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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  May 12, 2017 7:00am-8:08am EDT

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pertaining to special counsel. at 9:00, edwin lyman on nuclear waste safety. and at 9:30 a.m., caroline finkel on team mental health and suicide prevention. host: good morning everyone on this friday, may 12, president trump's firing of james comey earlier this week has as collated calls among democrats to a point of special counsel to oversee the investigation into the trumps campaign contact with russia during the election. republicans in the administration believe that the committees on capitol hill as well as agencies doing the investigation can handle the job. we turn to you this morning. code do you trust in these -- who do you trust in these russian and
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-- who do youns trust in these russian investigations? start dialing in so we can get your thoughts on this. who do you trust? withdent trump sat down lester holt yesterday and he had this to say about any investigation into russian ties to the trump campaign. let me ask you about the termination letter. i greatly appreciate you informing me. >> he told me that. mr. holt: he told you that? was it in a phone call? president trump: i had a dinner with him. -- holt: president trump: we had a very
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nice dinner. at that time, he told me that you are not under investigation. which i knew anyway. when you are under investigation, you are given all sorts of documents. i heard it was stated at the committee at a committee level that i was not. and then during the phone call, he said it and in another phone call. he said it once a dinner in twice during phone calls. >> did you call him? andn one case i called him in the other case he called me. wouldd if it was possible you let me know if i am under investigation. and he said -- you are not under investigation. >> he has given sworn testimony that there is an investigation into the trump campaign and possible collusion with the russian government. you are the center of the trump campaign. >> i know that i personally and
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not under investigation. host: president trump in his interview there with lester holt. we are asking you as called increase on capitol hill from democrats to have some sort of independentsel investigation outside of the work being done by the senate and house intelligence committees, the judiciary committee as well as the fbi. who do you trust in this? josh meyer is on the phone from politico. let us walk through the current investigations happening now. beginning with the house side. >> good morning. there are several investigations going on and all of them have challenges to put it mildly. on the house side, the investigation has been gearing up in recent months. the senate intelligence committee is also doing an investigation as well as the f dei. all three have some interface
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with each other but all is the fbi. the two congressional panels will also be calling witnesses. host: why do you say there are challenges? >> you have some serious andrtisan splits and rancor some of the republicans have been quite vocal about saying that they think the focus of the investigation should be on who is leaking information about the investigation and not the investigations themselves. some democrats have been quite strident and that they believe it is a serious threat to democracy. chuck schumer has been saying that for quite some time. and that we really need to find out if russia meddled in the election and whether the trump
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campaign and later, trump associates in the administration were somehow colluding with russia to do that. host: what is going on with the house intelligence committee? chairman.the where are they in their efforts? >> they claim they are back on track. remains to be seen if they are. i think things are moving along and witnesses are being scheduled and there is going to be some hearings but again, a lot is driven by what the fbi is finding. they are griping -- they are gathering the evidence. hillcase like this, the can call people into testify but it really is the fbi that is doing the investigation. jeffrey eisenach: and on the senate side -- host: over on the senate side, they appeared together at the microphone. to have ad they want
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bipartisan effort here however, senator warner in the last few days has changed his tune a bit. trying to the were portray themselves as the adults in the room saying -- do not trust the house committee or you cannot trust a house committee and the nunez thing was a fiasco. was he a transition official for the trump campaign administration and was he just trying to provide cover for the president and his administration doing that he could not run the investigation? the senate side has had some hiccups. has been vocal about saying he was troubled by the firing of the director of the fbi. it remains to be seen at the republicans are troubled enough to do something about it like perhaps support a special prosecutor or independent
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prosecutor or if they are just saying -- we are concerned and move along. the senate committee is trying to get back on track but they have had some rocky couple of weeks. , seniorsh meyer investigative reporter with politico. thank you for letting it all out on the table. let us get to all of you. raymond in new york. a democrat, you are up first. good morning to you. who do you trust in these russian investigations? isler: this investigation like, really crazy. i trusted comey. he was a good man. through everything thoroughly. his timing may have been a little bit off but donald trump, i do not trust. he is trying to make america into russia. he is trying to mess with the judicial. he is trying to mess around with
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congress. he is doing all of these subversive things that have never happened -- i am 61 years orce.nd i am ex-air f and i cannot support him as commander in chief. , with james comey gone from the fbi, do you think it should stay in the hands of that agency? the fbi are i think dedicated people like all of the people in the military. we know our jobs and we know what we had to do. if we lose one commander, then we trust that the next commander will stand up and do the right thing by his soldiers. host: the next commander in the fbi is the acting director andrew mccabe who was on capitol hill yesterday testifying before the senate intelligence committee.
