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tv   Washington Journal Viewer Calls  CSPAN  April 28, 2017 8:03am-8:32am EDT

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they found that the mob dominated criminal trials of southern blacks. this was a huge moment putting in judicial washington journal continues. host: the president an interview with reuters yesterday told the reporter that the united states could be heading toward conflict with north korea. listen to what he had to say. pres. trump: there is a chance that we could end up having a major, major conflict with north korea. absolutely. i would love to sophist diplomatically, but it is very difficult. host: what is your reaction to
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the president giving those remarks? 202-748-8001.- democrats --202-748-8000. independents --202-748-8003. you are of first. good morning. concernedm really about the decisions are president is making. i think he suffers from narcissistic personality disorder that impedes his judgment. host: when he talks about a major conflict with north korea, what do you think? caller: i think he is capable of doing anything without much thought. we see that in his tweets. we see that, said he makes.
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he does not think before he asked. instead of following the route most normal politicians have followed, and negotiating, he just jumps and fires and thinks he is the boss of everything. host: ok. let's go to marry in california, democrat. good morning to you. go head. caller: i was going to say to president trump, the thing with north korea, he is doing an excellent job. he is doing a job in all aspects. -- he is doing an excellent job in all aspects. host: ok, mary. congress next week is expected to take some action on north korea as well.
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bloomberg --a house gop leaders plan to vote next week on sanctions targeting and those who employ north korean slave labor. president of the un security council as long as -- as well as nikki haley, he will be pushing the other countries of the you went to up the anti-my comes to north korea and but more sanctions on them to put pressure on them over their nuclear weapons. warning of a major conflict say he would like to resolve it diplomatically. he went on to say that china has been working very hard, he said on pressure north korea to cooperate. but he also said maybe they are not able to force them amount.
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tom in new jersey, a democrat. go head. caller: how are you doing today? host: what you think about the president saying this? caller: seems like a lot of fear mongering. even a physician has spoken about his state of mind. i want to touch on that. he has been a probably taking a hair medication that affects his confusion, which might leave to his wishy-washy back and forth. other than that, i really think witheds to clearly speak his cabinet and counsel and not make threats, and then turn around and skid american people. host: ok. that is tom in new jersey. here is a piece of cbs news's website that senator john mccain said -- although military action
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in north korea does not appear to be imminent, it cannot be taken off the table. tosaid a military response north korea has to absolutely be the last option. that is when we will be convinced the north korea has the capability of the missile to strike the west coast of the united states. asked tors -- he was attend a meeting on the ongoing situation in north korea at the white house. he said the meeting was an opportunity for the white house and senate to understand the options u.s. has in responding to north korea. florida -- is go to tennessee. what do you think? caller: i am very proud of trump. he has really taken on the white house. i am very concerned about the democratic party having no common sense whatsoever.
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and i am really sick of the have just that they -- they are acting crazy, and really, i think they need to be taken off the board when voting time comes. you cannot deal with korea. they are not in dealing bunch of people. we have to interact some way. and it is common sense. host: and if that means war? caller: sure. we have had were all of our lives. host: ok. independentthe senator tweedy -- north korea is a serious threat to the united states and to our allies and partners. he said this yesterday afternoon . david in clarksville, arkansas. i, david. caller caller: good morning. good morning to the world and
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your show, everyone, i guess. the matter what happens, there should be future scientists -- to help us get into outer space. host: david. we will go to joe and hope so, new york. joe, what you think of the president warning of a major conflict? caller: i believe there will be a major conflict, and with china. china supports north korea and vietnam and all the asian countries are always backed up by china. i think it is really a serious thing. sounds like a nuclear thing. host: the president said yesterday he is a good relationship with the chinese president. caller: i don't believe the chinese. we don't know what's happening. you can see that china will defend north korea. host: do you think that is what will happen? caller: without a doubt.
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host: ok. michelle in maryland. an independent. share your thoughts. ma'am.irmancaller: yes, i believe president trump is doing an excellent job. the guy in is pushing to see how far he can go. trump is doing in a form job. -- trumpthink he will is doing and job. i do not think you will put american lives at risk if he does not have to. host: and if he has to? caller: if he has to come he has to. he would not be the first want to do it and we have to protect ourselves and what is ours. host: do we had to protect our allies? caller: um. a little bit.
