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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 22, 2017 6:59am-8:02am EDT

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and excellence, again, all of society will be the loser. looks like we've exhausted the audience if not the topic. so thank you again very much for being here. i appreciate it. and let me simply say in closing i hope you all spend at least 10% of your time working these issues. [laughter] [applause] >> live coverage of the march for science rally on the national mall and tonight, from the epic center in new york city, the discussion about how the trump presidency compares to past presidential administrations. washingtonon
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journal, tim graham of the media research center has a report on health and news media coverage of president trump. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ host: it is saturday, april 22, 2017. are day -- earth day. event scheduled and the nations capital and in the country and around the world to protect the air, water, land, and efforts to stem climate change. the 47th anniversary of the earth day movement brings a new focus, the march for science in washington and similar marches in other cities will bring scientists together with activist and concerned citizens seeking greater evidence-based policies and decision-making from government officials, and
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more funding for environmental efforts. ,oday, we are asking viewers what is your biggest environmental concern? republicans call 202-748-8001. democrats call 202-748-8000. independents call 202-748-8002. you can reach us on social media, on twitter at c-span wj and on facebook on more today from the washington post about the march for science celebrations taking place in washington and other cities. it says the mark for science is political but not partisan. so say the organizers who insist they can walk the fine line, even in an era of idea -- rancor and extreme polarization. we have asked not to make personal -- partisan attacks said the honorary cochair.
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said this is a group of people who do not like to be told what to do. that is one of the marches and washington, d.c., one of more than hundreds happening all across the country and the world . to mark earth day. president trump recently talked about the epa when he signed an executive order to nullify president obama's clean power plant and climate change efforts. president trump: we are keeping our promises and putting power back into the hands of the people. first, today's energy independence action calls for a the evaluation of the so-called clean power plan. [applause]
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president trump: perhaps no single regulation threatens our miners, energy workers, and companies more than this crushing attack on american industry. we are lifting the ban on federal leasing for coal production. we are lifting job killing restrictions on the production of oil, natural gas, clean coal, and shale energy. finally, we are returning power to the states where the power belongs. states and local communities know what is best for them. they understand it. they get it. they have been doing it for a long time and it was taken away from them and not handled well. they are the ones we should now, and will now come in power to decide -- and will now, and power to decide.
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this is to create american jobs and grow american wealth. we are ending the theft of american prosperity and rebuilding our beloved country. host: the guardian is calling the earth day, the day the experts are fighting back, with a focus on the march for science. it says, one of the organizers of the london march said she was motivated by the rise in fake news and alternative facts during the past year. quote during the referendum campaign that people have had enough of experts. the experts are fighting back, scientist are the natural group -- are not enough room group to go out marching and i know there are some who have reservations but it felt like a proactive and positive move for them to say let's get the public involved. we are taking your calls about your concerns about the
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environment. what are your top environmental concerns? inglewood, ohio, independent line. good morning. i am quite, a nazi, i do not like blacks, jews. host: more about the events today from the washington post. an effort to keep this event from becoming politicized. hopkins a johns molecular biologist and nobel laureate said, in a conference call, it is possible to fight labelingnce without " ourselves without being on one partisan side or the other." formers echoed by the head of the national science of health -- institute of health under george w. bush.
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this is not a partisan issue, this is not an admission -- administration versus another, it is an age-old debate between rational approaches to the universe and rational approaches to the universe. a cancer research advocate at m.i.t. said he was initially excited about the science march but as the event grew closer, it seemed increasingly unlikely it would appear to be anything but partisan. it is a bad idea to align all of science against any political administration, he said, i do not think it is their goal but it runs the risk, especially after such a heated election. we are asking you about your concerns on the environment. republicans call 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents call 202-748-8002. calling in from pennsylvania on the democratic line. good morning. caller: good morning.
