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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 25, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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gelinas. ineas talks macgu about the looming deadline that lawmakers have to fund the government host: the house comes back into session today with efforts to keep the government opened past friday. house leadership will be briefed on trump's tax reform plan tonight. the senate, all members will be briefed tomorrow concerning north korea. that meeting can -- that meeting expected to take place at the white house. after a three-month break, barack obama to sit stage at the university of chicago. he managed to do so without talking about president trump. we'll hear from the former president.
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in the first hour, we want to hear from you. what role should former president barack obama play? you can tweet us. several of the papers highlights the meeting that took place at the university of chicago. version.usa today's"
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that is some of the write up. we would see some of president obama's statements. in the first hour, we want to hear from you on the role you think he should play. president barack obama yesterday delivering statements and comments at the university of chicago in his first appearance since leaving the white house. >> what i said in 2004 that there were no red states or blue states, the united states of america. that was an aspirational comment, but i think -- and it
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is one that i still believe in the sense that when you talk to , there'sls one-on-one a lot more people have in common then divided them. obviously it is not true when it comes to our politics. maybe more pernicious is the fact that people are not involved. they get senecal and they give up -- they get senecal and they give up. low participation rates are translated to further gap between who is governing us and what we believe. the only folks who are going to be about solve the problem of young people, the next generation. i have been encouraged sharphere i go to see how
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and astute and tolerant and thoughtful and entrepreneurial our young people are. the former u.s. president barack obama at the university of chicago talking about young people, avoiding the current u.s. president. we want to get your current thoughts on the role president obama should play. the commentator on cnn has a piece taking a look at president obama in his post-presidency.
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we will start off with lawrence, st. paul, minnesota. independent line. lawrence, you're up first. caller: always good to get a chance to see you. two quick comments. i am a bit surprised because i do not recall such fanfare when other presidents stepped into the public like after they have
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left office. this is a bit surprising. the real comment is, i would recommend everybody to read the book published by two new york times people called the president's club. it talks about the relationships that develop why the former president's. the only way you can join us by being a former president. it is very insightful and that they are more reflective toward supporting the office of the president that any political party. host: do you think that is the current role that president obama should play? caller: my take is all presidents generally migrate to that position. i don't suspect that president obama be any different. their concern now is the united to a strongposed democratic or republican party.
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he will do what he can do in order to support what is in the best interest of the united states. host: let's go to paul, democrats line. caller: i think the barack obama should stay out of the limelight. i watched his forum, he looked like a shrieking violet. trump is destroying everything he accomplished as far as the environment, health care and everything else. he didn't say a word about it. it was humiliating, i thought, just watching him. when you have a president that boasts that he has high ratings with his associate press iserview during 9/11, that one disgraceful situation. host: do you think that president obama will take on issues of this current
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administration? caller: i doubt it. he is not a very forceful person. he is too much of a professor. he would be better off just going off into the distance and let trump destroyed everything, because that is what he is going to do anyway. i thought his form was humiliating. forum, go to our website at and view it there. let's hear from jackson, mississippi. the morning -- good morning. you are on, go ahead. caller: yes -- yes, the thing about former president which he that titled resident is in he has no control over anything.
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so i was just sent wanting to i did not vote for him, but i really do respect him. he was a better president than what we have so far. host: as far as a role that president obama should play, what do you see? well, he could do speaking events as president clinton did. that is just for money. host: targeting this current administration, d believe that is part of a post president's role as well? caller: no, he should i do that because that is bringing the country down -- he shouldn't do that because that is bringing the country down. even though our current
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president is not right which i did not vote for him, but it is not right. host: that is ken in mississippi. if you go to the washington examiner this morning on its it has a former member of senate talking about why president obama was smart not to mention president trump and his first address.
