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tv   President Addresses Arab- Islamic- American Summit in Riyadh  CSPAN  May 21, 2017 10:10am-11:10am EDT

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of the united states. [applause] [applause]
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>> and we will take you live now to riyadh, to saudi arabia. we saw president trump make his way into the room, getting ready to make his remarks for this assembly of islamic leaders. life coverage now on c-span. an
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>> [praying in foreign language]
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>> in the name of allah, the most compassionate, the most upon mr. blessings donald trump, the president of the united states of america. your majesties, your ,xcellency's, your highnesses leaders of both arab and muslim worlds, please allow me to welcome his excellency, our friend, mr. donald trump, the ,resident of the united states in a historic, unprecedented visit that is held at a time of paramount importance and extreme danger. our meeting with the president of the united states, a country unprecedented
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relations with many of our countries in bodies his interest .n deepening cooperation it also signifies that our arab and muslim countries are , whoseng today population exceeds 1.5 billion important partners in fighting the forces of extremism and terrorism as well world stability and peace. his excellent the death his excellency has many hopes and aspirations for cooperation with the arab world. as we thank his excellency, i appreciate his participating. we would like to confirm our
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pleasure and appreciation for his choosing the country of asdi arabia and your summit the first foreign trip and participation which reflect an interest and the interests of his country in your blessed summit. at the same time, we confirm with hishare excellency the same feeling of to worktive cooperation on fighting all for -- all forms its sources, dry up and stand firm in confronting this scourge that poses a danger. to all of humanity. we are gathered here today at to express the
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seriousness in taking vigorous steps so we realize a true partnership with a friendly united states. in a way that serves our common and contributes to achieving security, peace, and development for all humanity. just as our straightforward islamic religion confirms. our responsibilities towards god, toward our peoples, and toward the entire world is to to fight the forces of evil and extremism, whatever their sources are, in response to the dictates of our islamic religion. islam was and will always be the religion of mercy, tolerance, .nd coexistence in its prosperous time, islam
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provided the best council of coexistence among followers of religion and cultures. however, we see today that some presume muslims seek to represent a shorter picture, ace -- a picture that seeks to conflate this picture with violence. say to our muslim brothers and sisters, our sons and one ofrs everywhere that the most important goals of islamic sharia is respecting life and that there is no honor in committing murder. islam is the religion of peace and tolerance and urges followers to develop. it considers killing the
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innocent tantamount to killing all of humanity. our religion is to promote the tolerant values of islam, which are based on peace, moderation, and refraining from destroying and corrupting earth. we all people and countries reject in every language and damagingin every form the relations of muslim countries with friendly countries and profiling peoples and countries on a religious or .ectarian basis these acts are the products of attempts to deploy islam as a cover for political purposes.
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as the iranian regime and the groups and organizations tied to it duo. been thean regime has spearhead of global terrorism since the home any -- the khomei ni revolution until now. we have been in this country for 30 years and have known no terrorism since the revolution began in 1970 -- 1979. iran has turned down all good neighborly initiatives offered by our nations with goodwill. withs responded expansionist declarations, criminal practices, and interference in the internal affairs of other countries, thus violating the principles of international law, good
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, and mutualss respect and coexistence. the reagan regime thought that our silence was weakness and our wisdom was retreat until we had of the hostile practices and interference as witnessed in yemen and other countries in the region. time our the same respect and appreciation for the iranian people. we do not hold people responsible for the actions of their regime. the kingdom of saudi arabia has from terrorism and has long been the target of it because saudi arabia is the center of islam. achieve aseeks to and spread.itimacy
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we have succeeded in confronting terrorist actions, foiling many terrorist attempts. we have also helped our brothers and friends around the world to avoid plots targeting their security and stability. , in brothers and friends our continued efforts in confronting terrorism, the gcc states concluded today the historic agreement with the united states of america to adopt strict measures to target financing terrorism by establishing a center in riyadh .o target terrorism financing we look forward to more countries joining the center in the future as this agreement to follow --el
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will be our model to follow based on our existing efforts in this regard. confirm on behalf of my brothers, the attending leaders of the islamic countries, that we will be firm and prosecute anyone who finances or supports formrism in any shape or and bring them to justice. mr. president, dear brothers and war on, in our continued terrorism, we confirm our andlve to eradicate daesh other terrorist organizations, regardless of their religion, sex, or ideology. that was the region we all formed the islamic military alliance, to fight terrorism,
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which was a pioneering step to curb terrorism. terrorism is a result of .xtremism in light of the need to confront terrorism, we confirm today's launching global center for confronting extremist ideology, which aims to exterminate attempts to deceive the young, and refutes the frail claims of terrorists by cooperating with ande-loving nations international organizations. --r brothers and friends [inaudible] is a successful safeguard.
