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tv   Washington Journal News Headlines and Viewer Calls  CSPAN  September 3, 2017 7:07am-8:01am EDT

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you have made. [indiscernible] dialogue and sitting down with kim jong-un. north korea has not been cooperative. -- proposed the olympics in south korea next year. north korea ignored him every time. [indiscernible] conducive tois [indiscernible] hurry.had to change in a it is a tough position to be in. host: what is it like in south
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korea? our people concerned, or is it business as usual? guest: it is business as usual. they have lived in the shadow of this threat for 70 years. most people cannot remember when there wasn't north and south korea. if you allow yourself to get paralyzed every time, you will not have much of a life at all. there is plenty out there to be scared. if you are after that, you could be permanently scared if you like. host: we will be reporting online. chang is the seoul bureau chief. thank you. guest: of course. host: how should the u.s. respond to the latest threat
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from north korea, the apparent successful test of a hydrogen bomb eight times the power of the one we used in hiroshima in 1945? these are images of the north korean leader. there is this from the washington post, the bomb was a two-stage weapon with a yield that could make it a 'city b uster.' media,ng to the local south korean authorities said sunday's earthquake appeared to be consistent with the successful nuclear test, their sixth of their test, and the first sense president trump was inaugurated. it is a holiday weekend in the u.s., marking labor day tomorrow. china has expressed annoyance at north korea's frequent ballistic
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missile launches, but analysts have said china probably would not take serious action must there is another nuclear test. sunday's events to change the equation for washington. let's get to the phone lines and your response. here are the phone numbers. (202) 748-8000, that is the line for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. scott in pennsylvania, good morning. caller: good morning. unfortunately, we have got to do one of two things. either we have got to have the cia employee and assassination -- employ an assassination plot against the sky or preemptively strike this guy. this is getting ridiculous. i am not comfortable with this guy threatening the continental united states.
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you can see how this guy is recklessly behaving on the world stage in his pursuit of nuclear weapons. you can imagine how he is going to act once he has these weapons. he is going to wreak so much havoc in the region and the world once he has everything in place. he is not going to be content with sitting back in maintaining his regime. he is probably going to want to reunite the koreas to get a better economy for north korea. i think this guy is so reckless and unstable. he is not going to stand back in his country and be content with having weapons. i think he is going to cause a lot of trouble. host: let me jump in on two points because you are talking about primitive strike. we have 25 million people who live in south korea and more
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than 30,000 american troops along the dmz and south korea. do you worry about those individuals if there is a primitive strike and immediate reaction by north korea? caller: of course, but i think the military has to have some sort of plan where once the attack begins they can just devastate the artillery pieces there. obviously, there is going to be a loss of life. assemble all the strategic pieces we need in the region and the theater, and that is to take time. these people have to start preparing because this is just getting ridiculous. this guy is defying the entire international community. you can imagine how he is going to act once he has everything in place. terrible useo make
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of these weapons. host: i am going to stop you there. we are getting word for the white house that the president has been briefed on the situation. he had a phone call yesterday with prime minister abe of japan. spending much of the day yesterday in houston and along the louisiana coast. we are spending the first hour getting your reaction to north korea and how the u.s. should respond in the short term and long term. we welcome our listeners on serious xm and on c-span radio. tim, independent line. good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. this is a bad situation. it really is. i hate that there is another nuclear power like north korea. we got ourselves into this en masse. -- into this mess.
