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tv   Sights and Sounds Outside Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights...  CSPAN  December 5, 2017 8:27pm-8:34pm EST

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parents to ever go through what i did. and i don't want their children to ever face that rejection of being made to feel they are not good enough. anybody else? >> [indiscernible] >> will you repeat the question? following this case, going to rallies, what do you want to say to them? >> i would want to tell those people thank you for your support. your support has been so important to us, not just to keep us going, but the help us understand how important what it is following this through. what happened to us was painful.
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but we also learned how many different ways it affects people and in how many different stages of life. thank you for keeping us going. >> because same-sex couples are not allowed. and then, at the end of our funeral homes, like the funeral home who turned away our client [indiscernible]
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>> good morning, everybody. there are some people here who love the constitution? people who love some justice? all right. we are excited to be here. we are hosting this along with alliance of freedom. so many organizations here. it's amazing. we got your back, jack. say it again. we got your back, jack. introduce aor to lot of amazing people who are willing to stand for what is right and stella people at the same time. that is what this is about. you can disagree passionately
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about things and still love one another. that is what this is all about. i want to introduce a very talented young lady. female speedirst painter. she's right here. jessica has a few words that she will share with us welcome. let's get her at hand. it actually began in 2013 when i took a risk. it was very interesting because i took a risk. a that time i made commitment. i felt inspired to do so because i was taking a young group of
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-- s and taking a look i felt inspired to take a leap of faith. i knew many people might not agree with what i painted. i chose to proceed anyway because it was not about whether or not it would offend people, but because it was who i was. i was proud to do so. our surprise, i ended up winning. it launched my speed painting career. it is really cool. it is really neat. i am so excited that i get to be a part of this and i can share
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my talent with you. it was a rest. it should not have to be a risk. -- it is be something something that we believe in. it should be beautiful. i'm grateful to be here. thank you for having me. >> she has been creating the art right here. you will want to take a look over here for the next few hours. jessica, thank you so much. there are beautiful benefits when you stand for what is right. next we have jennifer marshall.
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jennifer. >> good morning, everybody. great to be out here with all these creative artists. , i wantare doing today to thank you. this is a story of what is going on. you see all kinds of free speech here. we see all kinds of creative asked russian of our viewpoints. we love the fact that we have free speech. somebodyit be odd if came and expressed viewpoints that we do not agree with? that is the commonsense idea that is behind what they are asking the court to do today. jack is asking the supreme court to protect his freedom of speech
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as a creative professional, so that he does not have to ask us the message that complex -- conflicts with his views on marriage. that freedom of expression is something that all creative artists value. no matter what their political or religious viewpoints. under the first amendment, government cannot force professionals to express messages against their well. -- there will. these fundamental freedoms of religion and reach, along with ourr freedom that are -- constitution guarantees, this is what tolerance is all about. these are the guarantees that allow us to coexist in harmony.


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