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tv   President Trump Attends National Prayer Breakfast  CSPAN  February 9, 2018 2:39am-3:22am EST

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>> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states. [applause] >> mr. president, good to see you. i want to tell you a story about this wristband that i wear every day. on it are the words of the golden rule. practice the golden rule every day. the golden rule is a statement made by jesus, recorded in the sermon on the mount and the gospel of matthew. it is translated in various ways
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because something like this "do unto others as you would have done unto you." after a local event, a physician in my hometown of st. petersburg, florida came up to me and handed me one of these. i put it on and i wear it every day. i do so to remind myself that even in this noisy, conflicted and acrimonious world of politics that we want to treat everybody the way we would like to be treated. i hope you'll all will take this sentiment with you today when you leave. jesus wanted all of us to live, fairly and compassionately. >> as i mentioned, it has been a privilege that we have enjoyed this last year to lead a weekly prayer breakfast that need to the capital every thursday morning. that is how we got to do all of this.
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we eat, we sing, we share praises and prayer needs. one of our members shares their stories and we pray. we walk into that room as republicans and democrats, we come in with differences with our strongly held views, but we always walk out with a little more understanding, more together and more unified. we are certainly all imperfect, but we are on a journey towards stability, reconciliation, towards that spirit of love that jesus shows us. that is what prayer does. a prayer is not just asking god for stuff. it is about a relationship with him, a real relationship about listening and trying to live out what we hear. prayer is that language of love. here we all are, people from 50 states, 140 countries.
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i wish i could join your table and listen to all your conversations. >> we would like the introduce you to the rest of the people who will lead us through this breakfast. i want to honor a few special guest who are here with us today. welcome the president of guatemala. [applause] >> please also join me in welcoming the president of kosovo. [applause] >> we are also grateful to have the prime minister of kosovo. [applause]
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>> finally, please join me in welcoming the president of latvia. [applause] >> i will introduce the people on my end of the table. please hold your applause until the end. first, our singer's wife, emily, thank you for being with us. our singer, matthew west, what a great song you saying. -- great song you sang. thank you for your talent. beside mr. west is rabbi marvin. he is the most influential rabbi in america. we have from oklahoma, senator
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james lankford, co-chair of the senate prayer breakfast group. on his other side is my colleague and friend, congressman rich richmond of louisiana, who is also chairman of the congressional black caucus. also in the louisiana section, congressman steve scalise, the majority whip of the house of representatives. [applause] >> next to the person who needs no introduction, but who i will be privileged to introduce is the speaker of our house, my wonderful wife christie holmgren. [applause] >> we are privileged to have senator chris coons of delaware, a host of this event last year as well. next is congresswoman dennings. she rose to become the first female police in the city of orlando.
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she gets the last word this morning, saying our closing prayer. next is army major scott and his wife tiffany. next is the first lady of rwanda. and next, he is now the executive director of the u.n. world food program. the largest humanitarian organization in the world. thank you for joining us. [applause] please direct your attention to the side screen for an introduction of our next guest. >> the united states army major scott smiley. he was born to serve.
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a star in his high schools football team, he followed his brother to west point, graduating in 2003. inscribed on his ring was his favorite bible verse, "i could do all things through christ, who strengthens me." finally noticed a suspicious vehicle to the right, driving slowly with its backside dragging on the ground. a telltale sign of a car bomb. suddenly, there was a bright flash. scott smiley's world went black. he quickly realized the terrifying reality. the blast had left him fully blind and paralyzed on one side. fear soon turned to anger. in time, he would regain the use of his limbs, but his blindness was permanent.
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bitterness became part of his new reality. however, the love of his life, family and friends remained. on a trip to hawaii and in need of an escape, he convinced a friend to take him surfing. he was a natural. surfing turned into skydiving. skydiving became out and mountain climbing. he summitted mount rainier. he completed the toughest competition in sports, the ironman triathlon. though his world was different, it was not impossible that he could do all things through christ and that he was still scotty. >> let's honor major scott
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smiley and his wife, tiffany. [applause] >> god bless you all. thank you so much. i am beyond honored. we are beyond honored and humbled to be with you this morning. i remember waking up in the
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medical center, blind the rest of my life. not just losing both of my eyes, but also paralyzed on the right side of my body. i truly felt worthless. i remember saying to my dad, some soldier, huh? i started to believe some of the words going around the hospital. he was such a soldier. he will most likely not be able to continue his education. i began to lose my purpose in life. more importantly, i began to lose my faith in god. it was the love of christ, my beautiful bride who stood by my side, every moment, every waking moment and sleeping moment. i began to question my favorite
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verse, philippians 4:13 "i can do all things through christ, who strengthens me." the verse just said i can. there is no mention of eyesight. i can do all things to christ who gives me strength. there is that purpose and resolve that i was able to become the army's first active-duty blind officer, first lined company commander. -- blind company commader. i was able to continue my education and become a true ironman. [applause] >> there was love and support. i began to understand that we are not fighting in a world that is seen, but a world that is unseen. it is the faith that we have
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that carries us forward every moment, no matter the trials or tribulations that may face us. if we stay the true course, we can live with the purpose and live with a faith. we can do all things through christ who gives you strength. thank you. [applause] >> i'm going to read a reminder of a safety of abiding in the presence of god, psalm 91. he who dwells in the secret place of the most high shall abide under the shadow of the almighty. i will say of the lord, he is my refuge and my fortress. my god, and him i will trust. surely he shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler.
