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tv   Helmut Kohl Memorial Service  CSPAN  July 6, 2017 4:17pm-6:12pm EDT

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to boycott goods that were manufactured in britain and replace them with locally made goods. local b while this by local movement is new but it goes back to the 1770's, save your movement, save your country is a slogan by a newspaper in the time. look inside the new museum of the american revolution in philadelphia and we will be live there tonight at 7:00 eastern on american history tv on c-span3. former president bill clinton and german chancellor angela merkel joined other european leaders at a memorial service honoring former german chancellor helmut kohl who died on june 19. he was germany's longest-serving chancellor and served from 1982 in1998 and was instrumental the reunification of germany and credited for the modernization of the european union.
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the memorial service is one hour and 45 minutes. ♪
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♪ >> welcome. to the european parliament. welcome to the memorial
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.eremony for helmut kohl honorary citizen of europe and former chancellor of the republic of germany. >> i call upon the president of the european parliament to give his speech. >> your majesty's. presidents. prime ministers. colleagues of the european parliament and the
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national parliaments. dear family members. this thingences, augustrticipants -- this -- distinguished participants. we are paying homage to helmut , a greatreat european , a political giant who was able to listen to his citizens and look beyond the horizon. helmut kohl first and foremost was a brave man. a defender of freedom and democracy. a protagonist of the reunification of our continent. he always defended human dignity
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ironwhere against wars, curtains, tanned italian arias and. -- and totalitarianism. flag he carried into his numerous battles. the same values from which the treaty of union was its inspiration. prosperity,om, security, and justice without borders. values, hisn these faith in humanity lie at the base of the reconciliation among managed tos that has have an impact on our memory. helmut kohl is the champion of a
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generation which devoted their whole lives to a new renaissance of europe. the last generation which have lived through the nightmare of war itself. for them, european unity overcoming nationalism embodies the dream of a future of peace with her own children. -- for their own children. a great woman was part of that generation and today we want to remember her in this parliament that she was the first to preside over following the first direct elections. washope for a better future the first driving force of those great europeans. the same hope was allowed before tom the founding fathers heal the viewpoints left by warfare -- the deep wounds left
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by warfare and thanks to them we emerge from the ashes of conflict. we have built and reunited our continent, placing freedom and the dignity of the individual at its core. helmut kohl undoubtedly deserves a place of honor in the european champion. -- pantheon. in 1983, addressing members of the european parliament, he said, "anyone who looks at europe can understand what good fortune can be based on friendship and cooperation." he worked tirelessly in that spirit to strengthen the union. the spread it to embrace all the democracies of our continent and consolidate the atlantic alliance. chancellor,years as helmut kohl was always a crucial
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leading player. not a single page of european integration that is unmarked by his bravery. thanks to that bravery, we have the strengthening of the role of the u.k. parliament -- european parliament and the creation of a great area of civil, political, economic freedoms and the inception of a single currency and our cohesion 1994 the chancellor in when i accompanied the italian prime minister on a visit to bonn. i was impressed by the charisma, the clear farsighted vision, but also his ability to listen and understand other people's point of view. it was clear to me then that the helmut kohl reunification really did mean not a german europe,
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but rather a european germany. the reunification for germany and europe were two sides of the same coin. not hesitate stand the hand of friendship to the young democracies of the east. we were a begin of freedom for millions of europeans had escaped from the dark communist dictatorships. this union open up its doors for themarity and walked with on the path to prosperity. afraid forge its own future. in a few words, there you have hashuge heritage that kohl left us as well as the great responsibility which goes with it.
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this passing of the baton, just as in a relay race, means we must move ahead. throughout his life, helmut kohl received acknowledgment of his contribution to the building of europe, including a prize. the truth of the knowledge meant is that which history is paying him today. more than ever come his example us continue to provide us with guidance or building our future together, for bringing the european institutions closer to their peoples come to provide tangible responses to their concerns. today more than ever we must learn from kohl. we must choose peace and put fear aside. that is what our citizens are calling upon us to do. we need the courage to be united and to change. europeans are not defined like
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difficulties or challenges. rather what defines us are our abilities to overcome them. like kohl and other leaders of his time, we must relaunch the european ideal. we need a more efficient europe, which is able to protect it citizens in the stormy seas of the globalized world. when human rights are called into question or people suffer dissemination or violence or have police or conventions, the world turns to the european union for hope and support. europe must lift its head high and become the symbol of its use throughout the world. it must be a europe which is a beacon of freedom which protects constantd is the only -- continent where that death penalty has then abolished.
