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tv   Senator Chris Coons Says Concerted Diplomatic Effort Needed on North Korea  CSPAN  April 27, 2017 6:16am-6:35am EDT

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point in our economic history. with over 50 billion devices of with the next couple of years it is the next-generation of the economy to help free up investment. i applied chairman pai for believing in competition link foundation for the future. [applause] [inaudible conversations] >> senator chris crohn's of delaware's dutch chris coons of delaware's -- chris coons a reporters.oke to this is just over 10 minutes.
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focuslomatic strategy to on confronting the threat of a nuclear and ballistic missiles capability. i am agreeing. that the kind of threat fires to action that is responsible. >> the carrier group, do think that is responsible as well? sen. coons: it is important for both china and north korea, south korea to realize that the anded states has resources will make absolutely every effort to reach an appropriate diplomatic resolution to the problem but we also stand ready to defend. korea leadership of north , it is more and more aggressive
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>> is a direct threat to the u.s. mainland? sen. coons: if kim jong un on will have capabilities against the mainland and at some point, that will be a very pressing national security concern. it is constructing for us to conversationan with a team of the administration to make sure we're all with the same direction and wonders that the strategy and are able to defend it. >> what sense do you have about the use of the military in terms of the administration? we were not presented with any specific military options and i will not
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talk about them if we were. >> were you presented with anything that [indiscernible] sen. coons: china is north korea's biggest supporter, closest major ally and without anda's ongoing partnership military support, north korea would be in a very different place. it is my hope is that sustained and effective engagement will lead china to take actions they have not taken previously to really constrain north korea to abandon his reckless and irresponsible attempt to develop -- that could threaten the united states. i do not have a specific timeline. the meeting was for the trump administration to brief us on what their emerging that's a i think
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question you should put to the trump administration. i was encouraged that they chose to brief the entire senate and i think it was a sobering briefing and it was clear how much thought and planning was going into preparing military options if called for and the diplomatic strategy that strikes me as clear and well -- well proportioned to the threat. yes, i would. >> [indiscernible] sen. coons: when it is the north koreans take action that justify talks, we may return with him. as long as north korea takes provocative actions, if they take additional nuclear tests and keep making threats to the united states and as long as they keep developing and test launching intercontinental ballistic missiles, i do not
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think we ought to be at the table talking to them. they should take concrete steps. suggestsanything that -- is there anything that suggests we could strike first? look at how they launch nuclear missiles -- [indiscernible] sen. coons: that are not launching nuclear missiles. >> are you concerned about the u.s. troops? sen. coons: we should be concerned and that is why i support the full deployment of the thaad system that would give additional protections and american troops serving in the region in japan and south korea. i think we have to take seriously the threat that kim jong-un has made in the advancement. >> are any precautions big made
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to protect the troops? you feel president trump is storing all he can do to ensure not only troops but the american people? and to make this china's problem because china really is the single largest regimeer of the korean and without chinese support, we are not going to be successful to raymond them in. i also think it's appropriate that we are taking steps to avoid misunderstanding miscalculations. -- we're not going to be successful to rein them in. so thereg with allies is not a misunderstanding and to do the same with china. china is the most vital player in making sure the world correctly perceives north korea as a very dangerous, very unstable regime. > what is your characterization
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of the threat level right now? hearcoons: i do not anything differently than what is reported on the threat level. north korea has missiles and have tested them and have advanced missile capabilities and making determined investments and advancing their missile capabilities. you have to take a country that has both the u.s. is very seriously. >> putting north korea on the state-sponsored list, is there any progress? sen. coons: what is the most surprising thing you heard in the briefing today? it is a classified setting. >> wasn't there anything you learned you did not know previously? sen. coons: yes. >> [indiscernible] optimistic that china perceives it in their national interest to reestablish the stability of the north korean regime.
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china has long-held policy is a d nuclear rise north korea -- de-nucelarized north korea. >> is that horse and pony show to bring senators, would you think about it sitting through the briefing? could it have been done on the hill? sen. coons: i am fine coming care. a they want to provide detailed consultation i think that is constructive. the threat north korea poses is serious and real and it requires us to act in a non-partisan way the legislative and executive branches. it may see american people safer if the world sees our government acting in a concerted, serious and thoughtful manner rather than taking partisan shots.
