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tv   President to Announce Decision on DACA Soon  CSPAN  September 2, 2017 1:16am-1:29am EDT

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president trump also signed a proclamation declaring sunday as a national day of rare for -- of prayer for victims of hurricane harvey. following the signing, various faith leaders spoke about the need for prayer as the nation provides aid for storm victims. president trump: thank you very much. thank you. americans have always come to the aid of their fellow countrymen. friend helping friend, neighbor helping neighbor, stranger helping stranger, we have seen it more so than at any time so vividly at least, during hurricane harvey. from the beginning of our nation, americans have joined together in prayer during times of great need, to ask for god's blessing and god's guidance. when we look across texas and louisiana, we see the american spirit of service embodied by countless men and women.
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brave first responders have rescued those stranded in drowning cars, rising water and i have to tell you that i have watched the coast guard. thousands of lives have been saved by our great coast guard. they have done incredible work in the most vicious sees that they have seen in many many years. vicious seas. giving food to those in need, houses of worship have organized efforts to clean up communities and repair damaged homes. individuals of every background are striving for the same goal, to aid and comfort people facing devastating losses. as americans, we know that no challenges to great for us to over -- is too great for us to to aid and comfort people facing devastating losses. overcome. we invite all americans to join us as we continue to pray for those who have lost family members and friends, and for those who are suffering from this great crisis.
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behind me, we have faith-based people, people who are highly respected. especially so, in their communities where they are not only respected but loved. evangelical leaders, christian leaders, many people of faith. i just want to thank you all for i just want to thank you all for being with us today, because we're going to be signing a day of prayer on sunday, a special day. i don't know when this was done last, but it has been a long time? is in the correct it has been a long time ago? a few of the folks will say a few words and pastor jeffers will say a prayer for not only the people affected, so hardly is in the correct it has been a long time ago? affected by hurricane harvey, but for the people of our
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nation. and in fact, the people of our world. [applause] president trump: you're all going to get one of these. somebody like to say a word or two to these very lovely people? >> mr. president, we would like to thank you for your leadership and your signing up for air we desperately need in our nation. i was talking to faith leaders on the ground and there are generously working not just to rescue and recovery and restore this families. they commented on the grid
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corporation that they are experiencing from local state and federal levels, and the like to thank -- they would like to send their heartfelt gratitude to you and the team for the difference at we are making in these people's lives. so thank you mr. president. >> mr. president, i think it goes without saying that at a moment like this, we all come together as americans. we all about our almighty god, we spent best we asked for his grace and mercy on all those affected. we thank you mr. president and your entire team, fema, everything you are doing to deploy every resource in government to help those affected and most of all, we thank you for acknowledging that ultimately, it is god who is the source of our unity as americans. thank you for a showing this proclamation. >> thank you mr. president. >> people of all faith backgrounds know that prayer changes things.
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a great work is done by anyone who calls a nation to prayer. we want to give you thanks for calling us to prayer because no matter where we are, across whatever spectrum, we know that prayer changes things, it unites the nation. so, thank you sir for calling our nation and uniting us. >> i would just like to add that in our community, we have been praying, we started a 40 day fast for the healing of america and the help for texas from god. i am not diminishing your office but an appeal to a higher source, we have to heaven, he will empower us, strengthen you and give you wisdom. >> [amen in unison] will empower us, strengthen you
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>> this country has all challenges, and you know that as president. to ask the country to turn back to god and pray is an incredible thing for a president to do. george washington was the first to do it, and a lot of people forget that the country was built on a idea -- all men are created equal and endowed by their creator, that is god with certain inalienable rights, and among them is life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. that is what makes us the shining city on the hill, and shining city on the hill, and that is an amazing thing what you have done mr. president. president trump: thank you. i appreciate it. anyone else? >> thank you so much mr. president, for your personal gift to the victims of the southern baptist and evangelicals and people of all faith and no faith are out there helping one another, so we appreciate your example, showing
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your presence. we call it the ministry of presence, sometimes it just means something to be there for people and i appreciate your having been there. and you're going again, i appreciate that, it shows a connection with people that is needed. so i just wanted to personally say thank you on behalf of the southern baptist and american. president trump: thank you. >> i thank you for calling our nation to god and it has been an honor not only to know you, but to serve with your faith leaders and say that you always have put god first, and you have challenged us and continued challenges. we thank you for your personal works and this, i believe is any -- is a new beginning for us. we are going to see great things come. thank you. president trump: thank you. pastor jeffers? prayer?
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>> father, your word says if your people who are called by your name will come and humble themselves and pray and seek your face, you will forgive your face, you will forgive there's been's and heal their land. father, i thank you that we have a president, president donald trump who believes in the power of prayer. we thank you for our vice president like vice president mike pence works alongside him. we thank you that the president had the wisdom to call our nation right now for a day of prayer this coming weekend father. this is what we need, we pray for healing and for our country. we pray for physical healing for those who have suffered the devastation from hurricane harvey. father, be with them, provide for their needs, help us to help them jesus christ, as the minister to them. we also pray for spiritual healing, emotional healing for our country. this country has been bitterly divided for decades upon decades and now you have given us a gift. president donald trump, who wants to bring healing to this country. and he is bringing healing to
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this country. i pray that you will give him an vice president pence the wisdom they need to truly make our country the country you want us to be. we want america to be great again, and we know that american can only be great if america is good. we know we have a president who wants to make america good. i'm price for your blessing upon him, the first lady, their family, give them wisdom as they seek to honor you. we pray this in the name of the lord jesus christ who came and died and rose again that we might have eternal life, in his might have eternal life, in his name we pray, amen. [amen in unison] president trump: thank you very much. sometime today or over the weekend, we will have a decision. we love the dreamers, we love everybody. thank you very much.
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we will issue it sometime over the weekend maybe this , afternoon. we are working on emergency funding. we are working very well with the governor who has done a terrific job. >> thank you, mr. president. president trump: thank you very much. >> saturday on c-span, supreme court justice elena kagan talks with margaret marshall, retired justice of the massachusetts supreme court about her career as a sitting justice and the influence of sandra day o'connor. she describes her first oral argument as solicitor general. >> my heart was beating really hard, literally, the only time in my life when i have known what that expression means. i practically could not hear anything because of the pounding
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happening inside my own body. i thought, how my going to do this? i got up to the podium, and i had memorized as people do, three or four or five sentences to start with. at the end of the first sentence, which frankly, i had not really thought was a good sense, it seemed to me like a fairly undisputed anodyne kind of sentence. at the end of the first sentence, justice scalia leaned over the bench in this way that i grew to know that he has, leaned over and said -- i made a short declarative sentence, and he said "wait, wait, wait, wait!" he said more strongly than that. he proceeded to tell me why this
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sentence was wrong. it was the absolute best thing that anyone could have done. it forced me to be in the game right away, and my own view is that he knew that. that he knew, from the sound of my voice, saying that single sentence, that i was a little bit shaky. and he was just going to put me into the game right away, and if somebody challenges you, you have to stand right back. that is what happened and it turned out fine. justice elena kagan talks about her time in the court at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span. democratic senator kamala harris held a town hall meeting in oakland, california to discuss a range of issues including health care and the daca program. this is about an hour and 15 minutes. sen. harris: i am so proud of u.


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