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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  June 23, 2017 7:00am-7:39am EDT

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raja krishnamoorthi on a bill they cosponsored. the newly released in the tell care bill. ♪ good morning. friday, june 23, 2017. republicans unveiled their 140 two-page health-care bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act. the plan is to bring it to a vote on the floor next week. mitch mcconnell needs 50 of the 62 republicans and the chamber to vote yes, that would mean vice president mike pence would be the tie-breaking vote. right now, for republicans say they are a no vote. we will give you more details about the senate gop plan on "the washington journal." we want you to give washington
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your view on the debate. here are the phone lines. republicans, (202) 748-8000 -- republicans, (202) 748-8001. democrats, (202) 748-8000. independents, (202) 748-8002. orn us on twitter @cspanwj facebook/c-span. we will start with mitch mcconnell. the majority leader in the senate who has been drafting this bill behind closed doors to the chagrin of some of his republican colleagues. he did so with a working group of senators. he came to the floor yesterday and this is what he said about their proposal. [video clip] year, 70% of american counties have had little or no choice of insurers under obamacare. next year, at least 44 counties are projected to have no choice at all, meaning him yet again, americans could be thrown off of answers liken
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missouri, ohio, and wisconsin. does it sound like obamacare is working? democrats tell us it would be wrong for the senate to actually address these problems in a serious way, while the law they have defended for 7 years onters, literally teeters, the edge of total collapse. they were wrong before, they are wrong again now. is not working by nearly any measure. it has failed, and no amount of 11th-hour reality denying or buck passing by democrats will change the fact that more americans will get hurt in this we do something. i regret that our democrat it's ic france made it clear they did not want to work with us to address the obamacare status quo. republicans believe we have a responsibility to act, and we are, for our constituents, for
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our states, and for our country. host: that was the senate majority leader on the floor republicans,hey, need to do something about the affordable care act, because it is teetering on the edge. what do you think about the back and forth between democrats and republicans over health care? let me show you what the minority leader, chuck schumer, a democrat from new york, had to say as a response. [video clip] >> the senate version of trumpcare is even meaner. there is a lot to impact, but the outline is simple and clear. they are getting up and saying it is a draft, but i asked mitch thereell on the floor, is anything that i said that is not in that draft? he sat down and did not answer. my guess is that it is all in there. it takes dollars out of health
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care for millions of americans in thes it right back pocket of the wealthy. it cuts health care for those who need it most, just to give a tax break to those who need at least. , with thisblicans bill, are proposing to defund planned parenthood, and medicaid,y slash which helps middle-class families with loved ones in nursing homes, and since those dollars to the richest people in america -- and sends those dollars to the richest people in america. the: do you agree with republicans or democrats? melrose, massachusetts, democrat, you are up first. caller: good morning, ma'am. thank you for having me on. i have a few thoughts. number one, i am very concerned that the health care program, if adopted, cuts into medicare. that would be important to me and many other americans. i noticed that senator rand and
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three others are against the plan as he stated. cruz, andhnson, himself. i did not find the fourth person. host: why do you bring that up? caller: it is interesting that -- host: there they are, on your screen. rand paul, ron johnson, mike lee, and ted cruz. caller: thank you. the fourth. i think it is important because frome radical departure less than 50. you know what i am leaning. im for the democratic party, but i'm trying to avoid party and focus on what is good for the american people. i hope and i have not been too lengthy. host: not at all. thank you for being con chances. here is "the washington post"
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here at mr. mcconnell can afford to lose only 2 republicans, setting up a scenario in which vice president pence sets up a .ie-breaking vote then negotiations would begin to resolve differences between the senate and house bills. senator susan collins told reporters that she and senator would try to amend the planned parenthood restrictions rama,g next week's vote-o- when senators can offer unlimited amendment. gop insiders expect rob portman of ohio, west virginia, to a cuts to the deep medicaid. if mcconnell gets those for afford, the conservative bloc, including two of mr. trump's highest profile opponents in the primary, ted cruz and rand paul, would present the final hurdled. ted cruz and likely issuing a
