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tv   Jeanine Pirro at the Conservative Political Action Conference  CSPAN  February 24, 2018 12:13pm-12:43pm EST

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entrepreneur -- i remember my dad as an entrepreneur. president reagan came in and the light started shining. we are living in a similar time. president trump is leading at a time that is so consequential for our future, think about how you felt november 8 of 2016 and how you felt after. you had hope and optimism. it is an exciting time to be serving. .e need to become energized we are on the trajectory to see great things in this country. truly he is about making america great again. thank you very much. me in thanking the administrator of the environment the protection agency scott pruitt. ♪ thank you.
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>> thank you all very much. i am delighted to be your keynote speaker. . i just said backstage, how come i did not get dinner? isn't there a place for us? are you going to buy me dinner? i follow a long line of very .istant with speakers i am practiced the speak to you about american conservative values. who are you? what is important to you? where do you put a stake in the ground?
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how you answer those questions tells one who you are and what you are willing to fight for. when the truthme and when reality is diluted to satisfy the masses. where political correctness has that wepated our values can't even recognize the america that our founding fathers envisioned. how did we get so lost? how do we get our country back? my personal story is a very simple one. i grew up in upstate new york and i worked in a dairy. my family possibly was very simple. my dad worked and my mom stayed home. we went to church on sunday and said the rosary on tuesday. [applause]
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i was taught to respect my flag, too salute the obey authority and protect the shiver when the sister went by without ruler. i have often wondered about calling her. truthfully, that not only feels like a different generation, it feels like a different planet. i decided to be a lawyer at a very young age. prosecutor, a judge, and ada. let me say, thank you. i'm very honored. more is nothing i enjoy than presenting my case and making my argument, whether it was in front of a jury on fox
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news, or when i speak around the country. prosecutor i started one of the first and i units in the nation. i was passionate. i was passionate about crime victims. i was passionate about the person who, unlike the criminal never chose to be a part of the criminal justice system. called the criminal it should bem called the victim justice system. so began my fight to level the playing field between the criminal and the victim. as i say today, between the politicians and us. [applause] i ran for office five times in new york because politics was a
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means for me to attain my goals. running for office gave me the ability to be an agent of change and to me the endgame was to protect women and the vulnerable, the silent victims of crime. all the emphasis seemed to be upside down on the criminal. me was how i got my message out there. make the mistake, it was a blood sport. i have the scars to prove it. it was worth it, because i was able to fight for laws and fight to make a system accessible to those who never thought they had any rights. .
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the republican, the independent, i wase conservative line lucky -- clear. which brings me to my message. why do people come to america? why do they flock here? why, because we are the greatest country on earth. because we have the right to speak freely. because we have the right to practice our religion and because we have individual rights that other countries have never even heard of. [applause] i want you to think about where under thatmonths ago leftist leader barack obama.
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reminded thatedly we weren't exceptional. that we work special. that america was just another one of the global nations. i have news for you. i don't want to be part of a global nation. i want to be a part of this nation. america. [applause] the nation that my grandparents chose. a nation my father and grandfather fought for in world war ii. i hate to tell you this, we are losing it. we were brainwashed to believe that we weren't special, that we weren't christian if we did not do what they said we should do and he came at just the right time. at a time when we needed his tough talk, his unvarnished
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perspective. the economy was in shambles. more americans were unemployed than ever before in our nation's history. millions weren't counted because they gave up looking for work. they had the gall to tell us it was a healthy economy when there was barely appalled. was the new norm for these geniuses. depth of corruption and the fbi so immoral, so unethical that they allow the sale of 20% of america's uranium to russia with a classic payback to the clinton foundation of $145 million and $500,000 cash in bill's pocket.
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they want to accuse our president of collusion. isn't it amazing that every time they accuse the president of one thing it comes back at them like a boomerang. you .1 finger and four are facing back at you. you need to think back to the president who couldn't .omprehend global terrorism who called isis a jv team, not knowing whether to contain them, dismantle them, destroy them. none of which he ever did. itshis jv team unleashed brutal and inhumane genocide on christians across the middle obamathat man, president
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and his national prayer breakfast said "unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, rubber that during the crusades and the inquisition people committed terrible deeds in the name of christ and in our home isntry slavery and jim crow all too often justified in the name of christ "-- christ." are you saying that we deserve to this? that it is our turn at the stake of barbarity? he arrived just in time. inspired,eded to be but we needed a new agenda, when we needed someone we could look up to. we were desperate.