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saddam.busy looking at leting at the past, saddam us do inspections. once along with all the inspections, the same thing with gaddafi. he even got rid of his program. after that, we killed the guys. what do you expect? what would you do? i am no fan of his, but he feels this is the only way he can survive, and i don't blame him. past our doings of the that brought this up. host: thank you for the call. next is scott from maryland, public in line. the u.s. response, what should it be? caller: obviously, first strike against them before they can arm something. my understanding is this
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hydrogen bomb was 10 times more powerful or whatever than what they dropped on nagasaki. host: eight times. caller: either way, they should not get a chance to shoot it off. [indiscernible] that way we don't have to worry about him anyway. line,andy, independent michigan. caller: hello? host: you are next. caller: do you want me to speak now? host: you are on the air. caller: my feeling is he is not going to stop. he is going to keep going. i think we should hit his country with an electronic pulse bomb that takes out all the communication and strike his factories and missile silos, that way there would be minimum fallout on the public, but it
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would take out his ability to continue to make these weapons and put him in the dark for a long time because he would have to build his electrical grids again and get his communication going. host: thank you for the call. let's go to the ap story, north korea conducting its sixth nuclear test. here's reporting from seoul, south korea. on north korean television, a newsreader calling the test a complete success, a thermonuclear weapon of unprecedented strength. pyongyang claimed its leader had inspected a hydrogen bomb meant for a new intercontinental ballistic missile. earthquakeitude occurred at 12:29 p.m. local time. it could be executed in
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collaboration with the u.s., and japan confirming north korea conducted a nuclear test. 13 hour time difference between washington and north and south korea. donald is joining us from ohio. how should the u.s. response? caller: i agree with the woman who called earlier. she is very educated. i think he should be neutralized if at all possible. he is a fanatic. he will not quit. everybody has come to that conclusion. anyway -- host: thanks. line,l go to democrats good morning. caller: good morning. i think we should all stand down. the issue has to do with the fact that north korea, if it has some capabilities to make its own decisions, they have been
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called that kingdom for many years. host: mary, do you worry about kim jong-un and his own mental state? do you think he is a reasonable leader in north korea and on the world stage? caller: no. i am not afraid. it is tit for tat. he wants to survive. he wants to preserve his authority and the authority of that nation that has been in government since the ending of the korean war. the fact that there is north korea and south korea is a cold war. five years ago, the south koreans and north koreans were discussing unification. there is much more to this than to talk about neutralizing the head of a sovereign state. someone could say our government should be neutralized as well. we need to stand down and sit
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down and have discussions about what his needs are. it is all because we have pu t sanctions on that government. they are saying they have the right to progress in the world like everybody else does. the u.s. has thousands of warheads, russia has warheads, india has warheads, israel has warheads. why should they be attacked and many south koreans have to die because we don't want him to have warheads? the issue is not having warheads. u.s., everyone else has to stand out and get rid of all nuclear weapons. host: thank you. appreciate your call. let's go to john, ohio, democrats line. your reaction this morning. caller: i was listening to the last lady that called, and she was right about all those people
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having nuclear warheads, but there was one thing. they have not threatened us like he has. here is what i think the response to north korea should be. the united states should make it perfectly clear, not only to north korea, but to the world, that if any missile, the next missile, any missile launched from north korea will be immediately shot down, and the place where it was launched will be destroyed. you cannot take a chance as to what is on the nose of that missile today. thank you for taking my call. host: thank you. let me share some comments on our facebook page. you can join the conversation on facebook. byre is this from diane, quietly passing western culture to the populace so the people themselves revolt.
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a wart is insanity for south korea and japan, not to mention the downtrodden people north korea. down donaldclose trump's twitter account, stop antagonizing, bring in a consultant understands the situation. the southhis, end korean wargames. every year they have been antagonizing them and every year the dprk asks them to stop. we have tried peace talks and sanctions, why sit around and wait for them to hit the u.s.? join in on the conversation on facebook. wayne, virginia, independent line. good morning. caller: hey. i think americans better wake up and realize recent history. maybe we should just give them more taxpayer dollars like bill clinton and madeleine albright
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did to build their new clear up. think about your past. -- nuclear weapons. think about your past. that will kill us all. host: good morning. caller: hi. how are you doing? host: fine, thank you. caller: i agree with the first caller that said we should use the cia to kill this kim jong-un. this guy is crazy. i was watching your program a couple of weeks ago. they had a north korean expert. he said the north koreans teach their kids in school that we invaded them in 1950, and that is what started the korean war. this guy's father start his own people. these people are crazy. this guy needs to be taken out. he is a threat to the world. these people calling in saying likeit is the u.s.'s fault that lady from new york or that
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guy saying we are somehow responsible, that is a bunch of crap. this guy is responsible for this. host: last week on c-span's sidebar podcast, a reporter who wrote the piece for esquire magazine on kim jong-un and his family, that is available on our website, it is also online at c-span radio. korea didts in north not make the hardcover conditions of the washington post because it was late-breaking, but the latest story, president trump targeting the south korean accord. has instructedp advisors to withdraw from a free trade agreement with south korea, a move that would stoke economic tensions with the u.s. allied as both countries face a crisis over north korea's nuclear weapons program.