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midday -- and mike leigh issuing a midday referendum they cannot support the legislation as written. the fate of the bill could ultimately live with curzruz. he has spoken with his texas colleagues, who on thursday was carrying a memo in his jacket pocket that contained a list of his demands that marked the pas s. i the end of next week, it will be clear if he got there. in the olympia, washington. independent color. caller: as a real dilemma. middle-class americans with the high deductibles and premiums are being absolutely decimated here they are losing their houses, they are not going to the doctor, they are not taking care of their health. on the other hand, we have
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people that have dropped out of school, had children out of wedlock, chose to sell drugs and center working, and cannot get a job. those people, the poor, are not .etting covered they need to be covered, too, but i think they should tax the rich who do not employ a soul as much as they possibly can, then let them pay for all this. that is my comment. host: chicago, illinois, a republican, what do you think? caller: good morning, greta. i called in a few times. i never mentioned that i am an rn. i have been watching this health .are debate closely for years when the aca was first debated. i want to mention that it is
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really important for people to put aside whatever partisan ontofs they want to hold in regards to their party. this is about your health care, your family, your mothers, your fathers, your kids. every woman in the united states has utilized healthcare services, whether it was when you were in your mother's womb, the day you were born at the hospital, as a child when you had a scrape, cold, or whatever, , inn adult, as a senior your final moments of life in hospice care you will utilize healthcare services. it is utterly ridiculous to physicianscially like dr. rand, just spin these
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outrageous lies about the aca and health insurance needs in this country. , thetched it on tv debates. presented 100s amendments. bill.ot 161 in the final the only reason they did not vote for it was for partisan points. they wanted to be of to say we did not vote for obamacare, even though they helped to write obamacare here they knew it would pass, because they were the minority party. they said we are going to play partisan policy and not vote to score points. where have 31 aca states millions of people have been working. these are working poor people, people that make $7.25 an hour. complain about the economy, how can you live a
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decent life on $7.25 an hour. if you have a family it is harder. it is likeare -- people forgot the suffering from 2006, 2007, 2008. takingre is a safety net care of all of us. all of us are benefiting. even if you are not on the exchange, your benefits are beefed up. your kids can stay on until 26, you have essential benefits. everyone has to pay a little more, but the biggest complaints i hear from your callers and congress members are from individuals not in aca states. they are denied medicaid so they have no options p are the working poor continue to struggle in those states. the working poor in the aca states, like kentucky, feel safe. that is why they're panicking
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about their medicaid. host: let me jump in. you are comparing the affordable care act of what the republicans want to do. let's take "the new york times," medicaid expansion. theacare raised eligibility cutoff. dollars per single person. the federal government paid 90% of the cost for newly eligible beneficiaries. in the senate bill unveiled yesterday, they allow 31 states who expanded medicaid to continue getting federal funding through 2023 with reduced 2020 one. it sharply cartel to federal support for medicaid expansion in 2024, probably causing many to end the expansion. future spending
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per enrollee based on how much each state has spent historically. states have the option of receiving a lump sum block grant for beneficiaries. the budget office estimate similar policies passed by the house will cut 800 billion over a decade. a budgethe program on that substantially reduces future medicaid spending. here's what "the new york times" editorial says. it will be devastating to older americans. contrary to what many think, the program does not only benefit the poor. many middle-class seniors depend on it after they have exhausted their savings. medicaid pays for 2/3 of people in nursing homes. the program covers nearly half of all births in the country. in recent years it has played an important role dealing with the opioid epidemic, especially in
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kentucky, massachusetts, maryland, and west virginia. if a 75% to 50% of the cost for medication and addiction according to professors from harvard and new york university. "the washington journal" says medicaid was most divisive for republicans in the months long internal debate. surprise is the senate's entitlement overhaul is somewhat stronger than the house's. the program originally meant for poor, women, children, and the be modernized for the first time. it could become the most consequence will social reform since welfare reconstruction in 1996. like the house, the senate would end the formula that reward states for spending more. they would transition to bloc grants. governors would receive more flexibility.
