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  President Meets with Teacher of the Year  CSPAN  April 30, 2017 10:51pm-11:01pm EDT

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government. thanks, as always, to our guests >> wednesday president trump honored national teacher of the year. milana trump and mike pence and
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devos.on secretary betsy >> busy day. great people. great people now. i want to thank you. welcome soasure to many extraordinary teachers to the white house. this is called the people's house. also want to congratulate the counsel state school offices on year.56th these are the greatest. want to congratulate you all. it's amazing. each of you has dedicated inspiring young minds and putting our children even path to happiness and success. lots of success. there are 55 teachers of the are here with us from every state. every state in the union. that right? from alabama.
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from alabama. with fantastic. president. vice we have karen pence. so thank you very much. today we are one teacher in particular, she is the 2017 teacher of the year, chafee. [applause]
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sydney is a ninth grade humanities teacher at academy charter school in dorchester, massachusetts. sydney is the first teacher from massachusetts ever to win the from and the first public charter school. that is really something special. sydney like to congratulate you on this tremendous achievement. nothing more important thanking about a teacher and a greaty to being teacher. you're all great teachers. congratulations. trip to theay your white house was something special. melania has been working with you. she's a tremendous fan of
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wonderful teachers. very hard.d this is melania's birthday. happyation to say birthday. thank you all very much. you goss you all and back and keep teaching those students. there's nothing -- [indiscernible] i had some of the biggest executives in the world. times theyhere many walk into the oval office and they start crying. i promise won't say to your stockholders that you cried. i seen people cry. it's a very special place. special building. all very thank you. [applause]
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>> thank you. >> pleasure to meet you. >> check out our c-span atssroom website it's full of free teaching resources for c-span classroom members. givesproved lay offensive teachers easy access to classroom including short term importants that highlight kens in washington d.c. social studies lesson plans. our search function allows
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c-span classroom teachers to search and filter by date, person, keyword, topic and grade level. clips areingers video teacher favorites. vocabularyed with and discussions that makes the federal government and politics more accessible. the bell ringers. lot of times i don't use them as ringers. i'll use them in conjunction with activity that we're doing that day. more of a wrap up. >> the new website is something that's fabulous. regularly ande it it's so easy and they are right videosking on clipping and making questions that they owndesign and turn into air bell ringers. >> probably my favorite aspect it's thespan classroom page.ration on a variety of topics that are current and relevant today. >> if you're a middle school or teacher, join
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thousands of your fellow teachers across the nation as a classroom.-span it's free and easy to register you can request our free classroom size american poster, atime line all 45 of biographies of presidents. >> fcc chairman proposed proposing the obama administration regulations on the internet. overse the mistake of twilight. return to the white during theframework clinton administration, the bush administration and the first six years of the obama administration. monday night on the jeffrey ands we ask chris lewis, vice president at
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public knowledge, their thoughts the proposal of >> we think the rule that in the net neutrality rules are working. overwhelming majority of americans want to have clear and openher protective internet. we're concerned he's going town a path to repeal some or all the rules. >> from the internet's the day the rules were passed, the internet was free and open. problem.n't a controlled was no interpret with ips's or anybody ability toering with post content or look at the content of their choice. communicators" night on c-span
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announcer: this week on "q&a," law professor and author brad snyder discusses his book "the house of truth, a washington political salon and the foundations of american liberalism." brian: brad snyder, your book is called "the house of truth." where did you get the title? mr. snyder: the title is what the people l