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tv   Trump Tax Day March  CSPAN  April 15, 2017 9:57pm-11:54pm EDT

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reach the top will turn out to be not an equal result, but equal chance for everybody. &a."n c-span's "q >> a coalition of grassroots organizers held a rally outside the u.s. capitol this weekend to demand president trump release his tax returns. one of several taking place in the u.s. and overseas. speakers include senator ron wyden and representative maxine waters. this is just under two hours. ♪
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>> are you ready? are you ready? in so we can get good pictures. >> [laughter] >> we can't get on television if your signs are up. with that, we will go ahead and get started. i am with the working families party. i can tell you without question that on saturday april 15 is no place i would rather be than right with you demanding that donald trump release his tax returns. >> [applause] >> we appreciate you for joining the march. we are strong when we come together. is better when we
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are together, when we resist and marched together. >> [applause] >> today we will hear from elected officials, activists, fellow marchers, and a special guest from comedy central. they have all come together to demand that donald trump release his tax returns. we need a fair, more equitable tax system, not just one that works for the wealthy and well-connected. it is long past time that our text system, economy, and democracy works for the benefits of americans that look just like us. >> [applause] >> by failing to release his tax returns, donald trump violated transparency and accountability.
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servantsountry, public are accountable to the people who elect them. they run for us. >> [applause] >> and we have every right to know about the financial dealings and potential conflicts of interests of our elected officials. won't, go all day, but i because you are not here to see me speak. you are here to march. that said, if you want to continue holding this president accountable, please take your cell phones out and text march to 21333 and he will be the next to learn about the next resistance movement. if you're tweeting or on social taxmarch.ease use the # marshalske note of our and they are here to assist you. they are wearing orange safety
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vests. if you have any concerns, please reach out to them. aidse be aware of the first station at the capital location. there will be a first aid tent at the end of the march. that would happen to be the family reunification location. if you lose your friends and family, make them at the hockey field. i promise you it does exist. we don't want you to go home alone. with that please give a round of our leaders of the invocation. >> [applause] >> good afternoon. i don't believe there has ever been a gathering such as this for taxes. i am so grateful that you are here because we are standing up
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care about oure tax policy and what our president does with his tax returns. we should be know able to see it. there is a fair amount of scriptural stories this weekend interest christian tradition -- weekend in the christian tradition where we experience disbelief. we experience apostles scratching their heads and being puzzled. women going to the tomb where jesus was late, being bewildered, stunned. we should not be among the bewildered. we should not be among the group that scratches our head. we should be among the people that know that their leadership is transparent and will share with us the truth of what is tax
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status is. >> [applause] simone: we have work to do. let us call the spirit of the divine, whatever name you use to address what i refer to as the holy spirit that is the breath of disturbance, the breath of mischief, the breath of change. moment and call on that breath of god to move in us, to move us to know that this is about the 100%, where all are engaged in our care. oh breath of the divine, free our voices to springfield he, free our ears -- to speak freely, free our ears to hear the facts we need to fuel our movement, free our hearts to be
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people of love and compassion and welcome. free our bodies that we might march and act and claim this moment in history. most of all, free our nation, that we the people may create a system that works for all, not those at the top, not those in the middle, not those at the bottom, but for the 100%. we the people will form the more perfect union is you move in us. -- union if you move in us. let us pray. >> [applause] ♪ language]
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listen, you people who wrestle with all of your diversity, all of your humanity has one, this week the jewish community is holiday of the passover. it is the story of our liberation from slavery and oppression. it is not just a story about it isatural intervention, the story of sending a message to the pharaoh through demonstrations of just how powerful people can be when they join together and demand change. it is not just a story about how god intervened in human history to redeem the enslaved israelites.
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it is a story of people who stood up and made the change happen. the rabbis taught that it was an israelite who steps in the sea, that it was his faith in the possibility of redemption that caused the seat apart. i stand here as a representative of different facets of that story. my great-grandfather was a rabbi and he immigrated to this lastry and changed his name to ben moshe a, son of moses. also implying he was of the people who struggled and travel to find freedom. i inherit his last name and passion for service in the jewish community.
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there is a repeated mandate throughout the bible to care for the widows, the orphans and the strangers. mandate through social services because of our taxes. efforts tolanthropic support nonprofit organizations dedicated to this work. that our leaders support these efforts. but i don't just stand here is a person who has taken on a legacy of service. i am also a daughter of the late former ceo of aig. away i father passed inherited the financial legacy of his work as a corporate executive. it feels especially important to share that fact because i am the
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rich to benefit from unfair tax systems and loopholes and i am standing here to say it is wrong. i also understand personally that taking on public roles in leadership takes away the right to privacy that other citizens enjoy. when you choose to make your life public, when you choose to represent the tax paying citizens you have the responsibility. transparency in your business endeavors and personal life and multiple arenas is the work of gaining the trust of the people you are leading. we stand together demanding work be done.
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we stand here declaring that we care about creating fair systems of taxation that support our communities. especially those with the greatest need. [singing in foreign language] to repairk together this world through truth, through transparency, through a fair system for all. thank you.
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>> this is what democracy looks like. this is what democracy looks like. [applause] >> thank you for a beautiful indication. i want to take moment to thank our partners. please give a public -- a big for the applause working family organization, stand up america, the american , americas of teachers for tax fairness and indivisible. overnight -- it has been very
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incredible, tremendous. i want to introduce one of the movements, senator ron wyden from oregon. please welcome senator wyden. >> my friends, today my message for the president is short enough to tweet. america we are to say it gloves off is time to knock off the tax ripoff.
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no more cayman island accounts for the insiders. no more tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas. breaks for wall street. pain,height time for more red white and blue jobs in america. we are taking the gloves off to knock off the secrecy and publicly release your own tax returns. this closing tax returns. the very lowest ethical bar for a president.