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withdrawing from the trade go would back up president trump's -- deal with backup president trump's promise to back out of unfair trade policies as he sees them. it would strain ties with an important ally. h.r. mcmaster, defense secretary jim mattis, and gary cohen withdrawal according to people who spoke on the condition of anonymity. it is still possibility donald trump could decide to stay in the agreement with renegotiated terms." that is this morning on the front page of the washington post. a related story going with our trade relationship with south korea. it's good to john, illinois, democrats line. caller: hi, this is john. i am a veteran. i am a big proponent of
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deterrence. we have deterred a lot of people with nuclear weapons for 50 years now. what i liked it here from one of ifm that called after me is they have talked to their sons or daughters or nephews or nieces about joining military service. we are in for the long haul. all of you hawks, pony up your children. the woman from michigan that was hawk, call back- and say you have talk to your children and grandchildren and that you want them to join the military. bookhone number is in the if you like to call our legion post and talk to me personally about this. steve, have a great day. america, have a better day. host: thanks for the call. we will go to cheryl, ohio, republican line. caller: good morning.
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host: go ahead. caller: i just wanted to say to the lady that told us to stand down, we are a free country. korea, their people are not free. if we do not stand up and do something about this, would we want to live like korean people now? this man needs to be taken out so we can preserve our freedom and the freedoms around the world. he is a crazy not. -- nut. host: we will go to henry in south carolina, republican line. caller: good morning. my name is henry. i am calling in reference to -- i would just like to say that almost every snake that is is ouramericans heels own making. our president is just as unstable as the president in north korea. past, butentioned the
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we have to remember after 9/11, president george bush made a statement that north korea, iran, and iraq are part of the axis of evil. into iraq with no reason at all. president obama comes along and tries to negotiate with iran, and all of a sudden all that is being undone. north korea has stood by and look at this and saw how america went into iraq with no reason, saw how we treat the iranians, who are on this axis of evil, and they are on the axis of evil. america created a lot of this stuff. we don't have to hold our heads so highlight we are so pristine and godly when almost every snake that is biting our heels, we ourselves caused it. we said north korea is on this axis of evil.
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we went in and killed saddam hussein. let's be real about this. he is only looking out for himself. who is to say he is not online with the unstable president america has? host: robert gallucci with the johns hopkins school of international studies will be joining us later in the program to share his perspective. he was at the table in 1994 negotiating an agreement with kim jong-un's father, what that means for the u.s. and the steps going forward. on facebook, from sheila, she says i think north korea should think about it to blow themselves up with all of their tests. it will be interesting if they create an earthquake that creates a series of earthquakes. pressure china to chill them out more, increased diplomacy, snake and more usbs, cap clearly marked food and supplies to ravaged regions just in case.
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ryan has this point, president obama coddled him. you liberals let this build from clinton to bush to obama. here is how it is playing out overseas from the bbc website, north korea nuclear test, the hydrogen bomb is ready. the bbc writes the sixth of their test was a success. it tested aid hydrogen bomb, many times more powerful than an atomic bomb. analysts say the claim should be treated with caution. it's new their capability is barely advancing. stephanie from new york, democrats line. caller: hi, this is stephanie. amazed ini am just the history, and this has been going on for thousands of years
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humans, believe violence is the only answer and if this continues on and on and on, and bullies come and go and what not, and as americans we are not innocent. othersde, and we teach how to take down governments and whatnot. it is not going to work with leading bullies b -- letting bullies bully. if you want to check out the history, check out world war i and how japan, the sanctions and all that stuff. it is just over in over and over again. we never learn that violence begets violence. believe thatruly do, trying trying to
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to bully, trying to say, don't invade us. you know? diplomacy, china, we are in the midst of world war iii. hello, america. it is not over there, they can possibly be over here. we are saying wiped them out. that could start the whole thing of wiping out the entire planet. talk to china. china doesn't want us to turn around and go over there and start bombing. there we go. india doesn't want us to start bombing. there you go. there is a lot of nuclear nations we are dealing with, and diplomacy is the only way. war.n, war begets more
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like someone else said, start talking to your children. 25,000, about those 30,000 soldiers, americans, what was it? not the casualty -- collateral damage that was used. this is serious stuff. that is all i have to say. thank you, c-span. i h ope -- hope that something happens, not war. host: thank you. with is hosting a meeting the, russia, india, and south africa. the south china post, the chinese government strongly condemning what happened in north korea, and the statement from the chinese government saying it will certainly react in some form to what happened
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overnight. the test of a hydrogen bomb that is eight times more powerful than the bomb we used in hiroshima. john is joining us from florida, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i will try to make this quick. people in america, my goodness, i don't know. since the first gulf war, we will start there. the first gulf war, i think it was 15 nations that were sovereign nations that were not part of the world bank, and after the first gulf war and the second gulf war, this has been cut down. right now, i think it might be three that are left out of the 15. those three are the nations we are going after, afghanistan, iran, and north korea. if you were north korea, i'm just saying, this has nothing to do with american nothing, just
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looking at the situation. , and i knowth korea i am part of 15 nations, and i have seen the united states go down the line -- the united nations go down the line and wipe all 15 of them out. just imagine you are sitting on your street and you see people coming up the street and they hit that house and that house and that house and that house, you would have to be a fool to say, they are not going to do anything to me. because this guy decided, ok, the one thing i noticed they do is they do not attack anybody that has nuclear weapons. host: the president tweeting. we will share the full suite in just a moment -- tweet in just a moment. let me share this headline from the south china morning post. casting a shadow over china's summit.
