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tv   President Trump Indian PM at the White House Presser  CSPAN  June 26, 2017 9:05pm-9:31pm EDT

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estimate, a procedural vote could be taken tomorrow although some senators, including the senator made inks she will not vote for the motion to proceed on tuesday, possibly wednesday as well. senate democrats plan to hold the floor this evening talking about efforts to repeal the affordable care act, in fact is finishing up on the senate floor moments ago was senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. you can follow the senate live in speeches is evening over on c-span2. >> to defend this piece of legislation, it does not surprise me even what is in need legislation given what we have heard of the last week. >> the senator of massachusetts
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is explaining, what are we trying to do when we pass the affordable care act years ago. part of what we were trying to do was extend coverage to a lot of americans that did not have it in colorado. in my state, that meant over 600,000 coloradans now have health care insurance that did not haven't before the affordable care act was passed. another thing where turned to do is set insurance companies that it is not ok to have your business practice taking months and months of premiums for people and when they call you on the phone and say, my kid was sick, micah got struck by lightning, my kid had an accident, to then hold them on the phone sms possible just as a way of denying their claims. because most people in america are trying to move their family head, trying to get by, to stay on the phone all day with an insurance company.
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and we said, it is not fair to deny people insurance in the richest country in the world because they have pre-existing conditions. it is not fair that it is a business plan and america to have lifetime caps on people in the richest country in the world who might hit those lifetime caps because they get cancer. democraticthat his senator michael bennet, one of many democrats speaking in the senate this evening about the health care replacement bill. you can follow all week on cspan2, online at and on the free c-span radio app. ♪ >> c-span's washington journal, live every day with news and policy issues that affect you. coming up, georgia republican congressman talks about his proposal that would allow concealed carry from other
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states and the district of columbia, particularly our members of congress. and peter welch will join us to discuss his disappointment with the trump administration over lower drug prices. and, the need for more security personnel at federal maximum-security prisons. he sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on tuesday morning. join the discussion. >> officials from the justice department, the fbi, and the office of national intelligence will testify on capitol hill about the reauthorization of the foreign intelligence surveillance act. they will be at the senate judiciary committee tuesday. nine: 30rage begins at a.m. eastern on c-span three. and in the afternoon, terrorist threats to europe will be discussed. that is live on c-span3, you can watch both hearings on our website,
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the free c-span radio app. next, president trump and indian prime minister talk about the relationship between the two countries, focusing on training and global security. at this white house rose garden event, the prime minister invited president trump and his family to india. >> thank you. in gentlemen, the president of the united states and the prime minister of the republic of india. president trump: get afternoon.
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it is a pleasure to welcome you to the white house. i've always had a deep admiration for your country and its people in a proponent -- profound admiration for your traditions. this summer, india will celebrate the 70th anniversary of its independence and on behalf of the united states we want to congratulate the indian people on this magnificent milestone in the life of your very, very incredible nation. during my campaign, i pledged that if elected, india would have a true friend in the white house. and, that is now exactly what you have. a true friend. a friendship between the united states and india is volt on shared values, including our democracy.itment to not many people know it, but both americans and the indians
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constitutions begin with the same three very beautiful words, we the people." the prime minister and i both understand the importance of those words which helps to form the foundation of cooperation between our two countries. relations between countries are strongest when they are devoted to the interests of the people we serve, and after our meetings today i will say that the relationship between india and the united states has never been stronger, has never been better. i am proud to announce to the media, to the american people, and to the indian people, that prime minister modi and i are world leaders in social media. we are believers.
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the citizens of our countries's the opportunity to hear directly from their elected officials and for us to hear directly from them. i guess it has worked very well in both cases. you,thrilled to salute prime minister modi, and the indian people for all that you are accomplishing together. your compliments have been vast. india has the fastest growing economy in the world. we hope we will be catching you very soon in terms of percentage increase, i have to tell you that. we are working on it. in just two weeks you will begin to implement the largest tax overhaul in your countries history. we are doing that also, by the way. creating new opportunities for your citizens. you have a big vision for youoving infrastructure and are fighting government corruption, which is always a grave threat to democracy. together, our countries can help
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chart and optimistic path into the future, one that unleashes the power of new technology, new infrastructure, and the enthusiasm and excitement of very hard-working and very dynamic people. i look forward to working with you, mr. prime minister, to create jobs in our countries. to grow our economies and two to createading -- and a trading relationship that is fair and reciprocal. it is important that their ears be removed to the export of u.s. goods into your markets and that we reduce our trade deficit with your country. i was pleased to learn about an ofian airlines recent order 100 new american planes, one of the largest orders of its kind. which will support thousands and thousands of american jobs.
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we're also looking forward to exporting more american energy to india is your economy grows, including major long-term contracts to purchase american natural gas which are right now being negotiated and we will sign. trying to get the price up a little bit. to further our economic partnership, i'm excited to report that the prime minister has invited my daughter a funk up to lead the -- has invited my vanka to leave the global entrepreneurship seminar in india this summer and i believe she has accepted. and finally, the partnership is incredibly important to both our nations. both have been struck by the evils of terrorism and we are both determined to destroy terrorist organizations and the radical ideology that drives them. islamicdestroy radical
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terrorism. is working every day to enhance cooperation between our military forces and next month, they will join together with the japanese navy to take part in the largest maritime exercise ever conducted in the vast indian oceans. i also thank the indian people for their contributions to the and forn afghanistan joining us and applying new sanctions against the north korean regime. the north korean regime is causing tremendous problems and it is something that has to be dealt with and probably dealt with rapidly. working together, i truly believe our two countries can set an example for many other great strideske
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in defeating common threats and make great progress in unleashing amazing prosperity and growth. prime minister modi, thank you again for joining me today and for visiting our country and our wonderful white house and oval office. i enjoyed our very productive conversation this afternoon and i look forward to its continuation tonight at dinner. the future of our partnership has never looked brighter. india and the united states will always be tied together in friendship and respect. prime minister modi, thank you very much. [applause] modi: thank you.