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this is what is the saudi vision in all its aspects. enabling women, diversifying the economy, and improving reputation of the numerous saudi arabia, which undoubtedly and aimsevery effort at accomplishing sustainable our countries. we emphasize that achieving peace between the palestinians and israelis is a just and , which requires sincere determination for the benefit of all. the international community should intensify its efforts to resolve the syrian crisis but shield the aspirations of the syrian people and preserve syrian leadership and sovereignty. your majesties, your excellency's, your highnesses, the hope of our generations, our peoples, and our sponsor
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responsibilities are great, but the resolve and care will enable us to face commuted -- committed to development as a strategic goal, to confront extremism and terrorism and provide a prosperous life. may god help us achieve that for our peoples. god bless you. [applause] >> now i give the floor to his excellency of the united states of america, mr. donald trump.
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the floor is your -- yours, sir. pres. trump: thank you. i would like to thank king solomon for his extraordinary words and the magnificent kingdom of saudi arabia for hosting today's summit. received by to be such gracious hosts. i have always heard about splendor of your country and the kindness of your citizens. but words do not do justice to the grandeur of this remarkable place and the incredible hospitality you have shown us
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from the moment that we arrived. you also hosted me in the abdulazizhome of king , the founder of the kingdom reunited your great people. working alongside another beloved leader, american president franklin roosevelt, king abdulaziz began the enduring partnership between our two countries. king solomon, your father would to see thaty proud you are continuing his legacy. and just as he opened the first partnership,r today we begin a new chapter that will bring lasting benefits
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to all of our citizens. now also extend my deep and heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone of the whoinguished heads of state made this journey here today. you greatly honor us with your presence. i send the warmest regards from my country to yours. thank you. i know that our time together will bring many blessings do both your people and to mine. i stand before you as a representative of the american people to deliver a message of .riendship and hope and love that is why i chose to make my first foreign visit a trip to the heart of the muslim world,
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to the nation that serves as custodian of the two holiest in myin the islamic rate. inaugural address to the american evil, i pledged to strengthen america's oldest friendships and build new partnerships in pursuit of peace. i also promise that america will not seek to impose our way of life on others, but to out in the spiritnds of cooperation and trust. our vision is one of peace. and prosperity in this region, and all throughout the world. our goal is a coalition of nations who share the aim of stamping out extremism. future that does honor
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to god. so, this historic and unprecedented gathering of leaders, unique in the history is unique in the world to our shared resolve. >>[translation in another language] pres. trump: security, culture, and commerce. for americans, this is an exciting time. a new beer at of optimism is sweeping our country . in just a few months we have created almost one million new trillion inover $3 new value, listed in the burdens on american industry, and made
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record investments in our military that will protect the safety of our people and enhance the security of our wonderful many of whomllies, are here today. now, there is even more blessed news that i am pleased to share with you. solomon,gs with king the crown prince and deputy crown prince, have been filled with great warmth, goodwill, and tremendous cooperation. signed to store agreements with the kingdom that billionest almost $400 in our two countries and create many hundreds of thousands of arabia america and saudi . this includes the announcement of a $110 billion saudi funded
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defense purchase and we will be sure to help our saudi friends to get a good deal from our great american defense companies , the greatest anywhere in the world. disagreement agreement will help the saudi military to take a far greater role in security and operations having to do with .ecurity they have also started discussions with many of the countries present today on strengthening partnerships and to advance ones security and stability across the middle east and far beyond. later today we will make history again with the opening of the new global center for combating extremist ideology, located right here in this central part of the islamic world.
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this groundbreaking new center represents a clear declaration that muslim majority countries must take the lead in combating radicalization. and i want to express our gratitude to king solomon for his strong demonstration and his absolutely incredible and powerful leadership. i have had the pleasure of welcoming several of the leaders present today to the white house. and i look forward to working with all of you. america is a sovereign nation. and our first priority is always the safety and 30 of our citizens. lecture. --ere to safety and security of our citizens. we are not here to lecture. we are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be, or how to worship.