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my concern as a grandfather of a four-year-old and 18-year-old, is that, within their lifetimes, given some of the ice cores we have pulled up from long ago, there is the possibility of a rapid dissent into an ice age. heardelieve -- i have that there is some record from analysis, chemical analysis, from some of the cores from long ago that we have triggered -- the earth has triggered an ice age in as few years as a decade. climatefrom a temperate to an ice age climate. i very much fear that kind of thelt, if we do not follow path that president obama set,
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and others around the world. see: what would you like to public officials do? what would you like the government to do to ward off this threat? caller: simply to aggressively pursue the policies that had been set. everything we can to get the rest of the world to follow china and our leadership to, again, try to lower greenhouse gas emissions around the world. methaneo afraid that buried in arctic tundra could be released which is worse than co2. if we do not keep going down the path that was agreed between china and america, and the others at the paris climate
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talks. host: fernando calling from fairfax, virginia on the independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, how are you? host: good, do you have concerns about the environment on earth day? caller: absolutely, not discussed much but reports from addressedmovie that animal husbandry and the water usage and the methane is much worse than the cars being driven. it is not addressed, whether on c-span, npr, major networks, it should be addressed. the can is him is one way -- vegan ism is one way to address that. host: are you concerned that bringing attention to this automatically makes it a partisan issue? caller: i did not see the article. partisan or not, fax or fax.
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-- facts are facts. let's start living by science and facts. otherwise, we are destroying the planet. there are dead zones in the version, forest depletion, especially in the amazon. you can go down the list. we are destroying this planet. if anybody cares about their grandchildren or children, or great-grandchildren, we need to address these problems in a serious manner. poll showslup americans are concerned about global warming. it says americans who worry a great deal about global warming has increased in just the last .ear, 2016, up 37% now at 45% of all americans worried about global warming. bill calling from virginia,
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beach -- virginia beach, virginia on the republican line. caller: good morning. most threats to the environment can be dealt with by humans as long as we use our heads. if you ever watched a documentary of japan after the bombs were dropped in world war ii, the answer to your question is, the explosion of a nuclear bomb, what that does to the environment. host: a little bit more from gallup about americans views about global warming. saying, when it comes to most scientists believe global warming is occurring, that is going out from 2001 to 71% today. the number of people who believe global warming is caused by human activities has gone up from 57% one decade ago to 68%. those who believe the effect has
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62%n has gone from 84% to -- 54% to 62%. those worry a great deal has gone up to 45%. those who think global warming will pose a serious threat in their lifetime has increased from 35% to 42%, according to gallup. oak hill, florida on the democratic line, what are your concerns about the environment? caller: thank you for c-span. i spent half my life on the version's. -- oceans. helium balloon release is one of my pet peeves. the -- since the virginia tech shooting, the balloon releases have gotten worse. i feel for the victims but every tragedy is more thousands of balloons into the atmosphere and they go into the ocean and kill
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sea life. host: what would you like to see done, greater policies to protect, not only the oceans, but other aspects? are you satisfied with what the government is doing? caller: i would like people to be more aware of what they are doing when they release balloons into the atmosphere. host: we are talking about earth day and the march for science across the country, including here in washington, d.c. you can see coverage of the march for science today on the national mall starting at 10:00 a.m. on c-span. catch coverage on and the c-span radio app. kevin is going from norwalk, connecticut, independent line. what is your biggest environmental concern? caller: plastics. and styrofoam, which does not ever go away.
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i feel that it is very important, as far as our environment, that we do not increase our landfills with these things that do not go away. they stay around. recycling is all good but we have to all do our best to recycle. host: do you think that this is an issue that more has to be addressed by our elected officials, or more a matter of personal responsibility for people not to use these products? caller: both, our responsibility as people. also, our government needs to be more cognitive of what we are doing as a people. unless we all get involved, we will not get it done.