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here is what he had to say about the fbi's investigation into russian interference. andrew mccabe: yesterday, the white house press spokesperson said this was one of the smallest things on the plate of the fbi. is that an accurate statement? andrew mccabe: we consider it to be a highly significant and then sedation. -- investigation. host: that statement right there from andrew mccabe, acting director or for the fbi contradicts what the white house said earlier in the week. we are asking all of you this morning -- who do you trust with this investigation? let us go to don in virginia. what do you think? is a waste ofk it money if they bring in a private.
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it was a witchhunt with hillary. the democrats were mad because it would cost all of this money when that was a real focus. she sold uranium to the russians and then pocketed, in her foundation. she did not close down her foundation as secretary of state. she did not even know how to run her computer. what kind of secretary does not know how to use a computer? host: getting back to your earlier point, do you think this is all a waste of taxpayer money? this is just a political witch hunt? at how many committees are already investigating this. sure the cia i am and the committees in congress. how many people have got to investigate this?
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even comey said this. won, comey would not even have been in there the day after the election. they are all worried about president trump firing him when he should have been gone back when he cleared hillary in all of that mess. she created that. host: what do you mean the former director said that there is "no there, there are code caller: he said there was no collusion. of the was in front committee, two or three times. he could not find anything wrong with trumps administration -- with trump's in ministration. what happened with general flynn -- obama put him in there. and grant him through an investigation to see if he was able to lead and make sure his
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clarence was right. and they even said his clearance was good. and yet mr. trump figured he must be a good guy and he had been for years and years. look how many years general flynn had been there. here on you know, it c-span, we have covered these hearings with director comey including his most recent appearances and those before talking about this issue and answering questions from members of congress about, as much as he can about these investigations. i urge you to go back or if you have missed it, go back for yourself to and listen to the director in his own words. in his most -- recent testimony before the hill. usa today's board right --
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host: stephen in st. louis, missouri, you are on independent. tell us what you think. caller: t well for taking my
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for takingnk you, my call. i have been through this. i am 69. i know how long this stuff takes. this will drag out for years. number two, i cannot remember when our nation is aching for the truth. conversationic of among everyone i am with. i don't care if i met a party or getting a beer with my buddies. everyone is talking about this. we the people seek the truth so badly on this issue. host: how do we get it? who delivers this truth? caller: i do not have a lot of confidence right now in the reviewf representatives that is going on. i just think there have been some problems.
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i do have more trust in the senate. i respect both of those gentlemen. i do trust the fbi and let me tell you why. host: we are listening. tell us why. caller: ok. i trust the fbi because we are think thate, if you these fbi agents, especially with the fbi having some problems now and people questioning credibility, which i do not. i was a staunch supporter of comey. i think he is a man of integrity. did he do some questionable things? yes, i guess you could argue both sides of that. but i will see -- i will say this. let the fbi do their job. there is no trump or congress that will buy off the fbi. i will tell you why. it will come out through leaks. if you think these fbi agents are going to risk the hard work
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that they are doing and let this all get shoved under the carpet, no, it will come out in volumes if there is anything going on. i want to make one other point that has been curious. something that maybe people can chew around with. there has been all kinds of leaks, there have been comments in the papers about all of trump's associates including roger stone and others. and there has been little pieces that you can to on and say -- why did he say this or why did men fort have all of this money. i have yet to hear any leaks about from himself. anything ato see the new york times or washington post where they have been able to say -- trump was at a meeting
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in october last year and he was meeting with a guy. that puzzles me a little bit. i am not trying to defend trump on this. i am saying that everything ares to go by -- i say we breeding associates with donald trump who are trying to make a buck. that is serious to me. that is my comment. host: before you go, given what you just said, how do you feel to president has reacted possibly people around him behaving in a greedy way? caller: not very well. i do not think he thinks things through. i think he is spontaneous. i want to believe him. i want to believe. i will be honest with you that i want to believe the president of the united states is ethical.