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tired of being told by the fbi and department of justice that all was well when hillary clinton with the foundation with the emails with fast and furious and everything is on the up and up. not youre, he was politically correct standard candidate. [applause] yes. and iare some centered had to think through my opening -- some saturday nights i had to think through my opening. he is my friend and he has been for 25 years. i am so proud that he will change the course of american .istory
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he was never satisfied with the status quo, unlike those in washington. he not only wanted to make america great again, he wanted to make us proud of being a part of that great america again. the washington insiders and the mainstream media ideologues tagged him with every negative characterization they could. why? because he is the clearest most driven threat to the perverse world they created. that one in which we had that forced to live. a nation where the term law and order is actually offensive. the terrorists are more important than the safety of american citizens. where you could be
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bullied or silenced for stating or living or beliefs as a christian, as a conservative or as a gun owner. everything --n the judeo-christian principles .ere under attack the media sent everything backwards. -- tello to you a story you a story. and aalking in here today guy comes up to me and he says "judge jeanine, do you think that some of the stuff you said is over the top?" so i said who are you? he said, i am with cnn.
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i just said -- he said why do you say what you do? i said, watch my show you can find out. he said, i watch your show every except i am only on saturday night. .here you have the fake news i hadn't even walked into the building. hen president trump came came to a country where hard-working forgotten men and .omen did not get a fair shot we were made to pay for those who violate our immigration laws . pay $1.5orced to billion to a50
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country committed to our destruction and the destruction of israel. if we objected to any of this, the democrats in the media called us to racist and fascist parent so it was. donald trump stepped into the wholight, a patriot believed in putting america's interests first. who believed that the decline of a great nation was not inevitable, but instead a choice. talking to you here today talked about safety. he talked about the first order of government, the protection of its citizens. childd that every deserves to be raised in a safe community. withoutgo forward recognizing those lost on
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valentine's day in a school shooting that most of us are still trying to comprehend. in their honor i think we should bow our heads for a moment of silence for all of them. after that shooting the reaction of many was to take away guns and make schools gun free zones. that might very well be my reaction if something like this horror was perpetrated on my child or family member. i learned in law school that hard facts make bad law.
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some have even said that the blood of these young people is on the hands of gun owners. let me be clear. i am a gun owner. [applause] long guns, handguns, all kinds of guns. [laughter] and how dare you compare a law-abiding citizen who goes through the process to legally buy a gun, exercising our second amendment rights, to the evil mass murderer in parkland, florida. a not job who signs a nut job who signs of disaster were missed about everybody, in addition to our elite fbi. i once trashed the mother of the boston bombers.
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i called her the jihadi mom because she trashed america. i got huge blowback and criticism that i was denigrating all muslims by trashing her. i was trashing her. [applause] let's turn this one around. you want to blame me for trashing all muslims, because i trashed one person? how about you not blame all gunowners for the actions of one person? [applause] i know crime. i was in the trenches where the fight between good and evil unfolds every day. i have seen the worst of the worst.