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first lady, vice president, ladies and gentlemen. thees and gentlemen of media. right from the opening until the end of our talks, president 's welcome was filled with friendliness. a warmst lady brought --come to the white house by i would like to thank both of you from the bottom of my heart.
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i would also like to give you a special thanks, president trump, for having spent so much time with me. for having spoken such kind words about me and mike country and i would like to tell you that i am eager to welcome your daughter to india for the summit. trump, i would once again like to thank you for the time you have spent with me. i would like to give you special thanks for that. visit and our talks today will mark a very important place in the history of the collaboration and cooperation between our two nations.
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presidentbetween trump and myself today have been extremely important from all points of view for several reasons. because they were based on of thetrust, because similarities and our values, priorities, concerns, and interests. focused on the highest levels of achievement and our cooperation and mutual support and partnership. because our two countries are global engines of growth. the all-around comprehensive economic growth and joint programs of both
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countries and both societies is the main objective for both the president and myself and will remain so. because the top priority for both president trump and myself is to protect our society from global challenges like terrorism. because our aim is the strengthening of indiana and the usa, two great democracies in the world. robust strategic partnership is almostat it touches upon all areas of human endeavor. today,conversation president trump and i have
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of --sed all die mentions all dimensions of india-u.s. relations at length. both nations are committed to a bilateral architecture that will take our strategic partnership to new heights. in this relationship, and both increased jobuctivity, growth, production, and breakthrough technologies. engagement with all of these are and will remain strong drivers of our cooperation and will give us momentum in our relationship. our primaryusa partner in the socioeconomic transformation for flagship
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programs and schemes. i am sure that the convergence between my vision for india and president trump's vision for making america great again will add new dimensions to our cooperation. i am very clear about the fact lie in aa's interests strong and prosperous and successful america in the same and itsa's development growing role at the international level are in the usa's interest. one of our common priorities will be the development of trade and investment links. the technology, innovation, and knowledge economy sectors, the expansion
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of deepening corporation is also in our priorities. towards this end, we shall take steps to further strengthen our successful digital partnership. friends, we're not just partners by chance. we are also partners in dealing with current and future challenges that we may be faced with. today, during our meeting, we discussed the serious challenges of terrorism, extremism, and radicalization which are the major challenges facing the world today. we have agreed to enhance our cooperation in fighting against these scourges. fighting terrorism and doing shelter ofhe save
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sanctuaries and safe havens will be an important part of our operation. with respect to our common concerns on terrorism, we will our sharing of intelligence and exchanges of information to deepen and expand our policy coordination as far as possible. abouto talked at length the increasing instability due to terrorism in afghanistan as one of our common concerns. both india and america have claimed an important role in rebuilding afghanistan and in ensuring its security. to obtain our objective for peace and stability in afghanistan, we will maintain
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close consultation and communication with the u.s. to enhance coordination with our two nations. in the indo-pacific region, in order to maintain peace and stability and prosperity in the region, this is also another area of strategic cooperation in this area. possibilities for enhancing cooperation in order to protect our strategic interest will determine the debt of our partnership. we will continue to work with the usa and this region with regard to security-related challenges and our enhanced growing security cooperation is extremely increasingly important.
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the strengthening of india pause defense capabilities, with the help of the usa is something we truly appreciate and we have also decided to enhance maritime security cooperation between the two nations. alsodent trump and i have spoken about strengthening the bilateral defense technology and our training and manufacturing partnership, which we believe will be mutually beneficial to us. we also discussed international issues and common strategic interests in this context. we are extremely grateful for the continued support of the united states for india's membership of international institutions and regimes. we truly appreciate the support.
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in the this is also interest of both of our nations. , i thank you for your feelings of friendship toward india and myself. i deeply appreciate your strong commitment to the enhancement of our bilateral relations. i am sure that under your leadership our mutually beneficial strategic partnership will gain new strength, new positivity, and will reach new heights. and, that your vast and successful experience in the business world will lend an aggressive and forward-looking agenda to our relations. in the journey of india-america relations, i think i would like
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to thank you for providing great leadership. he assured -- be assured that in this joint journey of our two nations towards development, growth, and prez burdick, i will remain driven, determined, and a decisive hardware. my visit today and the extensive talks i have held with you have and very successful fruitful and before leaving, i would like to invite you to india along with your family and i hope that you will give me the welcome you and host you in india and at the end once again, i would like to thank you for the warm welcome extended by u.n. the first lady -- by you and the first lady to
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myself and my delegation. from the bottom of my heart, thank you. ] pplause >> mr. president, can we ask you about the cbo reports? president trump: thank you very much everybody, thank you. christ is the senate bill have nough -- >> are you reversing your promise not to cut medicaid, sir? ivanka, how excited are you about india? excited.ery >> will you be leading the delegation? conversation]
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announcer: more now about trade relations between the u.s. and india following prime minister house.visit to the white officials from the indian business units of boeing and general electric talk about the importance of the relationship. we will also hear from north carolina congressman at this event hosted by the hudson institute. >> good morning to you and welcome to hudson institute. i am the president and ceo and am delighted to welcome everyone here this morning. today as i think everyone in this room gnomes, we kicked off an incredible week for india-u.s. relationship. the first meeting with the


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