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itsemning pyongyang for nuclear test program. north korea has ignored international communities widespread opposition, carrying out a nuclear test, and china's present best present issuing -- china's present issuing strong condemnation of this. how should the u.s. response to north korea? another half-hour of your calls and comments. don from california, republican line. good morning. caller: i am hoping to get people a little perspective here. this is not some innocent country. uncle to aed his own telephone pole and shot him with an antiaircraft gun, basically
7:36 am to this is not somebody who you want to have a hydrogen bomb. we have had, under obama, eight years of what he calls strategic patience with north korea. during which time they their investment and building their nuclear armaments until they have all of this stuff. people thinking they have only been doing this since president trump has been elected, he has only been president for eight months. you don't build an icbm in eight months. ins has been multiple years the making. this is who we have in the nuclear weapons at us, not only at us, but selling them to iran. once they get this stuff perfected, iran is going to buy it from them.
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iran, who got $150 billion from us, is going to spend that on buying it. they don't have to build it now. north korea will sell it to them. host: thank you for the call. let me share with you from the japanese times, the north korean nuclear test is the headline. here is an excerpt of what they are reporting. one photo showing what appeared to be the nosecone of a missile near the mockup of another showing the apparent diagram of how the proposed nuclear bomb would fit on the tip of a long-range missile. pyongyang conducted to successful tests of an icbm in july, including one that experts concluded what's chicago and los angeles within range -- puts chicago and los angeles within range. on sunday morning, prime minister shinzo abe saying after telephone call with donald trump agreed towo leaders
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further step up pressure on pyongyang. that this morning from the times of japan. california,o independent line. how should the u.s. response to north korea? caller: thank you so much, steve. shout out to my american hero, brian lamb. you know what the american people need to understand is that i am a geographer. i want them to go to every single map and globe that they have and you race the line se the linena -- era between china and north korea. north korea is nothing more than a province of china. nishre foolish and pollyan to not hold china completely complicit and accountable and culpable for the behavior of north korea. i am telling you, i would not have a single icbm pointed at
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north korea. i would have all of them pointed at beijing. i would make sure that the leader of china -- first off, i would eliminate all the sanctions we currently have in north korea. themr one, extend all of to china. they are the same country. ng.s is china's meddli korea all trade in north is with china. the other thing i would do is i would formally eliminate any diplomatic distinction between north korea and china. i would no longer have any diplomacy with them. i would strictly deal with them, with china, hold china completely culpable, accountable for their behavior because the fact is that north korea does
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not exist without china. china is accountable for causing all of this. look at all the equipment that is being created in north korea. paraded inis being north korea. it says created in china. host: thank you for the call. let me read to you from the new york times, more reaction from beijing, another strategic consideration in responding to the nuclear blast, is china, writes the new york times, a collapse in north korea could lead to a wave of hungry refugees and the scramble for north korea's nuclear weapons. china seems to have lost patience with north korea, agreeing to stronger yuan sanctions.- u.n.
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the full details are available at jason in florida, democrats line. caller: good morning. let me give you a different take. this man has not reached outside of north korea and killed one westerner. intelligence sources saying he is going to go from not telling anybody in the west to committing mass murder? commit mass have to suicide, and the families commit mass suicide. you have to start out the conversation by saying i am ready to sacrifice 21 million south koreans because when bush was present, they said the reason we cannot do anything was because they had a million shells pointed out south korea. this man is a survivor.
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he killed people -- he has not killed nobody in the west. his generals and the families of his generals are going to commit mass suicide. who is craziest? the people calling in order kim jong-un -- calling in or kim jong-un? host: you are not worried? caller: no. he is not going to commit mass suicide. host: thank you for the call. jeremiah, arkansas, republican line. good morning. caller: hey. first, i should comment on the last guy obviously doesn't know the history of kim jong-un. this kid has been raised in a videogame world. his grandfather was a great war hero. his father was a great war hero. the son has nothing but his legacy to live by.
