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tv   President Trump Kazakhstan President Deliver Joint Statements  CSPAN  January 16, 2018 2:23pm-2:47pm EST

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in the united states and that means jobs. i appreciate all the nice things you have said and i look forward to our luncheon and discussions. and with that, i just want to hank everybody for being here. >> thanks everyone. president trump: thank you very much. thank you very much. everywhere. everywhere. >> thank you everyone. thank you. jim, thank you. > mr. president -- [indiscernible] president trump: no idea. no idea. >> what about steve bannon. >> everyone, please exit. thanks everyone.
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[captions copyright national satellite corp. 2018] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit president trump: i'm pleased to welcome the president, who has been doing a tremendous job in kazakhstan and having you at the white house is an honor. mr. president, thank you for visiting with us. we have very important iscussions going on. speaking foreign language] president trump: for more than a quarter of the century the united states has seen a strong, sovereign and independent nation of kazakhstan as a valued friend and strategic partner in central asia.
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as we are honored and we are the first country to recognize the independence on christmas day, 1991. long time ago, but not that long. you have made incredible strides. since that time the united states and kazakhstan have worked together to advance peace and security in the region and far beyond the region. speaking foreign language]
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president trump: together, we dismantled kazakhstan's nuclear weapon infrastructure and ensured a safer and healthier future for kazakhstan and the world at large. we pursued opportunities to increase investment in kazakhstan and the energy sector in particular. speaking foreign language] president trump: and today our
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strategic partnership with kazakhstan has advanced my south asia strategy, which is working and working far more rapidly than anybody would understand and providing crucial support for our forces in afghanistan in denying safe haven for terrorists. this cooperation has grown stronger. this month during kazakhstan's presidency of the united nations security council and i would say that's a great honor. speaking foreign language]
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president trump: today, the president and i have a series of discussions of how our relationship can further the safety, prosperity and well-being of our people. kazakhstan is a valued partner in our efforts to rid the korean peninsula of nuclear weapons. today we are determined to prevent the north korean regime with threatening the world with nuclear devastation. speaking foreign language]
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president trump: i want tore thank the president for his full support for our south asia strategy, including our presence in afghanistan. i appreciate the president's personal assurances that kazakhstan will continue to provide critical support and access for our troops fighting isis and the taliban, where we ave made tremendous strides. speaking foreign language]
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president trump: we also appreciate kazakhstan's work to train and educate afghan civilian specialists and i'm grateful of additional support to bolster afghan security. the united states seeks partners who are strong, prosperous, respectful of their neighbors and in control of their own destinies. speaking foreign language]
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president trump: i'm pleased that the president has shared his plan for kazakhstan to become a top 30 global economy by 2050, and he's on his way very rapidly. and he is working to improve kazakhstan's business environment which will create new opportunities for american companies who are over there and lots of jobs are being provided to both countries. speaking foreign language]
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president trump: american businesses are currently among the largest investors in kazakhstan and tonight, the president will attend a round table with american business executives at the u.s. chamber of commerce to further advance our commercial ties. we also agree that fair and resip row call such eaning important word, trade benefits both of our countries. speaking foreign language]
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president trump: i greatly appreciate kazakhstan's participation in our central asia yeah trade forum and trade and investment framework agreement. the president are working together to bring high quality services to the people of kazakhstan. so important, and it's really happening and it's happening rapidly all across a range of industries, commercial aircraft, rail ways, medical services, technology and energy. speaking foreign language]
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president trump: working in common cause, we can advance greater opportunity for citizens in both of our countries. mr. president, thank you for visiting the white house today. our nations have a long history of cooperation to promote a
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safer, healthier, more prosperous and more brighter tomorrow. i look forward to seeing the greater advances of the people of kazakhstan under your incredible leadership. and that's what it is, we want a strong, thriving future for kazakhstan and the peace-loving nations of the world. all of them. thank you very much. i very much appreciate it. speaking foreign language]