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the grants would max out at the rate of inflation plus 20 percentage points in 2020. what do y'all think about that? the difference between how democrats see the medicaid program and how republicans see the medicaid program? mark, san antonio, texas, independent caller. go ahead. ever since the government got involved in insurance, people have lost their insurance, and more people -- i lost my wife. she was a 30-year diabetic. we have to insurance. half of our salary goes to insurance. host: 40%? caller: half of my check every two weeks goes to insurance. medicationsuding
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for whatever. that is only premiums on medication. our deductibles are through the roof. i want the government to up my insurance period. host: had you get your insurance? caller: through my employer. host: how would you get it if the government stays out of it? caller: through my employer. the way it was before the government got involved in our insurance. i used to have really good insurance. when the government got involved, they dropped their privileges that the government doesn't require. it has gotten more and more expensive. morning.y, good tell washington what you think about the health care debate. when donald trump,
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president donald trump, he said medicaid, touch medicare. what is he doing now? the opposite. he lied to the american people. the first depression, was caused by three republicans. who fixed it? roosevelt. choice.blicans want it in the make constitution, under the second amendment. host: cnn was playing a loop of
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comments by donald trump on the trail talking about how he wasn't going to touch medicaid. here is what warren had to say. it is similar to what the house republicans want to do as well. [video clip] slashes hundreds ofof billions dollars for medicaid, leaving the state with no choice but to cut services that kids with disabilities need. medicaid is the program in the country that provides health insurance to one in five americans. to 30 million kids. nearly two out of every three people in a nursing home. these cuts are bloodmoney. people will die. senatee clear, republicans are paying for tax cuts for the wealthy with american lives. on thelizabeth warren
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floor. "the new york times" notes that on the obamacare administration oppose new taxes to pay for coverage expansion. they include taxes on investment income, wages above two hundred thousand dollars, medical devices, prescription drugs, and tanning. the senate bill permanently eliminates most of the taxes. in, it would be beginning in 2026. on the out-of-pocket costs, lower incomes paying for likef-pocket costs copayments. they preserve the subsidies through 2019. then it eliminates them altogether. many low income people would face high deductibles. you read more about the senate legislation compared to what the obama administration did under the affordable care act. , washingtonthink
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debating the health care legislation, the back and forth. your turn. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. old.0 years i think that mr. trump and the republican side are working at it very hard to make this affordable. have a problem with listening to both sides. obamacare, andn i know it is out of sight. it goes up and a lot of companies have opted out. there is no other way it can go except for up. my insurance is through medicare and medicaid and aetna.
