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Nikki Haley
  U.N. Security Council Remarks on U.S. Jerusalem Decision  CSPAN  December 10, 2017 10:53am-11:31am EST

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recognition, with jerusalem as the capital of israel and palestine and all issues resolved, permanently through negotiations that legitimate aspirations of both people will be achieved. part, as united nations security that -- secretary-general, i will do everything in my power to support meaningful negotiations and realize this vision of a lasting peace. thank you very much. there was a small reaction from the united nations on friday when the security council met to discuss president trump's decision on jerusalem. u.s.ers included ambassador nikki haley as well as speakers from china, russia
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and britain. >> i give the floor to the representative of the united states. haley: thank you. the jewish people are a patient people. foreign conquest, exile and returned, jerusalem has remained their spiritual home. for nearly 70 years, the city of jerusalem has been the capital of the state of israel, despite many attempts by others to deny that reality. the american people are less patient. in 1948, the united states was the first nation to recognize the independent state of israel. in 1995, the u.s. congress declared that jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of israel and that the u.s. embassy should be located in jerusalem. presidents clinton, bush and obama all agreed with that
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decision, but they did not act. they delayed in the hopes that a peace process would produce. results that never came. for 22 years, the american people have overwhelmingly supported that position and they have waited and waited. this week, president trump finally made the decision to no longer deny the will of the american people. it is important to be clear about what the president's decision does. the president has announced that the united states recognizes the obvious, that jerusalem is the capital of israel. he has also instructed the state department to begin the process of relocating the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. that is what the president has done. this is what he has not done. the united states has not taken a position on boundaries or borders.
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the specific dimensions of sovereignty over jerusalem are still to be decided by the israelis and the palestinians in negotiation. united states has not advocated changing any of the arrangements at the temple mount. the president specifically called for maintaining the status quo at the holy site. finally, the united states is not predetermined final status issues. we remain committed to achieving a lasting peace agreement. we support a two state solution if agreed to by the parties. those are the facts of what was said and done this week. there are a few more points that are central to the discussion of this issue. israel like all nations has the right to determine its capital city. jerusalem is the home of israel's parliament, president,
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prime minister, supreme court, and many of its ministries. it is common sense that foreign embassies relocated there. in virtually every country in the world, u.s. embassies are located in the host country's capital city. israel should be no different. the united states took this step in full knowledge that it will raise questions and concerns. our actions are intended to help advance the cause of peace. we must recognize that peace is advanced, not setback, when all parties are honest with each other. our actions reflect an honest -- honest assessment of reality. i understand the concern members have in this action. change is hard, but we should never doubt what the truth can do. we should never doubt that when we face the truth, believe in the human spirit and encourage
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each other, that piece can happen -- that peace can happen. for those who have concerns, let me again assure you that the president and this administration remain committed to the peace process. to those who do not act in good faith, to any person, leader, country or terrorist group that uses this decision as a pretext for violence, you are only showing yourself to be unfit partners of peace. finally, i will not let this moment pass without a comment about the united nations itself. over many years, the united nations has outrageously been of most -- 's for the human has done much more damage to the prospect for middle east peace that advance it. we will not be party to that.
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united states no longer stands by when israel is unfairly attacked in the united nations and the united states will not be lectured to by countries that lack any credibility when it comes to treating both israelis and palestinians fairly. it is no coincidence that the historic peace agreement between egypt and israel and between jordan and israel were both signed on the white house lawn. if and when there is a historic peace agreement between israelis and palestinians, there is a good likelihood that it too will be signed on the white house lawn. why is that? it is because the united states has credibility with both sides. israel will never be and should never be bullied into an agreement by the united nations or any collection of countries that have proven their disregard for israel's security. to my palestinian brothers and sisters, i can tell you with
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complete confidence that the united states is deeply committed to achieving a peace agreement between the israelis and the palestinians. we have demonstrated that commitment over many years and with the investment of large quantities of financial resources and diplomatic energy. sadly, peace between the two sides has not been achieved. we will not give up. our hand remains extended to you. we are more committed to the cause of israeli-palestinian peace today than we have ever been before and we believe we might be closer to that goal than ever before. both israelis and palestinians have very real stories to tell. painful stories of challenges, distrust, and construction -- and destruction. this conflict is not just about the past, at mott -- it must not
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be about all those painful stories. it must be about future generations. palestinian and israeli children both deserve a future of peace, one no more or no less than the other. when those children are grown, they should look back and look to this time when the parties genuinely negotiated for their sake. these palestinian and israeli children deserve to have hope of a brighter and more peaceful future. our wish and prayer is that this is the time both sides stop thinking about present needs and start thinking about future generations. in theall countries security council and in the middle east to temper their statements and actions in the days ahead. --ch remains achievable decent remains achievable, we must all do our parts to achieve it. [applause]
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thanks to the representative from the united states for her statement. we now give the floor to the representative from the united kingdom. nikolai, thank you for your briefing and your unequivocal support of the two actions thatn and jeopardize the possibility of a sustainable peace between israelis and palestinians. i would like to make clear that the united kingdom's position is clear and long-standing -- it should be determined through a negotiated settlement between the israelis and the palestinians. jerusalem should ultimately be the share capital of the israeli and palestinian states. in line with relative security , includingolutions 2334, we regard east jerusalem as part of the occupied palestinian territory.