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from the perilous pestilence, he will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will take refuge. his truth shall be your shield and your buckler. you shall not be afraid of the terror by night nor of the arrow that flies by day. nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor of the destruction that lays waste at noon day. 1000 may fall at your side and 10,000 at your right hand, but it shall not come near you. only with your eyes shall you look and see the reward of the wicked. because you have made the lord, who is my refuge, even the most high, your dwelling place. no evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling. he shall give his angels charge over you. to keep you in all your ways. in their hands they will bury
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you, lest your foot against a stone. he has set his love upon me, therefore i will deliver him. i will set him on high because he has known my name. he shall call upon me and i will answer him. i will be with him in trouble. i will deliver him and honor him. with long life, i will satisfy him and show him my salvation. >> please bow your heads with me in thanks and glory. thank you for all that you have given us, the life, the freedom, this beautiful country. help us each and every day to know your love, understand that with faith, we can do all things through jesus, who gives us strength. be with us this day. we thank you for the food and the food to prepared it and the unity we have working together. we ask this in jesus name, amen. thank you all. [applause]
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>> let me begin by asking the almighty to bless our great country, the united states of america, our president donald trump, the members of congress, the cabinet and all the distinguished world leaders that are gathered here today for this national prayer breakfast. the difference between prayer and privacy. in prophecy, it is god who initiates the call.
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in prayer, it is always men who dial first. the other difference is that unlike men, god's line is never busy. in deuteronomy 30 it says "the commandments i have given are not in the heavens, for you to say who can ascend their. -- ascend there. as the psalmist proclaims, the heavens belong to god but the earth was given to man." no human being is ever consulted about when he would like to be born. nor is he advised on the precise time of his death. the great blessing of life is
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every man's ability to turn the opposed fate he is born with into destiny. to convert life, on the alterable challenges into god given opportunities. a man by the name of simon wiesenthal did exactly that. he began his career as an architect but could not escape holocaust where 89 members of his family were murdered. especially that unforgettable day when he heard that his beloved mother, rosa, was one of the hundred placed on a cattle car, about to be carted off to the death camp. determined to see her one last time, he chased after that
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cattle car as it left the platform, shouting out her name over and over. she never heard his desperate cry, as she was carted off to the death camp. when the war ended and the whole world went home to forget, he alone remained behind to remember. he refused to live out his life as a silent spectator, trapped forever by faith. he picked himself up by the bootstraps, turned his faith into destiny and changed roads from being a mere observer to becoming god's partner, to begin a new chapter that meant tracking down more than 1100 nazi war criminals. he brought to justice those from
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treblinka and those who arrested anne frank. he brought to justice the killers who had destroyed homes. i will never forget what he said at the celebration of his 90th birthday at the imperial hotel indiana. hundreds of people attended the event. when he got up to speak, he said i never celebrate my birthday, but today is an exception. do you know why i chose this hotel? this hotel was hitler's favorite hotel. he and himler have permanent
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suites here and i wanted to come here to show that his thousand year reich is no more. we, the jewish people, who he wanted to exterminate, are still here, singing and dancing, even in hitler's favorite hotel. [applause] >> this idea of turning faith into destiny is the main message of exodus chapter two. >> this idea of turning faith into destiny is the main message of exodus chapter two. moses saw the bush was burning but not consumed. so he turned his eye and looked at this great site and wondered why is the bush not consumed? when the almighty saw moses turning towards the bush, he
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said i have seen the affliction of my people, heard its outcry. now go to the pharaoh and you shall take my people, the children of israel out of egypt. who am i that i should go to the pharaoh and take the children out? i am not a man of words. i am slow of speech. yes, replied the almighty, who has made man's mouth? is it not by? now therefore go. still not satisfied, moses later demands of god, show me thy face. to which the almighty says, you can only see my back. my face shall never be seen.
