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tv   6pm Las Vegas Shooting Briefing  CSPAN  October 2, 2017 9:49pm-10:25pm EDT

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announcer: next, las vegas officials give an update on the investigation into sunday night
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shooting. minutes.0 >> good afternoon everyone. mediaill be our fourth briefing since the incident took place yesterday evening. i am going to give you just a short synopsis of our updates and then we have other individuals who will make some comments and reference other issues associated with events. so, there are two things. one is we have to finish processing the scenes. we have three separate scenes. actually, for at this point. the 32nd floor of the room at the mandalay bay, the event location, the house in mesquite, and now we have swat standing by getting ready to hit the house in northern nevada. at this point, he in the last
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briefing, i was unable today what we retreat from the house and mesquite. 18retrieved in excess of additional firearms. some explosives. several thousand rounds of ammo. along with some electronic devices we are evaluating at this point. i mentioned that swat is about to breach the house in northern nevada. i'm going to give you an update on the casualty numbers. we are currently standing at 527 four individuals injured and those passed away, 55. this point,doing at we have people calling about personal items located at the stadium. we're not done processing me see yet and once we're done processing the scene will make arrangements for people that attended at the stadium that believe their personal items there to respond to the area and
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we will help you retrieve your items. at this point, i want to bring greg forward from the county givedepartment and he will you an update on the family resource center. prior to that, think it is it isant and i think important to pick this out, for the families responding to the las vegas area, some local proprietors have offered rooms at no charge for the family members. these are the boy grew, station casinos, the south point, and siegel suites. boyd group, station casinos, the, and siegel individuals responding to the las vegas area in need of accommodations, those individual properties well accommodate you. greg.
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you sure. i am fire chief. as the sheriff said, there are a couple things i want to mention. first is the family assistance center. combination of police department, fire department, corners office, and other local entities working to provide services for families coming into town or that are still here trying to handle what has happened with their loved ones. they are providing all kinds of services. many have stepped up to provide flights, housing, food, transportation, and many other things. it is wonderful for our community to come forward to do. has pretty much taken up the entire south hall of the convention center and there is also a donation center drop of center to facilitate people who want to drop off nonperishable it's there, water and so forth. the entrances off of sierra vista west of the convention
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center area. sierra vista. and i want to think the men and women of the fire department. north las vegas fire department and others, we were teamed up there last night doing what we would have trained for so many years. we definitely have a plan in place and were able to execute the plan. as well as we could. we had 155 unit hours just for the clark county fire department alone in that scene, teaming up with our partners from law enforcement to reach as many people as we could and do as much as we could. i want to take a moment to recognize community ambulance, standby medical, five or six influences there who immediately through critically wounded patients into their ambulances and transported them from that scene and also american medical
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response and medic west ambulance. they had all hands-on desk. they rallied everything they could from pickup trucks to vans to all available ambulances to supplies to us and make resources available to our communities in need, so i want to give a shout out to those ambulance companies. i will take a few questions. i could not quantify that, but i 42 years ands for have never seen as many ambulances as i did last night. dozens and dozens and dozens. [indiscernible] injuries wereof >> a wideostly -- range of injuries from 10 shots,
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shrapnel, people jumping fences. a wide range of injuries. >> [indiscernible] took a long time to finally get into -- >> we had multiple divisions set up last night to cover that large area. i cannot speak to how long it took for them to get into the venue but we had issues because there were things going on, we did not know where the gunfire was coming from. we did not know if it was safe to commit our people. we know there are going to go into a dangerous situation and that is why we do it in a format. 3-4 police officers going into harms way. even 10 years ago, this would not of taken place because we never trained on it or thought about it.
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[indiscernible] >> we had no injuries of on-do the response personnel last night. from my department, no. sure. ok. >> thank you greg and to, sure. county, corner of clark i would like to first of all ask that everybody keep those involved in this incident and their thoughts and prayers as well as the first responders, all government agencies, all of us have come together working on this incident please keep is in your thoughts and prayers and know that we are working very hard to make sure we're taking care of the families who have loved ones involved in this incident. i would like to talk more about the family as assistant center.
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it is set up at the convention center. we are fully operational there right now. we have met with multiple families, we are continuing to interview that families and the goal of that center is to provide families information about the identification of their loved ones and as importantly, to collect information from them so we can make the identifications as fast as possible. atare working very hard making those identifications. out of respect for the families, and rather not go into any detail about the identity of the decedent's or their identities at this time. i am not prepared to answer any questions. [indiscernible] >> i-8 would like to say we are as fully equipped and ready as anybody in the country. through grant money and county commission, we have trained.