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i do. i think all of america really wants to believe that. are there doubts among us? yes, there are doubts. host: stephen, he says he believes it should stay in the hands of the fbi while democrats want a special counsel. democrats could get what they want from the firing of comey. say that if the president wants a new fbi director then agreed to a new head investigator into russia. including john mccain and bob
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corker of tennessee. we will see what happens next. we want you to weigh in and tell washington what you think of this. who do you trust? who should be leading any sort of investigation? pop from salem, oregon. you are next. share your thoughts. remindsthis presidency me of purchasing a brand-new car and all it does is break when you take it off the lot. hypothetically, you are the president of a bank and you are embezzling funds. fire him so he cannot open his mouth and turn you in. the only other point i have is that hillary won by 3 million votes and lost. wow, unbelievable. i do not think i will purchase a
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new car again. host: hello, paul. forer: let me just say that the past several months, i have probably watched more c-span than i have in the past few years. i merely, because the networks are having so much biased commentary. i really enjoyed what you all do. "lthough, "washington journal tends to be on the biased side. let me say this. the president needs to employ a as soon asector possible. there is no way that the acting director can be objective in giving and unbiased approach to the investigation. i merely because his wife is tied so tightly to the dnc and connection to her election efforts. that has to bleed over on him. without got to be done further delay. had he been working under
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hoover, he would have been fired. the ussr anymore. this is the russian federation and it is engaged in a form of cannibalism, not marxist theory anymore. ,hen they made this conversion many business people went over there and work with russian to proceed to switch them around to more of a capitalist type society and economy. clintons wentd over there because they saw an opportunity to make money. they are trying to tie that economic federation work into some kind of political conspiracy with regard to matters in this united states. i totally disagree. i do not believe the special prosecutor is necessary. fbi can do a great
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job. just get the political, fbi supervisors out of this area. were youterday, watching andrew mccabe when he testified on capitol hill? caller: yes, i did. host: what did you think when he said that the former director, james comey, enjoyed broad support within the agency? caller: i disagree with that statement completely. and i have spoken to fbi supervisors who have retired as well as fbi agents because of my role in law enforcement pursue isy years that in fact, that an incorrect statement. host: paul, you were referring to angela mccabe's wife. let me read a story on cnn about that. they quote senator -- senate judiciary committee chuck grassley of iowa saying he has
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concerns with the fbi deputy director andrew mccabe coming acting director in the wake of comey's termination. he has troubles because terry mcauliffe helping his wife. i do not think he is a person that should be taking over. democraticcabe was a candidate for virginia state senator in 2015. she was defeated. assumed thee position of acting director on tuesday by statute after mr. comey was fired by letter earlier in the evening. one newspaper is reporting this morning that when andrew mccabe's wife entered politics, he consulted with ethics lawyers at the fbi, notified them of her intentions and was allowed to stay on with current investigations he was doing at the time. what do you think? who do you trust in these russian investigations?
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fromwas paul, republican, jasper oregon. saying we should stay with the fbi while democrats are saying we should have an independent investigation, a special prosecution. what do you think? caller: first, i want to tell you straight -- i have been supporting donald trump from day one. but the last couple of days, the an -- is ad comey is disappointment to me. i know the russian fiasco may have something to do with the business relationships with the clintons.
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the united states has been strong because it's foundation is strong. is this how the american democratic system should work? no, it is politicized. the agendas are now on the back burner. we do not talk about the economy anymore. if there was anything you legally done, let him finish his job. why do we need another independent investigator? we cannot find anyone. the sad thing is that all of us are feeling.
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god for bid anything worse happens to our country. why do we need democracy? if there is no free media or independent review. that is why i am very disappointed. host: where are you from originally? caller: ethiopia. we have never seen democracy in our country. i have seen many presidents. if you tell me this is the one party system for china, i would believe it. our infrastructure is falling apart. ride the normal train in new york city.