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from minnesota, republican line. this is cj. go ahead. caller: good morning to you. good morning to c-span. as i was listening to the show, i just wanted to say that around the same time when they shut down the country, i will never forget the day, because i was driving eight-year-old kid home from school and we were listening to it on the radio, and they said, as of 12:00 friday night, the government will be shut down. the kids said to me does that mean the president will not get paid? i didn't know what to say. --way, sunday is when we got while the country was shut down by the congress, he was still
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doing his job. i never will forget that because what he just said was, when you talk to people, they do have more in common with each other than different from each other to do some of the politics when he gets in the middle of it, it does incinerate people because people will get hostile. it is the way you said it in the way you feel about the candidate . there is some differential between that, don't you think? host: as far as the role itself, and he said a lot. how should that play out in post-presidency for barack obama? caller: i think he cares about the country still regardless of what people are saying about him. he was the first time he was a longtime president, somebody asked me do you think he wants to -- why does he want to win again?
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i said because he wants to finish what he started. host: let's go to miami, florida. caller: i would like to point out -- active role to speaking in america, he should make sure that he intercedes in favor of downgrading the demonstrations or diffusing the demonstrations that are going on. some of them are violent. country movee as a forward with the understanding that it is going to change and we need to accept the change and move on. host: lydia, good morning to you from upper marlboro, maryland. caller: president obama is a gentleman and a scholar. i would never expect them to say a word about donald trump, not
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even to mention his name. he have a the right to private life, to do exactly as he pleased. he doesn't have to say anything about the democratic party, donald trump. i'm sure as we speak, he and michelle are writing their books, watching the daughter go off to harvard this fall and the youngest daughter, graduate from sidwell friends. i think she will be in 11th grade this year. host: yunnan expect him to say anything about the current -- you don'tn expect him to say anything above the current administration? caller: no, it is up to the democratic party to do what they can to protect his legacy. he is a private citizen and an ex-president of the united states. just like bill clinton he has earned his life to a private
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life to play as much office he wants, to write his memoir and enjoy his life. host: rick also twitter says this -- speaking of tweets, c-span sent out a tweet yesterday. it tagged the line that he started off his speech with. when we sent out this tweet, we found out it is c-span's number one most retreated obama tweet ever. you can see that tweet right there, you can see the forum that took place at you can post on twitter if you want. you can post on facebook and give us a call on the phone line. we'll go next to jack in massachusetts. independent line. good morning. caller: good morning, sir.
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i think it has only been 100 days. president obama is tired. i have the most respect for that men. he is a black leader in this country and he is doing what he is supposed to do, sitting back and he is going to give mr. trump a chance. it has only been 100 days. you cannot fix everything and 100 days. host: do you think he will eventually make statements? caller: i think he has served this country well. i'm an independent. i voted libertarian the last few elections, ok echo -- ok? with the exception of the previous election where i didn't think president obama would do a good term. votenge my libertarian just because this country needs to run it like a
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business and not a political mess. the libertarian party got 10% of the vote. those were not hillary's votes and she got 39%. she is taking the temper sent and added that to hers just that 10% and added that to hers -- that 10% and added that to hers. i was proud to vote libertarian. abouta couple of things the current administration going on, especially when it comes to the potential shutdown of the government scheduled for friday. it is a bill to keep the government-funded that has not passed. , theuters this morning headline says that --
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on the pages of politico, it takes a look at paul ryan and what he faces, not only when it comes to government shutdowns but other factors as well, saying --
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congressional leadership being briefed on the plan today as far as the former president and his role, let's hear from rich in marion, ohio on our republican line. caller: good morning.
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[indiscernible] , we have 25%emies of our uranium from hillary given to russia. we have 9 trillion -- the only thing we should ask is, what are they doing to help solve this problem instead of making it worse? while we try to work through this. the youth are going to have this 9 trillion turnaround and all these jobs will get jammed up because it can i get our economy going. everyone should pick up and start working for it. topic to president obama's role now, what do you think? caller: he should pitch in. if he is want to do something, help to solve that not showing in dollars. that $9 trillion.