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host: ok. michelle in maryland. thising of north korea, story today in the washington post about a video that was released by north korea yesterday. an anti-u.s. propaganda video where in it, the north koreans say the enemy to be destroyed is in our sites. the video comes at this particular time. this week, north korea conducted large-scale artillery drills showing off conventional weaponry that could easily reach seoul. president trump who has been urging china to apply pressure on north korea, has warned that the administration will act in beijing doesn't. robin in texas -- excuse me, don
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in texas. caller: let us consider where we are with north korea. after bill clinton got emissary, he sent an over there. jimmy carty -- jimmy carter went over there and gave them all of this nuclear technology and a whole bunch of u.s. dollars. that is why they are armed with these nuclear devices. that is how we find ourselves in this position. think very much for allowing me to comment. in louisiana. hi, donna. caller: good morning. the first 100 days in mr. trump -- wow, sounds like a
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testosterone contest out there and it worries me the whole planet. i'm really concerned. host: what do you think about him saying there could be a major conflict? with north korea? i hope supposedly he has got smart people who can avoid this. this is something really, really serious. host: do you think should use those words? caller: yes, he should use those words. i mean, there are two guys telling him, telling each other who is bigger than he is? i am better or bigger. what kind of nonsense is that? host: kevin and north carolina -- kevin in north carolina. what you think? -- what do you think? caller: this guy is not stable.
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everyone who sees the propaganda and how those guys come to power, he really identifies said he is not right in the head. as soon as he gets a capability nuke toh n california, he is going to hold us hostage. it is imperative that we deal with this china hopefully -- it is imperative that we deal with this guy, hopefully, with china and limit his nuclear ambitions. the united states has been kicking this can down the road for years. us, it is taking it on to deal with it. host: what if that's what you think about a major conflict -- what you think of the president saying that there could be a major conflict? and rex tillerson saying, the u.s. is seeking to talk to north korea to resolve this issue? what do you make of those two
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different styles coming from this white house? caller: i think it is to keep him and maybe china off of them. is come youly does know, we do not know where they are coming from. trump is saying this and tillerson is saying that. if it is a strategy, it is a really good strategy. know, capnk that, you launching the missiles on syria really put china on note that we are not fully around. more on npr interview with the secretary of state say obviously, that is the way we would like to solve this, referring to talks. thisid this on thursday -- interview is going to air today. united states is convening an
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unusual high-level meeting at the united nations devoted to the threat posed by north korea's nuclear weapons arsenal. the right agenda is not stopping them where they are for a few more months, or years. that is been the agenda for the last 20 years. new york. democrat, go ahead. caller: good morning, greta. i want to comment on some of your previous callers about how laxatives called -- about how laxative how they make it all s. lives not be american lost, but millions of south , and if thereese is any kind of counterstrike, you know, innocent north koreans. we may not suffer nearly as bad as a lot of our allies. but there is still a huge price to be paid, and the president
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ought to realize that words matter. and he has to be careful in what he says. that is really all i wanted to say, greta. thank you. interested inbe this discussion taking place at the united nations this morning. it is at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. we will hear more of the secretary of state and we will have live coverage on c-span3,, or get that c-span radio app to you can listen in and he with the secretary of state has to say. the argument he will make for more sanctions and the threat posed by north korea and their nuclear powers. to thisay, before i go next call, we have been covering hearings on capitol hill on this very issue with the commander of that region. armed senate the committee yesterday. if you want to get a better idea of what is happening in north
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korea and the threat to the united states, go to, and watch those hearings. you can find them there. let's go to chris and fridges for, virginia. good morning and go ahead. caller: good morning and thank you c-span. hey, i just wanted to mention that i think we ought to take north korea at their word. they are saying the want to destroy us and do some things. we need to take a look at the e mp issue that has been going on for 10 a 15 years. there are some very serious congressional things going on in terms of an emp from korea. that's all. host: ok. china warned north korea not to test another new -- another nuke. this is from the daily colors website.