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a lot more than a market or a single currency. an identity built up over the centuries, a shared sense of belongings, and an ideal of peace and prosperity and freedom. in rome in march 60 years after the signature of the treaties, we committed ourselves to completing the task congress by kohl and other great europeans. as he showed us, we need to look beyond short-term interest. we have to be guided why the moral value of european integration. mostn unification is the incontrovertible example of that. just like his wonderful gesture men, twoship, two nations holding hands over land where they were once confronting one another. it is not the shortest or easiest route, but it is the only course to follow if we are to create a sense of belonging
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is great project of hours, a project -- of ours. 'sr all these reasons, kohl memory will live on in the heart of all who love your. a few, helmut kohl. we will carry your idea of europe into the future. -- thank you, helmut kohl. we will carry your idea of europe into the future. thank you, president. europeanent of the parliament, your majesty'ies, presidents, prime ministers, your excellencies, ladies and and many dear friends, today we are taking our farewell of helmut kohl, that statement,d german
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and i am saying goodbye to a loyal friend whose affection has accompanied me for years and decades. here.a friend speaking with helmut kohl, we see the giants of the postwar period leading us. alive he hadwas gone down in history and he will be in the pages of our history books forever. striding --monument vinging over the -- stri over the continent. it was his wish to say goodbye city,n this franco-german this old city that had become very close to his heart, and we had to fulfill this wish.
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an uns memory is not -german ceremony. it is a european ceremony. we will close the ceremony this cathedral that was very close to his heart throughout his life. as a germanohl patriot was also a european patriot. he was someone was able to lead and bring people to get. he was a german and a european patriot, yes, because for him there was no contradiction between being german and being the frenchnd said he likesscal things that go together. i like things that go together. four helmut kohl -- for helmut kohl, german and european unity went together.
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they are two sides of the same coin. -- adende out in our isr had emphasized, he made maxim his own, and he put this maxim into practical application. there are many examples of this. first of all, the collapse of the berlin wall was something that was greeted with joy in europe and throughout the world, and the german unification, which he totally believed in, come up against resistance in parts of europe and sometimes met with open rejection. many patienthl in and committed discussions was able to plead the case of german reunification. he could do this because he had developed a reputation over years, he was credible, and it was clear he was in favor and
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aspire to a european germany rather than a german europe. he wanted german reunification. he propelled forward with all his force, and was able to convince others that this was the right historical path for germany, for people outside germany. he was able for a moment in time to seize the mantle of god. not everyone is german or europe -- in germany or europe felt the mantel as he did. he saw the german unity was within reach, and he correctly assessed the favorable moment and used it. others would have failed at this task of shaping the act -- epo ch, and we felt this man enjoy the great power of perspective. helmut kohl had a german outlook that he was european in his thinking, but he always looked
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toward the eastern and central europe he just not look at poland. in particular, he looked at poland. he was not responsible for the in:, but was nazis aware of the weight of responsibly on germany's shoulders, just like willy bran dt. andet -- helmut kohl great menndt with a of our time. it is something we should really not forget. helmut kohl would not just -- was not just the architect of german reunification. essentially much more than others to bringing european history, european geography back together. is one of those people who brought an end to the eastern
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-western european imposed by the yalta, and we owe helmut kohl a lot. that should be recalled today. he was very intelligent when it came to his relations with israel. if they were to develop intelligently these relationships, he was a big friend with israel, and his ties to the soviet union and modern -- he word ties he's a pay special attention to. he was a historian, and he knew about the many dimensions of russia. he was also a convinced champion of the transit traffic relationship he was convinced an active that. he pushed through the nato decision in the spirit of the time. i am the only person in this
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room who saw helmut kohl crying at the meeting in september 1997. that they the european council under my presidency decided to push forward with the enlargement of the european union to the east and the otherast, taking in also countries. during the lunch, helmut kohl was asked to take the floor. normally he took the floor. during the lunch, he said in a voice choked with tears, that this day, which launched the accession negotiations, was one of the most beautiful moments of his life, that he as the german chancellor was able to live through this historical moment, that is, a bringing together of europe which was something that instilled him with a great deal of emotion. harm thatter all the
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journey -- that germany had visited on your, it was a great moment for him to a live too. he cried, and for many minutes he wept. he was not the only one. and no one was embarrassed by his tears. that was europe at its best. also when it came to the euro, he alongside with my friend where the driving force of the year -- of the euro process. he was a tough defender of german interests, and the idea was to anchor in the treaty the independence of the german central bank. he insisted on this condition. without helmut kohl there would not be a europe. the economic union in his eyes
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was something that made european irreversible. it was a way of making peace in a different way. there's nothing that helmut kohl stands for. he respected all member states equally. all felt that he understood them and that he was also a guardian of their interests. and finally, when there were negotiations, if negotiations were at a breaking point, then his approach, given his approach that was able to bring up all the different capitals of europe and he did not allow exclusively nationalist issues to prevail. president of the republic, finally, helmut kohl was the man german-french reconciliation.
