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tv   Vice President Mike Pence Tours the Korean Demilitarized Zone  CSPAN  April 17, 2017 7:17pm-7:36pm EDT

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join the discussion. >> earlier today, mike pence made an unannounced visit to the korean demilitarized zone during his trip to south korea. he received a full briefing from military officials while surveying the area and delivered remarks to the troops. this is 20 minutes. >> the buildings in this area were specifically built for united nations command. that on the far right is the building hours talking to you about, sir. off-duty officers are ready to be -- [indiscernible]
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>> and this building right across the way? >> it is a north korean building equivalent to this one. >> [indiscernible] >> and that building you see to the left. that is a european -- north korean guard post. >> it runs right along that line. >> those are guard posts over there on the right. and obviously, to soldiers.
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they have a couple inside the building. listen very carefully. >> [indiscernible] [indiscernible] >> another building in front has been placed there. >> they do things like making
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sure that the flag is taller than the south korean flag. >> and these are observation towers and looking at? >> that lettuce is the north korean one. those run the whole lane? it is 150 miles. [indiscernible]
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>> how many people would be stationed on the other side? >> [indiscernible] >> that is one of the indications that tensions are different here than they were .or a very long time
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>> [indiscernible]
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pence: think you
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will for being here. it is my great honor to represent the president of the united saves at the demilitarized zone. i am grateful for the leadership of general books and general lien. and the immutable alliance that is represented here by these strong, military leaders. to stand here in this place to be able to give a commitment of the people of the united states to our long-term alliance to people of south korea. to our greetings soldiers here and our soldiers of south korea. here along this historic freedom . we express the resolve of the people of the united states.
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with the people of south korea to preserve their freedom and ensure the objective of a denuclearize korean peninsula. an objective not only by the people of the united states and south korea, but our allies across the globe. we are heartened by the support allies across the asian pacific which will continue to advance this objective with the korean peninsula. the resolve express of the people of the united states and the president of the united states to achieve that objective through peaceable means, through negotiations. but all options are on the table as we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of south korea for the denuclearization of this peninsula and for the long-term prosperity and freedom of the people of south korea.
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let me say it is also very humbling for me to be here. my father served here in korea in the united states army more than 64 years ago. the general favor to me this myning with reflections on father's service. it seems fitting that as vice president, i could be here to personally express the timeless bond between the people of south korea and the people of the united states of america. people across the world should between oure bonds people are not safely strategic and military. they are personal. and they spanned generations of americans and south koreans. and on that foundation, we will see freedom through and we will see the interest of the security and prosperity of the people of south korea.
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and in a word, we go together. >> he said everything is still on the table. does that include a potential u.s. preemptive strike? and on china, what did he lay out to president trump that made him believe china is working hard to put pressure on north korea? vice president pence: they had -- they had a long talk with a broad range of issues. i know the president is hopeful that china will use its influence here on the korean peninsula with north korea to achieve that objective. we are heartened by some initial steps that china has taken in this regard. but we look for them to do more. will behope is that we working with china, working with our partners in south korea, working with japan and other
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allies to achieve this through peaceful means. as the president has made clear, we will never discuss military tactical decisions. the president has made clear and the administration has made here that we stand with the people of south korea. >> do you have a message for the ?eople we seekessage is that peace. america has always sought peace through strength. standinge here today with u.s. forces korea, standing with courageous soldiers is a message of resolve.
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the military of north korea should not mistake the resolve of the united states of america to stand with our allies. the lights between south korea and the united states is ironclad. we will fulfill that alliance for the sake of our people and the people of south korea and we will continue to stand strong to achieve our shared objective across this region and across the world of a denuclearize korean peninsula. >> how is this a different policy compared to the obama administration? and why do you believe you can trust china this time to follow through? lasted ministrations have sought help from china and the often have not come through. pence: president trump is very hopeful that china
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will take actions necessary to bring about a change in policy in north korea. an abandonment of its nuclear weapons program and its ballistic missile program. we are hopeful they will use the extraordinary leverage they have in relation to north korea to achieve that objective. president has made very clear, either china will deal with this problem, or the united states and our allies will. we with regard to change, have literally gone through decades. it was a quarter-century ago that we first learned of the presence of nuclear weapons on the korean peninsula. in the possession of north korea. there was an agreed framework and a period of strategic patience. the era of strategic patience is over. the patient's of the united states and our allies in this region has run out.
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we want to see north korea abandon its reckless path of the development of nuclear weapons andits continual use testing of ballistic missiles is an acceptable. clarity, we hope, will be received in north korea. and they will understand the united states of america and the people of south korea are allies across the region. to achieve our objectives through peaceable means or ultimately by whatever means protect the interests and security of the people of south korea and bring stability to the region. >> thank you. >> thank you all. please head back.
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>> [inaudible]
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language]ng foreign >> good afternoon. first of all, i would like to wholeheartedly welcome vice president pence on his first visit to korea. i would like to extend my warmest welcome to his family and delegation. >>


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