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if you tell me now that russia is manipulating this, i would never buy that. i am going to leave it there. let us listen to the president in the sitdown with lester holt on why he fired james comey. >> he is a showboat. a grand standard. the fbi has been in turmoil. you take a look at the fbi a year ago -- it was in virtual turmoil. left than a year ago and it has not recovered. with rod, you met rosenstein. did you ask for a recommendation? >> i was going to fire comey. my decision. i was going to fire him. there is no good time to do it, either way. >> in your letter you said -- i
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accepted their recommendation. you had already made your decision. recommendation. he is highly respected. a very smart guy. the democrats and republicans like him. he made a recommendation. but regardless, i was going to fire comey knowing there was no good time to do it. host: that was the president yesterday in the interview with lester holt. the official versions of events unraveling. it says in the new york times that earlier the white house had said that president trump had acted only after jeff sessions and rod rosenstein had come to him and recommended that mr. comey be dismissed because of his hand like of last year's investigation into hillary clinton's female. in the letter terminating mr. comey, mr. trump said he had accepted their recommendation.
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hill,yesterday on capitol rod rosenstein was up there meeting with the two leaders of the senate intelligence committee who are investigating russia's interference. that is senator burr and senator mark warner. they met with rod rosenstein inside what is called the skiff on clap -- on capitol hill. they came to the cameras after their briefing with mr. rosenstein. when a reporter asked them to respond to what the president just said about mr. comey being a showboat and a grand standard. here is what they had to say. >> i put out a statement tonight regarding the director. i found him to be one of the most ethical, upright, straightforward individuals i have had the opportunity to work with. committee more access to information than any
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director of the fbi. sure, there were fbi employees that disagreed with how he handled the clinton email announcements and his interaction or lack thereof with the attorney general at the time. the lion's share of fbi employees respect the former director and it shows the professionalism he brought to the role he was in and i am sure he will, at some point, have an opportunity to share, if he story,o, his side of the but i am confident the vice chair and i look forward to working with active do -- acting director mccabe in the inner room or whoever the president chooses because at the end of the day, mark and i realized whoever is president has the authority to pick the director of the fbi. comey.usted jim i echo what the chairman said with his willingness to work with our committee.
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i thought he made some mistakes last fall, but i never called for his resignation. i thought he was a straight shooter and frankly, i am offended at the president's comments today. this is a continuing pattern of disrespecting the men and women who serve in our intelligence community and i think the president would have been better served regardless of whether he or toorting the ic continue questioning candidly and repeatedly calling into question the leader's integrity. host: before those senators responded to how the president described james comey in testimony before the committee, the acting fbi director andrew mccabe had this to say about the bureau of confidence in the former director. the newse heard in that claims that dr. comey had -- director comey had lost the
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confidence of rank-and-file fbi employees. you have been there 21 employees -- years. in your opinion, is it accurate the rank-and-file no longer supported director comey? >> no, sir, that is not accurate. i can tell you, sir, i worked very closely with director comey from the moment he started at the fbi i was his executive director of national security. i worked for him in the washington field office and served as deputy for the last year. i can tell you that i hold director comey in the absolute highest regard. i have the highest respect for his considerable abilities and his integrity and it has been the greatest privilege and honor of my professional life to work with him. that tell you also director comey enjoyed broad support within the fbi and still
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does to this day. we are a large organization. we are 36,500 people across this country -- across this globe. we have a diversity of opinions about many things, but i can that thely tell you majority, the vast majority of fbi employees enjoyed a deep and positive connection to director comey. that was the acting fbi director on capitol hill yesterday. if you missed it, go to our website,, you can watch the hearing there. emily republican in california, who are you trusting right now to lead an investigation into interference in the american election system? caller: i trust the united -- president of the united states. he is a decent man and he is trying everything he can to get get taxesoday -- to
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reduced, to try to defend us against north koreans and russia now with all of these problems in cyber. mean, it is just ridiculous. a third of a billion people he has to take care of plus in the entire world and here, this justde of the democrats grandstanding and the republicans trying to get all of this hacking -- so-called hacking from russia. this is a pretense to cover up from the thing the democrats in the obama administration, from the beginning since benghazi, i have not trusted what came out of the obama administration and what we are left with is people going into our private files, that is being covered up, the fact that hillary had 17 crimes