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we disagree with the u.s. position to move its embassy to jerusalem and to uterine delivery -- and to unilaterally recognize jerusalem as the capital. this is unproductive to peace in the region, and aim all of us remain committed to. the british embassy to israel is based in tel aviv, and we have no plans to move it. mr. president, we share president trump's desire to bring an end to this conflict. to alcome his commitment two state solution negotiated between the parties. we note his clearer knowledge meant's of the final status of jerusalem, including the sovereign boundaries with in the city, which must be subject to negotiations between the parties. we remain committed to an israeli palestinian peace agreement that is based on 1967 borders with agreed and equal land swaps reflecting both
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parties national and religious interests, and with jerusalem as the share capital of an israeli and palestinian state. this outcome must be determined through a final status agreement and a just, fair, and realistic settlement for refugees that is demographically compatible with the principle of two states for two peoples. mr. president, we recognize that jerusalem holds huge significance for jews, christians, and muslims. we reiterate the fundamental the sesame of maintaining the status quo at the holy site, particularly the temple mount, and we welcome presidents trump call on the parties to maintain that status quo. ask says and religious rights -- access and religious rights of both people must be respected. role in therdan's
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holy sites and support their efforts to maintain combat. -- to maintain calm. construction and expansion, particularly in east jerusalem is a significant barrier to achieving that solution. terrorism and incitement of violence constitute another crucial barrier. we will continue to press the parties to refrain from actions which make a viable peace more difficult to achieve. toust and lasting resolution end the occupation and deliver peace for both israelis and palestinians is long overdue. recent developments demonstrate the urgency of progress towards peace. today, i reaffirm our strong support for renewed peace negotiations between the israelis and palestinians as soon as possible. the should be supported by the
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international community and should result in a safe and secure israel living alongside a viable and sovereign palestinian state. we welcome the un's secretary-general's intent to do everything in his power to support the israeli and palestinian leaders to return to meaningful negotiations and realize this mission of a lasting peace for both peoples. encourage the u.s. administration to bring forward detailed proposals for an israeli-palestinian settlement. the u.k. will also do everything we can to support progress and achieve the vision of a lasting peace. -- best chances of success to have the best chance of success, the peace process must be conducted in an atmosphere free of violence. we call on all parties to work together in a spirit of commitment to this common enterprise. i'm jerusalem specifically, peace efforts need to take account of the people, not just the land and the holy sites.
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there are more than 320,000 palestinians in east jerusalem. the vast majority are permanent residents whose permits can be revoked at any point. if they move away from the city, israel does often not allow them back. if they marry, they faced obstacles and bring their spouses. if they apply for israeli citizenship, and most do not, a high proportion of applications are projected. their status must not be forgotten. all partiest, if can truly take bold steps in the spirit of compromise, i have no doubt an agreement can finally be reached. this is the only way to ensure the wrong term -- the long-term security that israelis deserve and the statehood and an end to occupation palestinians are calling out for. this is what both peoples ought to have. it has been denied to them for too long.
