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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 27, 2017 9:39am-10:01am EDT

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or betrayed him. the tapes don't show that, the tapes show right from the start play it rough, or betrayed the way they play it. he was going to be tough, tough, and it was a terrible downfall. > for more of this weekend's schedule go to >> "washington journal" continues. here in we are back open phones. you can discuss any public policy issue or political debate washington or in around the country. one of those here in washington is healthcare. there seems to be a deal with conservative republicans and the ouse over how to move on revising the affordable care act. the headline in "washington supports edom caucus this latest g.o.p. plan to moderates aca, but still yet are not on board. that, is this story in the "washington post" about the latest poll, showing public pposes republicans approach to replacing the healthcare law. the post-abc poll shows that
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of g.o.p. icism proposal for divolving health americans take, many appear leery about major overhaul to healthcare law obamacare w. 61% preferring to keep and try to improve it, compared with 37% want to repeal and replace it. republicans s of in 10 replacing it, six independents and in 10 democrats favor working within the framework. that is one issue we can discuss of course, there is taxes, as well, with the white house outlying what they ould like to see in a tax proposal. negotiations will continue, according to the white house, this from the "washington post." six ways the president's tax plan could affect ordinary taxpayers. standard deductions would mean lower tax bills, is one. going x deductions are away, but for mortgage interest therearitable deductions,
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will be fewer tax brackets from would o three, proposal reduce the seven brackets to three with tax rates at 10%, 25% 35%, currently range from higher earning taxpayers could see immediate tax break on their income tax not ow income families may feel much of a change. bigger tax breaks for parents. increasing ls for tax benefit available to families paying for child and to day care.e cost few details provided in that. it would reduce taxes on the wealthy, the plan called for liminating two key taxes that affect higher earners. the estate tax. t lowers tax rate for business owners from 35% in some cases to 15%. melissa in daytona beach. mind, melissa?r caller: yes, the republicans ways always.
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push tax cuts, i remember going back, i worked in a hotel before retired, that was supposed to create jobs. the corporation, bosses, made two or on do the job of three, no jobs. to carry it further, there is center, lady lakes, in florida, romney and paul ryan running aigning there for president and vp, it's a big stronghold.epublican 70,000 homes were built, about 3 or 14 years ago by a developer, all by mexican workers. nothing against the mexicans wanting to make a did e-verify used? labor.y like cheap george w. bush left our borders wide open in order for illegals come in, they got a great plan going, republicans, give give eaks to the rich,
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them more and more and more. we are being had. melissa, dawn, , clearwater, florida, independent. good morning. is er: good morning, this don, how are you doing? host: doing fine. hat is on your -- you are on the air, what is on your mind? caller: okay. basically i don't think there ever be able to insure all people in this country without throwing money at it. if you go for coverage of everybody, you are going to have taxes t raising tremendously to pay for it. i don't wear what they do. are ally i don't think we going to be able to afford it unless people realize you may sales tax as you have in canada, an awful lot of never be insured. basically if you go oyou have other problems, we're going to up, somebody have to rebuild syria. of course the russians did most syrian ombing and government and of course who do you think will end up paying for
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it? put the line share of the bill on us. pay more than the russians are paying to cover cost of rebuilding syria. don's thoughts in florida. michigan, steven, on the line democrats. caller: yes, my call is in tax bill they ew are proposing currently and one in the tax ssues plan i have heard from watching the family ions is act when somebody, the death act, somebody dies -- estate tax. caller: set up for five million states, average person doesn't have 5 million, but they ave estate they would like to leave to their families, what they have, less than 5 million taxed. it is today. the other part of the tax they break it down to hree brackets, 35, 25 and 10,
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most middle income america is to 28%.taxed roughly 25 the big people are going to be money because re tax that you did on stocks and i forgot what they call it. capital gain? caller: capital gains go down to 10%, they are making all the i don't understand how this will work for the middle class people. inheritance tax, the death tax, guys, under the to the tax according foundation, americans nheritance tax is fourth highest in the world. although the administration says farmers as a burden on and small businesses, critics said trump will complain he is and rich s family friends, that is how the "new york times" frame its this morning. ann, golden valley, arizona, republican, you are next, go ahead.