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people like mr. schumer, and i am not judging him, or the other democrats, but these people, these republicans are not going to put a plan out there that is worse than what we have. it would be shooting themselves in the foot. it doesn't make sense. says, ifjudy usually it doesn't make sense, it usually isn't true. think, and the other thing, i should the government get out of this insurance thing as much as possible. i think they should open it up across the borders, but people buy insurance where
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they want to. if anything with the government, make them put a cap on what the insurance companies can charge. host: a reminder to all of us the republicans have said this first effort, the house bill votes, and the2 senate proposal data yesterday that will get a vote next week 1.phase after that, more legislation that republicans would like to bring forward. then it is up to the trump administration and hhs secretary, tom price, former congressman from georgia, to, on their end, to do another phase of repealing and replacing the obamacare act. [video clip] it will come out that obamacare is a disaster. it is dead, totally dead, and we're putting in a plan that will be negotiated. we would love to have some democrat support, but they are
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obstructionist, they will never support, we will never get one, know better how good it is, but we will hopefully get something done, and it will be something with heart and very meaningful. host: rachel, what do you think? caller: i think we should be looking at 2 issues. the substance of the bill and the procedure. when the bill is being passed, the lack of transparency, the rushed effort to move it through the house and senate before the cbo score was released? the procedure will set precedent for how we passed bills in the future. we have to ask ourselves as a society, do we want to see ourslation passed through government without deliberation and transparency? for the substance, we have to ask as a society do we want to protect the weekend of vulnerable, are we going to make it easier for insurance companies to make profits, and f
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or the wealthy to get away without having to pay taxes? even the individual mandate, what we were saying with an individual mandate, everyone has to pay ticket insurance because they will be treated when we get sick.all of us get sick and get injured at some point. and weo to the hospital don't have insurance, that comes back to us through increasing insurance premiums. host: the individual and employer mandate are gone under senate legislation put forth yesterday. on substance, a little more from "the new york times." restrictions on charging more for older americans. under the affordable care act, it banned ensure sharing policies directly to individuals charging older customers three times with a charge younger
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ones. the senate bill allows insurance companies to charge old customers five times as much as younger one spirit pre-existing conditions, the affordable care act requires insurance to cover people regardless of pre-existing medical conditions. the senate bill preserves this rule, but patients with serious illnesses may find their coverage is less valuable if they live in a state that eliminates benefit requirements or limits coverage. there is essential health benefits that were part of the debates when the affordable care act was proposed, and now with the republican legislation. the affordable care act requires all insurers to offer 10 categories of benefits like maternity treatment and hospital care. the senate bill preserves this rule, but states can apply to waive the standard. meaning some like maternity care and addiction treatment may not be covered by state that wave the rule.
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sarah, share your thoughts. caller: how are you? host: good morning. caller: i feel like i am too young to die. think $755 for a prescription out of pocket, every month it is 10 prescriptions. costs $72.50aid it for the prescription. month,and makes $1872 a working full time 40 hours a week. $372 of retirement. we make a little over $2000. i can't work because of my
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heart. i am getting better, but i don't choose.have to i don't want to put my husband in a position to choose between thosee and not taking prescriptions to keep me alive. i asked my heart surgeon if i could go off any of the 10, and he says no. if i did, it would be devastating to mee. gee, i don't know what to do now. i am waiting to see how they vote, and i hope it fails. there will be millions of people around the united states that have to make the same decision i do. independent.,
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stanley, share your opinion. caller: the reason the affordable care act is not affordable is they have been downplaying it, trashing it, that is why insurance is pullign out. in a nursing home, the affordable care act. his wife came down with a heart disorder and they got full coverage. they will pass this health care. if they pass it in the senate, the house does not even have to vote. all they have to do is accept the plan. they don't even have to revote. they can rush it right through. i heard that on tv last night. host: we will talk about that. we have a reporter covering capitol hill. we will talk about the procedure and policy of the health care legislation.
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marilyn, democrat. hi, marilyn. caller: thank you for taking my call. host: you bet. caller: i feel the situation is dire in this country. i worked for two insurance companies and have seen what happens with the lobbyists, the government, and the way that they pull strings to get with a want with the insurance companies and doctors. of you come you need to take the policy seriously. my brother is in a nursing home. he is a vietnam vet. they're not giving him full coverage. he is being jerked around by them. he cannot afford regular health care. home helose my parents' areed in because medic
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will step in. if you don't think you will lose your home, and get these republicans out of office in 2018, we are all going to pay. we're going to have a worse depression since the 1930's. you need to wake up, take the policy seriously, get the , you need tooff push hard for employer-sponsored health insurance. the health insurance you have, you better be careful with it. treat it conservatively. this is what they have been trying to do in the politics in the senate and house are they want to rip the policies apart. they want people to be liable completely. one of theher news, fallouts from the georgia sixth congressional district race, the special election to replace former congressman tom price, now hhs secretary, a lot of
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folks on capitol hill, democrats, questioning the leadership of nancy pelosi. she has been asked about it as well. this is a "political" story. a dozen unhappy house republicans -- democrats, excuse me, met to discuss if and how they can replace nancy pelosi as minority leader. l.a. some of the group -- at say itome of the group has to happen for the democrats the house back to brian unsuccessfully challenge nancy pelosi for minority leader in . [video clip] >> i serve at the pleasure of my caucus. my caucus is overwhelmingly supportive of me. this is not the time. at the end of a two-year time, we will see what happens then. many times, i had not really
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wanted to run again when they called upon me to do so. this time i did. the election of donald trump, this takes the knowledge and thisience i have to make fight and fire our members law,d the facts, the progress for the american people, urgency, responsibility, opportunity. thank you. host: nancy pelosi responding to reporters' questions about whether or not she could be replaced. some democrats meeting yesterday afternoon to discuss if and how they could do that. regina and apollo, pennsylvania. greta good morning.