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we are going to insist that he declare it. we are taking the gloves off to knock off business as usual andtion, where the nurse the cop has their taxes taken whereout of their wage they campaign pay what they want when they want to. so there is your saturday tweet, we are taking the gloves off, knock it off.
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>> knock it off. knock it off. knock it off. >> it may not be loud enough to get to mar-a-lago. mouth that isn't somehow clear enough, let me put it another way. you have citizen speaking on behalf of millions of others to insist that the president take two concrete steps. we want real tax reform that demonstrates the people's interests, not your interest.
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>> we have honest answers about ,he right off, the check off and any ripoff that twists and skews the tax code. it is way out of whack. seniorhis as the democrat. we have one set of rules for the fortunate few that includes the president and higher pricey accountants. paying what they want and when they want to. and then have another tough set of fools for the construction workers and the firefighter. we need a system that gives
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working people a fair chance. sen. wyden that bromley -- that brings me to deal number two and deals with a 1600 pennsylvania, mar-a-lago or lots of other true properties. -- trump properties. we believe, mr. president, you must meet the same test as every other president, democrat and republican, since watergate. each of those presidents thought the public had a right to transparency and accountability and each of them publicly released their taxes. has tossed this great american tradition in the trashcan like a teenager trying to hide a lousy report card.
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and it seems to me, it's particularly on my mind today when i think of the millions of people who are still working on their taxes and trying to make this form get in sync with this one and talk about simplifying --t down the road -- but while all of those working families are trying to finish their returns, they have a right , they have a basic right to know whether the president pays his fair share. [applause] returns, it is all there in black and white. maybe we can get the masters to the whole array of questions about his connections, especially to russia.
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[applause] well, to close this off, i have actually proposed legislation, we have more than 20 senators sponsoring it in the senate -- congresswoman waters is going to talk as well, the legislation says that within 15 coming a nominee at the party convention, the candidates would be required to release at least three years of tax returns. that does not seem to be too much. [applause] : and this time of year, the bill says that a sitting president would have to release of the returns annually. we would be getting it now. [applause] sen. wyden: and because we are
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taking the gloves off to say knock off the secrecy, i have asked the chairman of the finance committee and the ways and means committee in the mixing, am going to ask we have asked the chairs to use their authority to obtain the president's tax returns forward to -- for review. [applause] : today, here in washington, in my hometown of portland in a modest sized , people, mr. president, what your response to 2 questions. the first is why won't you do whatever republican and democratic president has dunces watergate? why won't you do it? meetresident, why want you for the lowest ethical bar, not a high one, the lowest ethical
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bar for a president and publicly release your returns? tell us why you will not. we are tired. we are tired, friends, of the stonewalling and we have had it with the excuses. so today in washington and in more than 100 communities across the country, we are going to say and say it loud and clear, we are taking the gloves off to have off the secrecy and asked for the public's demand that the president do what is right for the american people. [applause] ?? knock it off! -->> knock it off!
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[cheering] sen. wyden: i am so glad, i am so glad that today we have given birth to the new grassroots knock it off movement. and i will close just by saying that the reason it is so wonderful that you are here have and we are going to thousands of others in the communities around the country is that political change, as much as we respect our capital, political change does not start in the government buildings and then trickle down. political change is not tripled down. -- trickled down. it is bottoms up as people like yourselves, together -- come to
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gether with a strong message it that your interests, your interest is what a president has got to address, not personal interests. thank you for being here. i am proud to be the first of the knock it off movement sprint i will be behind you every step of the way. god bless. thank you all. [applause] > knock it off! knock it off! knock it off! knock it off! knock it off! knock it off! [cheering that applause] -- cheering and applause >> i would like for you to do me a favor and give a big progressive warming welcome to one of the incredible members is somebody i admire.
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she is the president of those who fight daily for an america where we have an is to say. please welcome, heather mcghee. -- where we have an equal say. [applause] equal say and an equal chance for all of our people. the most, our name means the people. the people will of our great country are being cheated out of the fruits of our democracy. because of this weekend, millions of americans are spending their hard-earned money to washington and tuesday capitals and we do it because is our duty. we do it because it is right. and we do it because this country has invested in us and we believe in what americans can do together.
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[applause] heather: we pay our taxes because we think our families and neighbors deserve clean water, safer roads, schools worthy of our children. , sometimes, without shame, our families and our neighbors deserve help. help affording a doctor's visit or rent or food on the table. and why is that? because committee jobs do not pay enough to pay the bills and it is not their fault. [applause] what our taxess due for us, for our families and neighbors. that is who we work for. we are gathered here today to find out who is donald trump working for? [applause] heather: what is he hiding? is he working for the defense
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contractors? do a budget grab off $54 billion for defense were we have a bigger military that a next several countries combined -- event the next seven countries combined? is he working for the defense contractors who are clamoring after the trough of the idea of trump's stupid wall? cuts to mealsby on wheels and sesame street's and libraries. [booing] heather: awol to keep out -- a wall to keep out the undocumented immigrants who pay $23 million in state and local taxes. micro to farm worker is probably contributing more in this country than you are.