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of spying on the united states, which is what president trump said today, our danger is spying on the united states. i ask that republicans get together and protect the president of the united states and all future administration from fake news, which you. -- which i do not trust the press anymore. i already canceled one newspaper and i will just walk up and go with the conservatives because -- lock up and go with the conservatives because i want jobs, i want the president to focus on defending the country, i want taxes reduced and i want good health care. what is happening? all this charade and attacks money being spent on this and instead of talking about hacking in russia, we are talking about comey, a manaks of who took over as attorney general of the united states,
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and the prosecutor saying we will not prosecute hillary for spying on the united states. my god, what do you expect of mr. trump? he needs a group of people to do ofd -- defend the presidency the united states. one third of a billion people in this country. one man cannot do it all. host: are you saying no investigation whatsoever into possibly russia trying to interfere in our election? caller: i did not say that, that should be done quietly. what should not be done is the saying thatnstantly it is the trump investigation. president trump is not being investigated. it is the hacking of russia and focus on that. stop this charade, concentrate on getting jobs in congress. please, let's get moving in this country because we are going
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downhill if we don't start to help the president who is trying to help the united states and the wonderful family he has to relay off of them. and the press, the columnists why does hed saying want no one to be investigating this? he said he wants the investigation so the campaign of private citizens whose private -- obamae administration were tampered with and announced to the press. that is all very bad behavior. we have got to get back to who we are. we are americans. we are the united states and the united states constitution says it is the electoral, it is not a popular vote. host: ok, emily. i heard your point and i will get another voice. eddie in new york is a democrat.
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what do you think? caller: thank you everyone for the suggestions and the conversation before. i just want to say our president, first of all, he has to work to call someone else a showboat. he is like the king and already proven to be more of a showboat. if i were the acting president or in any kind of situation where my value or honesty was thanioned, i would be more happy and willing to be forthcoming with any information or thedite the trial questioning by the house committee just to get to the facts and show everybody what the truth is. there shouldn't be any question on how or who or what, we should just be getting on with the investigation. the fbi seems to have a good handle on it and i have heard so many great things.
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i just recently heard about comey and everything i hear about him, everybody says he is a top-notch guy and he did the right job and he's got the country's best interest in mind and then he gets fired. last time one of the fbi guys and got fired was when nixon was being investigated and it totally turned out to be nixon was guilty and the other was not. i really think the president should just say i want to make this investigation happen as soon as possible. fbi, do it and any help you need and democrats and republicans have their committee as well to investigate. host: what do you think, should the american people know the details of this investigation? caller: absolutely. we should know everything. our democracy like everyone has been saying, has been tampered
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with. the russians -- i was watching a special report the other day and i think it is not fake news because after that i went and looked at more newspapers and more information on the internet and they have been hacking into every single government since 13 or 20 years ago. this is nothing new. host: and now there are allegations that they interfered with the french election that just took place a week ago. isler: exactly and the thing they are better at it than we are and i hate to say that and i hope i am wrong, it might be true and we definitely need to get to the bottom of this so we can find out how to keep this from happening again and build up some kind of preventable the fence line against it. that is all. host: did you say nixon had fired the director of the fbi? caller: from what i recall, yeah. host: he fired the special
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prosecutor. it is interesting that you bring that up because the nixon library was quick to point that out on tuesday night when the news broke that president trump had fired the fbi director. caller: you know what, they did say the fbi director or the special prosecutor? host: the prosecutor. caller: was there another time before this that the fbi director was fired? would you know? host: i do not know at the top of my head. i think it was one case and i think it was under clinton. we will take that up for you and let you know. caller: no problem. i will look it up. host: that is eddie in new york. rosenstein was up on capitol hill yesterday surprising folks chair, thece democrat from virginia saying the meeting had been planned all along before the director was fired but he will also be back
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on capitol hill next week. senator mitch mcconnell according to the new york times "has agreed to invite mr. rosenstein to brief the entire senate next week." that is according to chuck schumer of new york. for --rom texas, -- independent from tyler, texas. caller: i think they need to get a special prosecutor to handle all of this. it seems like trump is the kind that when they get close to something he throws them another rumb somewhere else and it gets off track. it was interesting when comey brought up those files last year on hillary and it wasn't true. lie that kellyanne anday and pence and spicer
