be our next supreme court. i think the democrats -- i was a democrat for years and i worked with them and i became an independent. i am tired of all the stuff going on and i know god is looking up -- looking down at what is going on and people need to stop talking about our president donald trump because he was chosen by god. i have been to the supreme court so many years. i even worked with concerned women's of america. enough is enough. if people would look and see what is going on, god is tired of what is going on in this world. that is why we are having so many tornadoes and all of the stuff. wake up, people. look up, because god is coming soon. i worked with selena and all the rest of them. wake up, it is time to get on
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board and let jesus take the wheel. host: akron, ohio is next. that last lady. she said donald trump was chosen by god? look, donald trump has proven over time, he doesn't believe in any god. believes that the person believes in god that has affected so much pain to poor people -- the only black people that donald trump associated with has been entertainers and people with money. for them to say that, that themselves say they don't know what god -- all of the compromise for eight years that obama was in office, it was a constant compromise from the very beginning when he wanted to .o and redo the roads
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they cut and cut and cut until it was so low you couldn't do it . then they would said they would go only with shovel ready projects. everybody said, now it is time to fix the roads. it costs three times as much because we screwed up the beginning by not repairing the roads when that would've turned the economy complete the around. we were the only country that was moving forward. everybody else was in a decline could we could've saved the whole world from the problems that they had. it was because of the republicans. the republicans refused to give a social security raise. therefore the race for the congress. they cannot increase food stamps because poor people do not need them. host: if you're arguing for more compromise, the filibuster would set up a situation where an the nuclear option would be invoked, and then perhaps lose that 60
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vote threshold, not only for nominations, but some are talking about for the .egislative filibuster as well do you see that 60 vote threshold as a way to create that compromise? i don't want to see more of the compromise. i wanted to be done right -- i want it to be done right. everything the democrats have asked for has been for poor people. this situation, i think the democrats need to show that they will stand up. that is why a lot of democrats do not come out to vote because the democrats for eight years compromise, even from with the health care program. they want a single-payer. obama compromise with the republicans. we have been in a constant compromising position for a years.
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how about doing something for poor people? we do not need this nominee. he has shown that he is anti-poor with the chuck driver situation. -- with the truck driver situation. anything that would benefit everyone a person. this is not a black and white issue. .ost: got your point, james if the republicans invoked the nuclear option this week, it would not be the first time the nuclear option was invoked. it would be for a super court nominee. 2013 and then harry reid invoking the nuclear option lowering the threshold for confirming cabinet and lower court nominees by a simple majority vote. >> the change we propose today would ensure executive and judicial nominations an up or down vote and confirmation.
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change will make -- other than to supreme court. the majority threshold vote. yes or no? the senate is a living thing. to survive, it must change as it had -- as it has over the history of this great country. this is not about democrats versus republicans. it is about making washington work regardless of who is in the white house. to remain effective, the senate must evolve to meet the challenges of this modern era. i have no doubt mike republican colleagues would argue the fault is ours. no one one's hands are entirely clean on this issue. today, the important distinction
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is not between immigrants and republicans, it is between those were willing to break the gridlock in washington and those who defend the status quo. is it the senate working out? can anyone say the senate is working now? i don't think so. host: an interesting story in thathill" newspaper charles schumer says he regrets the decision in 2013 to trigger the nuclear option. that was senator schumer in an interview with cnn, the story about it from the hill newspaper. craig is in new york. republican. caller: good morning. hello? i am sorry.