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caller: yes, good morning, america. hi, greta. host: morning. me up how cracks people are so against the rich. i mean, who creates the jobs? not the poor person. it's the rich people. out and make a job, then go out and make a job, but you can't because you don't money.e so they need inventives and then immigration, these people are breaking the law. all my life i've heard oh, you got to feel sorry for them and country they come from. why don't you feel sorry for americans? go down and look at your downtown area. don't care where you go, there's homeless people. none of these, why don't they for them?ctuary city homeless people are told, move here.u can't stay but these people come here like
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everything. take i was going to school in the '70s in california in college brought in the vietnamese on boats and they cars, they sent them to school, they gave them housing. hey, what about me? i'm an american. ost: about homeless, homeless people, "wall street journal" has this article. small houses seen as fast low-cost solution for the short term. 8 feet by 12 feet in the city of seattle. is how they are trying to deal with the issue of city.essness in their next is another issue that we can discuss here this morning in the president vowing not to pull out of nafta for now. donald trump pledge wednesday night to keep u.s. in north american free-trade he ement after aides said was issuing a threat to pull out the pact with canada and mexico. trump made the phone call to mexican and canadian counter released statement
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late last night. david in pittsburgh, independent. hi, david. caller: good morning. if you will permit, i would like comment on what i elieve has become known as the .anctuary cities recently that ed the efforts of the current to impose ion penalties on sanctuary cities by funds has been ruled district court and adversely, i remember that many years ago, when i was i'm iated with a law firm, very old, coming across a is tion that i think applicable. is usually rjury"
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associated by most people with court of record on delivering false testimony. is another re definition. very public officer or employee, generally, is required take an oath on assuming in effect, states that they swear or affirm they constitution and laws of the united states. now if they knowingly and fail or neglect to of that the terms oath, they are guilty of perjury felony. everybody seems to have forgotten that definition, but i
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still valid and i elieve the various mayors and officials who -- if they are act oath g violation of their of office are guilty of the a me of perjury and it is felony. host: okay, david in pittsburgh. iowa, missouri valley, republican. good morning to you. go ahead. good morning. i'm concerned about social security tax, you know, they are saying we'll run out in 20 -- '29, i believe. caller: okay there is cap on social security. 6.5% and the company pays 6.5% into social security. is a cap on that, once you earn like, i'm not sure the cost cap, like $180,000, maybe $200,000, then the company anything and neither do you. there shouldn't be a cap, the $500,000, that money
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will go to social security and plenty of money. raise that cap up to $50 million take it off all together. host: okay, john. n case you missed it in washington yesterday from the "new york times," president trump ordered the interior review size and scope of national monuments arger than 180,000 acres created since 1996 and wants recommendation on whether those scaled byks should be by presidential authority or congress. started in s get under the 1906an tick witty act, prevent looting of a artifacts. the act has been used to turn monuments and protected fro exploitation. who could be hurt by the changes? most americans support rotection of public lands,
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respondents said historical sites should be protected for generations, ture who would it help if the xisting national monuments reduce in size? benefit industries like oil and and mining, logging ranching. this in the "new york times," if you are interested in that. in washington, the president signs order to get schools.nt out of president trump signing executive order, pull federal government out of k-12 education on campaign ough promise to return school control officials.nd local the order dubbed education federalism executive order will of obama -day review era regulation and guidance for directs istricts and education secretary to modify or repeal measures she deems over government. federal also, there is this headline from the "washington post," supporters fear he may kick the can on border wall
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protection. president demanded funding be any budget deal lawmakers need week.ike this we are now learning last night the republicans in control of and senate have put forth a one-week stopgap funding will keep the government running past this friday's deadline until they can larger budget deal. and then this from the "new york minded, but civic will speak for 400,000. barack -presidential obamas emerged this week, first ivic minded one in chicago, he talks about importance of community organizing and told the student audience he politics because people believe my values were theirs.different from the other was set to cash a check from wall street, same amount as his yearly salary in the white e house. when he tlifred speech in eptember, when he will deliver a speech in september, healthcare conference treating
