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tv   President Trumps Remarks at GOP Retreat  CSPAN  February 1, 2018 8:40pm-9:15pm EST

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accountability. we are notmake sure revealing sources and methods to protect our national security. the more transparency be better so the people of this country can see their civil liberties are being protected and their constant -- constitutionality is being followed. that is why the legislative branch of government conducts its oversight over the executive branch. thank you. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] announcer: we are trying to bring you president trump's remarks at the rnc winter meeting in washington dc. we had a problem breathing that live event to you. -- bringing that live event to
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you. it was the president's third speech this week. he spoke earlier today when he talked to republican members at their gop retreat in west virginia. >> we want to say thank you for allowing us the privilege to be able to serve. pray that you would pour onto us what you spoke to jeremiah. you said that you would be my spokesman. pray that you would give us were the words to be able to speak to the nation that needs encouragement right now. pray for our president, the vice president, and their teams. pray that you give them insight that can only come from you, direct their hearts and minds, their teams to be able to function in unity for the sake of the nation that desperately needs it.
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pray that you would continue to guard them. we do not know what tomorrow holds. , thee grateful to know you one who owns tomorrow. so guide us in that moment. thanks again for this time we get to be together. in your name i pray. amen. leadership,me your majority whip steve scalise. majority leader kevin mccarthy. republican congress chairwoman cathy mcmorris rodgers. senator john cornyn. and senator john thune. [applause]
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>> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and the speaker of the house, paul ryan. [applause] sen. mcconnell: we have talked a lot about 2017 being the most consequential year for conservatism in the last three decades. but of that's what happened for the president of the united states. president, we thank you for neil gorsuch. we thank you for the 13 new
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circuit judges. for 15k you congressional review ask, and most of all, we thank you for comprehensive tax reform. [applause] sen. mcconnell: mr. speaker. speaker ryan: let me add to the fact that because of this -- placee put in price that america is back. a 17 year highat of economic confidence and a 17 year low of unemployment. the fact thatjoy we had one of the best foreign-policy teams from our conference this morning? we are on the cusp of giving our military the tools they need to do their work. america is going to be a safer country, a more prosperous
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country, the more confident country. that is because of the leadership of our president. join me in welcoming the president of the united states, donald trump. [applause] ♪ pres. trump: thank you paul and mitch for the introduction, and your tremendous leadership. you folks have done well. i just looked at your numbers. you folks have even done better i want toave thought.
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think the governor of this incredible state. andood friend, jim justice, his wonderful wife kathy, who are with us. jim is now a proud member of the republican party. he was a democrat and a switched over. you don't see that too often. ande we will see it more more. the hotel and everything is beautiful. it is great to be among so many friends. tuesday was an incredible evening. we were all inspired. i really mean that. we were inspired by america's -- uplifted by everyone who sacrificed in the fight for freedom. they were and are incredible people that we saw that night. they displayed tremendous courage. you have a very big hand, steve.
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steve scully's. [applause] -- steve scaliese. [applause] further, i want to say our prayers to everyone affected id train accident yesterday. -- by the train accident yesterday. our thoughts are with the victims and their loved ones. thank you. with us today on stage is our incredible leadership team. you just look at what is happened in the last short period of time. without them, i could have never won the presidency, i guess. i don't know. could i have won the presidency without them? steve, yes, right? i don't know. we are now embattled together and in friendship together, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. thank you, mitch, great guy. that was a big win we had. senate majority whip john
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cornyn, great job. house majority whip steve scaliece again. thank you. cathy mcmorris rodgers. [applause] did they forget your name, john? i don't know. what is going on here? john cornyn everybody knows. they didn't put his name up, but that's ok. this is the first time that is ever happened. that will never happen again. working together, we have accomplished extraordinary things for the american people over the last year. i really believe this is just the beginning. paul ryan called me the other day. i don't know if i am supposed to say this, but he said to me he has never, ever seen the republican party so united, so
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much in like with each other, but literally the word "united" was the word he used, the most united he has ever seen the party. i have seen it, too. i have so many friends in this group. there is a great coming together i don't think anyone has seen for many years. right? that's good. i was hoping he wouldn't deny that. he did. he called me. i thought it was very nice. paul, thank you very much. every day, we are removing government burdens. and empowering citizens to follow their hearts and without their dreams. the priorities of republicans in congress are the priorities of the american people. we believe in strong families and we believe in strong borders. [applause] we believe in the rule of law and we support the men and women of law enforcement. [applause]