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we are putting that training and exercising in place right now and i think our staff along with police and fire departments are doing a heckuva good job all things considered. yes sir, can, go ahead. >> the coroner's office -- >> we do haveright now, yes. sir? now all of the confirmed fatalities have been recovered and they have been returned to our office, he yes. i believe that includes the shooter, but again that number could be fluid. so, you know, that number may unfortunately go up. i don't want to give it exact number in confirmation at this point. thank you, share. -- sheriff. aboutk we are handling it
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as good as can be expected. everybody in this room, everybody in our county right now is suffering because of this event. i appreciate your asking. i think we are doing a darn good job managing it, thank you. >> >> as the chief mentioned, he spoke a little bit about the injuries. i would rather not speak about the injuries. the families want answers, and i prefer to give them answers before we make those public, so i'm not going to answer at this time. any other questions? thank you very much for your time. sheriff? again forou once being here and spreading the information to the community. i want to reiterate what i said earlier and give a special shout out to the sheriff and chief counsel and the men and women of
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first responders. when you see them in uniforms, please tell them thank you. if it were not for their selfless actions, we would have hundreds more casualties. there's no doubt in my mind. the crime scene was horrific, and these folks did an incredible job, went above and beyond. i want to assure everyone that is under control right now. las vegas is a safe place to be and visit. we encourage people to continue to come here. we have been daily with donations. people bringing sandwiches, water, blankets. it is almost to the point we can handle any more donations at the convention center. blood donations. blood, anda call for now we have a six to eight hour late. --wait.
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appointments are being made for thursday and friday. we set up a gofundme account because the sheriff thought we could help victims with funeral expenses and travel expenses. we still have over 500 emergency rooms. the gofundme account now has almost 15,000 contributions in excess of $1.2 million donated by generous people from around the country. the hate that this one individual, this lone wolf rained down on the community and on the mgm village park was met with an outpouring of love from the community, and we will get through this together. we will get through this as one community. thank you very much for being here. our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families. >> thank you very much. i represent nevada's first district, which includes the las vegas strip and the scene of
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this her in this act. so many times i have welcomed las vegas conventions are special events and never imagined i would be standing here trying to offer solace and service to those who would be harmed or killed by such an act. my office is serving as a clearinghouse. we don't want to get in the way of the wonderful law enforcement and first responders who had done such a good job, but we want to be there in any way we can. we have gotten many fun calls into the office from people around the country looking to find out where their folks are, where they hurt or in the hospital, where they killed? we are trying to pass that information onto the appropriate place. a couple of immigration calls we are trying to help with as well. i would point out in addition to the services that have already been mentioned, thomas and mack opened up as a temporary refuge for people who were put out of
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hotel rooms. the clark county school district has offered counselors to the public. we were contacted by airbnb. they are also offering facilities to anybody who needs to come into town to see about family members. . the community is stepping up. off-duty police officers helping people, pointing out where they thought the shots were coming from. a friend of one of my staff members was being trampled. somebody grabbed them and pulled them into a van to be safe, a total stranger. we were standing on the corner outside of umc, and a car slow down and said, where can we go to give blood? that's the kind of community we have. las vegas is resilient. with everyone pulling together, we will get through this. thank you very much to law enforcement, first responders, our fire department, medical personnel taking care of people in the parking lot of hospitals.
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everybody stepped up and we can't say thank you enough. thank you. i am jacky rosen, i represent nevada's third district right outside the las vegas strip. i reiterate what everyone said here. our first responders, our hospital staff, hotel staff, firefighters, ambulance, police, i stand before you not just as a congresswoman, but as a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a member of this community. and let congresswoman titus said, we are a strong community. we know how to be resilient and pulled together. do.'s exactly what we will today we will come together with all of our community partners, uber,, airbnb, lyft,
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taxi drivers, we will do everything together in strength and move forward.i appreciate everyone's support that has helped us . thank you. thank you. not a lot to add to whatever has been said. united states senator dean heller. but i want to add is we will never forget october 1, 2017. think about that. that will be a day to remember here in las vegas. it is a day we will remember from -- for years to come. i'm grateful to the sheriff's department and the first responders and everything they have done. the help and support from people around the country, the number of phone calls we received, the condolences flowing into this none.ity is second to i want to thank the whole congressional delegation for working together, linking arms, trying to move the community forward. nevada is strong. nevada will remain strong.