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investment firm. the story goes on to say he is not the first president to do leaving office. former president bill clinton became rich after leaving $200,000 per g speech over more than a decade president george w. bush was blunt when asked what he intended to do. speeches to replenish the coffers. democrat, good a morning, in open phones. go ahead. morning, greta. i would like to echo the lives justf john who down the road to the south of me on the social security issue, real issue was we have to overall, talk about tax reform, look at how taxes have been reformed. the republicans have used taxpayer about e
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th say, priorhat i would to 2002, george bush started borrowing for the war effort and theupplemental budgets that average taxpayer and person in the united states only owed 25,000 per person. 61,000now it is up around and what is going on here is werewith all the jobs that outsourced, leaving 2.6 trillion not of assets that have been taxed from american corporations and all the jobs base s lost, that is tax that is gone. the corporations are only paying of the nine percent taxes in the united states, using but yet they are free trade and the interstate make this and a port. so when we talk about tax reform
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cutting the corporate tax of from 35 to 15%, when some them aren't paying anything, i hink it's just deficit building, it is deficit bomb is what it is. for it body has to pay and small corporations have been corporations,e big multi national corporations, the outsourcing corporations tax for quite sometime, ma'am. you have a great day. host: you, too. a republican. caller: thanks for taking my greta, the only comment i had, i listen to the democrats nd i listened to the republicans and i don't understand why we're in such a division. host: over? everything.r the raises, the politics, people so terribly angry and it seems like, i wonder why they're
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that, why the people in power want us to be fighting with each other. not mad at juan, or mariah, democrats or anybody. i don't know why they want to know against, i don't what their reason behind doing that. host: okay. forward to tomorrow and what is happen nothing washington, washington times this morning, the president, will be the mp first president to address the national rifle association since reagan. he'll be doing that at the annual convention happening in tomorrow.n then there is this happening in new york, this secretary of be in rex tillerson will the chair when the un security takes up issue of north korea. the president for this month, a he will be sidency, asking the united nations to redoubling efforts to enforce economic sanctions and isolate north korea.
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of that, so verage tune in and go to hearing we covered a on capitol hill with the ommander for the u.s. pacific region, where he talked about what is necessary to stop north protect our allies in that region. if you missed it go to we covered yesterday, the sec to r laying out his plan overturn net neutrality. you can find that on the well.e, as don in new mexico, independent. hi, don. caller: good morning, greta. this morning i'd like to talk boundary international and the commission and how it impacts the border wall. host: okay. hi, don. caller: if you look at the texas of new mexico and and mexico, the rio grand river s the river that runs along that border. most people don't understand the for most of the year,
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rio grande is not a river, it bed not flow, it is a sand and the water for that river is here in new mexico and the irgation district and kabalah dam. through the water commission, earlier this year, like earlier this month, the water was released from the dam and then it goes down and it is delivered so anything that impacts that waterkabalah dam. through the water commission, d mexico and new mexico, influences what they receive an it also is under international agreement. he reason that border states, in this case, object that wall, anything that impacts that is against that law. host: okay. jump in, the
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house is about to come in and ga vel in the morning session and we of course will bring you live coverage of that on c-span. thanks for the call. thanks to everybody for joining us this morning. "washington journal" tomorrow morning 7 a.m. eastern time. now live coverage of the house. the speaker: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c. april 27, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable paul mitchell to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to the order of the house of january 3, 2017, the chair will now recognize members from lists submitted by the majority and minority leaders for morning hour debate. the chair will alternate recognition between the parties. all time shall be equally allocated between the


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