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he did not speak french, but he knew everything about france and about its history, about its region, in particular the region sace, and he knew all the top addresses, the top restaurants in outside -- alsac e. history will retain and image of kohl that says everything about him and the close ties that he had with friends. and mitterand took each other's hands, they felt that day forever the brotherhood between france and germany. so we are saying farewell to him in strasburg. here's just a few hundred meters from the rhine river is a gesture full of history.
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it is a dramatic european gesture of great symbolism. citizen --beautiful city of europe, because here all european people are represented, and strasburg is honoring the memory of helmut kohl today. helmut kohl was a german and european patriot. for him, there was no contradiction there. patriotism should not mean working against each other. before and europe bow the formidable life force of helmut kohl. we goes to -- we do so with respect. some of the things that happened forgottenwill have in the meantime, but he would have liked to have remembered many of the things he did. he knows that he made the world a better place.
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mut, promised that you --not in heaven sitting setting up a new club. you have done enough for your country, you have done enough for our united europe. helmut.ou very much, merci. thank you. rest in peace, federal chancellor and dear friend. you leave behind a full life, a very rich life, and you have deserved your eternal peace.
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>> i would like to invite the president of the european -- to give his speech. >> esteemed members of the family, ladies and gentlemen, guests, and friends, as a and as a as a pole, man from gdansk, in any measure i consider myself particularly well-placed to say a few words of farewell to helmut kohl,
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honorary citizen of euros in -- of europe and honorary citizen of the city of gdansk. it is not by chance that my city, the city in which solidarity was born, decided to bestow that title on chancellor kohl. few people in europe understood as well as he did how important the uprisings for freedom in central and eastern europe were for the idea of german unity, and indeed, the unification of europe as a whole. again, he reminded us that the first to chip away at the berlin wall were the shipbuilders of gdansk back in 1980.
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and that is well as well as striving for the unification of germany, chancellor kohl also promoted accession to the e.u. of former soviet bloc countries. it is historically symbolic that helmut kohl received the news of the fall of the berlin wall when he was in warsaw on an official visit to the first non-communist prime minister. and it was from warsaw that the first words of european encouragement and support came for the idea of a united germany. the city which suffered the most in the second world war. in the process of building madeciliation, helmut kohl
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an enormous contribution. it is thanks to him among others that words like trust and reconciliation once again became in franco-german and german-polish relations. powerfulll recall two images, president mitterand and chancellor kohl holding hands and a prime minister and chancellor kohl embracing at the reconciliation mass two days after the fall of the wall. those gestures and decisions which followed laid the foundations for today's europe. helmut kohl put into political practice the words of thomas mann. germany, notropean
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a german europe." beyond vision went far the borders and interests of extraordinary determination. sought to define a common europe, a look for what binds it together, without illusions of how easy it would be to unravel what divides us. we have a united europe because he found partners in this great enterprise. political janna ryan's -- political giants, and in a slightly different dimension, pope john paul ii. today the successors to those great heroes of europe's positive story must, as they bow over his coffin, examine their
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in berlin ands warsaw, in paris and budapest. the question about the future of a united europe must be given a categorical yes, yes to the union, yes to freedom, yes to human rights. at the end of the reconciliation said, letcellor kohl us turn from the altar towards a great future, peaceful and blessed by god, for both our nations, the polish nation and the german nation, and for all of us in europe. many those words remain in our memories. thank you.
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[speaking in german]
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former primen the kindly tof spain to say a few parting words. >> thank you. you to the president's of the european parliament's, -- presidents of the european parliaments for giving me the to say goodbye personally to my friend helmut kohl.