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i would like to say that schumer was fine with this when they were loading up the lower courts with very liberal judges. that was great, and now the republicans have a chance to get the highest court in the land going back to the middle and doing the right thing, he is saying, no, this is a right. we shouldn't do this. that is ridiculous. now he wants to negotiate and be fair. a few days ago, he was saying, we are going -- i'm sorry, what is the word i am looking for? this.god, i apologize for we are going to filibuster and make sure their nominees don't get through. now he is saying, please, please, let's compromise. you people have to understand that it is one side and another said. you have got the pulled the
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balance back. i say go for the nuclear option. thank you very much. host: new mexico, line for independence. caller: good morning. my comments change as i listen to these people. a quick comment for the church lady. where are not all the same -- we are not all the same. as far as gorsuch is concerned, the republicans started this when they didn't put garland of for a vote. mitch mcconnell put them on the sidelines. they want to sit there and blame the democrats. it is insanity. day one of obama's agenda and it was the worst congress ever. they passed the fewest laws. i cannot believe it. they turn around and said on tv
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-- i watched orrin hatch, it is the democrats fault. you know? anyway. i think they should filibuster mcconnell wille use the nuclear option. host: a few tweets who have come in --
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want to hear your thoughts this morning. republicans -- we are going to be talking about this for the next 15 minutes. we are going to revisit this topic for the end of our program . if you don't get in now, you can call in later. we are going to be talking about congress.mbers of cynthia is up next in connecticut. good morning. caller: good morning. are we still discussing about the nominee? host: yes ma'am. caller: i was calling because i befor this supreme court to elected -- for gorsuch to be elected. i find the democrats and their
7:49 am
name-calling and every thing else repulsive. the mn who just called and told the woman that she should stop shoving jesus don't people's throat, democrats have to realize that the constitution in freedom of speech is not just apply to them. let people say what they want to say. they do have a lot of hot air that they espouse. i wanted to say that maybe i'm wrong. when we have obamacare because was the chief justice roberts that was the deciding vote? he is a conservative. has ever been a liberal that has sided with the conservative and been a deciding vote for a conservative point of view? people tend to confront that's people seem to forget these things. donald trump, if he was out of office, you would still be having a republican in office?
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as far as this other person that wasn't elected, they live in the past. i would love to live in the past . i would love to see governor romney come out and remind that when he was asked about the country that was possessing the greatest threat, he mentioned russia and obama last. what she does whenever he couldn't answer a question. as far as this gentlemen, i would slight -- i want to see him elected. i don't give credence to blumenthal emergency -- a murphy. as far as filibustering, i am all for this. a few other stores we want to show our viewers. one from politico about the 2018 battle. we talked about his senate race yesterday on this program. here's a story about democrats
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in the house recruiting betterments early in the 2018 battle, focusing on the democratic confront -- congressional leaders. notingitical story they're convinced that the shifting political environment has new opportunities that will chase in next year's midterm election. one of the story on the topic that we talked about last week. the efforts to expand medicaid into various states. the republican controlled kansas house of representatives voted monday to hold the governor's veto of the bill to expend medicaid -- to extend medicaid.
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taking your call for a few minutes. this topic, should democrats block neil gorsuch's nomination? florida, democrat. morning.ood i think the democrats should stand up and block just on principle, because the obama's personle for the supreme court. i think the democrats should stand and filibuster. republicans to say we should all get along and do the right thing, we are fighting for this country. disgrace toump is a this country and to the world. we need to stand up at every corner in fight against this man. what does a standing on
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principle do this week if by the end of the week he is confirmed anyway? caller: he is going to get confirmed. the republicans had this planned a year ago. it'll stand for anything, you will fall for anything stand on if you don't stand for anything, you will fall for anything. stand on principle. at least show the people that you are doing the people's work. host: clyde, good morning. caller: good morning. are you hearing me jack oh ok -- hearing me? ok. it is logical that this man should not be confirmed, because we don't know if this president has gotten into the office legally, tactically, strategically, otherwise.
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these hearings should continue about this russia connection to determine whether or not there was any influence or collusion? certainly the supreme court justice should not be confirmed. most of the calls i've heard this morning seem to be emanating from anger, confusion and the refusal to read a book. if you would crack a book or read a paper, some of my brothers and sisters online, you has comew that gorsuch from -- not for the people, as mitch mcconnell opposed by neglecting to confirm obama's nomination, but from the mercer's and other powerful people who all seem to have the same connection. it is about money, power, etc.