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it has to be a cooperative thing. host: ok. the huffington post reports that the pioneer for earth day is calling this a day of mourning because of the donald trump administration. he cochaired the original earth day celebration in 1970 seven there is little to celebrate this year as the president and republicans in congress set out h budgets and undermine laws that protect water, air, and wildlife. mark is calling from boston, massachusetts on the independent line. what are your concerns about this environment on earth day? caller: there are many legitimate concerns from power plants, nuclear power plants, fault lines, lasix being in the environment -- plastics being in the environment, the generic --
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genetic feedstock. my biggest concern is the politicization of the scientific committee. -- community. if you have a dissenting opinion on climate change, no longer called global warming because that has been proven to be kind of fraudulent as far as the manipulation of the data for political reasons. now it is climate change, the weather has always changed. and the politicization of the scientific community, the browbeating of anyone who disagrees with the official standpoint of the globalist perspective. it is here he fearful. people need a scientific understanding of cycles in climates. every 10,000 years, roughly, there is an ice age of some sorts which has happened for millions of years.
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people have to go back and look at the climate change and how it happened. and realize that there are happeningngs that are , as far as the tilt of the earth towards the sun and bigger cycles that need to be looked at. people seem to have forgotten that, or the scientific community that brings these facts up are completely shutdown. it is scary. obviously the weather is changing and the climate changes all the time but the bigger cycles that happen -- for example, the tilt of the earth happens predictably every 10,000 to 12,000 years and brings about huge changes. those will not go away or change. that is here to stay. people need to get more educated . stop listening to sound bites by people who are either misinformed or trying to misinform you and get more
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educated on this. there is a lot of information out there. nottrendy opinion is correct. people need to look deeper into it. i guess thursday talked about the impact of burning fossil fuels. let's take a look. >> we know -- we just wrapped up the hottest year since global recordkeeping began in 1880 four the third year in a row, we broke the record. the 17 hottest years, 16 have occurred in this century and we know what is causing it, rising seas, croplands turning to deserts and mass extinction, the worst since the dinosaurs died. the great barrier reef is dying because we are burning too much fossil fuel. we have but so much also feel
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pollution in the atmosphere, more than 43% more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. that has thrown a huge blanket over the globe and is causing climate chaos worldwide. 195 countries are in agreement on what to do, we need to move forward. host: brad on the republican line from new jersey. good morning. caller: hi. i just wanted to say that -- attention to plant based diet. host: can you talk clearly into your phone, i am having trouble hearing you. caller: i apologize. i suggest more people switch to a plant-based diet. [indiscernible] host: he is breaking up so we move on to spokane, washington, independent line. what are your environmental concerns? caller: good morning.
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areoncern is that people getting upset about a lot of natural processes that, whether it is humans or millions of buffalo, mammals after an effect on the planet earth. there is a scientific term for the shift in the weight of the earth from the polls to the .quator, when the ice melts if the earth was a perfect sphere in a perfect vacuum of space, it would not matter because there would be no other issues but the earth is not perfect, valleys in the oceans and mountains in the oceans and a weight shift, the earth will tilt. that is the mechanism that creates ice ages. buffalo,t is humans or we are speeding up the process, no doubt about that. but all other mammals did also. we should prepare for what
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happens when the earth relatively geologically fast, shifts. we will know that because our gps systems will be out of whack. i got buried in the name of the term, there is a word for the shift in the weight of the earth and the effect it has on the tilt. that is my only comment but if another guest or caller could help me refresh my memory, that would be great. thank you. do you have questions for me? host: thank you for your call. lee from california on our democratic line. do you have environmental concerns on this earth day? caller: yes i do. , a town close to where i live is number one of the worst air. they keep doing it over and
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over. los angeles is bringing their land inwn to -- some the current county area -- kern county area. things should be made harder to do so you can help the people. there will be a lot of suffering and children who will have the worst possible childhood because -- cigarette smoke, yes, but stuff in the air also. oil has to be controlled, no matter who says it should not be. only idiots will believe that there is not a problem when there is. years, whenause two i lived in bakersfield, i could see the to had to be mountains achape mountains and now
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you just see polish an -- and now you see pollution. i hope california get stronger with what they are doing because the governor is trying to do good. i hope that it is taken care of before a lot of people suffer because of the idiots, republicans, there are some democratic idiots. you cannot blame one party. they need to do something about it. host: let's look at a cnn report which looks at what is earth day and what has it meant to accomplish. action andlitical civic participation, people march, sign petitions, meet with elected officials, plant trees, clean up their towns and roads, corporations and governments use it to make pledges and announced sustainability measures. faith leaders including the pope, connect birthday with
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protecting god's greatest biodiversity,ns, the planet we live on. the lead up to the 50th anniversary in 2020, earth day network launched a campaign to bring climate and environmental literacy to the world. climate literacy is recognized universally as the engine or driving individual behavioral change, building consumer support for a green economy, creating green technologies and jobs, and promoting policy reforms at all levels of government. ida calling from wilmington, north carolina, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. happy earth day. host: what are your concerns about the environment? caller: we are not good stewards of the earth. that is my first concern. i do not think god is pleased with us for that.