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north korea has yet to conduct a sixth nuclear test of reason could be china. pyongyang against carrying out another test, and forming the reclusive regime that the chinese would pursue sanctions actions on their own if north korea failed to heed its warning. secretary of state rex tillerson revealed the fox news thursday. next, tim. caller: hi. -- it had a for concern just have a concern. i know congress is voting new bills to fund the government that they do not have to shut down. seems like every time this comes up in their are important issues that are at play here, seems like other things, and some type
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of smoke and mirrors to hide what is going on in the house. host: so this is a distraction by the white house, you think? caller: i do think north korea is a threat, you know. voting onour senators some type of bill to make sure that the government keeps running? host: a threat as well? caller: yes. host: ok. joe in alabama, a republican. , i call two years ago when there was something going on with north korea, and know, theyts, you talked about having everything under control over their. at the end of the paragraph, it says, we really don't have any information because we don't have anyone over there. intel.ot have any
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they had been kicking this can down the road for 24 years. -- they have been kicking this can download for 24 years. you cannot blame it on him because he has only been in there do a couple of months. whatever happens happens. host: joe, what about the president saying words like "the can be a major conflict." caller: there could be. the other guy said we don't have they had missiles second hit oregon. we have to do something. we cannot sit around a way for them to do that to us. host: bernie sanders on cbs this on north korea, he
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said, when you talk about a major, major conflict, you are talking about a nuclear war. jack in georgia, independent. hi, jack. caller: good morning. host: what you think about the rhetoric and the possibility of a conflict? caller: you know, i think you should tell down the rhetoric because the last thing you want out of the korean peninsula is a second korean war. we should look back at history and see, you know, what it cost us in the first korean war. i want to remind the audience that we lost almost 35,000 people there just three years in the 1950's. and over hundreds of thousands of people were wounded there. the korean peninsula is a very small place. there are 50 million people in south korea. about half of that many in north korea. because it is a small place, it
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means any type of ground war over there will be devastating to both countries. the thing we have in the united states is when we get tired of it, we can always leave. the people in korea, you know, they will suffer the most. a very complex situation. yep china that shares a border with north korea. you have russia that shares a border with north korea. and yeah the south koreans and the north koreans in the middle. it is a very complex situation. i would suggest that the president is very careful with the rhetoric he spews out about the possibility of going to a major war over there. the last thing we want is a major route more in south korea. on groundo very well wars in asia. it is no different now. it would be very difficult for us to conduct any type of major ground warfare there. and you cannot win it in the
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air. the terrain is not about you to do it. feelu want to get a good for what more would be like over there, just fly over there and take a look at the terrain below you. you will really understand how difficult it will be. host: jack, you sound knowledgeable. caller: i was there for 20 years. host: what were you doing? did two tours with the military. we had a core there, two divisions. we had responsibility for half of the militarized zone, 75 miles. militarized zones are about 150 miles long. then -- over the years, our
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we turned over-- a lot of the responsibility to the south koreans as their military group. were are a lot of things don't talk about like the south korean military. you have to remember, they spent as much time in vietnam as we did. they are very seasoned military. i have heard people talking about the north koreans are going to launch this military barrage, but the south koreans will not sit there and respond to it. he had a very capable military, and they are very capable of defending that peninsula. host: jack, given everything you just said, what do you make of the president saying that south korea should pay for the $1 billion missile defense system that we put over there? and then there is another headline of the president threatens to scrap horrible south korean trade deals.
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kind of message does that send to south korea? caller: there are some people in south korea who will say, they understand what the president is talking about. and there are other koreans who probably will not like that very much. i think one of the things we can do that will be beneficial for both south and north korea and the chinese and the russians, and the japanese, is to be more of a peacemaker in that area saying that we will back the south koreans and help defend south korea. korea is a civil war that has never ended. because it is a civil war, it is a war between north and south korea. why haven't we been the arbitrary -- the arbiter to try to find a resolution for the two countries? after all, they are koreans. , eczemarom the north
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from the south, but they are family, bottom line. in my opinion, there is nothing for us to win there. there is a lot we can do to help find peace there. jack, you served when? caller: in the early 1970's. russ and fontana, california. independent. hi, rests. uss. caller: good morning. i don't understand why so many people have to die because of their crazy leader. and i agree with the last caller that south korea should be calling the shots because they are the ones who suffer the consequences. but also, i do not know why we cannot just take out the leader instead of putting everyone else at risk? host: jack, providence, rhode
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island. a democrat. what are your thoughts? caller: yes. you had on that man from georgia for a very long time that you were idolizing him. hold it. let me make my point. he comes off as an expert. this korean situation has been going on since the 1950's, and they had been playing us like fools. if they listen to general douglas macarthur, this problem would not exist today. the trump administration looks like they have made a decision, and it looks like it is tillerson. they have decided that north korea must abandon the nuclear weapons and get rid of them, or they will decapitate that nation. i really believe they made that decision.
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previous administrations, including the reagan administration, did nothing. did nothing. ok? so you listen to that fellow from georgia. he doesn't know anything. host: are you advocating doing nothing? caller: no. i am advocating the need to the nuclear rise it completely -- they need to remove the nuclear weapons completely. they talk about north korea, their leaders. their leaders have people languishing in prisons, suffering, etc. it is a diabolical, super communist regime set up by stalin who set up good communists. they're the good communists. the stalinist communists, not the jewish communists. i know this quite a bit myself. my father served in the korean war back in the early 1950's. he was right in the front.
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he wasn't -- he was outright infantry. ok. so this korean situation has been going on since the early 1950's, and they have been playing this like fools, and ned the ee illustration. host: ok. going to take a short break and switch topics on the washington journal. we will be joined by congressman earl blumenauer of georgia talking about spending and health care legislation that would amend the mobile of -- procedures. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, [cheers and applause] > >> saturday night on lectures in


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