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[cheering] whater: we want to know each rope hiding and who he is working for. is it the polluters who are cheering his cuts to the epa? the polluters who sacrifice the next generation and the name of next quarter's profit. polluters who put money into republicans and they give us a asthma, lead poisoning. know -- what trump is hiding him who he is working for? today, there are 200 -- a cross of the towns and big cities -- across town for big cities because we are fed up. we are set up with the billionaires bragging they pay next to nothing in taxes. we are fed up with fortune 500 companies paying their lobby is
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more than they pay in taxes every year. we are fed up with our families and neighbors and getting stuck with the bills and told there is not enough money to fix it be once andflint and the was virginia and arizona and all around the country. [applause] donald trump's friends and family, his goldman sachs cabinet and the members of his country club in palm beach, the bankers who bail out his bad deals and the russian oligarchies he is swapping favors with -- they are all part of a cobol that is achieving america. cheating our families and neighbors to the tune of $400 billion a year. the irs saiduch of we are coming up short because of tax dodging by corporations and the superrich. [booingg]
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we are: every year coming up sure. they say there is not enough of money to keep the schools open up. they have to cut bus lines and shut down after school programs. they tell us tuition is going up a you can forget about pre-k for your four year old. across the country, americans are calling bullshit. [cheering] [chanting] yourer: donald trump a billionaire friends, we know what you are hiding. we know where the money is. we are sending you the bill. thank you. [applause]
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>> how do you follow that? i told you i'm she is incredible. a role model. love love love heather mcghee. one more time, heather mcghee. [applause] >> the honor of introducing somebody was a great state , andate for d.c., a lawyer advocate on the first lines of congress, please welcome congressman jamie raskin. congressman raskin: hey. let's hear it for the revolutionary patriots who created america. [applause] by tax was conceived
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protesters like you chanting no taxation without representation proud americans, we does the sloping off and raise it on behalf of 700,000 tax paying patriotic systems and the nations capital or denied voting representation in that building right and there. [applause] the ceos areaskin: well represented in this administration but they pay little taxes but the patriotic people of d.c. paid millions and have no representation at all, we are not to take it anymore. the first of americans will overthrow king who imposed taxes on small businesses but exempted his tycoon buddies in the east india -- east india corporation to payated the commoners
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for his lavish expenses in traveling jones of the royal of the royalnts family. a king who never paid his taxes or disclose have entanglements with foreign kings and dictators. you could hear us from mar-a-lago, reading the constitution. we haven't no kings here. we have no slaves here. we have citizens with equal rights. we allow no titles and no america-- nobility in you may get your secretary of state who has the title of why putin of friendship. we do not allow our presidents of members of congress to collect presence or offices or titles or payments of any kind from forward printss, kings,
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dictators or state owned banks and corporations. article one, section nine, look it up. in america, no one is above the law and all of us are subject to it. [applause] congressman raskin: as tom paine put it, and the monarchies, the king is law. in the democracies, the law is king. [applause] congressman raskin: mr. president, you have got one main job beyond watching tv and tweeting about it, which is to "take care that laws be faithfully executed." as long as you are president, you owe undivided loyalty to the laws of the united states of america, not being mobbed up oligarchs of russia, not corrupt businessman and other but jean, not of the bank of china and not
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the dictators and disparate of the world. the mirror,ok in please stop seeing a global co who is above the law is start seeing a public servant who must enforce the law and set an example by following it. [applause] congressman raskin: you can start by paying your employees at the trump hotel their full wages. [applause] congressman raskin: advanced pay your small business contractors what you owe them. es. then pay your damn tax that is what real americans do. that is what real american business people do. used if your employees. you rip off the students at trump u. you do not pay your painters or builders. you are embroiled in more than 3000 lawsuits. you sexually harass women at
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will like an 18th century king. fox news tvntury host. you hire an army of lawyers to keep from paying your taxes which is a terrible example and if all americans followed it among the whole taxes than would come crashing to the ground. and now you're breaking up another promise you will not release your tax returns, violating a bipartisan presidential practice that goes back to watergate. mr. president, how can we determine your conflicts of interest or stop you from collecting payments from foreign governments if you will not show us the names of the people and corporations you are in at partnerships with all of the world today? [applause] congressman raskin: how can we believe -- in your administration would you set the
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world standard for nondisclosure and noncooperation? mr. president, your administration has a staph infection and it is spreading every day. today with come here a democratic a disinfectant. -- democratic disinfectant. after the rejection of your unconstitutional immigration executive orders in court the rejection in congress of your terrible health care taxing giveaway plan to the richest americans what you want to rewrite our home tax code? loopholes andwith it is a patently complex. we cannot debate tax policy in , unless mr. president we know what personal, family and business interest are motivating your proposal. [applause] my friends,raskin:
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is as error in the body left in america, democratic, republican or independent humble things donald trump would create a tax code that would hurt his own ?usiness interests if you believe that, you are too innocent to be let out of the house by your. we know you favor abolishing the a stack -- estate cold which is to overthrow the dynasties that you seek to revive in this century, illuminating it will allow you to control your wealth and children without creating trusts. what are the other corporate relationships for entitlements, i'm sure the residence and strategic bankruptcies that are dictating and dividing your tax policies? we want to know. president, we cannot --
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>> we want to know! we want to know! we want to know! congressman raskin: not to allow you to reshuffle the deck until you take your personal cards out of your pocket and lay them on the table. you do not release your tax returns, we have no way of the whether you are putting america first or donald trump first. of her wendell holmes said he did not mind paying taxes because they are the price of a civilized society, but it only works if we all pay our taxes and we all follow the law. mr. trump, stop hiding whatever you are hiding. stop acting like a king and start acting like all of the other presidents did, republicans and democrats alike, show us your taxes. [applause] and stopan raskin:
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consorting with the russian oligarchs and spymaster's, the russians we should care about are the ones marching in the streets against corruption and at this of authoritarianism and that is what we are doing today here, right now. thank you very much. [applause] [cheering] >> can we get a -- of p really quickly? great. cool. thank you congressman raskin, we appreciate -- [applause] good? we awesome. very powerful message really appreciate it. next, lisa is the vice president of public citizen, it
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organization that serves as the people's voiceand located in the nation's capital -- people's voice and located in the nation's capital. welcome, lisa. lisa: good afternoon. it is so incredible to be here with all of you calling for transparency. i am here to say that donald trump is dead wrong if he thinks the public does not care by his tax returns. just look at us. thatand here to tell him he works for the people and we the people are demanding his tax return. we stand here to say we must not be denied the information we motivations, his actions and whether and if he is .rofiting off of his presidency we stand here to say we needed to better understand his foreign entanglements and his conflicts of interest.