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mary, from illinois, hello? caller: i told her my name was betty. ok, good morning pedro. that was a beautiful poem yesterday. it showed how smart these young people are nowadays in their thinking. i wish they were able to run the country now. it was a diverse group of people and for the man to say that this country should be run by a business, do he see what is happening with this businessman that is running the country now? trump do not know what he is doing. he hasn't got his cabinet filled with the right amount of people he need now. running the country like a business is not the way to run a country. thank you, pedro. host: before you go.
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only because we're asking everyone on the role that president obama should be playing. caller: the role that he is doing now, getting younger people involved. host: do you expect him to speak out against the administration out? caller: i don't want him to do that. i want him to concentrate on the young people. people a little speak likethem to they were speaking yesterday. host: why not talk about the current administration? caller: because there is no need to talk about trump. trump is going to do whatever he wants to do and it is not necessary. let trump bigger hole like he is digging already. host: sunset, texas, republican line. here's katie. caller: good morning, pedro. thank you for taking my call.
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i think obama should play an active role as far as having his party become a more even playing field. sanderst that bernie was the best choice for this country, because i liked his ideas and i think obama should help him with this party to push those ideas that he had for our country. i have nothing but the fullest respect for president obama. he did have a hard way to go. i think you should play an active role in helping our country just get a better playing field and get the special interest groups out of the mix. host: off of twitter, the viewer said this --
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the previous color talked about the -- the previous caller talked about the current president's cabinet.
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julia is next from south carolina, democrats line. caller: yes sir. my name is julia, and for the eight years that mr. obama was in office, when he first came in office, it was a rough road because he had to get things straightened out. now that he has gotten things where they are more laid-back now we've for us, so got trump here and he is just a businessman. i read a lot of things about him. we need somebody as barack obama needs to play it because he is a political man, he knows how to run the job, he knows how to lay it out the form. he knows how to handle this. you are talking about building a
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wall? you're talking about stopping drugs from coming in from the border. we need to work on controlling the drugs that we have here in the united states. instead of warning about drugs coming through the border. we need to worry about drugs here. drugs are established here in the united states. you worry more about what is come across the border than what drugs we have going on here. what role should barack obama play, because he is a political to work with how the system. he knows how to get things straightened out. off ofhat is julia and twitter, a couple of comments this morning.
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president obama did talk about one policy thing currently going on. the topic of immigration and addressed that yesterday during his forum. here's what he had to say. >> generally speaking, immigration is a good example of an issue that stirs up so much passion, and sometimes misinformation, that it is hard for us to have a good, healthy conversation on it. the interesting thing is historically when you look at surveys, the overwhelming majority of americans believe that america is a nation of immigrants, and that immigration has contributed to the wealth and prosperity and dynamism of
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the country. the majority of americans also believe that immigration should be lawful and in order and it should not be haphazard peers sometimes they feel -- haphazard. sometimes they feel frustrated if it is perceived that folks are breaking the rules or cutting the line, essentially. i think it is important for those who support, as i do, immigration reform and pathways to citizenship for folks who are here, not to assume that everybody who has trouble with the current immigration system is automatically racist. that is an example of us being able to listen. obama at thent university of chicago at a forum featuring many young people talking about issues that where asking about the role you think
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president obama should play post-presidency. the chicago tribune not surprisingly featuring president obama on his front page talking about that engagement that took place at the university of chicago. as you look at that, we were here from julia -- we will hear from julia. julia in south carolina? let's go to eric, north miami beach, florida. caller: can you hear me? host: yes, you are on. caller: i will go first what i think what barack obama should be doing. i believe obama is a corporatist kind of president pretty walks a
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fine line between, he is supported by the banking but he also is the first black president so he has a huge amount of weight on his shoulders. he will do the right thing for history and for himself. i think he wants a positive view for the country and we should -- and the thing he should do is fully support a progressive agenda. he should support candidates in midterm elections like a bernie sanders that don't take money from the donor class. can --y true people that that can truly be a people's champion is a person like bernie sanders that doesn't take money from the lobbyists. once you do that, you have to walk a fine line between trying