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i am no tree hugging liberal, either. there was an article in a newspaper, the local newspaper, theheadline stated that cape fear river and another river was becoming endangered because of the hog industry. like your previous caller, i am concerned about the fukushima spill, the most recent mother of all bombs, the way that we make use of science. plastic bags. plastic bottles for drinking water. i do not think people understand what will happen is we will be fighting about water. we will have water wars. i have read a lot about that.
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science is very important. but we must be good stewards of the earth and find a balance, somewhere between the two. student friend who is a at a university who completed her masters in biology. we talk about the importance of science. i wanted to call in and share with you that my concern is that -- we are not good stewards of the earth and we must protect the earth. host: ok. the washington post look at some of the president's environmental policies and reports that the white house is eyeing a plan to cut the epa staff by 1/5 and eliminate key programs. says the funding level proposed, which says -- the document says highlights the trade-off in choices inherent in pursuing these goals to have a significant impact on the agency, its annual budget would top from $8.2 billion a year
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$6.1 billion per year. because the funding goes to states and localities in the forms of grants, such cuts could have a greater impact on the -- epa's the' epas core function. the president trump professes to guess wrong about clean air and clean water, no other agency is as much in the crossers at the moment. he will leave only tiny tidbits of the epa. charlestown, rhode island, republican line, hello, al. caller: thank you for c-span. it shows how stupid our public is, colors calling about plastic bags and hogs. the problem we have with global warming and many problems in this country is overpopulation. countries.rom poor
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you see both from libya going to from libya going to italy, italy -- china, indonesia, africa, they want to go to europe, it is overpopulation. overpopulation, cut down. they use more fuel, more electricity. it is the overpopulation. countries, people having families, africa, babies are crying and their stomachs are bloated, the woman said she has this poor child and cannot see them, what is she doing with 12 or 13 children. ?this is the problem . we have to teach them and instruct them, the other countries have to take care of their own. they cannot pass them on to other countries that are smart and doing better. the american people are not
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having big families, they cannot afford them. the people having babies are the people who cannot afford them which is happening throughout the world and that is causing global warming, dirty atmosphere, we do not have as much water. that is the problem. no one is addressing it. the biggest problem in this world is overpopulation. host: mary is calling in from florida on the democratic line. what is your biggest environmental concern? caller: i waste that they would concentrate on people's health -- i wish they would concentrate on people's health instead of calling it global warming. people think if it is global warming, who cares. maybe it is better to have a warmer climate. the problem is, the air pollution is really bad for people's health. i am one of them.
