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tv   Washington Journal Open Phones  CSPAN  October 6, 2017 10:04am-10:31am EDT

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oral argument tonight on c-span at 8:00 eastern. tomorrow, former first lady michelle obama interviewed by rhimes, creator of the television shows "scandal" and "grey's anatomy." >> do you think women in general have less chances to fail? you fail once, people start labeling you faster than they label him and ever. ms. obama: absolutely. i think that is true for women, minorities. the bars are different. we experience that all the time. we experience to that the last eight years. i joked on the campaign trail that the bar just kept moving. you meet it, and then the bar would change. and we are seeing that right now, quite frankly. the bar -- [applause] ms. obama: it is amazing, amazing to watch.
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>> and you can see the entire conversation between michelle mes tomorrowonda rhi on c-span starting at 8:00 eastern. you the headline in the wall street journal, prospects for a gun measure deal grow. there is the release of the name and iv national rifle assist the asian. this is what it says. we know the shooter in the las vegas attack had firearms, 12 with stocks.
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saysublican from florida dozens of republicans have contacted his office about cosponsoring bipartisan legislation to ban the manufacture or sale of bump stocks. dianne feinstein has introduced similar legislation in the senate. we want to talk about it this morning with you, our viewers again, the phone line, republicans (202) 784-8001. democrats (202) 748-8000. independence (202) 748-8002. that statement is getting reaction around capitol hill.
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this is sarah sanders being asked about the nra statement to. >> does that change the administration's point of view. the president has been a exhibit of the nra and the nra his in a big supporter of the president. >> we welcome that any conversation on that. that has not changed. we want to be part of the conversation on that forward. host: the editorial boards of the washington post in the new york times take up this issue. patient, it iske the bare minimum. the refusal to take any type of and control, any step in
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the right direction is a good thing. to the editorial pages of the new york times, they are calling the move when it comes to bump stocks, progress on guns. that is the headline they use on their lead editorial. we are interested in your dots this morning. -- thought this morning. good morning. caller: good morning. i think it doesn't know are enough. these bump stocks should be outlawed to even be in your one, youn, if you have should be prosecuted for the same law that would be tied to
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an automatic machine done. that's my opinion on that. be taken back to the store they got it and get their money back. is there anything you would do beyond that? caller: i don't have a problem , any type of shot device that allows you to turn your assault weapon into a machine gun. you should be charged as if you had an illegal machine gun in your possession without a federal license. host: hagerstown, maryland. go ahead. caller: good morning. a couple of comments. i have no objection to this
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regulation. it is already illegal or someone to own a machine gun. i think it was asked in the obama ministration. democraton to your callers, we hear the same mantra. passed would have stopped this. what law would have stopped shooter in orlando? what law would've stopped shooter in new tim. you cannot stop human beings. it is part of our dna. , thelassic example holocaust is the most horrible wing. it did not happen in the third world country.
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nothing is going to stop people. what is the answer? i will tell you one ring, if you look at chicago and baltimore, they have the strictest gun laws and they are not in force. if you commit a crime with a firearm, the prosecutors don't go or. the jail has a revolving door. strict gun laws and. host: how do you know the process readers don't go or it? caller: the research i have seen online. if we just enforce the current , we would put people in prison. host: go ahead. caller: i it's progress.
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i don't tickets going to be effect. the most effective approach ownership,evels of almost like security and. so americans who are responsible can own these weapons and have proven they are trustworthy and reliable. knucklehead who isn't trained or knows how to handle a powerful weapon, just as a piece of paper says i should be able to do that, that's not a good approach. i think that's the most effect of route. loss for words now. host: we appreciate the call. some reaction from republican members of congress.
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>> a republican rum laura tweeted out this -- from florida tweeted this out. kentucky saidrom this. among those who are opposing any new bands are the gun owners of america put they put out their own a statement. atf were approved by the during the obama frustration to help gunowners with disabilities. it would be a board by criminals and serve to disarm honest citizens.
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that is the gunowners of america, another gun rights group. the nra statement is getting a lot of attention. we want to hear from you. this is a call for additional regulations. we don't know what that means yet. the nra is calling or possible new regulations. go ahead. caller: thank you for taking my call. good morning to you. , i think any regulation is just foolhardy. you can't regulate insanity.
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two thirds of the gun death according to a woman that wrote , two thirdsesterday of the casualties from gun are from suicide. legislate's kinds of wings away. you cannot legislate crazy people who want to kill a lot of people. away, there is always a way around these. i think it's unfortunate what happened during why don't you just legislate everybody goes to church on sunday western mark. that would really help i think the of
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why don't you take away from cars? i don't think guns are as much of a problem as our society's the problem. host: david is on the line or republicans. caller: thank you for taking my call. i agree with the gentleman from pennsylvania. the problem goes back to criminals. that's the problem. laws on theough books. that ain't going to help nothing you. host: what the better way of going after it? caller: i am not a police officer. in good and evil.