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instead, we are here to offer partnership based on shared interests and values. >> [foreign language translation] but above all, we must be united in pursuing the one goal that transcends every other consideration. that goal is to meet history's great test, to conquer extremism and vanquish the forces that terrorism brings with it every single time. young muslim boys and girls should be able to grow up free from fear, safe from violence, and innocent of hatred. when young muslim men and women should have the chance to build a new era of prosperity for themselves, it has to be done.
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and we have to let them do it. with help, this summit will mark the beginning of the end for those who practice terror and spread its vile evil. at the same time, we pray at this -- that this special gathering may one day be remembered as the beginning of peace in the middle east. and maybe, even all over the world. but this feature can only be achieved through defeating terrorism and the ideology that drives it. spared the have been violent reach of terrorism. america has suffered repeated or baric attacks from the atrocities of september 11 to the devastation of the boston to the horrible killings in san bernardino and orlando. the nations of europe have also
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.ndured unspeakable horror so, too, have the nations of africa and south america. india, russia, china and australia have all been victims. but in sheer numbers? the greatest toll has been exacted on the innocent evil of -- innocent people of arab, muslim, and middle eastern nations. they have warned the front of the killings and the worst of the obstruction in this wave of fanatical violence. estimates are that more than 95% of the victims of terrorism are themselves muslim. we now face you military and security disaster in this region. it is spreading across the planet. it is a tragedy of epic
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promotions. no description of the suffering and the property can begin to capture its full measure. the true toll of isis, if you look at what's happening, al qaeda, hezbollah, hamas, and so many others, must be counted not , it in the number of dead also must be counted in generations of their list dreams. natural beauty, vibrant cultures, massive amounts of historic treasures. -- it should increasingly become one of the great global centers of commerce and opportunity. this region should not be a place from which refugees flee, but to which newcomers flock. home to the is holiest sites in one of the
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world's great faiths. year, millions of muslims come from around the world to saudi arabia to take heart any cause -- to take part in the aj. this country is also home to modern architectural achievements. egypt, a thriving center of learning and achievement thousands of years before other parts of the world. luxor ands of alexandria are proud monuments to that ancient heritage. people dreamworld of walking through the ruins in jordan. iraq was the cradle of civilization and is a land of natural beauty.
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and the united arab emirates has reached incredible heart -- credible heights. transforming earth and water into spectacular works of art. the entire region is at the center of the key shipping lanes of the suez canal. the potential of this region has never, ever been greater. under its population is the age of 30. like all young men and women, they seek great futures to build , great national projects to join, and a place for their families to call home. but this untapped potential, this tremendous cause of optimism is held at a by bloodshed -- at the bay by bloodshed and -- held at bay by bloodshed and terror.
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there can be no coexistence with this violence. there can be no tolerating it, no accepting it, no excusing it, and no ignoring it. falsely invoking the name of god? it should be an insult to every person of faith. if we don't act against this organized terror, we know what will happen in what will be the end result. terrorism possibility of life will continue to spread. p societies will be engulfed by violence. the futures of many generations will be sadly squandered. if we do not stand in uniform condemnation of this killing,
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not only will we be judged by our people, not only will we be judged by history, but we will be judged by god. this is not a battle between different faiths or different sect, or even different civilizations. this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to and decenthuman life people, all in the name of religion. lifee that want to protect the religion. this is about between good and evil. we see no signs that those murdered were jerked -- were jewish or christian, she or .unni -- shia or sunni
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when we look at the innocent blood soaked into the ancient not see the faith or tribe of the victims. we see only that they were children of god whose deaths are an insult to all that is holy. only know that the forces of good are united and strong and if everyone in this room does their fair share and fulfills their part of the burden, terrorism has spread all across the world. soil here on this sanction in this sacred land. america is prepared to stand with you. in pursuit of shared interests and common security. we cannot wait for american power to crush this enemy. the nations of the middle east will have to decide what kind of
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future they want for themselves. for their country. and, frankly, for their families and their children. it is a choice that america cannot make for you. a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the extremists. drive them out of her places of worship. drive them out of your communities and holy land. drive them out of this earth. for our part, america is committed to adjusting our strategies, to meet the evolving threats and the new facts. we will discard those strategies
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that have not worked and will apply new approaches informed by experience, talents, and judgment. we are adopting a principled rooted in common values, shared interest, and common sense. our friends will never question of support and our enemies will never doubt our determination. our partnership will advance security for stability. not through radical disruption. we will make decisions based on real-world outcomes, not inflexible ideology. guided by the lessons of experience, not the confines of richard -- rigid thinking. wherever possible, we will seek gradual reforms, not sudden intervention. we must seek partners, not perfection, and to make allies