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i did it for 30 years. to think that disarming legal gunowners will put an end to gun violence is a joke. if the obama administration and the leftists and those who hate guns and our second amendment had their way, we would all be like chicago, possibly the murder capital of the world, of america, where nobody is allowed to have a gun but the criminals. they take away guns from everyone but the criminals. that is the mentality that got thousands of people killed in the first place. in chicago, children are shot at so often they don't even run and when they hear gunfire when they are on the playground. the clearance rate is more than 50%. there is more than a 50% chance
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that no one will be held accountable for killing, let alone arrested, got for big -- god forbid convicted. we need law and order. we need prosecution. you want to know how to stop gun crime? we need the increased background checks and we need to stop those with mental issues from buying a gun. i don't know what the way to do that is, but maybe we ought to start tracking kids in school. maybe we ought to start tracking kids with problems and putting together a list where we find out who is buying a gun and who has a problem. if we can handle 20 million people who don't belong here we can handle the kids who might be a risk to our children in school. [applause]
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how tough was it for the fbi to pick up a phone? how tough was it when they literally predicted what this kid would do? they had more probable cause in that phone call and i have seen in half the warrants i signed. shame on them. [applause] to prosecute gun crimes you figure out who was buying those guns, you arrest the criminals. all this nonsense about we need to track guns, we need to register guns, we need to do this to guns. no. what you need to do is stop gun crime and start prosecuting people who are buying guns and using them illegally and stop being afraid to use the power of the law against those looking to hurt the rest of us. [applause]
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and they want to hold us up to c -- public disdain by telling us that we do legal gunowners are dangerous. we want to tell people what kind of guns we should have and what kind -- and whether we should have a gun at all. here is this new yorker's answer to you. it is not only no, it is hell no. [applause] i don't need your permission or your sanctimonious condescension as for the reason why i should or should not have a gun, i own guns because it is my right. it is my second amendment right
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and no one in washington gave me that right. -- it is a national right confirmed by the very people who founded this country. [applause] you heard him today. you heard him talk about how the american dream is being reduced. we have a market that is roaring. the military getting the support it needs to protect us, freedom of religion that does not have to be practiced in the shadows. he has reignited the flame of liberty and he is a national ist. in a long line of distinguished nationalists like our founding fathers, like winston churchill, like abraham lincoln. they were all nationalists and there is nothing wrong with
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that. i am proud of them and i'm proud of him. [applause] despite all of this, tonight we must acknowledge that the struggle that elected this man and empowered his administration is still ahead of us. the struggle is still ahead of us, the opposition, the hate, the lies, the obstruction, the resistance of those who claim to love america is unparalleled in american history. it is time for the same americans who helped put donald trump in office to gear up for the next revolution. to stand firm in our principles,
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in our fate, and our love of america, and in the man donald trump. [applause] so, if you want to see that shining city on the hill that ronald reagan talked about continue to be a shining city on a hill, then we need a man whose views are most like that of a moral vision of our founders, the framers of the constitution. we need a man whose philosophy is based not on politics, but on moral reasoning. a man who understands that we are born with certain natural rights. rights which we do not get from government. rights which we get from god.
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[applause] a man who understands that government only has the powers that we govern consent to give it. like our founding fathers to -- who gave up up family and fortune for a vision called america, we too must be vigilant in protecting her and all that she stands for. it is up to you. 2018 is just around the corner, the 2018 election. you may have worked hard to get him elected, but this ride is going to be even bumpier than
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before. i tell young people all the time to stop worrying about hurting someone's feelings and being politically correct. right is right and wrong is wrong. if you don't stand up for your values or what you believe in, if you don't stand up for what you believe in, then we all fail. and we lose america. dillydallying is not the way to do this. according to james, chapter one verse six, when you act you must -- ask you must believe and not doubt, because the one who
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seats is the wave of the alone and -- blown and tossed by the wind. that is what will happen to us in america if we do not put that stake in the ground and stand strong to our values. i don't want to hear about anymore politically correct nonsense. it is time to stop being politically correct and start being morally right. it is time to going back to being america, go back to being unafraid. time to go back to the america that our founding fathers envisioned and they would actually recognize today. it is ronald reagan whose words i always end up with. they ring true when i think about the path this country is
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on. it goes like this. "freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. we don't pass it onto our children in the bloodstream, it must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same." i believe america's best days are still in front of her. we have a man who is willing to take the shots, a man who can get us there. you have a choice. do you want to go back to the lies, the corruption, the trashing of our judeo-christian ethic, and an america overrun by people who hate our guts? do you believe in america, do you believe in the constitution, do you believe in a nation with strong borders and a strong
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military? do you respect the law enforcement? do you believe in law and order? do you put american citizens before those who have no right to be here and want to hurt us and injure us in sanctuary cities. by the americans in those cities entitled to justice. -- justice? if you can say that you are proud to cling to god and guns. [applause] then you don't have a choice do you? god bless you. god bless america. god bless donald trump. thank you. [applause] ♪


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