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it is hard for me. i am glad it is only five minutes. i am saying goodbye to helmut kohl from the angle of the friendship which made great sense, with all the confidence together with friendship. that is quite rare in politics, and it was accompanied i loyalty-- by loyalty. he was extremely sensitive to any lack of loyalty. he have a sense of history, that is why he talked about a european germany so there would not be a repetition of german europe. and he had a social feeling. t that.ople forge some people believe in a social market economy. he never took the view that the social dimension of the building of europe that there was any
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obstacle to europe joining the globalized economy. the united states -- in government. we have lost a great european, and i have the feeling i am losing a great friend with whom i shared decisive moments in spain,, for germany, for europe, and the world. . juncker referred to the decision on mid-range missiles with which he waged a huge battle. i supported him on that right up when the deployment of the short-term missiles. one friende he spoke said it's in french -- one
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sentence in french. francois did the great talking. helowing those decisions, showed us solitary in bringing spain into the european community. mitterand and other friends, we celebrated the signature of the single act, which was the immediate predecessor to the great set forward of building europe, mainly that treaty of the european union. down came the berlin wall. to govern -- from the country of east germany to
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bring about a united germany within a united europe. as he said, i want a european germany. never again a german europe. that is what defines him, that the finds his -- that the finds role, bys his committing to the euro.we signed up to a treaty. mightw giving up the mark lose him the chancellorship, but he accepted that risk. loseat stage, when he did a to himi, i s helmut, you can lose millions of votes and can live with the loyalty of a very small group of
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friends. it is more important to live than to govern, no matter how important governing is and you have good faithful friends to company you through life. today, one of those loyal friends wants to say goodbye, and i want to say goodbye by helmut, you're going to leave a huge political vacuum. realou are leaving a record of your achievements. me, whateople such as you're leaving above all is a great vacuum. i shall miss the huge french and at the crucial, time when we need you. we will never forget you.
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you can rely on our friendship. you.ank i would like to invite mr. bill clinton, former president of the united states of america, to say a few words of parking. parting. president clinton: thank you for giving me the opportunity to say a few words. thank you to peter, walter, helmut's family.
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leaders of europe and the union, chancellor merkel, president macron, prime ministers and officials who are here, i ask you to think about something not in my notes. i was looking around this crowd today, at all of us who used to , all of us who came. why? because helmut kohl gave us a chance to be involved in something bigger than ourselves, bigger than our terms of office, biggerof than our careers, because sooner or later all of us will be in a coffin like that. and the only gift we can leave behind is a better future for our children and the freedom to
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make their own choices, including their own mistakes. i loved him. hillary said i loved him because he was the only person with a bigger appetite for food than i have. he came to washington so much. me to hisok favorite restaurant in the capital of my country. i recommend it to you. this? i saying century in 21st europe as you see really began he hadwatch, because five big questions to answer, which all have ramifications today. and because of the answers he here.we are unitedthere be a real
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germany after the berlin wall fell? what does it mean? how much will it cost? it will be a real pain, but we all want people in one country, and we should undergo the dislocation and the difficulty. costs hims case if it an election, because it took east thanlift the could have been predicted. should there be a real european expandedd should it be so that germany will never again then the edge of europe, source of dislocation and more? war?d the polls, and gary and's, -- on gary and -- hungarians,
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czechs, and others, should we do this together? should germany, so long distrusted by its neighbors, take an aggressive posture to end of the slaughter in bosnia? nato's first intervention outside the member first deployment of german forces outside of its own country since the end of world war ii? after all the carnage of the wallfinally the berlin falls. should you just heave a sigh of relief or recognized that this has been a terrible experience for russia and reach out a hand of friendship, accompanied by a and give me a chance to do
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the same? should nato he preserved or scrapped? there were a lot of people who thought it should be scrapped. expanded, not as a threat, but has a promise with a special set of partnerships that included both russia and guarantee the territorial integrity and cooperation of people in the future. these were really big questions. it sounds so easy now, and you say not only was it easy, but look how reality has intervened, locale -- look how things are now. groway think all of us who dottering in the face
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of reality is, but there are no permanent victories or defeats in politics. what matters most is what drives us. i loved this guy because his went far beyond food, because he wanted to create a dominated,ich no one and world in which cooperation was better than conflict, in which diverse groups make better decisions than individual dictators, in which young people would be free to say that in our time we were wrong, at least what we did was not enough for now. more thanptured this to -- thegness
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enormous contribution that germany made to the european unit than to give up the leadership of the central bank. we have to learn to share. all over the world today there is a new uprising of identity politics. , and should we be most by our differences or most by what we have in common? make no mistake about it, helmut kohl loved being german. i made it possible for him on a state visit to the united states to be more german because i took him to milwaukee, our most german city, to a german immersion school where he spoke