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you can probably tell in my voice. if you do not believe air pollution is bad, come to florida in the season because that is when the people come and the automobiles are out in the road. problemever had a lung before in my life but i have one now. because of all of this. that is my main concern. website,ording to a most young people are showing concern about how their daily lives affect the planet. it says that, unlike those 35 or older, the majority of millennials, their habits impact the environment. one of the stated goals behind earth day is to build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and aware of its unprecedented threat on the
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planet. the best bet for organizers hoping to recruit new disciples dedicated to protecting the planet. it is to target individuals who are ready show interest in the cause. we are talking to you about your concerns about the environment on this earth day. republicans call 202-748-8001. democrats, 202-748-8000. independents call 202-748-8002. serge is calling from indiana, independent line. caller: yes, please. -- scientific emerging,concern of presently, exponentially. i will like to draw attention to the fact that we have a situation where a political
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problem globally, nationalism has been on the rise and it is recessive. at the time when we need, especially u.s. major national collaborative global collaborative policy to deal with the earth problem. you know, the -- globalization started with politics with the dissolution of the soviet empire. the views in the 90's were optimistic, there was a will to euphoric optimism about the future. unfortunately, global politics needs,ling the earth's
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social, political reality. host: and what way do you think this is affecting environmental policies? caller: it is affecting environmental policies because recessive nationalism has deviated from collaborative global policies to address the problem. unfortunately, unless global collaboration takes place, we will have massive dislocations throughout the world. what we should be doing at the present time is preparing for the consequences of global
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undeterminedts on areas throughout the world. competitivee of enterprise institute joined us and talked about how climate change data is wrong. pollution butt against limiting the world's ability to deal with full and by making -- carbon dioxide is not a fully to, a naturally occurring gas. the data is, not the model predictions, the data, he talks about everything going up. the rate of warming is so much lower than what the models have predicted, i think it calls into question the entire project. we have seen, for the last 20 years, a very slow rate of warming, about one third to one half of what was predicted i the lowest models.
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, ahink we have a difference confusion between environmental protection and limiting pollution. this global warming regime. i agree with the caller, the global warming agenda is really about empowering and enriching the climate industrial complex. there were major companies and wealthy people who are benefiting, making billions of dollars and hope to make hundreds of billions of dollars off the backs of taxpayers and consumers around the world. host: republican line, lancaster, pennsylvania. good morning. caller: good morning. host: what are your environmental concerns on this earth day? global warming is melting the ice caps and making the sea level rise. host: what would you like to see -- would you like to see public officials do something
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different, or are you taking action to try to stop this from happening? are you there? caller: sorry. melting the ice cap and the water is rising. --the winter host: william is calling from newport, michigan on the democratic line. what are your environmental concerns? caller: i would like to say that the global warming is caused by -- are you there? ok. it is caused by the 300 nuclear bombs the united states set off during the 1970's and the russians have done as much. they probably lied to us and did 900 instead of 300, i believe that is where the global warming
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is coming from, all the bombs going off. host: other headlines, the hill reporting that the night circuit court of appeals has denied a wider review of president .rump's travel ban they denied a request for an 11 member court review of the travel ban that was struck down by a hawaii federal judge earlier this year. the los angeles times as the san francisco-based appeals court voted to reject the request from hawaii for a wider review that will have taken the case to a full panel. the decision means the case will follow traditional path of judicial appeal and will head to month.-judge panel next one of several courts reviewing the president's travel ban. david is calling from virginia on the independent line. what are your environmental concerns on this earth day? caller: what everybody else has been saying today. my main concern is population growth.
