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  President Trump Visits Broward Health North Hospital  CSPAN  February 17, 2018 1:52am-2:04am EST

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unfiltered coverage of congress, the white house, the supreme court, and public policy events in washington dc and around the country. c-span is brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> the president and first lady visited broward county florida with a met with survivors of the parkland high school school shooting. here is some of their visit. >> mr. president, did you meet with any victims? mr. president! pres. trump: the dr. was amazing. incredible recovery.
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the job have is incredible and i want to congratulate them. incredible job. >> did you see the victims, mr. president? pres. trump: yes i did. i did indeed. they are sad. did,ob that the doctors the nurses, the hospital, first responders, law enforcement -- really incredible. the speed that they got those wasims to the hospital record-setting. 19one case 90 minutes -- minutes from the time of the shot. it is an incredible thing. thank you very much. >> do our gun laws need to be changed, mr. president? [inaudible]
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8 pres. trump: we appreciate it very much. incredible job. i just about from the hospital.
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a young woman was shot with four bullets. to in her young -- lungs. they got her to the hospital and 20 minutes. she had no chance. they got responders -- her there. what a job you have done. the doctors did a great job. was incredible. i hope you're getting the credit. you deserve it. the job you have done is unparalleled. give them a raise. these are the leaders. they let swat teams and command post. these are the leaders who led the first responders. they were in the reason we were able to do the things that we did. we are so appreciative. we are honored that you would come down and spend time here. pres. trump: think you very much. -- thank you very much.
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i do not live very far away. right up the road. we drove down. this was supposed to take place on sunday or monday. i said, no way. marco said, he wants to go down early. we did not want to wait. maybe we can as to say your name and a little bit of what you do. i would like to get the world to see the great job you have done. of florida, rick scott, has done a fantastic job. fantastic governor. truly a state that is doing well. we know that. >> i want to thank you for coming down. as soon as that happens, mr. nielsen called me and make sure -- thank you for the
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conversation we had. i know everybody and launchers here -- in a law enforcement here has worked very hard. the hospital did a really good job. we had the opportunity to meet with the patient's there. is horrible what happened but they are very optimistic about the future. they give are your gratitude to all of these individuals. pres. trump: fantastic job. >> thank you. thank you for the great job you did. fbi, thank you for everything you did. ground with their advocates from all over the state. we had a very difficult job of being with visit -- the deceased families. [inaudible]
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very difficult. today, we went to the hospital. we got to see what you saw. we've also seen a lot of good citizens coming forward wanting to help our first responders. from all over the country, people have been reaching out. [applause] -- [inaudible] shooter the las vegas she took individuals out with her. she has done a great job bringing our child advocates and helping people. the parents appreciate you too. i was left the hospital with a lot of parents. they're very thankful for the job. their child is in great shape considering they would not have been.
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they're very thankful to everybody. thanks, pam. [inaudible] >> we really appreciate your support. pres. trump: thank you very much. >> i were commissioner's office. they give are being here. >> kernel of investigations. pres. trump: good job. >> i'm a deputy to the sheriff's office. [inaudible] pres. trump: thank you, chris. >> i was one of the first responders there, along with captain bradley. the victim you were talking about earlier, this gentleman brought her out first and then we got her on -- got her rescue. pres. trump: you can't turn a bad place, too. -- you found her in a bad place,
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too. >> i was one of the medics that responded. pres. trump: great job. i heard about that. i heard about you. great job. thank you. assigned to the department district. i was part of a small contingent that meet the initial entry into the building. pres. trump: thank you very much. >> fire chief. thank you for your support for the fire rescue service. thanks to your support and equipment we are able to work tightly with law enforcement to save those lives. pres. trump: you did. thank you. >> executive director of the department. pres. trump: what a great job. >> [inaudible] thanks for your support. it is great work with these fine people in the law enforcement community. it is like no other i have had the honor of working with.
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amazing people. pres. trump: very nice. thank you very much. >> we are happy to lend a hand to be part of the team when these events happened. thank you for all of your support. pres. trump: really great job. we have a lot of fbi guys down here really quickly. [inaudible] >> we want to thank you and the first lady for coming. [inaudible] the men and women who rush into this building not knowing those on the other side. it is a state that is in deep pain. they wanted action to make sure that this would never happen again. it happens to option. i hope and i pray that we can come together. pres. trump: i spent a lot of time with mark. i'm behind you 100%. [inaudible]
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you have a great story to tell. go ahead. >> thank you for having me here. i'm with the coconut creek police department. i was the one who located the shooter. with the assistance of my backup once they arrived. this is a him and taking him in. pres. trump: you are so modest. i would've told everybody more. without me, they never would have -- [laughter] coconut creek is not that close. they heard he was not around, they cannot find it. you were in a different area. i think that maybe the shooter. very few people would have done what you did. i think was a fantastic job. i told the real story.
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would you like to say anything? >> thank you all. [inaudible] let us take care of them. they withdraw a lot. we need to take care of them. thank you. pres. trump: very nice. thank you. >> thank you. it's not everyday that you get to spend time with the president of the united states and the first lady. [inaudible] i will never forget your ability to do something like that. we appreciate it. pres. trump: he is a good boy. thank you. congratulations. >> thank you all very much. ♪
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>> c-span's "washington journal" life every day. director of and for such a discussnd senior fellow president trump's infrastructure plan. spotlight, doug lynwood on his piece in the february issue about the ongoing tension -- pension crisis. be sure to watch "washington journal" live at 7:00 eastern saturday morning. join the discussion. today, rod rosenstein announced indictments against 13 russian nationals and three russian companies for interfering in the u.s. elections. he made the announcement to the media at the justice department in washington dc.