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tv   Daryl Kimball on North Korea Nuclear Program  CSPAN  August 9, 2017 7:01am-7:11am EDT

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response and the larger issues of how to handle this issue. if you could let us know and give us your thoughts this ,orning, (202) 748-8001 republicans. (202) 748-8000, democrats. and independents, (202) 748-8002 . if you want to post on our twitter, you or can go there as well. president's statements responding to yesterday's news about north korea and this reported potential of a nuclear weapon being capable of being inside an intercontinental ballistic missile. to give us some overview on to how that might work, our guest joins us. guest: good to be with you. host: can you go some perspective on what this means
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and tell our viewers what we are considering we hear about the potential of a weapon being inside of an icbm? guest: we have known for quite ise time that north korea trying to develop a smaller, lighter, more compact nuclear warhead that can be delivered on able epistle, particularly a long-range or intercontinental elastic muscle -- ballistic missile. so several intelligence agencies have issued a report that assesses that north korea has achieved this technical capability. in july, theyhat tested successfully, for the first time, ebola it missile capable of intercontinental range -- a ballistic missile capable of intercontinental range. so the takeaway from a technical perspective is that north korea is making fast technical progress.
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yearswas and maybe 1, 2 -- they are within maybe 1, 2 years on the capability to deliver that weapon that has this makes it all the more urgent to de-escalate this crisis, to engage in direct with north korea to, first all, reduce tensions, and then to haltind a way further nuclear and ballistic missile testing, which will only help advance their capabilities. host: one of the papers this morning highlights the fact -- i will just read you with this says -- experts say the problem is not militarization, but if the warhead can survive the intense heat of reentry as it through the atmosphere from space, a hurdle which north korea is not believed to have overcome. guest: we simply do not know if
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they have mastered the reentry vehicle technology. but what we have to remember is with further testing, they will. that is not the most cold technical hurdle -- difficult technical hurdle. the most difficult one was manufacturing the material for nuclear weapons, that highly enriched uranium, they have that. perfecting a long-range ballistic missile, they have got that. designing and print -- testing a vice, -- a device, particularly a longer one. -- lighter one. we do not know they have mastered the targeting technology, that is to guide such a weapon to a target. rightf their capabilities now are still a couple of steps away, the problem here is urgent.
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the problem is that north korea is not saying they're going to strike a u.s. target unprovoked. they have said time and again this is a defensive capability. u.s.are very fearful of and south korean military capabilities. so they see this as their security guaranteed. that is why we need to be oreful not to provoke precipitate a military crisis that could go nuclear. host: in the reporting that somehow put out as far as the statement about potentially reviewing north korea and its leadership, on strikes on guam of the anderson air face -- airbase -- do, there were that they will not strike unprovoked? we have to take this seriously, but we have to realize that the north koreans in that statement -- they speaking very hyperbolic, over-the-top terms all the time
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-- they are responding to the fact that the united states is implying be one strategic bombers -- these are strategic commerce from guam in over south korea as a sign of the united states' su resolve to protect our allies, south korea. so the north koreans are saying we do not like that and we are capable of hitting qualm with some of our intermediate range ballistic missiles. so what we are seeing here is that north koreans will meet every u.s. action with a counter possibly evenh is more dangerous. it is important that president trump and his advisers work with our allies to deescalate this cycle, which is growing tensions., -- in
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host: that is the reaction almost every president has in recent history and going the on that has done. what changes the possibility of the escalation this time, and the potential for new sanctions we rolled in a help or assist in not? that? sanctions approved by the united nations will have a large effect on north korea's ability to generate revenue which might roll into its new year and missile program. but it will take a while for that to have an effect. north korea's nuclear and missile progress, i think, will outpace the impact of those sanctions. nottions alone are simply going to bring north korea to change its course. fact, the statement made by president trump yesterday, i tonk it is only going
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reinforce the north korean regime's resolve to resist the united states and show that they are prepared to defend themselves. so we have to be prepared for is another north korean action, perhaps another missile test, perhaps even a nuclear test explosion. so i think it is important for secretary of state rex tillerson to find out a way to reach out probably to his north korean counterpart to explore the about talksof talks and a producing tensions on the peninsula and trying to address these mutual security concerns. host: so let's say that north korea does develop the technology that has been reported, what is the potential threat against the u.s.? what is the range and the potential devastation of something should come of that? difficultnkly, it is to say. i would caution everyone to
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recognize that the u.s. intelligence community, while extremely good at their job, knows less than they would like about exactly where north korea is. what we do know is that they are making substantial advances. they have a missile that has the range to reach the western united states, alaska, hawaii. they probably don't, at this moment, have a warhead ready to go on that system, but in the next 1-2 years, they are going to improve that capability. that is why it is important for us to bring about a halt to their further long-range missile testing and any further nuclear test that could help them perfect that warhead. targetar weapon on any is going to produce devastating effects. ofay is the 72nd anniversary
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the u.s. atomic bombing of the city of nagasaki in japan. killed,000 people were that day, and some 75,000 more in the months afterward. so nuclear weapons are extremely dangerous, and it is something -- nuclear war is something every u.s. president has enormous responsibility to avoid or prevent. that is daryl kimball of the arms control association. thank you for your time this morning. guest: thank you. host: we turn to you to give your thoughts about what is happening in north korea. (202) 748-8001, republicans. (202) 748-8000, democrats. independents, (202) 748-8002.


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