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we will get through this. we will do it working together. thank you. carolyn goodman, mayor of the great city of las vegas. the outpouring of attention, love, sympathy and help not only from around the country from mayors and governors, but also from a broad. we want to thank all of the law enforcement and first responders that have come in from other parts of the state as well as los angeles. the number of people that have come and gotten in line to give blood has really become an issue that we will learn from. we have not been able to keep up with it. people are frustrated. they love this community and what it represents. they want to do something about it. it is incredible. the learn this wonderful fund the sheriff set up is over $1 million, you can feel the
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heartbeat of the people that call las vegas and nevada home. we spoke to some of those who were less seriously injured, how confused they were about the issue. when you go to one of these outdoor entertainment issues, the arena once, you are usually given a bracelet, identification. because they were up front and in a confined environment, the places to get out were less them, but the sounds and talking to the patient's hearing different sounds because they are thinking it is fireworks or the music being thatd, they could tell me they were thinking it was coming from different areas. our firsthat responders and law enforcement
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acted so quickly and professionally and attended to the needs right then and there and were able to get to the mandalay bay informants is incredible. -- in four minutes is incredible. we had 22,000 people in a small area. it is amazing how efficiently law enforcement and first responders were. we heard the words from the president. he called me and spoke with the sheriff and attorney general, and whatever he could provide, and he is coming out here. the question is, what can be done? people are asking, emails are coming. phone calls are coming in. i'm sure everyone standing here realizes this is a remarkable community of people who are involved and do care, and this heinous crime, this maniac could do such destruction to so many people, we even lost one of our
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members of city hall. it's a very difficult time. while the sun is shining in las vegas, it is a dark and black day. october 1, 2017 be one of the darkest days ever, and hopefully never again. thank you. thank you, sheriff. thank you law enforcement and first responders. simply unbelievable. tonight, 5:00 at city hall, will be the first of several vigils. 5:00 at city hall. pastor troy will be reading that. i'm sure there will be many others. this is a loving and caring community and i am proud to be is there -- it's mayor. >> thank you. i'm lieutenant-governor of the nevada.ate of the governor with your earlier and said this has been our finest hour as a state and a
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city, our finest hour as americans, among our finest hours. if you were taken into unc medical center and you are alive, you are still alive today. you are still alive at this hour. the amount of skill and professionalism that was shown by the doctors and nurses is extraordinary. something we can be very proud of. the same is true if you went to spring valley hospital. cannot be prouder of those men and women who saved so many lives in las vegas today. as i went into these hospital rooms throughout the day, as many of my friends and colleagues were behind me, they are true americans, they heard the same stories i did.
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these heroic efforts of ordinary people from all over the country. i will tell you how personal it is. i just came from spring valley hospital. one person was seriously injured and was carried away. she said if i ever have a chance to thank this individual, please thank him. his name is sean. she said if you ever get a chance to reach him, let him know that i made it. she said he was her guardian angel. after story like this, ordinary americans helping other ordinary americans. it's a great day for america and a sad day for las vegas. but this beyond words, is a day when americans helped americans make it through the night. god bless them all. thank you. . you tell us that everyone who went to those hospitals, none of them have died? i when i was at unc today,
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was told by the trauma surgeons that everyone that made it into the hospital alive was still alive. that was the latest information i got as well. that was the information i got. i wanted to make the point there was extraordinary skill shown by medical professionals. >> did anybody go to any hospitals out of the state? >> i don't know the answer to that. >> to the best of my recollection there is one individual in california. >> >> thank you. i want to thank everyone for coming. one more clarification. besides the vigil at city hall, there is in a different -- additional vigil at the guardian angel cathedral at 5:00 p.m. i'm happy to answer questions at this time. we have not located anything of that description yet.
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>> [inaudible] >> we found 16 in the room. . have calibers ranging from 308 to .223. >> was there any evidence he videotaped himself on a phone or laptop? >> i am not aware of that. one at a time, please. >> [inaudible] >> i'm not aware of that. i, have been hearing that but i'm not completely aware of it. now that you have found 18 more guns in their home, and they apparently shared a home, do you revisit that? how can someone not know that all of that was inside their home? >> i didn't say we were discontinuing the investigation into the female. we are continuing the investigation into that female.