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his entire life he has been told he is god, the son of god. you can run a country. there is him. he runs everything. his father and grandfather had a war. he doesn't have the concept of millions of people dying in his actions. he has -- host: are you still with us? we lost jeremiah. thank you for the call. the chinese government strongly condemning the testing by the north korean government. a short while ago, this tweet from president trump at the white house this morning after his day yesterday in texas and louisiana, north korea has conducted a major nuclear test. their words and actions continue to be very hostile and dangerous to the united states. north korea is a rogue nation that has become a great threat and an embarrassment to china that is trying to help but with little success.
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that is from president trump. mark is joining us from georgia, independent line. caller: good morning, america. i would like everyone to start questioning and looking at the idea of where these missiles are coming from. they are testing these missiles once a week, sometimes once every two weeks. they are now up to a hydrogen bomb. where are they getting the technology from? everybody needs to start questioning that. if they had this new technology a week prior, why would you spend efforts and time on technology that will be obsolete? host: i ask that question to jonathan cheng of the wall street journal who says most of this technology has been inside north korea, that they have the resources to do it on their own. they are getting financial assistance from china, but much of this has been around for the
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last 60 or 70 years. been around for the last 50, 60, 70 years they are saying, then why are they testfiring technology that is obsolete? why not start off with a supermassive nuclear, or skip straight to hydrogen? host: the answer is impossible because we don't know exactly what is in the kim jong-un, the head of north korea. caller: that is word games to wonder what is in the head. forget about that. the money is in technology. we are sanctioning them like crazy. they are tight on money. their tight on supplies. something else is going on. we need to ask deeper questions like i said. where is the technology coming from? it is not coming from within? who is supplying them? host: thank you for the call.
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remain in our first hour of "washington journal." we are getting your reaction to a parent successful testing of a hydrogen bomb -- a parent -- ap parent successful testing of a hydrogen bomb. korea's latest test greatly surpassed its last destination nearly a year ago kilotons,d 15 to 20 similar to the atomic bomb dropped on nagasaki during world war ii. seismic experts believe the latest test unleashed an explosive yield of 120 kilotons, evidence that north korea's is advancing rapidly -- north korea's nuclear program is
7:47 am
advancing rapidly." how should the u.s. response? caller: i would love to say that the last caller was totally incorrect. ok.: we will go to sean from the democrats line. caller: i think some of what president kennedy said during the cuban missile crisis is appropriate. they are in obvious violation of the nuclear test ban. this country needs to be quarantined along with the chinese. they have to play ball. japan, united states, south korea, this could be very big. the fact that they have probably received material assistance from china dictates that any
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nuclear device from north korea presents a full response from the united states on china, so basically substitute kennedy's words for china. june 1963, the capability of the u.s. and the soviet union, something we covered on american history tv. another tweet from president trump a short while ago, what china and south korea should be doing. "south korea is finding as i told them that their talk of appeasement will not work. they only understand one thing." that is from president trump a moment ago. mike is joining us from kentucky. good morning. caller: good morning. i was in the army for 20 years and 18 months in korea.
7:49 am
i was along the dmz for three months. i was right on the line. host: what was that like? what was that like for you to be along the dmz? caller: i am going to tell you right now. it is too much leeway to get to the north koreans when i am standing on the line with my weapon. guarding -- supposedly guarding the south koreans. they are allowed to spit on you, laugh at you, allowed to do everything in the book with english language every curse word they are taught. i don't know why. these pictures they show, they got this president laughing at something, pointing at something , every picture he is laughing.
7:50 am
this ae is laughing, is kind of or another screw driver ? we don't know what he is saying. he is not going to do anything because once china and russia and the u.s. go against him at one time, he is going to be in a corner and nobody is going to see him for about one hour. he is going to cry his eyes out like a little baby. they are showing him now on the tv laughing. we don't know what he is laughing at. he is pointing at something on a piece of paper. host: thank you for the call. we want to share a story from a couple days ago that is relevant to today. it included a skype conversation between yesterday and pr chief for the new york times and the south korean prg for the new york times -- bureau chief for
7:51 am
the new york times. question, the full interview is about six and a half minutes. here is an excerpt. [video clip] >> is north korea trying to test a president like they did in the past when president obama was new? >> north korea has a history of provocations as a way of testing the policy and determination and intentions of the u.s. government whenever there is a new president coming into office in washington. that ithave to remember has been long-term consistent policy for north korea to develop its missile capabilities . it is part of its long-term goal, yes. day andake up every deal with this. what is the mood like in seoul with the latest threat?
