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tv   Mitt Romney Talks to Reporters After Utah County Lincoln Day Dinner Speech  CSPAN  February 18, 2018 2:05pm-2:18pm EST

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-- this evening. thank you. [applause] >> when leaving that dinner in utah, mitt romney stopped to speak with reporters for about 10 minutes. [cheering] >> we want mitt! we want mitt! mr. romney: these are my children. [laughter] >> governor romney, given
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meddling in our election by russia, do you think the president has taken that seriously enough? mr. romney: i pointed out in the 20 oh -- the 20 12 election that russia is a geopolitical adversary. they obviously have tried to influence elections. i agree with the president a did not determine the outcome here in our nation anyway, but what they've done is unacceptable. i'm glad that they are being held accountable, and believe without question that russians are trying to interfere with the principles of elected democracy and that has got to end. >> how would you deal with that legislatively? >> specifically what you're talking about? mr. romney: look at the last year, when there have been things i disagree with, i have pointed that out. people know where i stand. they know i have been critical, whether it is something he has said or done. his comments at charlottesville were of a bad nature in that is why i said what i did. interestingly, i expected us to
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be further apart on policy. he is not doing the 45% terror of, did not pull out of nafta on day one. he is doing things that i think make a lot of sense and i support him. but again, where we disagree, i will point that out, too. i call them like i see them. >> [indiscernible] mr. romney: i'm going to let the states make that decision and decide what is right for their own state. that, i think, is the best way to deal with this. >> what about utah? state,ney: each including our state, ought to consider the widest arrange -- widest range of options. protect their students. i've got grandkids but go to school in utah. i want to make sure our schools are safe. i'm not going to tell people what actions would be the most effective. i have not seen proposed legislation with regard to guns that would have prevented the attacks that have occurred.
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just passing legislation that might make you feel little better but does not do something is not something i favor, so i am not in favor of new federal legislation on the gun front, but let's have stays look at protective measures, securing building sites, potentially police patrols, maybe even but volunteer patrols, intervention teams to step in where there has been a setting where a student may have said or done something frightening. these are things we have to consider. -- she says that he is considering it because he says that he sees the process playing out with you as a coronation. mr. romney: i will be working this day -- i will go to everything of county. i was in alton, in lehi, and marry it utah county. 10 or so i am going to different towns and cities across the state. i'm going to work hard with the convention run, the caucus
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process, gathering signatures. i doubt anyone is going to work harder to get this nomination and when this election than i will. >> for those who say you are not really you time -- really ut ahan, what would you say? mr. romney: i think that is a fair question to ask. attended college year and came back for the olympics, which was a marvelous experience. after my private sector work was done and finished the campaign, we decided to make this our home. we moved her full-time in 2014. it's about 10 years that utah has been around. our first town was born in this town. we love the people here. we have had great experiences here, and i think the people of am utahan at heart. it's really funny.
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when i go to other parts of the country and when i ran for president, people would all assume i was from utah, but when i am here, some people wonder. but i remind them. >> [indiscernible] mr. romney: the president has indicated he is looking forward a pathing a -- providing to citizenship for the dreamers. i was more conservative on that. when iran for president i opposed to the dream act. president obama put in place his provisions. i think once that happens and the dreamers rely on those provisions, we have to recognize that we, as a nation will honor the commitment made by a prior president. so, i agree with the president -- let's find a way to have these people be able to say -- stay in our country. what will be below look like? i also agree with the president need to secure our border. i think we should stop chain migration and the lottery program on migration as well.
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>> governor romney, you mentioned enhanced background checks. what would you favor? mr. romney: there is legislation that senator hatch is promoting. legislation,en the but it calls for enhanced background checks and i think it is circumstances where there have been psychological issues or the like, and that is something -- that is one peas of legislation at the federal level that might well have had an impact on prior attacks. it's what i'm going to study. it is when i could potentially support, although i have not read the bill and studied it in depth to make that commitment yet. >> what made the decision for you to reenter public life and run? mr. romney: i had not intended to do this again. id senator hatch called me -- think it was in january of 2017 and asked me if i would endorse him and support him and i said yes. and then he said, when i was coming to washington a couple months later for a board meeting, he said could we get
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together? i thought you was going to ask me to raise money for him. that is what politicians usually do. room and he hotel handed me a memo which suggested i should run for senate. it was a three-page memo. it was the thought i had given it any thought whatsoever. i assumed he was running. after all, i told him i would endorse him. my wife and i began to think about it. some weeks we said, no way. other weeks we said yes. i think i can do more for utah, fight for the people of utah, and i think in times like this with the challenges in the world that the more people of sober judgment we can have in washington, the better. >> can you expand on that a little? mr. romney: what's that? final decision? it was either february or march of 2017.
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>> governor, what are you personally going to bring to washington, aside from what you are bringing from the state -- by virtue ofne, the relationships i have with senators and the administration, as well as my life experiences that i can be more effective in helping to promote good average, ifthan the you will, junior senator. at the same time, there are things i care very deeply about. low regulation, less government and i am more of a myget hawk then some of public and those are things i will promote. >> how do you think mitch mcconnell has been as a majority leader? has he been effective? mr. romney: he has had a tough job. now that he has a republican president, i think you have to say well done and getting the legislation through. the tax rewrite is quite an
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income was meant and he was able to bring in there as well the repeal of the individual mandate of obamacare, which is really a death blow to that approach. keep ours been able to government operating. we have had very short shutdowns and back to work. i don't know how he has run it day to day. that something insiders there will know how he does it, but this is been a year of accomplishment for the senate and senator mcconnell is the leader and deserves credit for that. >> would you consider a role in leadership? mr. romney: a junior senator does not have a leadership role. i hope to be a leader among colleagues, but by virtue of my persuasive nature, but no, i'm not an line for a leadership post. [cheering] >> we want mitt! we want mitt! we want mitt!
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>> tonight on "q&a," "crashback," the conflict between the u.s. and china in the pacific. >> china has lost a lot of face and it is hard for westerners to get in idea of what that means to the ancient culture. especially for someone as big and proud as china. it has that never again mentality. with thistart mindset, we will build up our navy and old up our missile defense forces -- old up our missile defense forces so we never lose face again. >> tonight on c-span's "q&a." iraonight on "after words,"
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schapiro with his book "broken: can the senate save itself and the country?" he is interviewed by former senate majority leader tom daschle. >> politics was about finding a way to overcome differences through principled -- extended discussion and a real legislative process, through principled compromise. it wasn't supposed to be about one party winning on their own. as you know, the times in history when one party has been able to do this on their own are very few -- maybe 1933 and 1944, fdr dealing with , but evension, lbj lbj reached up to republicans and fdr had republican support the first two years.
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tonight at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span two -- c-span2's book tv. >> friday, there was a review of the nuclear posture review and the new and complex threats. this is an hour and 10 minutes. >> thank you very much. i wanted to see how long you could stand at attention. it is my pleasure to introduce the vice admiral of the navy. he assumed his current post


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