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of all who share our goals. seeks, notamerica war. muslim nations must be willing the burden of defeating terrorism and sending its wicked ideology into oblivion. the first task in this joint effort is for your nations to deny all territory to the foot soldiers of evil. every country in the region has an absolute duty to ensure that terrorists find no sane to worry on their soil. many are already making significant contributions to regional security. jordanian pilots are crucial partners against isis in syria and iraq. saudi arabia and a regional coalition have taken strong action against militants in
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yemen. the lebanese army is hunting isis operatives who try to infiltrate their territory. troops are supporting our afghan partners. and supporting them strongly. in most all, american troops are supporting kurds, sunnis, and shia fighting together for their homeland. , which hosts the u.s. central command, is a crucial strategic partner. our long-standing partnership with kuwait and bahrain continue to -- continue to enhance security in the region. our courageous afghan soldiers have made tremendous sacrifices in the fight against the taliban and and others in the fight for their country.
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as we deny terrorist organization control, with territory and populations, we must also strip them of their access to funds. we must cut off the financial oil,els that let isis so let extremists pay their fighters and help terrorists smuggle the reinforcements. we will be signing an agreement to prevent the financing of terrorism called the terrorist financing targeting center. cochaired by the united states and saudi arabia. of joined by every member the gulf cooperation council. it's a day that will be long remembered.
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for blocking funders from using their countries as a financial base for terror. hezbollah as a terrorist organization, which they certainly are, last year. saudi arabia also joined us this week in placing sanctions on one of the most senior leaders of hezbollah. there is still much work to be done. that means honestly confronting the crisis of islamic extremism. and the islamic terror of all kinds. we must stop what they are doing to inspire. because they do nothing to inspire but kill. and we are having a very , if you look at what has happened recently. and
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it means standing together against the murder of innocent muslims. the oppression of women, the persecution of jews and the , religiousf distance leaders must make this clear. barbarism will give you -- deliver you know glory. piety to evil will bring you know dignity. no dignity.ity -- your life will be brief and your soul will be fully condemned. political leaders must speak out to affirm the same idea. ,eroes don't kill innocents they save them. many nations have taken important steps to raise at that message. saudi arabia's must -- vision for 2030 is an important and
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encouraging statement of tolerance, respect, empowering women and economic development. has alsoab emirates engaged in the battle for the hearts and souls and with the united states launched a center to counter the online spread of hate. is working to undermine recruitment and radicalism. i also applaud jordan, turkey, and lebanon for their role in hosting refugees. the surge of migrants and refugees living, living so poorly, that they are forced to leave the middle east, depletes the human capital needed to societies and economies. middle eastern countries can give young people hope for a better future in their nations
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and regions. that means promoting the aspirations and dreams of all life,ns who seek a better women children and the followers of all things. numerous arab and islamic scholars have eloquently argued meansrotecting equality protecting communities. for centuries the middle east has been the home of christians, muslims, and jews living side by side. we must practice sovereign's and respect for each other once again and make this region a place where every man and woman, no matter their place or ofnicity can enjoy a life dignity and hope. a fabulous place where we are at
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today. riyadh, i have gotten to know it so well in such a short time. jerusalem andto the vatican, visiting some of the holiest places in the free abraham it place. including peace with israelis and palestinians. i will be meeting with benjamin and palestinian president abbas. of theirterrorists territory of funding in the will be theogy
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basis for easily defeating them. no discussion of stamping out this threat would be complete without mentioning the government that gives terrorists all three, safe harbor and financial backing. it is a regime that is responsible for so much instability in that region. i'm speaking, of course, of iran. from lebanon to a rack to yemen, theyo trained terrorists, militias, and other extremist groups that spread description and chaos across the region. for decades iran has fueled the fires of sectarian conflict and terror. speaks government that openly of mass murder, vowing
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the destruction of israel, death to america, and ruin for many nations. among their most tragic and destabilizing interventions, you have seen it in syria. bolstered by iran, assad has committed unspeakable crimes. the united states has taken firm action and response to the use of and chemical weapons. by the assad regime. missiles at the syrian airbase and where they had originated. responsible nations must work together to end the humanitarian crisis in syria, eradicating isis and restoring stability to the region as quickly as possible. possibly -- the
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iranian's regime longest suffering victims are its own people. the people have been doing hardship and despair due to their leader's reckless pursuit of conflict and terror. until the iranian regime is going to be a partner for peace, all nations of conscious -- conscience must work together to isolate it, deny it. funding for terrorism, cannot do it. pray for the day when the just andeople have the righteous government they so richly deserve. the decisions we make will affect countless lives. king solomon, i thank you for the creation of this great moment in history. and for your massive investments in america and its industries and its jobs.