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it immediate impact on, not just pollution, but the overpopulation of what the world can hold in a modern society. i am looking at a page and it has the world population at 7.5 billion, currently. this growth continues, it looks like between 75 -- 75 million people and 100 million people each year and goes up each year. aboute was talking overpopulation earlier, it causes me to wonder, is there an answer for this growth? the idiot growth, the lady was saying, if we do not have a way to check this growth, the pollution and everything goes with it, can we turn this into
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an earth day that is positive becomes ae that harbinger of our future? host: randy is calling in from tallahassee, florida, on the republican line. what are your environment concerns? caller: i see things on the news about trash files and we drive by them. thing i think, there are a lot of people willing to voluntarily separate up trash in two different categories. you could go organic, metal, plastics, gas, chemicals, the organics would probably the only thing to go into the landfill. the rest could go into whoever would do recycling. probably a lot cheaper than getting them out of the earth. host: are you satisfied with the efforts in terms of recycling in florida? implementf trying to
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this idea you have? caller: i think we are going in the right direction but if we broke it down into categories, it could be more effective. the study you showed about the millennials being willing to change their habits is a good positive study. it looks like people would be willing to do it. host: and other headlines today, the new york times says the justice department is warning cities to comply with -- on policies on migrants. it says the trap administration escalated it with sanctuary cities that limit cooperation with federal immigration authorities, threatening them on friday with the loss of grant money, if they do not remove certain barriers. the justice department sent letters to officials in new york city, philadelphia, california, and other places singled out last year by the agency's inspector general for regulations that interfere with the ability of police or
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sheriff's to communicate with federal immigration authorities about the status of prisoners in their custody. "many of the jurisdictions are crumbling under the weight of the legal immigration and violent crimes." the justice department said in a news release. donald from san antonio on the democratic line. good morning. , he hit it last man on the head. what is destroying our planet is greed. we are depleting the earth of all of its resources. one man called in, i felt like i wanted to throw up, talking about babies, babies destroying the planet? the world is getting larger but it is greed that is destroying the country. all over the world, greed, if people look around, it is about depleting the earth of its resources.
7:42 am
they do not care. the last man fitted on the head when he said that, if we learn how to, places where we process and everything you throw away, recycling it and turning it into things we can use. it is mostly greed. thank you. host: darrell is calling in from north carolina on the independent line. what is on your mind? caller: your last caller, i agree a lot, greed does a lot to destroy countries, whether it is the environment or economically. you name it, greed is of the bottom of it. there are so many confused people calling in. the man from rhode island talking about overpopulation in poor countries. they are the ones causing the problem with the environment.
7:43 am
needs --educated and not educated and needs to get educated. decreases the carbon footprint. we are doing better than in the past, but decreasing the epa by 20% will only make us a sick or and worst country. -- sicker and worst country. it will make it worse in the future. host: the united states has its own -- has to do with climate -- the impact on the climate, but we are not alone in the world. are you concerned that other countries are not doing enough to stem the effect on the environment? caller: i do agree with that. cannotbigger picture, we set policies for the world.
7:44 am
who we do have control over is the united states. we have control over ourselves. i recycle. every plastic bottle and plastic bag, all the cardboard i get in my house, that is recycled, that is how i reduce my carbon footprint. until the american people decide that they will do what they can do. we have set a tone that step up and lead in a greater way for the world. then we can have a greater effect on greenhouse gases and things of that sort. look at china. they are burning all of the coal and other stuff, and some of the other developing countries who do not have an epa, to try to reduce the carbon footprint of their countries. yes, those are doing it. but it goes back to greed. they are trying to produce , that at a lesser charge
7:45 am
the greedy people in the united states will buy, instead of buying something that may cost a little bit more that is friendlier to the environment to produce, then they will increase their profit margin. if you really care about the world and what is going to be like for our children in the future, you pay a little bit more, realizing that you will make the role a safer and better place long-term. host: some other headlines today on the front page of the new york times, president trump promised a tax plan next week, surprising his own staffers. he promised on friday to unveil a massive tax-cut for americans next week. he set a big announcement would come on wednesday but revealing no details about what is certain to be an a normatively complicated -- enormous copper get it effort. the announcement surprised capitol hill and left his own treasury official speechless as he arrived at the treasury
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offices to sign directive to roll back obama era tax rules and financial regulations. earlier in the day, when reporters asked stephen manage and how far a tax over how was -- overhaul was, he said he could not give an answer, saying tax reform is way too promulgated, he said. terry is calling in from atlanta on the democratic line. what is your concerns about the environment? caller: good morning. it is karma. , treatrican indians said every day like it is earth day. ity treated the earth as if was their mother, how it nourished them and gave them food. they treated every day like this and we have to have an earth day. my concern today is -- what about oil? how important is oil to the earth itself? every day we take millions of barrels of oil out. no one says, what significance
7:47 am
it is or how long it takes to replenish. it is like somebody taking blood out of you. one of the main significance of the planet, some of your callers were dead on with their greed thing. it is amazing how we take stuff from this earth and not put anything back. you cannot keep taking from the earth and expected to perform the same way. my main concern is oil. what is the purpose of it and why do we keep taking so much and not putting anything back? line.michigan, republican what are your environmental concerns, blaine? caller: the callers are my concern. the caller from atlanta, how much pollution is there? atlanta today, what do you see from the hills in marietta,
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georgia? host: what would -- go ahead. caller: it is a give and take. the epa is redundant. why are we building a huge government control district where you are now to help establish epa regulations in montana? look at the animus river spell last summer. they contaminated the river. it was not cleaned up from the old gold mine, the epa did that through its contractor. records andch of paper fossil is and the encounters -- my cousin is tonging a truckload of bees put in the woods where we planted hundreds of trees over the years.