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now, we know that donald trump is under no legal obligation to release his tax returns. he has made a lot of the fact. he said he would release of them later, later, as soon as is routine audit was over. as soon as the campaign ended, you walk that back. americans disagree. -- he walked that a back. percent of americans believe donald trump should release his tax returns. it is not a partisan issue. the conservative member of congress, walter jones, sad if you believe in ethics, if you think this place should be about ethics for the good of the people, you believe in tactics -- disclosure. it is as simple as that. as others have said, donald trump is the first president and over 40 years not to disclose his taxes. every sitting president since have publish the returns, part
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of an unwritten compact with the american people to be forthright, to be honest. why not president trump, what does he have to hide? unwillingness to digress has left the nation to assume that he will do his best to make money off of his policy choices, a glimpse into the assets from his taxes is the lucy can do to dispel that assumption. for the american people of our trust in our government, our government leaders need to have trust in us. we need the transparency and as a safeguard against corruption and conflicts. when the first 2 pages of donald inmp's 2005 form 1040 landed journalists johnson's mailbox, the nation to dan torrential made out to see was the -- tuned in to rachel maddow to see the big reveal but it was not a
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complete and return and there's a lot we do not know. we do not know the real nature of his charitable contributions for his foreign ties, foreign tax credits. we do not know how much he personally pays, probably very little. we do not know how much money he actually makes. pagese do know is those 2 whetted the appetite for more reminded of us this information should not be a secret. [applause] lisa: donald trump's actions to date is president from putting his son is in charge of his company rather than divesting into a blind trust -- [booing] lisa: putting a cabinet of multimillionaires in place laden with their own conflicts of interest -- [booing] i visited one of his branded properties every 2.8 days ever
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since he has been president is only fair to increase america's a distrust and suspicion, releasing its tax return as the least he can do to do away with the suspicion and distrust. disclosure of his returns is vital. about moreches are than that. about american standing up to a rigged tax code were billionaires pay a lower rate than their assistance. so multinational corporations do not pay taxes at all. small businesses and hard-working families are forced to pick up the tab for our society for the one we want to live in. big businesses and the wealthy do not pay their fair share. we should not have to be here to , toy, to march, to tweet push the man elected to the highest office in the land to be transparent and open. but, we do.
10:44 pm
we are here and public citizens as our -- adds voice to release your taxes, trump, show us you are listening to the people and you deserve our trust. thank you. [cheering and applause] >> lisa, thank you so much for your leadership. i appreciate you coming out today. i would like to take a moment to thank our partners who made this a reality. citizens of the millions of you here today on the lawn of the mall. the crowd goes all the way back to the lincoln memorial. go somebody is going speak up. totally. it is huge, folks. [laughter] >> hugge! me in thanking our
10:45 pm
revolution. senator for democracy. let's see the red shirts. public citizens. heard that somewhere before. and the national women's law center. folks to text march 2 2133. #taxmarch. on many of you watched january 21 at the woman's march? all right, me too. ,2 have a very special guest very special guest. national cochairs of the woman's march on washington. --eering that applause] cheering and applause >> how are y'all doing out there? what's up, y'all?
10:46 pm
i am so proud to be standing here today, brothers and sisters. on january 21, we made history together that no one can ever take away from us. of theanding with one other cochairs of the women's march on washington, bob bland, who literally had a baby during the march planet and is still standing here with us today. let's give bob a round of applause. people who5 million marched all around the world, i three to you in love and a solidarity -- i greet you in love and solidarity today. we fought the resistance for this administration and for any local government that seeks to impress us. we start the resistance. , we have nott day
10:47 pm
stopped pushing the back against sexism, racism, and fascism in this country. i am proud of us, brothers and sisters, that we are not afraid to say that this administration is no good for humankind. [applause] rights are inr jeopardy as long as they remain in a control in washington. [applause] tamika: we are here to say today, show us of the damn tax returns! but we know we are not here for one reason alone. the american public has been denied the right to see trump's taxes is just one of the hypocritical and unethical things we have seen come out of
10:48 pm
this administration. the attacks on our muslim, blackmented, lgbtq-ia, and brown brothers and sisters and women, ladies and gentlemen, are the reasons why we are here today. we must continue to fight for our freedom. we must be willing to lock arms with one another. we demand that we see trump's taxes while we demand the all of our rights are protected it. 's taxesd to see trump while we also demand that women's rights be treated as human rights. [applause] tamika: we must speak with one voice and one accord and we must draw a direct line between trump missing girls,
10:49 pm
missing the black girls all across this country. [applause] tamika: we must say that while we resist one, we resist all or else our fight is inauthentic. 's taxes and trump equal education. taxes and norump's police brutality. 's taxessay that trump is where we start today, but we will not end there. that all of our rights must be protected and hold the hail do you think -- who the hell do you think you are to treat us as is f we are less than human? you do not own us. you work for us, donald trump! and the people united will never
10:50 pm
be defeated! [applause] >> the people united will never be divided! >> the people united will never be defeated! >> the people united will never be divided! the people united will never be divided! >> thank you. a few more folks to go before we can kick some trump ass. tamika, thank you for speaking. you and bob are great aspirations. we are marching with you in the future. erreroke to welcome, gu and david sanchez. please give them a big round of applause, folks. >> yeah.