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german with african-american students who spoke at all day every day in school. position that in an interdependent world where the borders were looking more like -- than walls, where technology thingsade wonderful possible, but also made us more vulnerable to everything from , that to cyber terrorism we had to search for common ground. he loved being german. he tried to get me to eat some things i do not want to eat because he loved being german. he loved being a european. but in his big, highly political, often overbearing leadership, there was the germ
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of understanding that the cancers of the 20th century were people who believe domination was better than cooperation. that is why we are all here. all of us old guys that used to back and say,ome thank you for giving us a chance to be part of something bigger than ourselves. thank you for giving us a chance tobe a little better, remember that the polish workers sk, their lives were as important as hours of in the eyes of god. politics in the end is not about great ways of domination, but about the possibilities of ordinary life for the largest numbers of people. the richest person in the world
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one day will lie in a coffin. the most powerful person, whether you kill or preserve home, asare all going they say in the united states, in our african-american meetings likeuse this, home goings. no one loved that more than helmut kohl. .o sleep well, my friend is greatest gift you left us the lessons that the thing that matters most in life is what we leave our children -- the freedom, the piece, the security eace, the-- the p security to build our own dreams while lifting up, not tearing
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down. you did a good job with your life, and those of us who shared it love to you for it. thank you. >> thank you, mr. president. upon dimitri medvedev,
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the prime minister of the russian federation, to say a few words of farewell. medvedev: mrs. ,ohl, family of helmut kohl ladies and gentlemen, today we bid farewell to helmut kohl, the who was not just the architect of the reunification of germany, but also the architect of a united europe. straightforward, the architect of the existing world. was a great
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personality. he was a man of great ideas and leader thankss a to whom times change. many things that he achieved over the 16 years he spent as the chancellor of germany, his contemporaries said it is impossible to achieve. we speak in a different way about it. it was not possible to do it in any other way. this means that he was capable of choosing the only right past. -- p[ath. was at sense, helmut kohl person of the for the german people he opened newepoch of unity, in this
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germany, the new generation of people has grown up already. my colleagues have already mentioned that. not everybody was ready to accept it, but helmut kohl knew -- too well what is war. he sought as a teenager. and he took the situation where that europe would not be divided, not by trenches, warring ideologies. the great politicians helmut kohl understood well that only this way overcoming the division of europe he would be able to reunite his own country. path, russia, my own country, with his reliable partner.
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our people understood only too well the danger of confrontation and the value of peace. enemiesowed yesterday's to start welding relations based on -- start building relations based on mutual respect and equality. did a lotl personally so that our relations would be the most successful, the best in ittory, and russia values very much. achieved the main .bjective of his life he always remained a truly national leader, but he thought in a world.
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-- acted in a european and worldwide context. an integrala has part. it was a dream of coming home without form to wire, without --r, without any histology hostility that divided a team of security and peace for everybody. when a human being, a nation borders a state, as well as his ideas and common values, trust. in creating such a common home, do a false start.
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we cannot say him has been done ideally. we should do it every day together. has been brought and distributed as ideologicalut its slivers are all over the world, and we should know that today. as a result of our contradictions, we are far from everything to treat of a common home. understand that europe is our goal. helmut kohl proved during very difficult times that this goal .s achievable
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there is a responsibility that lies on the shoulders of all european leaders. ladies and gentlemen, the life path of the chancellor of the unity reunification and will continue to be respected throughout the world. in russia, we will remember him , wise and cover politician, an open, since her person. on behalf of the russian federation, i would like to express the sincere -- our consider -- our sincere to the event of the death of the great son of germany, helmut kohl.
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>> thank you. ♪
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upon emmanuel macron, president of the french republic , to make his address. president macron: members of the excellenci, your es has a state, heads of government, ladies and gentlemen,, representatives of the european institutions, your excellencies, ministers, ambassadors, honorable members of parliament, ladies and
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gentlemen, thank you for your,ng strasburg one of -- one of europe's foremost cities for which helmut kohl felt so much and did so much. forw me to spare a thought -- who left us yesterday. she was the first lady to be collected president of the european parliament and who was of the price of europe, the value of europe. and we are here today debate pay tribute -- to to helmut kohl, to the mark that helmut kohl has left on history.
5:28 pm
many of you have given us regulations -- recollections of moments you have shared with him. but from my generation, helmut kohl is already part and parcel of europe's history. without that life experience, we cannot be here, we could not do what we are doing. those were bold, courageous, is start acts which are -- historic ask which our generation is in position to take. thousands of pages have been written about what he did, most of all german reunification and european integration. helmut kohl is a man who took sometimes decisions, against the will of public opinion and sometimes he took on unexpected decisions were not particularly wanted.