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we have an advantage, we are in the woods and can do something. some callers can recycle but that is based on the need and the commercial value of what you are recycling. otherwise, you're stockpiling stuff. there are 300 million tires per year used in the united states and they cannot all be used up. there are solutions that need to be put in place commercially, otherwise it is not possible. like the windmills, they kill hundreds of birds. the big glass solar panels, they use and and glass and processing materials. and a lot of materials -- and energy to be built. to what end? things have to be looked at from a usable standard. host: other headlines for president obama, the vacation is over reports the new york times but he is not starting to pick a fight.
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his extended postpresidential vacation is about to end. after weeks and french polynesia, including a time on the yacht of the movie mogul david geffen and bruce springsteen, tom hanks, oprah winfrey, mr. obama will return to chicago on monday for his first public event as a former president. it says that his supporters who have been waiting eagerly for the former president to respond accusationsssor's of policy reversals are likely to be disappointed. even as he witnesses president trump's relentless and chaotic assault on his legacy, mr. obama remains committed to the idea that there is only one president at a time. those close to him say he does not intend to confront mr. trump directly on immigration, health care, foreign policy, or the environment during any of his events. you can get one event live on monday, barack obama speaking at the university of chicago at 12:
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p.m. catch it live on c-span and and the c-span radio app. harry calling from georgia, independent line, what are your biggest environmental concerns? caller: what i wanted to do was dispel some of these arguments. we had people calling in and blaming overpopulation in poor countries for global warming. you know, they have large families, just like we used to have here in america when we were a developing country. you have more children, you have more hands to work the land and keep the family alive. this is what they are doing. unfortunately, they are living in what we consider to be the past. to them, it is the present. more -- as aecomes nation becomes more developed and more wealthy, they have
7:52 am
fewer children. person,ut -- for each they use much more carbon -- much more pollution than one person -- one person in america creates much more pollution than a family of 10 in africa. what we have to do is figure out how to get these countries -- theed where they will population growth will slow down. after all, we will need the people as we have fewer and fewer children in america. we will need somebody to come here and do the work we expect them to do. we are all old. not trying, as a world, to control our output of
7:53 am
pollution is insanity. to think that we are not capable of destroying this earth, we are perfectly capable of destroying this earth. if we do not do something about going --ow we are all we know where we are all going. host: independent line, iowa, what are your thoughts, brian? are you there? go ahead. we may have lost him. we will go to jail calling in from cleveland -- joe calling in from cleveland. good morning. caller: i would like to make an analogy and a point. this ball we live on called planet earth is circling around something we call the sun. we are millions of miles away from where we were yesterday, an important point.
7:54 am
everything on this planet that is living, from insects to the fish in the sea, to the birds that fly, to the animals that walk, to the plants that grow, to the humans that are here, we consume everything that gives us life from this planet. we have been consuming from this planet since the beginning of time. when we talk about pollution, one or two volcanoes going off every your cause more pollution than anything man can do to this planet. the creator or the evolution did not make life to be destroyed, it may life to keep going and living. it would take a huge effort to destroy this planet and people have to wake up to reality. we are living in a ball floating through space that produces life for all of us to live. happy earth day and thank you for your time. host: gracie is calling in from virginia on the democratic line. you have concerns about the environment on this earth day? caller: yes.