10:51 pm
all right, how are you doing today? show me what democracy looks like! show me what democracy looks like! >> this is what democracy looks like. >> this is the people, the voice of truth. organizer for the center for community change for i am organizer for this out. we have 44 organizations pushing for immigrant rights and a better democracy. yes! i embodied my parents' dreams that started because of car bombs from a country suffering from inequality. this pushed my family to look for solace abroad print -- abroad. looking like a tourist boat being treated like a disease, feeling like a flower without soil. of aodied the dreams
10:52 pm
marriage being torn because of stress of survival, shuffles put on my loved ones and deportation looming over our family. we are here because we have listened to be tears that have scarred the mantle of justice. the abilitywe won of love to move us like a gentle role,t, to understand the we are called upon by the wisdom of our ancestors. and those that have fallen due to injustices so that we do not repeat them again. that is why we are here, right? to lift up our voices. we remember those doors of resistance that live within our pews, neighborhoods that have crossed borders and seas and oceans. it is within the rest of where the light shines in the darkest moments and the sharp as of that resistance and radical love is the only tool to break our chains.
10:53 pm
let's talk about why we are here. for 16been undocumented years until i was able to get deferred action. i wasone of the years, paying taxes. i will show my taxes to this man in orange to prove that like all of you, i believe that taxes is a commitment to our democracy. when we pay our taxes, we are saying, i love you, therefore you need a better schools. you need a better jobs. you need a better place to live a because that is all about, right? now, president trump and this putnistration is trying to $3 billion to build a wall and create a bigger deportation force. isn't that what we want? >> -- is that what we want? >> no. >> we want democracy. took 40 people
10:54 pm
broke hundreds of families apart and i was sitting in a living room with an 11 year old waiting for his dad. he called from the detention center saying, mijo, you have to sing the elmo song by yourself but i will come back to you. that is what these taxes are doing to our democracies. how can an 11 year old go through this and how are our taxes being used for this? we will change this. we will make sure that instead of going for the wall and deportation forces, they go for schools and better jobs and we are going to remember and organize in our communities and pews and make sure in november, everybody will go to vote. we will back the people who will work -- represent democracy, not only for the immigrant community but for everybody else. [applause] >> may 1, we are going into the
10:55 pm
street, please come to our to find a local event and to join it. we are not only going to step up for equal rights, muslims, lgbt, black people, the working class to see a better democracy. i want you to join with me. undocumented, unafraid. undocumented -- >> unafraid. >> undocumented -- >> unafraid. >> yeah. thank you. [applause] [chanting] >> say it loud, say it clear, immigrants are welcome here!
10:56 pm
>> iowa with up people's climate movement. yeah! people'sith the climate movement. we flooded the streets of new york with 400,000 people. let me see your hands if you were there. we need a lot more. custom april 29, the 100 day of the trump presidency and we have to show we will resist against them. raise your hand if you want to resist against this not even president. that's right. we need to not just bring people are here but our families and friends to show. we need to duplicate this amount of money in every aspect of what we do. it is not just the people's climate movement or march for tax day march or the science march or may day, it have to be everything. when we look at our history books and see what features are taken, we want to say, i fought
10:57 pm
against that. [cheering] >> is started with the women's march. -- it started with the women's march. that was day one. on day 100, the people's climate march. this is about jobs. it is about justice. it is about the climate. it is about the air we breathe and the water we drink. water is life. this watch her life? -- is water life? thank you. it is so important. right now, i want to say, take out your phones. i was you to text climate to 2133. we need you to know everything that is going on. it is so important to show our resistance. we will have 100,000 people in the streets a d.c., two weeks from now!
10:58 pm
we are going to resist because this is not a normal, this is not a normal presidency. we cannot normalize this presidency. we have to mobilize against this presidency. right now is at the time. we march for taxes. then we march for truth. justice in the next two weeks. thank you so much. thank you, keep it going. [applause] >> thank you for your leadership on these issues. you know we will be of the stories with you in the days to come. i have been up thanking a lot of people. i want to make sure i thank you once again. this holds 25,000 people and it looks pretty damn full to me. give your self a round of applause. [applause]
10:59 pm
>> and now, i would like to introduce a very, very special guest, somebody you know and hate, please join me in welcoming a man who needs no introduction, so i won't. give a big round of applause for the president. ♪ >> cut it out. thank you so much. thank you so much for your so,
11:00 pm
wonderful. what a great reception. what an incredible group of people. we have so many incredible people here. some and wonderful people. such a large group. so many more people who cannot even come. so great. so great. i did i know where it is. but what i do know is that all check holders for my inaugural address. that you were the people who were there were the white spots were. remember all the white spots? to explain that. we had a to explain it. we had it too. ,ou are all in here now remember american carnage, it is unbelievable. it has even gotten better. how are you guys loving the american carnage it now? of feeling like garbage.
11:01 pm
isn't it great? isn't it great? it is so wonderful. so many of you support to me as you are here to see me and i am so pleased. if the wind dying down and now? it is like baseballs opening-day but a rain check. me -- satire is the heart of political discourse. it is a joke. i am the biggest joke on the block. let me tell you. let me tell you. first up, what is the big deal about my taxes? since you are my supporters. i will share with you what is on my taxes because it is between us, ok? do not let the protesters know what i am going to tell you. so what, i owe $50 billion to deutsche bank will who cares? that's publicly known. azi know where all of the n
11:02 pm
gold is headed in switzerland and i half its print i have it. i have it. i have it. just because i have dirty ties tells me i am a great asset. a great asset. i became a great asset in the late 1980's when i extended my finances to own illegal poker rooms a started selling properties way over the budget martin -- mark forecast so i could hide a russian money in the united states. now, i got to the presidency as are keeping me on a short leash because i am a dog. what you do not know in my tax returns is i am the original uncut david has all video of him eating a burger off the floor. remember that? remember that?
11:03 pm
we ended the visitor's log. no more visitors log. we are not doing it anymore. get them out. get them out of here. it get to them out of here. no more visitor logs, ok? there not running a be in -- bnb. barack obama was the bob newhart of washington, d.c. that sitcom is over. now, fawlty towers is here. , i run a hotel and hotels are places where you anonymously go to get peed on. that is what you do. that is what i do. i do it all the time and i love it. of it.every bit if once released the tax returns, if we want to release the tax returns, we can do it.
