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tv   South Korean Ambassador UN SECURITY COUNCIL  CSPAN  September 4, 2017 10:57pm-11:06pm EDT

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to use security council resolutions that were only .eared towards sanctions we call upon all stakeholders to immediately returned to dialogue and negotiations as that is the tha-- to comprehensively that is the sole way to comprehensively resolve the situation. mr. president, the russian federation calls for the international community not to emod to a motion, to act -- tion, to act in a calm way. we stress a comprehensive settlement to the issues plaguing the korean peninsula can be arrived at through political diplomatic channels,
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i now give the floor to the representative of the republic of korea. >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to thank you for convening this emergency meeting of the security council on the latest of their test conducted this sunday. i would like to take part in this important discussion. it is with a deep sense of disappointment, frustration, and anger that i address this council today. one year ago, when north korea conducted its fifth nuclear test, the security council issued a stern warning that nuclearrea's continued tests would not be tolerated.
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since then, north korea has fired 20 missiles in flagrant disregard of new council resolutions. we held onto one last ray of hope, that north korea may at least refrain from additional nuclear tests. regrettably, the country has chosen a dangerous path in defiance of the stern warning of the international community. the nuclear tests conducted by north korea two days ago has proven to be its most powerful the spark. -- thus far. following the ballistic missile , north korean july has been raising the level of threat and claims that the most developest was to
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nuclear warheads for its icbms. north korea's behavior has invited scathing reaction from the international community. over the past few days, numerous states from around the world have spoken in one unified voice by issuing statements strongly condemning north korea's nuclear test. even those countries that have been trying to be as sympathetic as possible vis-a-vis north korea's security concerns have added their own voice to such condemnations without exceptions this time around. this is clear evidence that north korea's most recent nuclear test is an immense thelenge that threatens peace and security not only in northeast asia but of the entire world. the security council must respond to this series application with the adoption of a new resolution containing much tougher measures, responding to
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the magnitude and gravity of the test. now is the time to take measures that are robust enough to compel north korea to seriously engage in dialogue. the new resolution is not only to northlocking funds korea's illegal wmd program, but measures that pyongyang finds very painful. just five days ago, we celebrated the international day against nuclear tests in in a formal meeting. a number of member states gathered to engage in serious discussion. spainlly all parts of member states that took the floor at the meeting strongly condemned north korea. the only country that has conducted nuclear tests in the 21st century and called on the
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country to immediately halt further nuclear tests. it was just a couple days later north korea conducted yet another nuclear test. today a voluntary moratorium on nuclear tests has begun a de yeto international norm, the world has yet to be free of nuclear tests due to a country that continues to stubbornly pursue a destabilizing path. desire to become a nuclear weapon state is the sole reason for the international day against nuclear weapons tests. states,pon all never including the members of this council, to take full and decisive actions to this end. i call upon north korea to stop pursuing the path of self-destruction and make a strategic decision to pursue denuclearization, the only option and right away to
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ensure its survival. whether to stick to its current path of self-destruction or redirect itself to the path of announcer: c-span, where history unfolds daily. >> a headline in the albuquerque journal. of new martin heinrich mexico says a new approach to the base realignment and closure process promoted by armed services committee member john mccain would cause members to increase their lobbying of the pentagon to keep aces open in their districts. under this new plan, the defense department would put together a
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list of proposed base closures and submitted to the accounting office. 60 days later, congress would hold an up or down vote. in 2005, the pentagon compiled a list of bases for closure and submitted it to independent commission and the commission submitted it to congress for a final vote. tomorrow morning, a look at the process. live coverage on c-span3, online at, or on the free c-span radio app. on tomorrow's washington journal, editor and chief of ." e hill a house vote on the bill is scheduled for wednesday. and a vote on the obama-era program that grants work permits
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to undocumented immigrants who arrived in this country as children. lifeington journal" begins every morning at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span. >> is artificial intelligence and automation destroying jobs are creating them. google's chief economist and others try to answer that at the annual aspen forum hosted by the technology policy institute. this is a little over an hour. scott: ok. moving on to talk about artificial intelligence. not a day goes by where we do not see another story in the media about how artificial intelligence and automation either, one, are absolutely coming for our jobs, and you can see it already. just look at the relatively low and declining labor and participation rate. also, that it will allow for the creation of completely new jobs and industries, just as in previousol


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