5:29 pm
and as president of the french republic, i would not like his legacy to be reduced to his political career, remarkable though it was. -- lesson he leaves was much goes much further than that. for france, helmut kohl was a ally,terlocutor, a vital a relentless bill -- bridge builder, but he was more than that. to >> his relationship with france had its roots in his personal, historical memories. it was borne out of a curiosity his neighborsout as he looked across the river. a man who preferred bridges to borders. let alone walls. was imbeaudship with the unconditional respect oft is the very opposite
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fanaticism and brutality. when, at the beginning of the 19 80's, the french people elected whose economic choices troubled some of our partners, lended a hand to us, brushing aside the relations with some of his political friends. when national squabbles over europe in particular in usd us, his trust never faltered. forwhen the time came german reunification, he did everything to ensure that far weakening europe, it strengthened it. that itce demonstrated was worthy of this loyal friendship, after the layers of foundation of europe. baton.kohl took up the the two of them were able to
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tragic experience of their generation. their nations, which had fought each other, became true friends. later kohl and francois, demonstrated that europe can never be great without the friendship behind it. recall january 1990, when helmut kohl was visiting francois. after several weeks of doubt germanhe prospect of reunification, this visit allowed the two gentlemen to take a walk among the pine sandy soil of the lawn. walk.ook a
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they opened a path to understanding, because all too often, the destiny of the world comes down to relations between people. and francois also demonstrated that fraternity can longers luster if it no unites people. it has to be consolidated and consolidation through agreements. and jack delaw was able to live up to these ambitious plans. and what they built together was unprecedented. and it is what unites us today. those who now think that the institutions and the european treaties are pointless technocratic constructs, well, let me say this. before helmut kohl, the reason
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that is because you have taken the friendship out of the equation. the flame which gave life to them, you have allowed to and you have forgotten about the fates upon which they were built. we need to think about the life and the destiny of europe. this is the work of several generations. is the sum of the work of have done -- who have had the courage to do things areh are greater than they themselves. hatred.e overcome they have overcome fear. likeme a house that feels home, if there's no one living
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it. and that is helmut kohl's lesson the europeans. pragmatism is fine. fine.e of reality is political is useful. but they're not building material. you need ideals imbeaud with friendship and the fullness of a to give vitality to our projects and make them endure. merkelt is where angela and i come in, i hope. i hope we can restore that sense, that fullness. history will judge us one day. it will judge us too. and it will judge harshly whenever we slipped out of the wish for short-term gain or selfishness, just because it seemed the convenient do at the on the other hand, history will sincerity of peace
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and reconciliation between which our commitment to the european project is the proof. cultures, so intimately intertwined, and the suffering went through together. and when, on occasions, we begin theoubt, faced with enormity of the task, it should greatugh to think of the helmut kohl with all the we owe him. let us recall the phrase which sums him up best. reasonwe have no whatsoever to give in. on the contrary, we have every to be realistic optimistic. a long time to come, may we example for what we need to move forward together.
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courage and hope. [applause] >> thank you very much. president of the republic. like to callld dr. merkel, the federal republic of germany, and ask her to take the floor.
5:37 pm
[speaking foreign language] presidents, prime ministers, your excellencies, members, ladies and dearemen, dear mrs. kohl, members of the kohl family, today we are saying goodbye to helmut kohl. the chancellor of germany, of the prizenner and an honorary citizen of europe. he, such a student of history as a young man, has now himself a place in the books of history. an epoch.l embodies set new standards. his federal chancellorship is years ofth many economic prosperity. given all that, he never lost his understanding of the whole picture, above and beyond
5:38 pm
germany. he thought beyond today. helped to bring about massive changes. create europe with germany. and he created the europe that we live in today. a lot of things that we take for granted now are things we owe to him. fact that eastern europe and western europe are now together, market,have a single that we have no border checks between european member states, of thesethat most countries now enjoy a single currency, that the european union in its present exists islly even essentially linked to the name of helmut kohl. anhas influenced and created entire generation. there are lots of different peoplebout him, and some had friction with him and difficulties with him. many of us, including myself,
5:39 pm