11:04 pm
boys, where are they? what is the big deal about releasing my tax returns? i claim ivanka s3 dependents. my daughter, my mother and my wife. we are going to have the first white house divorce. first white house divorce. are you surprised i am not in mar-a-lago today? we have these taxes and we're going to release them. to know everybody can look at in them now and we're all even, right? amide now a good president -- am i now a good president? >> no. >> no matter what i do, i am a prop i am a brand less than a human being. and the truth is -- excuse me, i am a brand. i am a brand. let me do my own material, please.
11:05 pm
a real save it for the real guy. save it for the real guy, ok? i am the united airlines of presidents. and remember that the other airlines are just as bad, if you were moving, we have 40 years of people corruptly manipulating the system that here, over there and all around the country. screw you out of your own interests, very important. i like screwing, but not in that way. you need to make sure, it is so important that you do not just focus on me but the system that puts me in place. [applause] >> let's remember that. you are cheering for me. it must make everybody so uncomfortable. let's release of them, boys. release of the taxes.
11:06 pm
there we go. is there we go. releasing the taxes per i told jared to shred my taxes. i thought shred with yiddish for collate. americaoing to make great again, folks when i leave office. hopefully, next week. thank you so much. [applause] >> is there we go. -- is there we go. >> lock him up. lots him up. up.ock him lock him up. >> thank you.
11:07 pm
imposter. the other imposter. anyway, the march is going to start shortly. only a few more folks to go. atee very important guests the reworking was to talk about the importance of why trump must release his taxes. please join me, give a warm esther andastor -- priscilla. >> hello! see beautiful faces here today. i am happy to see able bodies. am glad to be here this afternoon. i thank god for bringing
11:08 pm
everybody here safely and i pray that you go safely home in jesus name. chong. is esther i was working -- i am working at the airport. help defend the airport [indiscernible] work 15 hours. that is what is happening. 2 jobs but cause of -- because of $6.15.
11:09 pm
i cannot sleep at home with my children. jobs not easy to work one because i cannot pay my rent. i have to go and work and my children surf -- suffer because .15.he pay is $6 [booing] >> i struggle, they will struggle. i have only one single room with 4 kids. it is hard for me to pay taxes. i am not a billionaire like donald trump. because i just make six dollars three -- six dollars. working people like me and us end up paying taxes.
11:10 pm
somebody is being paid six dollars and she is able to pay her taxes are -- pay her taxes. [applause] has -- must pay his taxes. donald trump has refused to share his taxes returns. why? >> why? why? why? >> because he has something cheating. [applause] >> only god knows the secrets of donald trump. and the secrets must be released. [applause]
11:11 pm
together,re here united together, today and we , we are here for one purpose. he must release the taxes returns. [applause] trump do i know if donald has paid his own taxes or not? [indiscernible] only god knows. sorry. >> we are with you! we are with you! >> ok.
11:12 pm
thank you. supporting for workers. for workers and the people who elect them, they are supposed to support them. they are supposed to work with them. some people left in her house around 3:00 p.m. just to vote for donald trump. today, he cannot bring what he must bring out. he must bring his tax returns. [applause] >> we cannot take this for granted. no. no. no. you cannot take this. no!
11:13 pm
donald trump's abbas. -- boss. he works for us. >> yes, he does. >> he is not above the law. release his must taxes. i will say it again, donald trump must release his tax returns. i repeat it for the third time, donald trump must release his tax returns! [cheering] >> that is the only way we can find out if donald trump is pushing his taxes out to benefit super rich --
11:14 pm
[laughter] [cheering] >> thank you, lord. friendsort his rich while the rest of us foot the bills. i am so sorry. i know some of you, are saying, what is she saying? >> we know! we know! [cheering and applause] >> ok. everything we are doing is because god is the one. [indiscernible] all of us, god is the one.
11:15 pm
we say god, we thank you. thank you so much. >> thank you. [applause] >> show me what democracy looks like! show me what to democracy looks like! >> this is what democracy looks like. >> good afternoon. my name is priscilla evans. i am a wendy's worker. i am 25 years old for i am paid .25 an hour. for many, tax day is a race to get your papers in order. claim your deductions and hope for a return. but for someone who supports a family of three on the minimum wage, tax day is something else.
11:16 pm
it is an annual reminder that i need taxpayer dollars just to survive. i have worked in the fast food industry for six years. mostly at wendy's. i wake up early to get into the store by 7:00 a.m. unpack the day's food and on my feet manning the when i come home to my grandmother and my son, noah, after a 40 hour week, i have hardly anything to show for it. support him able to on my own two feet but i can't on my biweekly check of $200. it is impossible. i'm forced to turn to food stamps to support my family. i don't think it should have to do that, personally. meanwhile, wendy's rakes in many
11:17 pm
millions a year and profit. studies even show that the industry has some of the worst pay disparity with fast food ceos. 24y earn on the average of million in 2013. fast food companies can afford to pay workers $15 an hour. [applause] but, they choose not to, because they know taxpayers will pick up the tab. like mcdonald's, burger king, and wendy's keep loyal, hard-working employees , forcingn minimum wage us to turn to public assistance for food, shelter, health care, and more. , not only to the workers but also to the taxpayers.
11:18 pm
unfortunately, their business model is all too common. low wages in the fast food industry cost taxpayers $7 billion a year in public assistance. across the economy, working families like mine account for more than three quarters of public assistance recipients. at a cost of more than 100 and $50 -- 100 and $50 billion the year. billion a year. i have walked off the job and industry to make sure everyone from president trump, to wealthy corporations here our demands for change. it is no secret. the system is rate against working people. like many of you, i also believe we can change the system. america can work for the majority of us.