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don't blame god for our problems could our problems come from our vote and to make intelligent decisions about who in eachto represent us of the state departments, local departments and federal departments. host: in today's "washington writes --
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edward is in cedar rapids, iowa. good morning. believe judge gorsuch should be nominated. trump hearing all about should not get a pic because of the russians. knowa lot of people don't is the russians did want trump as a president. they want to anyone but hillary to be president. the saudi's have been trying to run a pipeline out of saudi arabia and across the middle east. syria said no. you are not running the pipeline. .ussia stood behind that so now everything that goes wrong is russia's fault because
7:57 am
the democrats didn't get their way. morning.ert, good caller: can you hear me ok? host: go ahead. caller: when the democrats passed obamacare, when they had a super majority, and they of noed the outcome republican votes -- it passed and nancy pelosi said you have to pass before you can see what is in it, that brought the supreme court into play. it went to the supreme court, they decided with the vote that they took in the supreme court that obamacare was a tax which means it went in as a government program, came out as a tax and was never sent back to the house
7:58 am
of representatives which is has to as merrick garland not being giving hearings. if you watch what is happening to neil gorsuch in these hearings, you might want to ask yourself, or you want yourself to think that happen from merrick garland to happen, because the opposing party is them look bad, which is exactly what dianne feinstein in the others are try to do. they are torturing his testimony. they are twisting whatever they can find or use to make him look as terrible as possible. i assume that is what the voters want them to do, whether he is a good candidate or not.
7:59 am
host: that is robert in california. one other story wantodonald tr'n iraq. there are some photos that emerged from that trip. the washington times noted that his appearance a rarity for senior white house officials -- -- house officials -- one last call from joe in maryland. joe, should immigrants block the gorsuch nomination? if they do, should republicans invoke the nuclear option? .aller: thanks for having me what happened with merrick garland and how the republicans would not let any hearings go through is tragic. with that said, having no
8:00 am
hearings was a gamble on mitch mcconnell's part and we did no donald trump would be our president. that was a big shock. go for years without a supreme court justice. the republicans know they have way too much on the line with a 49-year-old conservative being nominated on the bench and i think they are going to use all of their political capital possible to make it happen. have't see how the dems any leverage. i think they will invoke the nuclear option. it's unfortunate what happened with garland but it's time to move on. democrats need to realize what they have, which isn't very much. host: we will revisit this topic with the washington post's paul kane later in the program. we will be joined by democratic congressman paul tonko of new york. we will talk about efforts to undo obama era climate policies. chweikert will be
8:01 am
joining us to talk about the future of health care. that's all coming up on washington journal. ♪ saturday, booktv is live from the 15th annual annapolis book this double in maryland. our coverage includes a panel discussion on income inequality with catherine eden, author of two dollars a day. deluca.hanie then a discussion on criminal justice. author brian stores with his book, grace and justice on death row.
8:02 am
withon, author discussions mark schreiber. hayden author of playing to the edge and american intelligence in the age of terror. thomas dolby, author of the speed of sound. watch the 15th annual annapolis book festival on c-span2's booktv. sunday night on q&a. >> here was a yellow pad where haldeman writes down in the midst of the october 1968, we are going to monkeywrench lyndon johnson's peace initiative. nixon denied it at the time to
8:03 am
lyndon johnson and he denied it to david frost and he denied it to his biographers. always said that he had never played any role in doing this. on mr. nixon's political career from his early days in congress to his tenure and downfall as president. washe way the team assembled -- they were clumsy, they were cynical burnt out former intelligence agents who are supervised by young men on nixon's staff who just wanted to be the cat that brought the dead mouse to the president's door. >> washington journal continues. host: congressman paul tonko of new york joins us now. a week removed from president


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