all of that fades into nothing given the massive his life and that is why even his political respect himve to and explain this. impressed by in helmut kohl, above all, was his feeling for what was politically feasible. contradiction. a his unshakeable conviction that allys guided him throughout his decisions. you could rely on helmut kohl, right from the outset. he managed to bring people into his team and some of these people surprised those in his party. cabinet, fors example, he choose them freely of he had much more freedom choice than people from the outside even realized. i experienced that for myself. of course, he wasn't always easy to get through, with your own argument. sometimes it was impossible to
5:40 pm
sway him. but he always listened to his members of cabinet and he always stood by them as well, in deed and act. he stood by them at important moments of his life. through i had to go medical care, having broken a leg. do my difficult for me to job. helmut kohl helped people. he helped individuals. them. interested in he wanted close contact and close ties with everyone. achieved that, both in germany, and in europe, and in the world. he created reliable bonds. he created friendships. he was a world politician but he was interested in people. when he became federal chancellor in 1982, he went straight away to paris. his first journey. said later that the french side was very reserved in the beginning. gradually, and i'm
5:41 pm
quoting, we were immediately getting on like a house on fire. so these close ties, these ties, were also part franco-german relationship. and we remember now, we remember picture, this photo of the two statesmen, hand in hand, this grave, this moment of forgiveness and reconciliation marked a new chapter of joint and shared history. kohl knew how to build bridges. from warsaw to moscow and washington. he worked tirelessly on creating relations between germany and its neighbors and partners in the world. man, held, and a young had experienced the second world war for himself. he saw huge amounts of suffering that germany visited on europe
5:42 pm
the world and he also saw the fear and experienced the fear of nightly bombings. and it was these experiences propelled him in the early years to join the new christian .emocratic party and it was his experiences also on hisad an impact international maxim. that was very clear. we must build a strong europe in which we never again see war. and that thinking in historical politicalpart of his action. at the same time, helmut kohl a down-to-earth person. he loved his homeland. and he was always close to his home. he had strong roots and attachments, well-rooted in the middle of europe. had an understanding also for the feelings of our neighbors.
5:43 pm
heartfeltas a sympathy. that was felt by his -- they rely on him,ld what he said and what he promised. something he kept buts.t if or bu was the possibility of war and conflict on the soil of a possibility. at the end of his term of office, germany was reunited and in its first time history, germany was living in and friendshipom with all its neighbors. of the enlargement thatean union was a way had been cleared to a large extent and the introduction as a -- ofpean union of the euro as a single currency was already decided upon. the helmut kohl became federal chancellor, i lived in the german democratic republic.
5:44 pm
remember his speeches when he saw the speech on t.v. and when they said before the people in germany suffer under the division of germany. because of a wall which stands in their paths and them off from each other. and if we can dismantle what divides people, then we will actually be meeting the desires .f the german people, they want to reach out to each belong toause they each other. of helmut the words kohl. they gave us hope in the german democratic republic. the civil movement, and the wind att was blowing from moscow thetime, gave us courage in german democratic republic. many people dared to demonstrate for freedom and they managed to
5:45 pm
the wall down. and helmut kohl was the one who wanted unity as others were still hesitating or even disagreeing. work on smoothing the path towards unity. accountlso took into the reservations of our neighbors. his deep european conviction and the confidence that people had in him throughout the world layt that he was able to people -- allay people's fears and worries about a reunified germany. and that will be forever the historical contribution and achievement of helmut kohl, working together with his partners. able to embed european reunification,an in favor of peace, in favor of freedom, and it was a work in unity.f and he was picking up where others had left off. he picked up where other great
5:46 pm
founding fathers left off, a work achieved by generations of people. generation is faced with new challenges. everyone has to find their own answers as to how they make europe safe for the future. and it always is a question at of helmut the day kohl, how he made it clear, we one to rely on knowledge, history, on thinking, on the long-term, and thinking about having closeness to people. also have to have an idea of what is feasible and what can be others. of obituary and the we also have to think about, those who murdered the jews in the second world war and the created by helmut kohl, helmut kohl was behind the creation of the monument in the berlin.f they murdered jews. this reminds us of him. againstad to work
5:47 pm
fierce resistance. but what he said was it's not next generation's but it's our generation that has to build this monument to the fallen jews. we have to build it here, now, today. and not sometime in the future. and so then it was decided in the federal parliament, with a majority in favor. and ladies and gentlemen, we will be accompanying helmut kohl back to germany. his way will take him through his hometown once again. felt at homee he for a long time, for many years. wife, who in good times and bad, stood by his side. inalso remember her gratitude. mrs. kohl, you have accompanied your husband with devotion over the last few years and with a great deal of love, until the very last moment.