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to give the floor to the representative of the russian federation. amb. nebenzia: thank you very much, president. we have listened carefully to the views of the un's special coordinator on the middle east. on the statement by washington on the recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. washington's decision on jerusalem was greeted with criticism by the palestinian side and by the arab muslim world. the president of palestine out all ofit crosses the efforts of the international community on the mideast settlement. at the same time, palestinian factions, making up the palestine liberation
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organization and also hamas called for strikes and protest marches. , the decision announced in washington was greeted with serious concern. are of the view that a fair and reliable settlement of the long-standing palestinian israeli conflict should be reached on the well-known basis of international law, including the corresponding resolutions of the security council and the general assembly of the united nations. these stipulate the settlement of all aspects of the final status of the palestinian territory, including the sensitive question of jerusalem through the course of direct palestinian israeli negotiations. thate worried by the fact the new position announced by the united states on jerusalem risks further complicating the
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situation and palestinian-israeli relations and the region as a whole. therefore, we call on all parties involved to exercise restraint and to refrain from actions which might have dangerous and uncontrollable consequences. particularsary that attention be paid to the issue of freedom of access for all worshipers to the holy places of jerusalem. russia's position remains unchanged. stipulateste -- it facilitating a long-term ,alestinian-israeli settlement within the framework of which peaceful and safe existence is guaranteed for israel, with internationally knowledged borders, and also the hopes of the palestinian people are realized with the creation of their own independent state. in this, east jerusalem would
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become the future capital of palestine and west jerusalem would be the capital of israel. as a permanent member of the un security council and an active participant in the mideast peace quarter, russia will continue to tovide energetic assistance palestinians and israelis in reaching the corresponding agreements. positionm our firm that there is no alternative to a two state solution. everybody should have an therest in resolving palestinian-israeli and arab-israeli conflicts. efforts to achieve this goal are worthy of support. however, without considering the interests of all parties, the middle east peace settlement, any decision would not be viable. strengthensteps to the unity of the palestinian nation through the facilitation
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of egypt. we support the active involvement in the middle east settlement of regional players, in particular cairo. our proposal that russia can hold a summit between the leaders of palestine and israel. we await the long promised proposal from the united nations -- from the united states on the palestinian israeli settlement promise to the international community. we have already asked the american side to explain the sense behind the decision on the transfer of the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem. we have asked for an explanation of how they see the consequences of these efforts within the framework of the middle east peace quartet. we have drawn attention to the fears that have been expressed by arabs and muslim countries, as well as by the league of arab oic on the fact
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that this might undermine the negotiations on a two state solution, where the state of israel and the state of palestine could live side-by-side in safety. of this wasll reflected in the decisions of the un's general assembly on the security council. president, and these conditions it is as important as ever before to relaunch a sensible political process targeted at achieving a final and sustainable palestinian-israeli settlement on the basis of a two state solution. in this sense, the middle east peace quadrant remains a ring the -- remains a unique mediation mechanism. >> thanks to the representative of the russian federation. the representative of china. mr. president, i would
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like to thank you for convening this meeting and i thank the special coordinator for his briefing. the question of palestine is the core of the middle east issue and is fundamental to the achievement of peace in the middle east. china is highly concerned at the recent developments regarding the status of jerusalem. series of security council resolutions, including resolution 2334 all contain provisions regarding the status of jerusalem. any actions of unilaterally changing the current status of -- the long existing foundation of the question of the settlement of palestine and will trigger new conversations and conflicts in the region. tourge the parties concerned bear in mind the overall interest of peace and
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tranquility as well as the peace process in the middle east and avoid any action that might exacerbate tension or complicate the situation. china has always firmly supported and promoted the peace process in the middle east. we support the cause of the palestinian people of restoring their legitimate national rights and we support the establishment of a fully sovereign, independent state of palestine based on the 1967 borders, with east jerusalem as its capital. this position of china will not change. the two state solution is the right way toward the political settlement of the question of palestine as a permanent member of the security council and a responsible state, china will continue to play a constructive role for the political settlement of the question of palestine.
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president has put forward four proposals for the promotion of the settlement of the question of palestine. namely, advancing the process of political settlement based on the two state solution, adhering to the concept of common , furtherd security coordinating efforts of the international community and the increasing -- for peace and taking measures to promote peace through development. china received visits by the presidents of palestine and the prime minister of israel and has engaged with both sides. --ently, the president said the president sent a congratulatory message to the conference in commemoration of the day of solidarity of the palestinian people and which he said that china supports peace
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between palestine and israel. china will remain true to its commitment and continue to work towards the settlement of the question of palestine and to promote the peace and element of the middle east. thank you, mr. president. i think the representative of china for his statement and now give the floor to the representative of israel. wednesday's declaration marks a milestone for israel, for peace, and for the world. the united states has the purge and true understanding of justice to officially state what has always been known. jerusalem has, and always will be the capital of israel and the embassy of the united states belongs in israel's capital. for that, i think president trump, vice president mike pence, ambassador nikki haley,
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and the american people. the jewish people are agent nation. 3000 -- the jewish people are an agent nation. 3000 years ago king david declared jerusalem the capital of the jewish people. biblelem appears in the 660 times. it is the centerpiece of our history. day, jews face toward jerusalem to pray. at every wedding, we remember jerusalem. replica of an agent -- of an ancient coin. 607a.d,ted to the air
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during the tot -- to the year 67 a.d.. to the year only three years later, and the year 70 a.d., what our holy temperature -- what our holy temple be destroyed and the jewish people sent into exile for 2000 years. nearly 70 years ago this week, shortly after israel declared , the prime minister made a timeless affirmation. , jerusalem is a part of israel and the eternal capital. no united nations vote can alter the historic fact. message, oneortant that the world too often seems to forget.