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there are several questions that need to be answered similar to what you proposed, but she is currently out of the country. we are making arrangements to contact her upon her return. >> is she in the philippines? >> know, i believe she is in tokyo. >> 16 guns in the hotel room, 18 at the home. were there any other weapons? >> that was a handgun in the hotel room. i'm not aware of any other weapons. >> a handgun in addition to the 16th? >> yes. >> did you find anything in the suspect's car? >> yes, we found some fertilizer. ammonia sulfate. i can't recall the compound. ammonium nitrate in the car. we didn't have any compounds additional to that. >> you mentioned finding explosives. [inaudible] or eighteve it was 10
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-- i saw that on the internet. i believe some journalism research produced that, but we have not evaluated that. >> [indiscernible] ispart of the swat team attachment of our armored personnel, the bomb squad. we wanted to ensure there were no booby-traps available. where any of the weapons modified from their original purpose? >> we believe so. we have not broken them down. the atf is not evaluate them -- has not evaluated them yet. slow down, please. did you recover anything else in the search my computer hard drives? >> yes.
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we have not evaluated that yet. the fbi is giving us resources to evaluate that. >> [indiscernible] -- were any of them modified or purchased automatic? >> i'm not aware of that. we are aware of one gun dealer that has come or were to say he sold the weapons to the suspect, but we are we are of other individuals that are engaged in those transactions. i'm not aware of las vegas, but we are aware of arizona so far. we are working on it further. there were several suitcases. i cannot give an exact number. it was in excess of 10. methodically kept bringing suitcases back and forth and no one thought why? it was a big place, i get it, but -- >> i wish that happened. >> [indiscernible]
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>> we don't have any evidence at this point. >> do you have a working motive at this point? >> now, we don't. it was one large suite with two rooms. in the interaction with security, they believe it was between the 29th and 32nd floor. they had to evaluate each floor moving up. >> [indiscernible] >> we are researching that. we had information he may have attended life is beautiful, but we have not confirmed it. >> [indiscernible] >> we had complaints from customers and security. >> that the swat team break down the door? >> yes, they did. >> [indiscernible] he engaged security. he shot through the door and struck security guards.
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ok, please slow down. was the security guard killed? >> no, he was shot in the leg. >> [indiscernible] >> i cannot confirm that or deny it. we are still evaluating that. >> [indiscernible] are the casino owner starting to think about plans for security? >> that is a continuing conversation. recently, everyone is aware of the bollard project. that was to prevent any harm associated with that, so evaluating customers will be continual. >> can you expand on the relationship between the man and his roommate? >> my understanding is they were boyfriend and girlfriend.
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>> [indiscernible] >> i would measure by site through my hunting background, in excess of 500 yards. he had scope on some of the rifles. >> did he use multiple rifles? >> yes, he did. i don't know if used all of that -- all of them or not. we have to break them down and evaluate them. need to expand on the role of your officers -- [indiscernible] let us know how they are doing. >> that is a difficult question. well, it is not difficult, it is hard to answer because of what they did, the heroic acts. often we are the ones who go in when everyone is running the way. case in point, that is what occurred. we asked officers who are well-trained to address this
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kind of active shooter event, but this is different because the active shooter is unreachable. our intent is safety. that is the first priority. i'm proud of what the officers did. >> was it four minutes? >> i don't even want to guess on a can do a better time than me . >> [indiscernible] >> i believe in short order. do you have any timeline? i would anticipate in the next day or two. >> when he was engaging with your officers, with the yelling things? >> i'm not aware of anything. we do standard announcements before entry. what it isexplain
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that you found [indiscernible] >> you can buy it at any gun store. i don't know what the regulation is on the amount, but it is commercially available. several pounds. >> the you have any information on locations [indiscernible] possiblyt other than presented with life is beautiful.he does live in close vicinity with las vegas, in mesquite. >> was there any indication he was familiar with that specific hotel? >> no, because the players club card did not belong to him. some of the folks in mesquite
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say he might not have held his primary residence there. you know where he actually lived? >> i believe it was mesquite. i saw a posting on the internet that the neighbors were familiar with the individual, but he was kind of reclusive. >> [indiscernible] on the officers -- this will be the last question. all the officers were assigned to the event. we do have officers that were assigned for other events inside the mandalay bay as a matter of weekly practice, specifically nightclubs. i'm sure they were not aware of what was taking place, similar to the officers at the event. officers took it upon themselves to help the customers exited the grounds and some officers took it upon themselves to immediately go to the mandalay bay. there was a team of six officers
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that approached security. they went up the elevators after discussing the situation with security and obtaining intelligence. they checked each floor by floor until they located where they believed the room was. subsequently, they approached received gunfire, backed off, and swat responded. i don't recall a smoke alarm. thank you very much. i appreciate everybody's time and patience. we will update you later this evening. do you have a time you want to update them? p.m.ll shoot for 7:00 tonight for updates of any new information. announcer: chaplain pat conroy opened the house with a prayer for the victims of the las vegas shooting in the nation. the members of the house also spoke about the shooting in floor speeches. >> let us pray.


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