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we believe every american has the right to prove up in a safe home and attend school and have access to a really great job. americans, nothing, absolutely nothing is out of reach. because we don't know the meaning of the word quit. we don't quit. the republican party certainly hasn't quit. if we did, we wouldn't be here today. we would be sitting at home saying, boy, that was a tough year, instead of saying that was one of the greatest years in the history of our politics, in the history of our country. what we have done and what we have accomplished, i don't think it has been done, not by much. we had a year that was almost, i would think, unlike any. it was a tremendous success. i give everybody in this room the credit. i give certainly these people behind me tremendous credit for
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what took place, especially in that last month. would that was a month of tremendous pressure. that was people that were able to act under pressure, my favorite type of person. they were able to act under tremendous pressure. i just want to thank you all because that is what it was all about. while we had a great year, we weren't being given credit for it. regulations at a level that nobody has ever done in one year. we knocked out more regulations than anybody. supreme court justice, judges all over. so many different records, so many successes. but when we got the great tax-cut bill, and we call it the tax cut and jobs bill, we got that, it was like putting it all in a box and wrapping it with a beautiful ribbon. we started getting credit not , only for that, but so many other things we did during the year. it is amazing the way that happened. i was surprised. we got a lot of credit from a
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lot of people. sudden, they are saying, while we have had a lot of accomplishment, and then they went on to say we aren't doing that well. you understand that. we really did. we got a lot of credit. it all came together in that final month. i give everybody in this room really kudos. , we are a nation of builders and dreamers and strivers and fighters. we are building a safe, strong, and very proud america, since the election. we have created 2.4 million jobs. that's unthinkable. [applause] but doesn't include all the things that are happening. numbers will get even better. the stock market has added more than a trillion dollars in new wealth. unemployment claims are at a 45-year low, which is something, after years of wage stagnation. we are finally seeing rising wages.
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african-american and hispanic unemployment have both reached the lowest levels ever recorded. that is something very, very special. [applause] when i made that statement the other night, there was zero movement from the democrats. they sat there, stone cold, no smile, no applause. you would've thought, on that one, they would have at least clapped a little bit. which tells you perhaps they would rather see us not do well then see our country do great. and that's not good. that's not good. we have to change that. [applause] i said, we have eliminated more regulations in our first year than any administration has ever eliminated. that means for years, eight -- four years, eight years, or, in one instance, 16 years.
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year, we have knocked out more regulations. that is an amazing thing. i happen to think that is every bit as important toward our success as the tax cuts. i have many business friends, including people in small business, that came to me. they say the fact that they no longer have to go through years of turmoil in getting approved and getting approvals and get a -- and getting rule changes and getting all sorts of things and getting old while they are waiting to get them -- the fact that all of that is gone is probably as important or even more important to the massive tax cuts we have gotten people. that is something. we signed into law the biggest tax cuts and reforms in american history. i have to say, included is the individual mandate. we repealed it. [applause] that's a big one. that so big. by itself, that would be a big achievement. we sort of take it as, well, that was included. and anwar, one of the great
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potential fields in the world. i never appreciated it so much. a friend of mine called me up and said, is it true that you are thinking about anwar? he said, that is the biggest thing. ronald reagan and every president has wanted to get anwar approved. i said, oh, make sure that is in the bill. [laughter] that had a big impact. i didn't really care about it. then when i heard that everybody wanted it, for 40 years, everybody tried to get it approved, make sure you get that one. it is great for the great people of alaska, senator sullivan, senator murkowski, where are they? they are happy campers. senator, thank you. where's don young? he is such a quiet guy.
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[laughter] don young also. thank you. we were always good together. we never had a problem. but if you think about it, that by itself is a big bill. the individual mandate by itself it is a big, powerful bill. , that was just added on to what we did with the massive tax cuts. i want to thank the senate finance chairman, orrin hatch. where is orrin? orrin is -- i love listening to him speak. he said once i am the single , best president in his lifetime. he is a young man, so that isn't much. said, i am the greatest president in the history of the country. i said, does that include lincoln and washington? he said yes. i said, i love this guy. [laughter] said, i am the but he is a special guy.