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to -- here's the thing, whether you're a democrat or republican, you are all of being fed from the same milk. you have the same billionaire class that controls the whole system. pro-life? pro-abortion? where are you on the spectrum? one,asically funded by whether it is goldman sachs. the big players that funding these parties control the entire system. the other way to have a true democracy is if barack obama were to get behind, use his support base, get behind a bernie sanders, a true people's champion, go behind the midterm elections pgf2 root out the whole system because it is like
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barack obama trying to work with the republicans. you cannot work with someone that is being supported and their business is a test their agenda is a business agenda. if you're a puppet, you cannot work with a puppet. there is no compromise. host: eric, got you. let's go to ohio. caller: hello? i would like to say look, president obama had eight years, two terms as president to do his job. to do the right thing by this country and protect our border. it is illegal for people to cross that border into this country. that is a given. that is a law. you not allowed to come across, just like you're not allowed to steal from people. people need to understand, mr. trump has got a lot on his plate. in order for changes to come, it took a man like this to basically get egged intimate old
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and badmouth to make the changes our country needs. for people to sit back and glorify somebody that basically, ok maybe he did some good things but the things that really needed to be done which is job creation, economics, things that are going to make a big difference for my son, my kids wasn't done it all he did was get -- it's got a stop. host: how would you -- caller: he needs to step aside and let mr. trump do his job. the man has a long way to go to correct the problems that were -- that were created over the last 12 years. he needs to step aside. host: since president obama did not mention president trump, do you think that is always going to the case for him? caller: i think he might. for now, the country is in an
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uproar. for mr. obama which is pretty much a lot of people still -- i respect him. i know if he starts saying things, it is going to erupt. he knows that. he needs to mellow out and let trump do his job. we will see what happens. just like mr. trump says, nothing is going to happen overnight. you are not going to change this country in 100 days. host: commenting on the idea of the role that president obama post-presidency. if you want to call the phone lines and pick the line that best represent you, you can do so. if you want to post on twitter, you can do that. you can post on our facebook page. if you go to politico, they have a story taking a look at the iran nuclear deal done under the obama administration. here is the headline --
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more to this and you can find it at the lyft website. nikki from norfolk, virginia. caller: good morning. yes, i wanted to call and voice my opinion on the question which was what does barack obama's role outside of his presidency? i was anxious to see him speak yesterday at the university of chicago, because i believe what is going to change in this country is galvanizing the next generation. i believe that is what he has been doing ever since he decided to run for office. that is the reason why he was
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able to reach so many people, because he realizes that there are other ways to be able to reach people, other generations, other cultures, religions. we are a nation of all kinds of people, and if you turn your eye --y from what you believe in other people believe in, you are not going to get anything done. there was a german on the panel -- a gentleman on the panel who was a young republican pete he wasn't shutting it out. the caller who was on before i was on was so angry that obama did not do anything. he had a congress that said they are going to make him a one term president. you cannot do anything when you have that kind of discourse. i believe his role as president post-presidency is to galvanize people, to get people to understand the political process and to get out to communities and talk to people, hear what they have to say.
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that is the only way you are going to get things changed could was the perfect? no, nobody is a perfect president. he do his best? absolutely. i miss them tremendously. just the statue that he has. you cannot compare and barack obama to a donald trump. you can't. what dide to say that he do as president? the other cola said, trump has a lot on his plate. you choose to be president. nobody makes you president, you choose to be president. you don't have to be president. host: let's go to colorado, independent line. caller: thank you for taking my call. like i said, i think obama was one of the greatest resize eisenhower. -- besides eisenhower. nown't think our president
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knows what he is doing. .'m very, very upset if he keeps going the way he has been going, i think we are going to be in world war iii. host: when it comes to president obama, what would you like to see him take? caller: the role he is taking right now. he is a gentleman, a man. he is not a male species. he is honest. host: as far as the role he takes right now, how do you think it is going to be effective? show other generations how to treat people, -- whatnd, to be caring can i say? understanding, i mean, show a little compassion. if you make a mistake, live up
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to it. host: clarence in nashville, tennessee. caller: good morning and thank you, c-span. iwatch mode -- i watched most of it last night. it was 300 invited guests it wasn't just walk in and sit down law students. president obama now has a job to do and that job is to get funding for his library, and also for the obama and -- obama foundation that is being set up for a while. was very the press glad to hear from their guy. the speech itself, i am sure did not appease the left as much as they would like.