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rosenstein supposedly the ones suggesting -- sessions suggested they try this man and he tells lester holt it was all his idea in the interview and that they do no nest -- nothing to with it. i think he is surrounded by people who are afraid of him for some reason and they need to --w a spine because trump the lady said something about the popular vote did not count. i think it does count, we are americans through to the electorate needs to be thrown out of america. host: to the previous caller about whether or not an fbi director has been fired before, this is a headline from business headliner. an fbi director has been fired once only before under dramatically different circumstances. the only other time in history in 1993 bill-- clinton became the first u.s. president to dismiss the head of the bureau after the department
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-pagestice produced 161 report with sworn testimony from more than 100 bia agents citing the -- fbi agents citing the the fbi director. his termination was effective immediately, he held a press conference to explain the had someone lined up as a replacement. someing of a replacement, are calling on the president to make a replacement quickly for the fbi so the investigation can continue into possible interference into the election in 2016. we will see there are also many people that have put out lists of who that could be. the senate judiciary committee chair chuck grassley of iowa joined us for newsmakers this week. here is what he had to say about
7:45 am
the kind of person he would like to see leading that agency. do you have any names in mind you would like to recommend for the post or that you have already recommended to the white house? >> know, and i have asked that question and been -- given the same answer. if you want a show of independence, maybe somebody from the judicial branch might be a good place to start. i have been asked about two individuals. i have declined comment because i want to see a list. >> would you decline comment on the suggestion of merrick garland? >> you might ask me that because i held up merrick garland and did not hold a hearing and thought we might follow the biden rule and let people have a voice. in the final analysis, i think garland is an outstanding individual. i know his reputation as a judge , i do not know anything else about his reputation so i would
7:46 am
have to think about it, but there is not anything just about garland himself that i could say no to. >> would you be concerned if the nominee was someone who may have to recuse himself from the russia investigation because they were advising trump on the campaign or somehow otherwise involved in the transition? >> i think the president and the people close to the president don't want to emphasize that anymore. they are going to get somebody entirely away from that as far as i can tell. once in a while, journalists meet me on capitol hill -- this name has been suggested, that name has been suggested and my usual response is to wait until we get a list of names and possibilities and hopefully a short list and i would be willing to weigh in. i am not in the business of suggesting somebody -- just
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somebody that is independent and somebody that will do the job and have the respect of the people that are the fbi agents. that is very important. host: newsmakers this sunday tears at 10:00 a.m. eastern and 6:00 p.m. eastern. you can listen with the c-span radio app. we shot down with the chairman of the judiciary kitty -- judiciary committee, chuck iowa.ey, publican of back to the calls and the discussion with all of you. who do you trust to investigate russian interference in the election? ler, you arecal on the air. the guardians of our institutions have awakened from a slumber.
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they are testing our forefathers vision we the people, for the the president of the united states during business and government justifying lies and weakening america -- weakening america. from the bipartisanship that invokes party lines first and then country, our next -- our election was muddled with. a country try to undermine our democracy with a new technological war that our forefathers could never envisioned. the sovereignty of the united states of america was compromised in the 2016 president election causing canine -- causing chaos in our -- undermining confidence of the
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american people for a rule of law that we hold so dear. host: carl, who should investigate? the obstruction of justice seems apparent. host: who should investigate? who do you trust to get to the bottom of this? hey, look, the -- host: special counsel? caller: that's it. host: what do you think? caller: thank you for taking my call. i think we need a special prosecutor. nobody currently in the white house should have their hands on this investigation at all and let me explain why. truth is truth and lies are lies. there is no alternative truth or republican truth or democrat
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been lies there have coming from the entire republican leadership and i feel sorry for the republicans who are still drinking the kool-aid. if this was a democratic administration i promise i would still feel the same way. we need to find out what the financial holdings are and connections between esther trump and all his people and we -- mr. trump and we need to find out what kind of conversations have been going on. -- that is the kind of prosecutor we need, someone that will go for the jugular and get all the tar -- cards on the table. what is the burden of proof we need to start impeachment proceedings because this administration is way out of control, nobody seems to be able to rein him in. he is making up rules as he goes along and breaking all the previous rules.