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speaking foreign language] >> distinguished mr. president and ladies and gentlemen, first of all, i would like to thank you for the invitation to visit your country and i priest my appreciation for warm poment -- .ospitality
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and our conversation was followed by our meeting in saudi arabia and this is all done in the atmosphere of friendship and trust. and i appreciate that. speaking foreign language] >> and i'm confident as a result of my visit, the relations between our two countries would be elevated to the level of the large strategic partnership that would work to the benefit of both assassinations. speaking foreign language] >> and today, we will adopt a political statement that says about this new level of
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relations and that would signal the new era of the relations between kazakhstan and the nited states and washington. speaking foreign language] >> and indeed, the united states was the first country to recognize our independence and since then your country supported kazakhstan which helped build and strengthen our nation and what it is today as a player on the international community. speaking foreign language] >> and today i'm representing kazakhstan, the country that used to be part of the soviet union and when it collapsed, and
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i'm here representing central asia yeah and five central asian countries. speaking foreign language] >> and recently, central asia came into the focus of big global players because we are bordering russia on one side and we have china and to the south we have islamic world and we want the united states to be present there in central asia plus one and we would appreciate this new collaboration. speaking foreign language] >> from the very first days
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after 9/11, kazakhstan very steadfastly supported the fight of the united states against terrorism and now we continue to collaborate costly in afghanistan with your country. speaking foreign language] >> while the american troops are in afghanistan, i think it's the nation of the whole world to make sure afghanistan is a mission for us as a neighboring country to see that peace prevails in afghanistan. speaking foreign language] >> mr. president, so far we provided some humanitarian technical support to afghanistan
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worth $75 million u.s. dollars ut we have trained civilians that they can't get trained in afghanistan. [speaking foreign language] >> we will discuss later the issue on afghanistan. speaking foreign language] >> we spoke about other international issues and we spoke about north korea issue. speaking foreign language] >> and you probably know that kazakhstan was a country that possessed the fourth largest
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nuclear arsenal in the world but we decided to give up nuclear weapon and shot down the largest nuclear test site in the world and kazakhstan has the moral right to talk to the nations that are seeking nuclear weapons and this is the way we are talking to iran and this is the way we will be talking to north korea. speaking foreign language] >> i think the issue of north korea can be solved by joint efforts of the united states, china and russia. speaking foreign language] >> and kazakhstan being a neighbor of russia physically follows very closely the dynamics between the u.s. and russian relations which suddenly lunged into the abyss.
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[speaking foreign language] >> in bilateral relations, economic relations play a key role. speaking foreign language] >> and in kazakhstan, we have major american companies operating for many years, we ave chevron, exxonmobil, haley urton and they have invested $50 billion and created 5,000 jobs in the united states. speaking foreign language]
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>> and did he round table, we will discuss the modernization of the economy and new 20 rtunities and we'll sign commercial contracts that will add up to $7.5 billion and how vivid and global our relations are. speaking foreign language] >> and the conference would be about purchasing additional boeing planes, passenger planes, sembling 900 new general locohometives in kazakhstan and expanding agricultural sector. language] oreign
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>> and kazakhstan a regime for american citizens visiting our untry and hope and expect -- [speaking foreign language] >> we are working on opening a direct flight between our countries. speaking foreign language] >> mr. president, allow me to conclude by congratulating with the great economic success that your country is experiencing uring your office. you care about outstanding reform. and because i did something similar in my country five years ago, i fully support what you do there. speaking foreign language]
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>> our corporate tax is 20% and income tax is 10% for everyone. so this is the first anniversary f you in the office of the president. congratulations on that. and by the way, congratulations on the birth of your ninth grandchild. but i'm a little bit of you, because last year, i had 10th grandchild in my family. president trump: thank you very uch. [captions copyright national satellite corp. 2018] captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit >> coming up in 15 minutes here on c-span, a bipartisan group of senators on their proposal for


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