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i'm sure they and many of their supporters would like for obama to take more of a piling on and criticism of this president. host: did you expect that type of speech? caller: the piling on type? no, i really didn't, because obama's got to at this point speak to a wider audience than he did when he was president. i think he was one of the most divisive presidents we have ever had. his policies were the only thing that hillary wanted to run on. between he and she, it is more likely the reason they lost. calling him to not be president by name, but by inference in a lot of his speeches. at this point, i think he should
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take a cue from some of the .ther presidents and be quieter that is going to be a lot of money that he is going to require. host: apologies about that. did mean to cut you off. appreciate the call -- didn't mean to cut you off. appreciate the call. daughternt president's traveling internationally, invited to speak by angela merkel in germany. this is a story from nbc news.
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this is upper marlboro, maryland. democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my call, pedro. as far as president obama, what he can do is what he is doing now is doing the right thing.
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he is not criticizing the current administration, because he respects the will of the american people, even though the democrats lost. he needs to understand now that there's a new movement. they are more progressive. andd of corporate donald want to be more included in the process. he needs to go out and reach out to those kind of electric. justere is more to democrats, republicans. they have progressives and he has such a great approval rating, he doesn't need to be quiet. at the same time, he is walking a fine line. he knows he needs to let the current government and donald trump lead the government the way he sees it fit. at the same time, he can just be quiet and not galvanize young
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people who are ready to take on -- he reach out to the bernie understandple who meddlingorate donald with our policies is not going to do any good. theidn't lose because democrats didn't lose because [indiscernible] they have not included more and more progressive in their movement. that is what he needs to do. " takeshe "new york times a look at the times of the current president.
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keith from wisconsin. independent line. you are next. caller: good morning. the president of the capitalists country is the chief executive for managing the affairs of the bush war. that is what president obama did for eight years. office, i said i was support them until the day he used drones to kill civilians. now and whatd do .e will do is a vast difference what he should do is go on a real apology tour and apologize for the killing of innocent civilians. these people were human beings, they were not subhuman like most americans think. i think you should go on a real apology tour, not a fake one.
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apologize to the people he killed and murdered. host: judy next in nashville, north carolina -- in asheville, north carolina. caller: i think he should stay out of lyrical life right now -- political life right now, and sit back like wish and not interfere. host: why do you think that? caller: because trump is our president now. barack obama is not. he had his eight years. he screwed it up, and now it is taking another political party in their. they need to stay out of it. days,ow, the first 100 trump is trying to cut back and cut all the mismanagement that was done in our government, and it takes a while. he doesn't even have his
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cabinet. it is ridiculous. ,e needs to sit back and relax and just stay out of it, because it is going to cause more turmoil in our country which we do not need. we don't need this. host: that is judy, asheville, north carolina, talking about the question we are posing to you. as far as president barack obama, his role in the post-presidency and getting your thoughts. this stems from the speech he gave at the university of chicago yesterday. if you want to see that whole speech, you can do so when you go to our website at and view with their. -- view it there. our current president will give at the national days of remembrance at 11:20 this morning. if you want more information on that event which is expected to
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start after 11:00. go to our website at as far as international affairs, north korea is a topic that will be addressed, not only in congress but international leadership as well. the full senate will be briefed to did sean spicer telling reporters that all senators will be briefed on wednesday by several senior administration officials, including >> tillerson and jim mattis -- including rex tillerson and jim mattis. such briefings usually take place in a secure location where there is more room. that is in the washington post this morning. go to the pages of the "new york times." next
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william, of next, conway, south carolina. caller: i wanted to make a comment that president obama is somewhat correct. he should not interfere with .hat trump is trying to do also, i think he should make a what he was in and what
7:52 am
he was involved with it he had a republican-controlled congress, he wasn't going to get nothing there, because the republicans .nd democrats they seem like they are bitter enemies. they don't want to get nothing done. reckon,'t want to, i work together. it is a shame that this country is like what obama said, we don't even vote. i think obama was a good thing of getting out and trying to get the people to come out and vote. he should make some comments on maybe going to war, because i believe we might be heading that way with some of trump's comments. stop.needs to obama needs to say that.