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that is how i will leave it. host: i want you to listen to columnom seth lipsky's in the wall street journal. he writes "these are the watergate lessons from mr. trump. he said the ethics and andrnment act of 1978 enables the unleashing of a prosecutor almost completely beyond the reach of the executive branch. it was used during the reagan administration. the supreme court in 1988 read just did -- rejected a constitutional challenge and justice antonin scalia warned a prosecutor could affect the boldness of the president. clothing, thiss wolf -- this sheep comes as a .'lf ofrecommended 4 counts
7:52 am
impeachment, mr. clinton was acquitted by a republican senate and the gop would've needed help from the democrats to reach the constitutionally required super for guilty.67 votes it was a bitter disappointment for those who fought for investigation. the almost bipartisan conclusion, the independent counsel -- within months, the independent counsel law was allowed to expire." karen, good morning, go ahead. caller: thanks for taking my call. tensingtrust the tory a tensingph -- victoria and joseph to do an investigation. the russia narrative was only mentioned after the campaign -- was not mentioned after the campaign, only after democrats lost.
7:53 am
trump has been scrutinized up this only comes out after they lose and they are the sorest loser's i have ever seen. worstan the world's candidate, that is why they lost. wonp wom 3 states -- trump 30 states and there is no excuse for these parties -- i want my government to get back to work taking care of me, taking care of my neighborhood, taking care of the borders, taking care of jobs. this is just a distraction and they need to get back to their jobs in washington or we need to vote them all out. i am fed up with all of this. there is a probe on this and an investigation on that. as i said, there was no mention of any russian hacking and interference in the election until hillary clinton lost. i would love to see joseph
7:54 am
looking into this and victoria tensing look into this. host: as you were talking, i was looking for the opposing view in "usa today." let's go to lisa in massachusetts, democrat. caller: good morning. i would like to see a general this thisave investigation because anyone from the justice department, sessions was the one -- the president would appoint him and sessions would be over that person. he has got russian ties and i heard some republican woman saying the russia thing did not come up after -- until hillary lost. the republicans are like stepford wives. i am a democrat and i did not like hillary and i thought bill clinton should have been
7:55 am
impeached. right is right and right is -- wrong is wrong. the intelligence committee from other countries presented what they called the gang of 8. i am assuming it is the top 4 republicans and the top 4 democrats in the house or the senate or whatever. this was in june of last year. that was before any election even took place. i do not know what it is about .he republicans the man -- his son-in-law and him -- first of all, the president has businesses all over the world, russia, the philippines, his son-in-law and his daughter have business in china and they are selling visas to the chinese. some people can come over here if they have money or donald trump has business ties with them, but other people cannot? host: we will leave it there.
7:56 am
the usarevious caller, today preview was written by anderson and he argues this similar to what the caller was advise "did the russians the clinton campaign to spend resources in red states and they had no chance of winning? did the russians advise the clinton campaign to ignore the advice of former president bill clinton, who urged his wife's team to focus more on the everyday challenges of blue-collar americans? i think many in the news media here might come to the conclusion they are going through the five stages of grief, denial, bargaining, anger, and acceptance. clearly we are a long way away from the last step on the list/.."
7:57 am
caller: listening to your program, i appreciate the c-span facilitating that you allow us to speak. i believe there needs to be special prosecution. i believe the special prosecution needs to be along the lines of kenneth starr. i think there is a reason why this statute was allowed to lapse because they didn't really challengene who would the status quo. i am listening to all the people trying to speak and i think the issue is that most americans are not even aware of what their rights, what their laws are. they literally advocated learning and understanding what the laws and governance is. you have laws to protect people rights anding our from colluding and doing other things.