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it was a thorough and constructive briefing and i appreciate the opportunity. >> should the democrats drop that criticism? wellcoons: as long as several briefings, we should participate in exam. we have worked together which is to develop a successful policy on how to be prepared militarily that our new -- in the case is our nation is attacked and to have a diplomatic strategy to engage more of allies around the world to make north korea a role focus of our work and to make sure the un security council takes decisive action that others around the world see it as a serious threat. that is the sort of thing the united states has to act in a nonpartisan way and a thorough and deliberate way. >> what about the tax plan? >> [indiscernible] >> anything you want to address them in it? sen. coons: it was the answer i
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just day. admittedly turning to a partisan attack is not really -- that will not be questions about that. >> [indiscernible] the u.s. day billions to north korea -- the u.s. gave billions to north korea [indiscernible] sen. coons: of course. sure i understood what you said. without chinese action, we are unlikely to be successful in constraining north koreas nuclear ambitions. there are military preparations underway that were mentioned during the briefing. can you expand on what the sense of that are leading part of a broader package? sen. coons: there is a lot on --ugh into real group
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there's a lot on leading into the group. i think those are all necessary measures because the level of threat is real. our south korean and japanese allies have a reason to be concerned about their safety and concern and to significant array of north korean both conventional weapons and other potential threats are very real. i'm very comfortable that forward deployment is an appropriate piece of the strategy that makes military preparedness secondary to diplomacy. our diplomacy will not be successful unless -- military action now as opposed to when you went into the meeting? sen. coons: i would say i was reassured that the trump administration, secretary tillerson and others are consulting all of our allies in the region and china to reduce
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the likelihood of a miscalculation and misunderstanding. given the unpredictability of the north korean regime, it is an unsettling situation and one we all should take very seriously and should be concerned about the likelihood of -- any worth the trump administration is communicated broadly with the regional forces with china to make sure we are understanding. >> one of the destabilizing factors, but do you believe it? sen. coons: certainly as a candidate, now president trump said a number of things about our relationship with south korea, our relationship with japan and allies that i as a time did not -- and that i at the time did not think attributed. tillerson, secretary mattis have taken important actions and steps to reassure
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allies and i think this is the sort of situation that calls for a to be all measured and more in our focus pushing back against the north korean threat. i am optimistic we will see steady progress. wehow much of that, if anything, can you share for people voted for you? in. coons: it is important this line of work. the briefing showed the of thehness and detail preparation of the work going into making sure our military is poshard in the -- is postured in the event. we got a more detailed briefing then i heard before from secretary to listen and how hard he is working -- secretary tillerson and how hard he is working and our network of allies around the world. this is not the time for us to around thetments
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world. a nearly 30% cut to the state department and this is at the moment we need to be leading with the diplomacy, a strong defense is central. this is not the time for us to reduce our alliances around the world, our investment and development is the message i will be carrying forward. announcement c-span's "washington journal" live every day with news and policies that affect you. andy harris, member of the house freedom caucus discusses health care and government funding. new jersey democratic congresswoman bunny watson coleman talks about the increasing immigration arrests. and brian and pewter of the national association of counties will discuss potential budget cuts. be sure to watch of the western
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journal -- on "washington journal" at 7:00 a.m. this morning. admirable --y, amaral harry harris is back on capitol hill about strategy focusing on north korea. follow live coverage from the armed services committee at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3. you can also watch as and listen on the c-span radio app. >> saturday, c-span's live coverage of the white house correspondents dinner. the entertainer will be ,orrespondent at the daily show president trump will not attend the dinner making him the first president in more than three decades to skip the annual gathering. live coverage at 9:30 p.m. eastern on c-span.
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president trump's tax proposal tax code.ed for a new this includes in the elimination of all of the deductions except more just interest and charitable deductions for individuals. the reduction of tax brackets from seven to three. and in repeal of the alternative minimum tax and death tax. for businesses and corporations, the administration wants a 50% tax rate. here is the announcement from treasury secretary steve mnuchin as a economic council director gary cohen. -- gary cohn. sean spicer never thought so : many people would be turning out for the iniquities act. >> good one. sean spicer i had to use it. : we're here to talk about the president's effort to provide tax relief to our corporations


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