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host: washington, d.c., independent line at anthony, good morning. i think he is doing what is should be doing. the democrats got to recognize something, we cannot continue to -- they need new leadership, that is his job. more about job -- story about trump -- don't worry about trump. host: the first 100 days is the focus of a graphic. from ronald to donald, the first 100 days and highlights each of the modern presidents and their accompaniments, including barack obama. highlighting major successes, passes, aus bill federal ban on embryonic stem cells within those 100 days
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pretty major setbacks including the nominee for a key role of tom daschle was forced to withdraw. when it comes to gw bush from oceanside, california, here is john. democrats line. caller: thank you for taking my
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call. what i believe that mr. obama should do is to be more vocal or strident in uniting the progressive wing of the party, the elizabeth warren-bernie sanders wing of the party. it is clear that in people want a progressive agenda. --e of them may think that people want to that and unfortunately, many chose a donald trump. and said they -- we got what we got folks. i think people today across the spectrum, they all care about common denominator's and that is jobs, health care and a clean environment. as resident obama had recently stated, i have many interests right now. all of those interests are under
7:56 am
assault by this current president. my concern is many people are is health care, is jobs and also the environment, because without a safe environment, that affects your health care, your food, everything. i believe again, he needs to be more vocal and get the two parties together and get the people that voted for trump, because they thought he was a better choice rather than hillary, they need to get the two together and if they are going to win back -- if they are going to take back the house. host: that is john in california. ivanka trump traveling nationally -- internationally. president trump tweeting about his daughter's activities saying he was proud of his daughter.
7:57 am
denise up next. summerville, south carolina. morning.ood inanted to say that i think the past most presidents have stepped back. presidentke to see onma really try and be president trump side and support him. i think president trump is doing a good job. i thought president obama was quite weak. i did not like him drawing a redline and saying that if they use syria uses chemical weapons again, something would happen and the last time they used chemical weapons, he said nothing. i found him to be a very weak
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president. i was looking for a strong president. i think we are going to have that in trump. i do like what he is doing. i like his cabinet. he has a very strong cabinet. i am very concerned about america and want to do the right thing. with president obama, i think is prasanna -- his prasanna what people have really liked about him. not really what he had completed in his eight years. that is denise in south carolina. donald trump attended a travel ban in the travel ban ended up in court. the hill highlighting that c-span has been allowed to broadcast live.
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stick to our website for information on that. that story you can find in the hill. linda from south carolina. , you're the last call about present obama's role. caller: thank you for taking my call. i think obama was a great president. i think he came into a mess if people remember that and that the money that he had to save, the jobs that he had a terrible mess when he came in. trump when he came in didn't have quite the mess that mr. obama had when he came in.
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as far as the redline line, congress is the one that stopped that, not the president. he didn't go against the constitutioncongress did not gim permission to do what he needed to do. trump is going to get us into war if he keeps on. every place. canada, germany, china, north korea. to end up getting us into war. host: you are the last call on this topic. going to talk about several topics during the course of the morning including the increase in immigration arrests. greg chen from the american immigration lawyers association will join us. later we will talk about republican efforts to overhaul the dodd-frank law with nicole


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