5:48 pm
i express my condolences to you. and my condolences to all those are mourning him in his and the last point of the funeral procession will be inspired. we will be bringing together again part of france, to germany. he was an honorary citizen of of unity.chancellor many will remember him for many years as this. without helmut kohl, the lives people who lived behind the wall up to 1990 would have been entirely different. own life, without helmut kohl, would have been entirely different. by the fact that i'm standing are, you have had contribution to that being possible. opportunitiesthe you gave me. thank you for the chances you gave to many others as well. you very much for the
5:49 pm
chances which we, germans and europeans, have received. thanks to you, you achieved a huge amount. may you rest in peace. to actuallyto us preserve and guard your legacy. your memory you and in gratitude and humility. [applause]
5:50 pm
>> thank you, chancellor. ♪[music] ♪[singing]
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>> coming up in prime time here on c-span, hillary clinton on of women in modern diplomacy and international politics. of her remarks. >> so the work that is done here at this institute, here at thegetown, making evidenced-based case for the and of women and peace security is incredibly important. always mattered. but today it's even more critical. as this institute has grown, so too has the body of evidence that when women participate in peace-making and we are all safer and more secure. i go again, -- here talking about research, evidence
6:05 pm
and fact -- [cheering] [whistling] >> but... [cheering] >> in fact, when women are included in peace negotiations, less likely to fail and more likely to last. >> hillary clinton speaking earlier this year at the awards ceremony held at georgetown university. you can watch her comments in their entirety, tonight in about and 20 minutes, 8:00 eastern time, here on c-span. sunday, on q&a -- not asking anybody to compromise their values or their beliefs. them to openng
6:06 pm
their eyes to other people's, so out yourcan figure place in this infinite world. and managing editor of "on the media." she discusses her book, "the trouble with reality," in which she looks at what constitutes thatty today and how criteria has changed over the years. the beginning of the book, our biological wiring. show how we had evolved as a culture that was validate us and not to challenge us. to contradict us. it gave us the illusion that our realities were water-tight when really they were riddled with spots and places that would crunch in. night at 8:00 eastern
6:07 pm
on c-span's q&a. in about 50 minutes, american 3 will bev. on c-span live, from the new museum of the american revolution in philadelphia, which opened in april. from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. eastern, staffbe joined by museum to learn about their artifacts and exhibits and to answer viewers question about the revolution. here is a preview. >> behind these doors, it really the most remarkable object to survive from the revolution. determine, itan is the only tent other than one tents towashington's survive. and it does survive, only because washington chose to take at the end ofim the revolution. and his family took care of it
6:08 pm
and preserved it. story of the tent is presented in this theater. itself actually is a wonderful emblem of the challenge of creating the our museum. if you were to see this tent spread out on a table, you probably wouldn't give it a second glance. it's a very old canvas, weather stained, tattered in places, over 240 years old after all. had to make its story, whichthe shelter in george washington, made some of the most critical decisions of the revolution, where he was the depths of despair, where he xulted in victory and success, to make that tent tell its story. the first challenge, we had to fully assembled as washington used it in the field, his commandtruly headquarters. but we couldn't put it up the way he did, because it was with tall poles and
6:09 pm
ropes pulled taut. pull that literally ancient fabric apart. instead, we challenged engineers to develop a very sophisticated umbrella structure so the tent appears to be fully assembled, yet there's no damage done to it at all. that umbrella even had to replicate the slight curve, the slight sag in a taut line, it's not perfectly straight. once we solved all those problems, the next challenge is how do you tell the story. turned to filmmakers, historians, our lead vice collections, and they huddled together and spend almost two years pulling this story line, the imagery, thinking about the generation, the presentation, the light quality, to really give this tent meaning. to give meaning to george washington's leadership. he was commander in chief for eight years. never left his troops.
6:10 pm
and he inspired a sense of loyalty. he instilled a sense of responsibility. army, that has really become the bedrock of the traditions of the american military ever since. without him, the army would likely have dissolved and the war would have been lost. so in many ways, it's an emblem entire museum. how do you take these small to our, very simple eyes -- they didn't have tanks and battleships. cantines and, powder horns. how do you make these objects come alive and tell the incredible life and death decisions, the horrors, the theage, the excitement of revolution? it's a turning point in history. and that's what we strive to do this museum. and it's a very exciting place. these objects, they really do speak when you visit.
6:11 pm
>> a look inside the new museum revolution, in philadelphia, live tonight in just under an hour, 7 p.m. time.n on american history t.v. on c-span 3. powell is a member of the federal reserve board of governors. he said today that congress needs to change house and preventpolicy to another bailout like the one in 2008. here are some of his remarks from today at the american enterprise institute. >> good morning, everyone. a resident scholar here and also the codirector of our housing center. welcome to this event this morning on housing finance will feature remarks from jay powell. we're delighted to have jay with us this morning. let me give a very brief introduction for jay and


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