11:19 pm
not just for the wealthy few. the crowd of people here confirms that, by standing together in speaking out, we can change our fate and win away -- when a wage that lets us get off public assistance. we can win. what do we want? and when do we wanted? if we don't get it. i said, if we don't get it. [applause] >>[speaking in spanish]
11:20 pm
>> hello and good morning. i represent the national domestic workers alliance. [applause] >>speaking spanish >> the alliance represents all working nannies, housekeepers, seniors, and caretakers who spend each day making sure that they get a good child care for their loved ones. her,a childcare support
11:21 pm
activist, mother, and have been childrenre of other while the parents worked. i also pay my taxes. [applause] wespeaking in spanish] >> work day in and day out. will work for employees are try to harm us. come from other
11:22 pm
countries. often we are not paid or paid less than what we were supposed to receive. still, most of us pay taxes and a lot of us are undocumented. spanish]ng >> but we're still a our taxes, income taxes, and other obligations. we dohough we are scared, our part and contributing to our community, the schools, and the economy.
11:23 pm
as workers, we make our contribution yet we are listening -- living under a president that is not care about our presentations as workers, individuals, and families. >>[speaking spanish] >> where asking president trump to show us his taxes, to show us what he owes just as we workers are doing. those who contribute to the economy and the communities
11:24 pm
everywhere. we demand that you are accountable to all of us who contributed to the economy. remember, mr. trump, you are president to all of us, not only the ones who support you. [applause] for -- thank you so much for your powerful stories. we appreciate you and all the work that you do. it's almost time, guys. last but not least, it is my honor to introduce a family member of mine, my aunt in your auntie. [applause]
11:25 pm
>> i'm so happy you came to see her on today. hello everybody. i'm so pleased to be here with unions,ition of labor advocacy groups and organizations. they all put this together and i would like to personally thank upon michael's -- mr. michaels and the entire committee. for all of the work to organize this event. additionally, i want to ignore knowledge my friends and colleagues, the ranking democrat members of the senate finance the centersenator -- in the congressman who sits on
11:26 pm
the house reform committee. ladies and gentlemen, bear with me. i have laryngitis, but the only way that i would not have been here with you today is if they cut my throat and stopped me from talking. [applause] pleased to see so many , politically engaged men, women, and children. we are out here today. i want to thank you for your passion. i want to thank you for resisting. [applause] not afraid of donald trump and we will show him. [applause] now, today is april 15 to read
11:27 pm
normally the last day to file your taxes, but because it fell on a weekend, in many states, you can file on monday or tuesday. well, this is why we march today. because, while donald trump thinks he is distracting us, we came to a whole number 45 and his -- we came to hold him and his administration accountable. we came to show him we will not be quiet. [applause] because we know what this president is all about. [applause] he does not believe that he has to be accountable to the people, but we will pressure him, we will hound him, we will harass him, if he thinks he can get away with playing king, he has another thought coming. [applause]
11:28 pm
we are not going to be full by his lies. we are not going to be full do by his attempts to distract us. you know, he has tried in so many ways. donald trump, you can threaten war, that is not going to distract us. saycan lie on obama and that he tried to wiretap you, that is not going to distract us. you can lie on susan rice. ,ou can flip-flop and flip-flop but we are on your behind donald trump. [applause] ago, donald trump alive and he said and i will , i will absolutely give my tax returns but i have been audited for two or three years, so i can to do it until
11:29 pm
the audit is finished, obviously. liar. liar. liar. as fact checkers and experts quickly explain, it was all a lie. nothing preventing donald trump from releasing his tax returns. is, he has goth a lot to hide. there is a lot the donald trump hid from the american people throughout the campaign. donald, we know who you are. ladies and gentlemen, i believe donald trump is hiding much more damning information, just as he is hiding these taxes. what is he hiding? he clearly has not been transparent about his business and tangled and, and his
11:30 pm
connection to putin. [applause] and to the oligarchs of russia. trump, did you get a loan from russia in 2008? when all of the banks in the u.s. refused to give you a loan because of all the bankruptcies that you had, all of the data that you had, all the people that you didn't pay. well, donald trump, what about that hotel? the trump hotel on pennsylvania. who financed it? person known for money laundering. -- about the one knowing knowing trading policies with russia. donald trump, we know who you are. we are out more about you every day. donald trump won't release his
11:31 pm
tax returns, donald trump won't be transparent about his business dealings. every other president since the and has released their tax returns. donald trump, all over america, middle-class and working class people are filing their taxes. many are struggling, paying 30 , more% of their earnings percentagewise than big corporations in america. what is donald trump paying? nothing. nothing. loophole,g every every trick to avoid paying his fair share of taxes. donald trump, if you are not cheating, if you're not indented to interests that could compromise you, if you have not misused your foundation and had
11:32 pm
money paid to you through your foundation, come on and show the american people your taxes. [applause] we know one thing, you do know something about taxes. donald trump, you sure know how to spend our taxes. on your weekly trips to mar-a-lago. you sure know how to strain the budget of the secret service protecting you and your family. while you play golf every weekend. trump, the average family can barely afford a vacation once a year. taxes, and we don't hide from the government. we expect you to pay your taxes and the stop hiding from the american people. [applause] yes, we want to know who you are very we want to know who you
11:33 pm
pay. we want to know all of your business deals and we want to know your conflicts of interest. [applause] the media is now focusing on syria, and i believe that to be phony attention between donald trump and vladimir putin. all being hyped up, by the white house, still trying to distract us. we know what kind of person donald trump is. this is a man that we saw during disrespectn everybody. were not surprised he is disrespecting us and not showing his tax returns. remember how he attacked a disabled journalist? remember how he attacked a gold star family? attacked the media
11:34 pm
because he doesn't own it and they won't do what he wants them to do? he attacked the federal judges. now to even make public the visitors to the white house. who is he shielding? maybe he's shielding another russian ambassador. shielding all of those allies who we call the gremlin clan. taxcan we trust him to do reform that he claims he wants to do. based on what trump said on the campaign trail, his tax plan would deliver more than half of all total tax cuts to people making more than $1 million a year. what does this say about who he is and who he is looking out for. only ones who the
11:35 pm
benefit on the backs of millions of already struggling americans. they are certainly not looking out for working families. your not looking out for the middle class, and they are certainly not looking out for the poor. donald trump, show the people your taxes. stop stonewalling. [applause] stop hiding. discovered that working in collusion with you and your allies had something to do with the way you won the election. towns andnto small rule communities -- rural communities and you made promises that you never intended to keep anyway. want you now, to show your
11:36 pm
taxes to those families in those small towns of america. familyto just show those -- families and rule communities rural communities and i know you want to do it because he lied to them like you lied to everyone else. i don't respect or trust of his president. he is not working and the best interest of the american people. aremotives and his actions contemptible, and i will fight every day until he is impeached. [applause] impeach 45. mph 45.45
11:37 pm
impeach 45. impeach 45. he showed us what kind of human being he is and he is not going to change. ladies and gentlemen, my millennials, state woke. -- stay woke. thank you. go ahead, impeach 45. impeach 45, impeach 45, impeach 45, impeach 45,. >> for our last motivational, please welcome duane racer -- roycer.