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i know she makes money on this expand. she gets her money there. i watched the hearings on obamacare. republican was allowed to bring the amendment to the floor. i watched the hearing in the middle of the night. i don't know what she is talking about. as far as the vaccinations, the children are getting filled up with, you can see in society how people are getting dumbed down through the toxins in their system. making me by health insurance, health insurance is not health care. health care is personal choices you make in order to make your body healthy. robbing people of that ability by making them pay for things that they would never be involved in, and supporting eds,r people's wants and ne
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people getting disability because they are too heavy, these are things some of us have to work on on our own. we would like the ability and funds to do that than being forced to buy into a system. roned cruz, mike lee, johnson --work for us. we are $22 billion in debt. this is not affordable. gettingre so used to the drugs paid for it, there is no ability to do the negotiations on that. that was set up by george w. bush. now we have a big mess with obama care. it is on the children and people living now. i want to be done with it. i want the voluntary repeal, and i want the health insurance mandate gone. go for it, get it done. those fouru think
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republican senators that you named, that they should hold up this legislation? see the changes that they want, subsidies gone, medicaid expansion phased out more quickly, do you think they should vote no? caller: it worked in the house because we got a better bill, the second bill was a better bill. i was very upset with mr. trump after he after the freedom caucus, then he called those people mean. those people supported me. i really don't think they are mean. i cannot understand trump bouncing back and forth. maybe he got a bunch of people that wanted all this stuff, but i did not. i was an original ted cruz supporter. i am for repealing the whole thing. agem tired of being in bonde
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to pay for things that would hurt my health. host: we will to the health-care conversation later on on the washington journal. break, wer the short will talk to two members of the education workforce committee, glenn thompson and democratic krishnamoorthia about their legislation to strengthen career and technical education in the country. we will be right back. ♪ >> this weekend on american
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history tv on c-span3, saturday at 6:00 p.m. eastern, on the civil war, the disbanding of the confederate army of northern virginia discussed by purdue university professor carolyn janie. >> the terms of mathematics surrender the army. they said nothing about declaring the confederacy defunct. there had been no peace treaty. as of may 9, jefferson davis run >>. on the at 8:00 p.m. on lectures in history, university of notre dame history professor on the east texas oil plume of the mid 20th century, and the expansion of u.s. oil businesses to saudi arabia and canada. >> a geologist framed the theory of peak oil saying that american oil reserves were going to 1970, forcing the
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country into a difficult situation. of americayptic fear losing his oil sources is going to drive exploration abroad. >> sunday at 4:00 p.m. on reel america "the palestinian people do have rights." hatred,nce brings retaliation brings further retaliation. and i've for an eye is often paid at high interest rates in our day in age. 6:30, president reagan's speech writer and former ambassador to germany recall reagan's 1987 trip to berlin and the brandenburg hate speech. >> i knew it was a great applause line and authentic ronald reagan. -- brandenburg gate speech. >> i knew it was a great applause line and authentic ronald reagan. we would never


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