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i also thank you for investing in the future of this part of the world. the fertile region. it is so fertile. it has all of the ingredients for extraordinary success. culture.story and a young and vibrant people. and thriving spirit of enterprise. but you can only unlock this feature if the citizens of the middle east are free from extremism, terror, and violence. we in this room are the leaders of our peoples. they look to us for answers and for action. and when we look back at their faces, behind every paralyze is a soul -- pair of eyes is a soul that euros for justice and for.
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today billions of faces are now looking at us, waiting for us to act on the great question of our time. will we be in different in the presence of evil? will we protect our citizens from violent ideology? spread let the venom through our societies? will we let it destroy the most holy sites on earth? if we do not confront this deadly terror, we know what the future will bring. more suffering, more death, and more despair. we leave this if that -- leave this magnificent to stopdo it it takes
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the evil from destroying the world, there is no limit to the great future our citizens will have. the birthplace of civilization is waiting to begin a new renaissance. just imagine what tomorrow could ring. the glorious wonders of science, art, medicine, and commerce to inspire mankind. great cities, built on the ruins of shattered towns. lifting of millions and millions of people. longer worry for their children, their families, no longer morning for their loved ones, and the faithful who finally worship without fear. these are the blessings of
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prosperity and peace. desires that burn with a righteous flame in every single human heart. and these are the just demands of our beloved people. to join me, to join together, to work together and to fight together, because fail, we will not cannot fail. nobody, absolutely nobody can beat us. you, god, god bless bless your countries, and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much. [applause]
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>> thank you for this historic, valuable speech. that the whole world would remember.
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>> speaking foreign language] >>[speaking for language] >> mr. president, allow me to express my gratitude for taking this step lee shau kee. -- to reach out.
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we meet today to advance meetings around the serious threats facing our world. the future for all of us will be shaped by the actions that we take now. and we all have to work in partnership in four key areas. first and foremost, we have a grave challenge. to address the complex layers of the threat from these evil ideas to its attack on prosperity and security. as you have mentioned, -- >> as we hear remarks from the cave jordan we will break away from this live coverage from riyadh, saudi arabia. you can see this later today on the seas and networks or anytime you like on our website.
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president trump continues his trip tomorrow with a visit to israel. wednesday he heads to rome and vatican city where he meets with hope francis. concluding later this week with two final stops. first brussels and nato leaders and then sicily for the annual g-7 summit. look for coverage of the trip throughout the week here on the c-span networks. >> never let anyone define you area that is the first lesson i want to leave you with. only you define who you are. only you. >> our hearts should be open. not just to falling in love, but to the world. , we need toook care, and we need to contribute. >> don't ever let anyone tell you that your dreams are silly. if you have to look act on your life, regret the things that you did, and not what you didn't do.
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>> nothing stays still. things will change. whethertion for you is and how you will participate in the process of creating change. >> just a few past commencement speeches from the c-span video library. watch more of this year's commencement speeches on saturday, may 27, monday, may 29, memorial day, and june 3, on c-span and cease -- >> >> joining us this week, the ranking member of the emerging threats subcommittee. representative, thank you for joining us on "newsmakers." let's wait to be with you. >> tim starks and john donnelly join us. to you, gentlemen, thanks for joining us.


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