11:38 pm
it?hose country is whose country is it? >>[speaking spanish] -- new new who does donald trump work for? crowd: us. >> we come here today to make a clear declaration that donald trump, you are an employee. [applause] bosses, are demanding some things from a -- you right now. if you choose not to fulfill your obligation as an employee, we will have to write you up. [applause] write him up, write him up, write him up. if you choose to conform with
11:39 pm
our improvement plan, then, mr. -- p, you will be crowd: fired. >> we have come here today clearly saying to donald trump and all his minions that support him, that you have made a mistake in how you have treated the american people. [applause] today toome here a hundred 25 from towns and cities across this country to say to donald trump, we are not going to put up with your stuff. [applause] today, come here claiming our power and our authority as the ones who truly govern this nation. [applause]
11:40 pm
donald trump, you can live but you can't hide. i'm caught in between the fact that this is the holiest weekend for the christian calendar, and i'm trying to be wholly right now. [laughter] the all pray for me. pray for me. i remember what he said to jesus and his disciples, render unto caesar which is caesar and render unto god that is god. the problem that donald trump will release taxes says we can't prove that he is doing either. the reality is is that most of us know he isn't doing either. here because our country is concerned about the direction
11:41 pm
that we are going in right now. we were to really take a hard look at this weekend as we are looking at, and from the christian perspective, we are caught between empires. was caught between an empire, the roman empire. we are caught because donald trump is trying to turn this america into his empire. we are not going to allow him to do that. are you going to let him do it? x [laughter] echelon are your neighbors going to let him do it? crowd: no. >> than yanni to go get your then you all need to go get them and tell them to call donald trump to account. [applause]
11:42 pm
this is our country. whether we are documented or undocumented, it is our country. donald trump, show your taxes. [applause] it is our country. whether we are christian, jewish, muslim, atheist, is our country. donald trump, show, you're it, texas. show, your, taxes. it is our country. ia orr we are lgbtq straight. donald trump, show your taxes. [applause] it is our country whether we are black, brown, or indigenous, or asian, or whether we are white and, donald trump, we demand
11:43 pm
that you. crowd: show your taxes. >> mr. trump, it is our country and we are here to reclaim it to reclaim itnny, from your exclusion and hate. to reclaim it from the defensiveness that you have divided in this country. ,r. donald trump, show, your texas. -- taxes. show your taxes. show your taxes. show your taxes. show your taxes. show your taxes. show your taxes. show your taxes. show your taxes. >> are you fired up?
11:44 pm
are you ready to march? are you fired up? are you ready to march? woo! me too. before we march, there were be marks along the route to guide you. if you are driving, all the rows are up -- open in the opposite direction. make sure you are in a good space. the marks are there to help you along the way. marks will be located at every intersection and they can help .ou believe it or not, the police department will be helping as well. [applause] and an emergency, look for the , with thatve car and being said, let's get our march on. [applause]
11:45 pm
we begin on the other side of the peace monument. so head down there. we want you all to join behind the banner until the commander-in-chief releases his tax returns. be holding banners to show you where to go. god bless you all. god bless the united states of america. [applause] ♪
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11:49 pm
vice president pence is overseas to discuss immigration. he left for south korea alongside his wife and their daughters. the trip comes and mixed rising
11:50 pm
tension and then region -- in the region. easter sundaypend with their family in korea. the vice president will also have other stops in japan, indonesia and australia. then heading back to the united states.
11:51 pm
>> i newsmakers this weekend our guest is the veteran affairs secretary. he talks about the effort to make be a hospitals -- the a hospitals. he worked under the secretary of health for the obama administration. he was confirmed by the senate in february to confirm as his secretary. watch the interview tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. here on c-span. afterwards,ght on
11:52 pm
discusstz with his book how modern warfare has evil with new technology. by a reporterwed from new york. iwar is really a look at what i feel is the new form of warfare that is emerging in the 21st century. i have covered national security affairs for more than 30 years. all over the world. covering these issues. i think it is a reflection of the information age that we are now looking at this new form of warfare which i call information warfare. i define that as both a and then cyber attacks from the russians and chinese. as well as the content of the influence.
11:53 pm
which really only merged with the russianed with election tactics. >> watch afterwords on sunday night. earlier this week interior were part of a discussion on shakespeare read mirrorsas how his work modern-day conflict. this is just under one hour and a half. >> good evening. my name is chris jennings. thank you for joining us. [applause] thank you so much for joining us for tonight's art association, shakespeare discussion.


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