7:58 am
the fact that the current administration will not divest his business holdings presence a a clearsue -- presents issue, a clear problem and we are not addressing those types of things. whether you are a fan of the last eight years or not a fan of the last 80 years, we understand the house in the senate were adamantly and the heavenly -- vehemently opposed. sayingre not shy about it and we had a dysfunctional government when you had democrats in charge and a republican in office, they did the same. the fact of the matter is until people demand that things change, hold their feet to theve's fire, they will continue to take advantage of american people. and: the president tweeting
7:59 am
-- this morning "the story that between thellusion russians and trump campaign was fabricated by dems." -- the congress is in -- the house is in recess, but the senate is here working in washington. "paving the way for the trump administration to repay -- renegotiate the north american free trade agreement. three republicans joined 10 democrats. and bernie sanders voting no." it is raining money for 2018 midterms. both parties mobilize in the in montana and
8:00 am
georgia. the congressional leadership fund, a super pac affiliated with paul ryan active in early races. the group reported spending more than $5 million reported spendig more than 5 million to protect republican health house seats in three elections this year. the prediction is the group will spend a total of $8.6 million on two fast approaching special elections. the georgia race now down to a -- johnetween john ossoff and karen handel. margaret, delray beach, florida, independent. share your thoughts.
8:01 am
so many thingsre i would like to respond to. i am no fan of donald trump, but america has a short memory. he did not become president in a vacuum. it is interesting we never hear -- no one is outraged by the not show the dnc did any outrage when bernie sanders was prevented from pushing forward when debbie wasserman schultz and that group prevented it. flagrantlybama bypassed law. does everybody remember when he employer mandate did not have to kick in, even though the law had passed. the individual mandates went
8:02 am
through, no outrage from the democrats. i find it interesting. host: do you think no investigations? caller: i think the investigations should go on. democrats crying foul here with kicked out, comey proved himself incompetent a while ago. everybody talks about the timing. donald trump could not breathe then without having some -- could not breathe in without having someone question how he breathes in. it is all put aside. by election was usurped americans. people are screaming about the russians. the russians have been trying to affect elections since the beginning of time. why aren't the democrats screaming that democrats stopped the free election?
8:03 am
hillary clinton became the nominee because of democrats. host: who was your candidate? number one,cruz rand paul number two. host: who did you vote for? caller: donald trump. i would have voted for mickey mouse not to have hillary clinton in office. brad, democrat. the president this morning, a very active presence with lots of things happening. it is not possible for my -- to stand up podium with perfect accuracy. talking about statements coming out pertaining to the firing of james comey from his spokespeople and what he told lester holt last night in that interview. brad, go ahead. thank you for being one of the only real journalists
8:04 am
left in washington, d.c. analyzing things that have been going on. in relationship to the intelligence report that was put out, there is no evidence. they assert the russians hacked the elections because of the fact there was malware and that russiancontained language. the date corresponded with russian working hours and the ip from russiaiginated , that side of the world. hacked, it wass already a year old. any state-level hacker is to cover theirh tracks.
8:05 am
do you think the nsa would not countryto hack another without leaving their fingerprints behind? the fact that is the one rationale they point to is bogus. take ae are going to short break. we will dig deep into this idea of a special counsel. that.f you calling for we will talk with sera university law professor william banks about the -- we will talk about syracuse university law professor william banks. we will be right back. ♪ sunday on q&a, the
8:06 am
comparisons between donald trump and andrew jackson. >> i don't think he represents jacksontive values represented. he represents the negative values jackson represented, but i would tell him if he wants to be like andrew jackson, he has to put nation in front of his own personhood, his own family, his own interests. that is what jackson did for most of his presidency. >> sunday night on q&a. in a world of ambiguity and temptation, you need a moral compass. develop principles you compromise for no one. not for a loved one, a job, or a chance at fame and wealth.
8:07 am
>> whether the individual acts in the legal, governmental, or private realm, one dedicated person can affect what some consider an uncaring world. starting at the bottom is not humiliation. it is humility, and assessment of where you are in the learning curve. put your head down and bulldog forward. the agenda, plenty. peace, protection of the environment, pratt -- pride. a few past commencement speeches from the c-span video library. >> "washington


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