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and house ways and means chairman kevin brady. incredible work. [applause] kevin, where are you, kevin? what a job. i would call kevin night after night. kevin, what about this? what about that? you are always there. he was always working. what did you average sleep for about four weeks? i think he had no average. but you did a great job. nobody knows it better than you, kevin. thank you. we will do a phase two. are you ready? [laughter] we will get them even lower. but we are proud of you. here in west virginia, as a result of our tax cuts, the typical family of the four will save roughly $2000 a year. to lower tax rates for hard-working americans, we nearly doubled the standard deduction for everyone. now nearly the first $24,000 earned by a married couple is
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completely tax-free. when i came into this beautiful building, just a little while ago, one of the people said, i just got a check, and i have 200 and $20,000 more than i did last year at this time in my envelope. we were waiting for february. and then you got these corporations giving tremendous bonuses to everyone. -- that could be deplorable, she says? she called it crimes, when people are getting $2000, $3000. that is not crimes. that is a lot of money. we doubled the child tax credit. we got it from one of the highest business tax rates anywhere in the world. so that are great workers and
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companies can compete against anyone. we have given them the tools to go out and win. folks are coming back. i believe i have brought hundreds of millions of dollars with me back from switzerland when i went there the other day to make a speech. they are so excited about this country and what's happening here. and they would never ever have come. in fact, if the opposing party had won the election, you would have had tremendous new rules and regulations put on everything and other things would have happened and instead of going up almost 50%, your stock they were getting prepared to stifle even worse than it was. business taxo our
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alone are expected to raise average household income by $4000. roughly three million workers have already received tax cut totalingnd raises thousands and thousands of dollars for workers. that is just over the past six weeks alone. because of our tax cuts apple is billiong in hundred $50 in the united states. million bringing 240 back. -- billion. they're going to invest a total of 350 billion. cook, been saying to tim we got to build plants here. million you can build a beautiful plant. with 350 billion, they will been
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a ton of plants. they're hiring 20,000 workers, by the way. mobil, ingo, exxon addition to many others, announced that they are investing $50 billion into the united states. the good news keeps on rolling in. mobili want to thank senator tm scott. tim? is what a good guy tim is. is he over there somewhere? you, tim. we are investing into distressed communities to create jobs for those who have been left behind. tim worked hard on that. we want every american to know the pride of a paycheck and the satisfaction of a job well done. we are reaching our hands all across the aisle in pursuit of common ground and commonsense reforms for the good of all americans. all americans.
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we can reform our prison system to help those who have served their time. they can get a second chance at life. i have watched this and i have seen it. people get out of prison. they made a mistake. not all, some are very bad. many are very good. they come home and they cannot get a job. it is said. they cannot. the best thing we have done to fix that is the fact that the economy is booming. ethics is it better than any program that we could do. the economy is so strong now. so good. so many companies are moving in. i believe that that problem is going to solve itself. we are working on it. we can invest in work forced development. we want every american to reach their full potential.
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vocational schools, today you wee community colleges -- had vocational schools when i was growing up. when i was going to school, i remember, i was in high school. there were people in class. one person in particular was not the greatest student. he just wasn't. saw him one day and he was able to fix a car engine blindfolded. everybody else was saying, it is amazing how talented he is. yet a different kind of talent. we should have vocational skills. you learn all of the schools. we do not have that very much anymore. vocational is a much better word than a community college. a lot of people do not know what a community college means our represents. we are working very hard on vocational schools. when all of these countries -- companies move into the countries, we will have a workforce that will know exactly
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what they're doing. we are giving them incentives to train people themselves. that is the best way to do it. and wisconsin, we have a great company moving in. they make all of the apple iphones. they are going to have a big program. they will teach people how to do this. it is a whole new skill. it will be very successful. we can reduce the price of and ensuren drugs that too mentally ill patients have a right to try. -- terminally ill patients have a right to try. [applause] those drugs it in there for 14 years. a person is terminally ill. they have two months left. they do not want to give up even an experiment to medicine because they are afraid that they're going to be hurt. they will sign a waiver. we are going to give them the hope of finding something.
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i have known people like this. they travel all over the world. they tried to find a cure. we have great experimental drugs. it will be years before they come onto the market. it is called right to try. i hope you folks can approve it and agree with it. i think it is so important. gottlieb is heading it up. the other thing you get, you learn quickly how effective it is. does it work? you were -- you learned quickly. right to try. we can fix bad trade deals and negotiate fair ones. the most important work to meet in trade is reciprocal. we have deals where companies will send in a motorbike, we charge them nothing. when we send a harley davidson to those countries, they charged us 100% tax. that is not there.