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god was teaching moses that earth is your space, not your creators.ts -- it's future, standing up to evil, feeding the hungry, caring for the infirm, placing the seeds for a better tomorrow for your children's children. that is in your hands, not mine, said the creator. and so it was that moses, a humble man with a speech impediment accepted the task. 3500 years later, it remains a core value of all religions and humankind. may god allow each of us to reach our fullest potential. let us convert our faith into
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destiny for the betterment of mankind. amen. [applause] >> good morning. i am so pleased you could all join us for this remarkable breakfast of reflection, friendship, worship and fellowship. we gather today as god's children to share our experiences and common understanding and a world that too often focuses on not on the things that unite us put on the things that divide us. we get to meet with faith leaders, missionaries, national leaders, with those living out god's call. that we would welcome and help a stranger, the orphan, the widow, the prisoner, the outcasts, all those among us that might need our help.
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we represent all parts of the world. each week i am blessed to , experience that same date filled fellowship with my senate colleagues in the senate prayer breakfast along with my cochair james lankford of oklahoma. sing, andto pray, to worship and witness to each other about our faith journeys. it is the one time a week that we listen to each other and trust each other. we see each other not as opponents but as creations of our god. we share a common bond, striving to live out each day as a witness to god's justice, glory and grace. thank you for joining us here in that same spirit. on behalf of my colleagues in the senate, welcome. let me offer a prayer for world leaders.
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heads now -- about your me in prayer. heavenly father, i address you as the god of no country and the god of all countries. i am astounded by the infinite variety of your creation, by the range of human person and thousands of ways we are collected into cultures, languages, groups and nations. it tells us something about you that you created all of us and loves all of us. i pray for those who lead in less public ways, in the arts and faith communities and in family life. leadership was your idea in the first place.
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a way for us to make the most of our lives together. you gave us the image of leader and the rent and shepherd. inspire the leaders of our world to care for and nurture their people. to be watchful for threats and to be humble. bless our world with better leaders by helping all of those who lead to seek your wisdom and your way. in jesus name i pray, amen. [applause] >> it is a joy for us to be together. while i wish you could look in on it, i am glad you cannot look in on our gathering. it is about 20 or 30 of us that gather each week to be able to talk, pray and be able to encourage each other. we begin with sharing prayer request come what is going on with our families, and our personal lives, house staff is doing.
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it is an incredibly vulnerable thing to say to someone else, i have needs and i want you to know it. as surprising as it may sound, senators cannot do everything. we understand that there is someone much larger than us. we did not create the world. we have the opportunity to stop and speak to the one who did and say this is what we need. whoever is speaking that week picks the song. if you ever want to really be vulnerable in front of a group of friends, sing together. we sing a song and one of us danced up and shares our story, personally, what we are doing in our personal life all what we
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are doing spiritually, what we are meeting in scripture and how we are walking with god. i have had the opportunity of being with you around the world. our time is not complicated. it is just us. your time and can be just like that where ever you are in the world. gather with people that others see as enemies or opponents and sit down and say let's try praying together. chris mentioned earlier the passage from the sermon on the mount. just before that, jesus made this statement, "ask and it will be given to you. seek and you will find. knock and the door will be opened." we often do our own work and we do not stop to ask, seek and knock.
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this is a prayer breakfast, but we would encourage you, wherever you are if your workplace or whatever legislative a-day that you server on the world to start your own time, that together you ask, seek, knock. admit together that we do not know everything and we do not run everything. we have the opportunity to speak to who does. let's take one more moment to pray together. father, our leaders need your wisdom. you said when we lack wisdom, we should ask you. from around the world, for a moment we stop and declare again we do not know everything. we are so grateful to know the one that does. give us the humility as leaders to ask, to seek, to knock. to come to you to get guidance.
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i pray for our president and vice president, that you would overwhelm them with wisdom and direction. for leaders across the united states, whether they be in courtrooms or legislative bodies or mayors, leaders in school boards. we need your guidance. you are the one who knows the way. today, we declare, if you will guide, we will follow. thank you jesus for your great love for us. in your name we pray, amen. [applause] >> the words of jesus of nazareth, "for i was hungry and you gave me food. i was thirsty and you gave me drink.
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i was a stranger and you welcomed me. then the righteous will answer him saying when did we see you hungry, feed you or give you drink? when did we see you a stranger or clothe you? as you did it to one of the least of these, my brother is, you did it to me." then he says, "for i was hungry and you gave me no food. i was thirsty and you gave me no drink. i was a stranger and you did not well communicated and welcome me sick in prison and you did not visit me. they also answered, when did we see you hungry, thirsty or a stranger or sick or in prison?