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last year, and this very same , the security council passed the shameful resolution. this council had the audacity to presence atael's the western wall in jerusalem validity andl constitutes a flagrant violation under international law." 2017, unesco, the organization responsible for preserving cultural heritage passed a resolution declaring that israel has no legal or historical rights anywhere in
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jerusalem. it was one historical wrong after another. that is why president trump's decision was so important. the united states had the courage and the sound moral judgment to write the historic ght the historic wrong and recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. middle eastern capitals are not known for tolerance. they are not known for freedom of religion. not israel. jerusalem in a sovereign israel is more free and more open to people of all religions than at any other time in history. in jerusalem, all people practice their religions freely. these values are enshrined in our declaration of independence,
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the founding document of our state. we pledge, "to safeguard the holy places of all religions." we have always known that jerusalem is holy for others. from the moment of our founding, we pledge to create a state that would honor that holiness, a democracy that would respect and value the traditions of all people. that has never changed, that will never change, not this past week, not tomorrow, not ever. the announcement on wednesday revealed a sad truth about some people around the world. the people who threaten to ignite a wave of violence against israel and jews everywhere. the people who may claim they
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want peace, but whose actions speak louder than their words. that is why today, every member of this council must send a clear message -- there is never an excuse for violence. violence must never be used as a threat. president, we have heard these threats before. in 1948, when israel was declared, u.s. president harry truman was warned not to recognize us. people said such recognition would spark violence. president truman stood strong. just as president trump did this week. they made the right decision. palestinians have a decision to make. , as can choose violence
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they have always done. ofwe speak we see reports .iolence in gaza or they can choose to join us at the negotiating table, they can meet us to talk in jerusalem or anywhere around the world. i sincerely hope they make the right decision. shouldrican announcement serve as a reality check for the palestinians and for the nations of the world. they can see this moment for what it is -- an opportunity to initiate hope. they can realize what has always -- recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital is a critical and necessary step for peace. they can learn that there will never be peace without jerusalem
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as the capital of the state of israel. that is why today i call on all countries, all peace seeking nations of the world to join with our american friends, recognize jerusalem's connection to israel and move your embassies to our capital and defend that this declaration is a positive step. the potential it can bring to our region. , jews all over the world conclude two of our major holy days with a prayer. "nextrayer calls for, year, in jerusalem." 70 years ago, the jewish people came home to jerusalem.
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we are grateful to the united states for its courageous decision. we call on all the nations of the world to join us this year in jerusalem, the capital of the state of israel. hebrew]g i thank you, mr. president. >> i think the representative from israel for his statement. >> i just want to say, after this very powerful meeting of the security council and the press conference by the european union and their representatives in the security council and satisfied that there is 14 countries in the security council that are defending international law,
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defending security council resolutions as it relates to jerusalem and they are rejecting the unilateral, a legal decision by president trump two days ago. we just finished the first round of discussions in the security council. this massive press conference and the large number of people in the chamber in the security council indicates jerusalem in the heart of the global international community. jerusalem is the city of peace. from jerusalem, we can have peace. without jerusalem, we cannot have peace. we are waiting for the meeting of the arab ministers tomorrow and the summit in turkey on wednesday.
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i believe we will come back to we security council because asked, in our statement, that this unanimous position by the theountries in reaffirming resolutions of the security council in jerusalem and asking for the rescinding of the decision of the united states. we want that to be reflected in a resolution by the security council and i believe after the meeting of the arab ministers we will see further steps in the security council with a view of trying to see the reaffirmation by the 14 members in the security council to the resolution related to jerusalem and asking for the u.s.
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administration to rescind its position. afterwords, a gold star father recalls his immigration from pakistan to the united states in his book, "an american family: a memoir of hope and sacrifice." he is interviewed by a california congressman. >> this is common among authoritarian mentalities. they do not like free press. free press criticizes them. the second thing is the rule of law. they do not like judges, they do not like the rule of law. that had given me such a perspective of not having any civil liberties to having all of these dignities. further, i will tell you what a moment it was when i went to take the oath of citizenship.
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would atery american least read the oath of citizenship. to hopefulness, the dignities enshrined in our constitution and our bill of rights. >> watch after words on c-span's book tv -- c-span2's but tv. >> after a series of sexual misconduct allegations, minnesota senator al franken announced he would step down in the coming weeks. he made the announcement a day after several of his colleagues call for his resignation. his remarks are 10 minutes. sen. franken: mr. president. >> senator from minnesota. sen. franken: thank you, mr. president. a couple months ago, i felt that we had entered an important moment in the history of this country. we were finally beginning to