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this man was evil to do something like this. host: reaction from democrats on capitol hill. says thelumenthal review is a dissent of dodge. -- dissent to dodge. . more than 160 members of the u.s. house are standing by my legislation. there is chuck schumer from new york. we want to hear from you this morning. you think goes far enough western mark you think it goes
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too far? and pennsylvania. of dan i am not sure if would be effective. print them and produce them on their own. host: what would be effective western mark -- effective? caller: i don't know. thatot exactly sure how legislation would take shape. host: north carolina. i hire the span for what they can present. stocks can be
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imported by people that have the money. exotic weapons are just an advance. automatic weapons should not be out there. there is no control over them are in. that comeher device under scrutiny this week are silencers. if a debate about whether those should be legal, the usa today editorial board talked about it. people will be following in the streets before they hear a shot. once you are dead, your dad.
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you have a lot of people who have money enough to buy this weapon. you. a threat to everyone i think it's something that can't be stopped. if for greatere elimination of people in a very crowded place. granted --out of crowded places. those crowds. it might not help gambling industry or any place where you draw crowds, i don't want my children. stay out of those routes.
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my daughter travels locally. i warned her to stay away from crowded areas. she is a global traveler. that's why i am concerned. i am concerned about everybody out there. the world is disintegrating. we are talking about silencers on the other part of the recreational enhancement act, which was a legislative proposal which makes it easier to buy silencers and harder to restrict armor piercing bullets. boarda today editorial right. the opposing view was written by
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congressman jeff duncan. he is pushing the protection act. he said they are not silencers. they reduce the muzzle blast. most measurements will calculate 165 decibels. back to your calls. go ahead. caller: it's just a joke that you can't stop this stuff. they banned machine guns. -- crimessee any guns
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being done with machine guns. the deal is what are they doing out there with military weapons in the first place? if you want to restrict them to shooting ranges, maybe. i think they should restrict anything that in the changed into a machine gun. that way you eliminate the problem. you can copy these bump stocks. they really have to get to the root of the problem, high-powered semi automatic weapon allowed in the first leg area -- place. host: what would you tell people who say you can't legislate evil. caller: of course you can. they don't allow people to have artillery is. the example i gave was the
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machine guns. if you can't i those anymore. rifles and their their shotguns, they can go hunting. the idea that you can defend yourself with a pistol from a guy that can shoot you from 1200 feet away is ridiculous and. host: go ahead. caller: i agree with the previous caller. there is no way in the world you should be able to i weapons. style weapons, what is the point? it's nonsense. it's ludicrous. it's ridiculous. people are saying you can't take them all -- cars off the street grade. that's idiotic.
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they change the conversation from the weapons to the bump stocks. once those kids got killed in connecticut and nothing happened, nothing is going to happen. we don't need those type of weapons. if you want to be in the army, join the army and fight to the country. host: a few comments from twitter.
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we have a few minutes left in the segment. we are talking about the nra called or regulations on bump stocks. go ahead. caller: good morning. ae nra is nothing more than terrorist group. aey have murdered over million people since the 60's. willis a farce that they you canece of plastic buy at an un-got regulated gun show. these guns have no reason to be on the street at all. there is very little difference between semi automatic and fully automatic.
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it's a farce. host: go ahead. caller: good morning. thank you for taking my call. suggestion isa valid. i live in pennsylvania. i live very close to a gun range. i hear gunfire all the time. they are legally owned and fired. when people start talking about , this idea that we are living in a hollywood movie and a silencer makes a gun go quiet is absurd. it doesn't silence anything. it's like a very weak. for the guy in texas and said
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the nra has killed people. the nra has not killed millions of people. this is a horrible thing. a neighbor that was at the shooting, a person lost his life. it hits close to home. they can eliminate that piece of what met as far as i'm concerned. just make them illegal and confiscate them. host: that is stephen pennsylvania. one other statement on this issue from the conceal and carry association. story. a fox business
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he will be joining us at 9:30 a.m. and we will be talking to him about conceal carry permits. it's an issue the nra had in their statement yesterday. statement, past the part we showed you, they said in an increasingly dangerous world, the nra is focused on strengthening second amendment freedoms. on behalf of our 5 million members, we urge congress to pass right to carry reciprocity
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act which would allow americans to defend themselves from acts of violence. we will talk or about that on our >> you can see the last few minutes of this "washington journal" segment on our website, we're going live to the capitol for a brief pro forma session of the house of representatives. live coverage on c-span. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the chair lays before the house a communication from the speaker. the clerk: the speaker's rooms, washington, d.c., october 6, 2017. i hereby appoint the honorable mark meadows to act as speaker pro tempore on this day. signed, paul d. ryan, speaker of the house of representatives. the speaker pro tempore: the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, the


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