7:52 am
>> people here are very calm. you don't have a crisis. if you stop people and ask questions about north korea, they will talk about nuclear weapons. downtown, itround is business as usual. life goes on. there is no sense of panic or a crisis at all. damien cave in an interview that was done with the south korea bureau chief for the new york times. what north korea's missile tests look like to the south korean reporter. ron is joining us from florida. republican line. good morning. caller: good morning. i find it a little disconcerting tweet says that
7:53 am
china is trying to help. easy being linked -- is h being hoodwinked? is he misleading us? china is not time to help. i agree that north korea's nothing but a province of china. china, and another guest said koreais no way north could have developed all this technology that the assistance of china. china is fostering all this. if we don't crush china's economy, we will have to live under blackmail. we either take them out with a drone or something, just take him out, assassinate him, or deal of china, crush their economy. severe action at this point is warranted. i think we have to take that severe action.
7:54 am
the time for diplomacy is over. it is a proven failure. it has been failed time and time again since 1994 when clinton told us this is a good deal for us. he gave them millions and millions of dollars for an empty promise just so they could develop their technology. it was a terrible deal. everybody knows it. we have been given terrible deals right along, and ever since the clinton 1994 deal, we have been pacifying them. we have been very patient with them. we have coddled them. that has proven to fail time and time again. it is time for us to take some stern action against these guys, or we are going to end up living under blackmail, and after that maybe worse. we may end up attacked herself. -- ourselves.
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sandra, wasn't it teddy roosevelt who said walk softly and carry a big stick? there can be no negotiations with people who appear to be met. mike says round of all the liberal democrats and republicans, send them to south korea. he will kill himself after a week of listening to them. comments on our facebook page. we will share with you what the president treated short while ago -- tweeted a short while ago. we go to chicago. good morning. caller: with respect to north -- howi think -- i think may i say this?
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the bottom line is north korea has new their weapons, and they are meant to keep those in their weapons. we understand that. we also need to understand that korea does not benefit china. china is going to just do a certain amount to help the united states. we need to understand that. we also need to understand that we don't hear the voices of those people that have already been affected, the south koreans and japan. they are going to deal with the bulk of this, not america. millions of japanese and south koreans are going to die because of military aggression by america. america has thousands of nuclear weapons while north korea may have 50 or a hundred.
7:57 am
there may be recourses of this. sacrifice willing to hundreds of thousands of their children to fight north koreans, who have not fired a shot yet? i think we need to think about these things. host: thanks for the call. john says there is no good military option, that his wife no administration -- that is why no administration has done it. the president a short while ago with three tweets on north korea. "north korea has conducted a major nuclear test. their words and actions continue to be hostile and dangerous to the united states. north korea is a rogue nation, which has become a great threat and an embarrassment to china which has tried to help little success." finding thatis
7:58 am
their talk of appeasement will not work. they only understand one thing." ollie joining us from maryland. democrats line. caller: good morning. i would like to agree with the two previous colors that said -- said north korea is a province of china. i believe to take care of a snake, you have to go for the head. this leader in north korea is no crazier than his grandfather and his father. they are not going to touch the united states. they know the consequences that will follow. this guy, even though everybody is giving him the credit, he is not the leader. of course, he got people he consults with. those people are not going to advise him to bomb the united states because you know what is going to attack them. just listen to the south korean general you interviewed.
7:59 am
he said business as usual in south korea. if the south koreans are not so worried about north korea, washington week -- why should we? host: thank you for your calls and comments, including on facebook. later on the program, we will refocus on the situation in north korea. robert gallucci, the state department's point man on north korea in 1994. he will join us later. up next, roy wright who leads the national flood insurance program for fema. he will discuss what hurricane harvey will mean for the federal government. first, c-span's newsmakers program and this week, our guest randy wayne gardner -- randi weingarten. newsmakers airs following "washington journal." here is a portion.
8:00 am
[video clip] >> i am more disappointed that i could convey on tv. we have really different ideology. jewish.othshe's a protestant, m -- she says --ch care about kids and care about schools. -- neither one of us are shy. i actually asked her to come to a school, because we believe that everyone is educable. visit -- we spent the whole day in a republican area that loves their public schools. we didn't even give her a duty-free lunch, and she kept making promises to people -- why can't we find common ground? why can't we stop the paperwork issues? why can't we help these special needs parents? why can't we grow early childhood?


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