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he will answer them, saying, truly, i say to you, as you did not do it to one of the least of these, you did not do it to me." 815 million people in the world today go to bed hungry. 110 million people around the world go to bed not knowing where the next meal is on the brink of starvation. every five seconds, as we sit here in this room, a child is dying of starvation. yet there is $300 trillion of available wealth in the world today. should one child go to bed hungry? this breakfast is not about preaching or politics area did even though this world is facing the worst humanitarian crisis since world war ii, the leadership of the united states and the men and women in this room may have their differences from day to day in washington, but i can assure you these men and women have come together to bring about hope to the
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hopeless. help to those who are hungry. i want to applaud these men and women because amidst this tough time, it was these democrats and republicans who meet together every wednesday and thursday morning, working with the president of the united states to deliver more food aid than any other time period in world history. [applause] >> this prayer breakfast is not just about preaching and politics. it is about loving our neighbor. let us pray. lord, you have told us that
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every human being on the face of the planet is created in your image. that image is not republican or democrat, black or white, male or female, that image is beautiful. that image, with one child suffers, as he said when we do not help just one of the least of these, we are not helping you because that is your image. when we help the poor and needy, we are helping you. lord, give us the continued strength and wisdom as we know out there in the world, we know you use food as a weapon of peace, reconciliation. there are those out there like isis, al qaeda and extremists who want to use food as a weapon of war and starvation to recruit.
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the, continue to strengthen men, women and leaders of this room, from nations all over the world come presidents and prime ministers from all over the world, give them the wisdom to continue to stand for the vulnerable, for the poor, for the needy. so that their hopes and dreams can be fulfilled. there is so much wealth in the world today. may the leaders of this nation and nations around the world continue to provide the policies that will bring sustainability and resilience for our children, so that not one will die, nor one will go to bed hungry. bless the men and women in this room and the leaders all around the world. in the name of jesus of nazareth, amen. [applause]
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>> mr. president, you know the history of this event is back 60 years to president eisenhower. we pray for our country and express our prayers for god to bless the person and family who occupy the white house. mr. president, we, along with millions of americans pray for you. we pray for god's comfort and wisdom to guide you as you read this nation and our challenging world. gentlemen, the 45th president of the united states, donald j. trump. [applause]
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president trump: thank you very much and thank you for that kind introduction. i want to thank you for serving as cochairs. it's an honor to be with so many faith leaders, members of dignitaries from all around the world as we continue this extraordinary tradition. i'm very glad to be joined by many members of my cabinet. they are doing a terrific job. i want to extend our
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appreciation to the first lady of rwanda for leading the opening prayer. thank you. thank you very much. [applause] president trump: i also want to thank my great friends, mark burnett and roma downey. stand up, mark, you deserve it, even though he comes from hollywood. roma, thank you very much. thank you for being here. major scottie smiley and tiffany, we're moved by your faith and your courage and are inspired by your service and sacrifice. that was really beautiful. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] president trump: to my friend and everybody's friend, steve scalise. we are so glad to have you with us today. your presence reminds us of jesus' words in the book of matthew, with god all things are possible. you are fantastic. you really are.
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fantastic man. [applause] president trump: america is a nation of believers and together we are strengthened by the power of prayer. this morning our hearts are full of gratitude as we come together for the 66th annual national prayer breakfast. but our hearts are also saddened by the absence of the co-founder of this wonderful breakfast who passed away last year, doug coe, who everybody loved. [applause] president trump: for 60 years doug devoted his time and passion to this prayer breakfast and to many other wonderful causes. today we are blessed to be joined by doug's wife, jan, and two of their sons, david and tim. [applause] president trump: thank you.
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thank you very much. great man. i want to thank you for carrying on doug's legacy, also, and bringing our nation together in prayer. you are indeed carrying on his great legacy. each year this event reminds us that faith is central to american life and to liberty. our founders invoked our creator four times in the declaration of independence. our currency declares in god we trust. [applause] president trump: and we place our hands on our hearts as we recite the pledge of allegiance and proclaim we are one nation under god. [applause] president trump: our rights are not given to us by man. our rights come from our creator.
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[applause] >> on february 8, 2018, at 11:17 p.m., agreed to without amendment resolution 102. speaker, the, the rules of the u.s. house of representatives, the following message. senate agrees to, without an amendment, resolution 104. that the senate passed with an 1892.ent, hr 1301 and hr


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