7:55 am
the other guy was right, over here, it is coal. this time of your used to be warm but the water is rising and some in virginia. countries, you have to treat everybody the same, the whole world. not just africa, the immigrants. all are human beings. moses, he did not recognize -- one side country. -- they thinktes they're better than all of the countries. at whatd to look happened to the pharaoh. thank you. host: and other headlines, the
7:56 am
associated press reports that president trump is telling dreamers that they can rest easy , that is immigration policies are focused on criminals. it's as young immigrants brought to the u.s. as children and now in the country illegally cap rest easy. the president told the dreamers they will not be targets for deportation under his immigration policies. in a wide-ranging interview friday, donald trump said his administration is "not after dreamers, we are after the criminals." bob is calling in from massachusetts on the independent line. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call. my opinion on global warming would be -- america is 5% of the world population. we consume 57% of the world products. more better about
7:57 am
the consumption rates, that would be great. we are the only country on the planet that takes care of the environment. we are not doing anything with almost everything they make is covered with lead. their entire country is like a giant cesspool. america can do all it wants to straighten out the global environment but with 5% of the population, we cannot make the other 95% of the population cleaner. like someone else i heard this morning say, we cannot govern the world and make them do what they are supposed to do. as 5% of the population, we cannot destroy our economy and our country to do something, nobody us will try. host: william is calling in from louisiana on the republican line. good morning, william. caller: good morning. i agree with the previous caller, a lot of them has hit it
7:58 am
on the nose. it has a lot to do with greed. together and come resolve the situation. and bring america back. host: ok. larry is calling in from vermont on the democratic line. good morning, larry. caller: morning. host: what are your thoughts about the environment on this earth day? caller: i think it is all about money. thatkeep electing people are greedy and do not care about the environment. it is just going to keep getting worse, isn't it? host: do you think the marches that will take place today will make a difference? caller: the what? host: there are marches today in washington, d.c. and 600 other cities across the world.
7:59 am
the thing that has an impact -- do you think that has an impact? caller: maybe. maybe. we have to elect people that will do what has to be done to keep everything clean, right? host: coming up next, media research center tim graham will discuss his group's report examining media coverage of president trump. and the campaign to get guns off campuses, nancy pelosi and students for concealed carry will discuss the debate over allowing guns on college campuses. this week, c-span newsmakers interviewed the top democrat on the house budget committee, john yarmuth of kentucky who discussed the leverage democrats have as the minority in congress what kind of compromise is possible around the dissident -- he did -- the spending proposal. >>
8:00 am
>> i think we have a lot of negotiating leverage in this situation. every budget deal over the last few years has been done with democratic votes, and most cases more than republican votes. i think that will be the situation again this year. they will need democratic votes in both the house and senate. the things some republicans want to put into that weding mechanism don't like, i think we have the advantage on those issues. and possibly on the one thing i think we would like to have, which is the authorization for funding for the car sharing reductions in health care. >> you do believe you will be a blue get that in the bill? >> i don't know, but i think we are in a good negotiating position. the republicans are in charge of the entire government now, and
8:01 am
nobody is going to confuse who is to blame if the government gets shut down and the ensuing disruption to the economy that that would mean. i suspect that the republicans want to make sure that they get something done a little bit more than we do. >> to put a little finer point on it, one of the elements of compromise i am hearing about is democrats may be going to increase the defense budget somewhat, using more funding, as a way of making a compromise. is that something you would support? >> it depends. the administration, when they propose to their skinny budget last month, asked for $54 million in additional funding for defense and a $54 billion cut in nondefense discretionary spending. at a costease comes of non-reduction and nondefense discretionary, i thinkt


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