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they will send their motorbikes or something into us, zero. we send it to them, 100%. that is not fair trade. that is not fair. i like the word reciprocal. if they are going to do it to us, we are going to do it to them. youris going to happen, numbers are going to either come down or we're going to make a lot of money. either one is ok as far as i'm concerned. rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, and we will streamline the horrible approval process. roadways that take 14 years to get approved, we used to bill them -- filled them in three months. now it takes years and years of approvals. we will bring that down to one year. done under budget, we want to get it done ahead of schedule. you do not have too many of them. we can deliver for our police,
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our veterans, and our brave service members. after decades of waiting, we can finally pass immigration reform that protects our country, defends our borders, and modernizes our immigration rules to serve the needs of american workers and other american families. so important. strengths of the republican party is that we are a big tent with many diverse views. the one thing we can all agree on, in every decision we make it our high priority to serve and protect the american people. we wanted immigration policy that is fair, equitable, but that is going to protect our people. we want people coming into our country based on merit and based on the fact that, if they are going to love our country and respect our people. we do not want visa lottery.
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pick a lottery ticket. pick a lottery. we do not want that. we want it based on merit. [applause] we have a chance to pass into law the immigration reforms that the american people have been demanding for decades. many of you have been working on it for your entire careers. we have a great opportunity as the republican party, as the republican party. we have a greatwe are getting vp from the democrats. i'm hoping that we got a call from these people say, let us go. they talk a good game. we have to get help from the other side. we have to elect many more republicans. that is another way to do it. really, that is another way to do it. based on the numbers, we have a real chance of doing that. 18 is going to be very interesting. we have to do one or the other. either they are going to have to come on board, they talk a good game with daca. there do -- they do not produce.
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we are going to have to work. we're going to have to get more people so that we can get the kind of numbers that we need to pass in a much easier fashion legislation. to get it done, we will all have to make some compromises along the way. other way, ifhe we win more, we do not have to compromise so much. with the textile, we got we wanted because we had a unanimous vote. we have to go. we have to get it done property. -- properly. we will have to compromise unless we elect more republicans, in which case we can get it just the way everyone in this room wanted. we have be willing to give a little in order to gain a whole lot. if we worknited, together for the good of the nation, we can fulfill our sacred duty to the country and to our incredible voters.
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we have fulfilled a solemn promise. i have put forward an based onon framework many months of meeting and working with tom cotton and john cornyn and david purdue -- incredible people. bob goodlatte is out here someplace. really incredible people. strong bill, but it is a very fair bill. it protects our borders. our borders.otect it includes reforms that are overwhelmingly popular. with the voters, including democrats. the real democrats want to have their borders protected. it includes democrats, want anents, americans immigration system that works for everybody. they want safety.
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they also want a strong military. wantwe have to be a very powern our military. our military has been depleted over the last longer. of time. even beyond obama. it has been depleted. we have to build up. this should not be a party thing. this should be common sense. without our military, we might not be here talking. we are on our way from one standpoint, we are going for funding which we need. we will get it. we are going to have a lot of fighting on that from the other side. we cannot even think about it. we need a powerful military. we are going to have far more powerful than we ever were before. nearly seven in 10 americans support an immigration reform package that includes a permanent solution on daca. i have been hearing about daca for so many years. so many people call the dreamers.
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it is not dreamers. do not fall into that trap. it is much different than dreamers. i sent the other night, we have dreamers to. we have dreamers in this country too. he cannot forget our dreamers. we have a lot of dreamers here. daca, we want to take your of daca. i hope we will. we need the support of the democrats in order to do it. they talk like they want to, but i do not think they do. we are to find out very soon. we want something that is very self -- strong, and turns of the border. we need to end chain migration and cancel thewe want somethinga lottery. [applause] those are the four pillars that i talked about the other night. we call them the white house framework. a planet will finally bring our immigration system into the 21st century. the republican position on ,mmigration is the center
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mainstream view of the american people. strength at the border and security at the border added in. what we're asking for and what the american people are pleading for is sanity and common sense our immigration system. we want immigration rules that protect our communities, defend our security, and admit people that will love our country and contribute to our society. isnow is that the senate planning to bring an immigration coming the floor in the weeks. i am asking that the framework we submitted, with great bothbility, working with parties, that something very positive will come out of it for our country. for everybody. i think that can happen if the it includesoose --
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a generous path to citizenship or something that is not fair. it.e not going to approve we will even have something that is fair and equitable and good and secure or we are going to have nothing at all. this has been going on for many years. it does not make sense to have nothing at all. this is something that people want. we will be demonstrating that we are very serious. one of the reasons that i gave a number that was a generous number was because i wanted to see whether or not they were interested in approving that. if they do not approve something within that sphere, that means that they are not looking to approve it at all. they want to use it as an election issue. it is now an election issue that will go to our benefit, not theirs. [applause]


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