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tv   Israel PM Netanyahu at AIPAC Conference  CSPAN  March 10, 2018 2:22pm-3:04pm EST

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>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu spoke to the annual policy conference at the public affairs committee on tuesday. this is just over half an hour.
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[applause] [applause] now, it is my distinct honor to introduce the prime minister
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.f the state of israel [applause] we have had the privilege of hosting this prime minister at our conference in washington many times over the years. in fact, 30 years ago, he addressed the 1988 aipac policy conference at the sheraton hotel just down the street. only a fewwe were hundred crowd activists. andy, we are thousands fromands of activists every state in our union. [applause]
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and we arecrats republicans. jewsejews and non americans from all 50 states and all walks of life. this morning, we wish to send one unified message. aipac remains committed to strengthening the u.s.-israel relationship. we are as determined as ever to ensure the alliance between the united states and israel and doers. today, tomorrow, and for many generations to come. [applause] gentlemen, please stage, back to the aipac the prime minister of the state of israel, benjamin netanyahu. [applause]
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>> thank you. good morning, aipac. [applause] is always great to be here. as i told president trump yesterday, it is especially be in the american
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capital now that it has recognized jerusalem as israel's capital. [applause] thank you, president trump, for the historic decision. [applause] thank you for announcing another decision, to move the american embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem this independence day. [applause] the first ambassador to have the honor of working from the embassy is a great american ambassador, david friedman. [applause]
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thank you for that terrific job that you are doing. you know who else is doing a terrific job? israel's ambassador to washington. [applause] stand up, ron. thank you for the terrific job you are doing. friedman,thank mort lillian, you don't have to remind them how far back we go. aipac's nuclear core. everyone at aipac. i want to thank all of you for the work you are doing to strengthen the remarkable alliance between our two countries. thank you. [applause] i want to the knowledge the
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israeli ministers, representatives in the united states and the united nations. the members of congress and former leaders of countries who are here. in particular, i want to , a great my friends champion of israel, the former prime minister of canada, stephen harper. stephen, stand up. [applause] stephen, we never forget our friends. you are a tremendous friend. and you still are. want to thank the 4000 students who are here with us today. [applause]
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4000 students, thank you for cutting class to be here. note, youyou need a can see me later. there is a line forming outside. [laughter] what i can say is -- what i can see is this. i can see that the audience in this hall each year is getting bigger and bigger. 18,000 strong. you, and iee all of can't. i don't want to stand behind this podium. i'm the prime minister. [applause] thank you.
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today, i want to ask you. great clinter that eastwood movie, "the good, the bad, and the ugly?" i want to talk about the good, the bad, and the beautiful. the good things we are doing to help make the world a better place. bad are all the bad things that malevolent forces are trying to do to israel and the world, specifically iran. and the beautiful, that i will
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leave until last. first, the goodness. news. -- first, the good israel has never been stronger militarily. [applause] that is an f-35 fighter plane, the most advanced in the world. interceptor,wn many other symptoms -- many other systems we developed with america. thank you, america. [applause] mr. president, congress, republicans and democrats alike. [applause] you are terrific.
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this incredible military is followed by superb intelligence, unmatched in the world. in the last few years, israel's incredible intelligence services have foiled dozens of major terrorist attacks across the world, in dozens of countries. a plane like that could have them blown out of the sky if it were not for israeli intelligence. you are boarding planes when you leave this place. you are safer because of israeli intelligence. it not only protects israelis lives, it protects innocent lives around the world. [applause]
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we are able to do all this because of the extraordinary soldiers of the israel defense forces, men and women. [applause] men and women, black and white, religious and secular, gay or straight, jews, muslims, christians, they come from different backgrounds, but they are united with a common mission, to protect the state of israel. safe, they make us proud. i know there are quite a few veterans of the israeli army
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here. i want you to be recognized, stand up. the good news doesn't stop with israel's strong military. a strongues with economy. we made it stronger by moving to israel to free-market principles, which unleashed the spark of genius embedded in our people. into renovation, entrepreneurship. [applause] there is a revolution taking place, this didn't happen. look at the 10 leading companies
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in 2006. five energy companies, one i.t. company, microsoft. 2016, it iser, completely reversed. companies, one energy company left. the true wealth is in innovation. apple,w these companies, google, microsoft, amazon, facebook, they all have research centers in israel. all of the major research -- all of them are major research centers. there are hundreds more. something is going on. it is a great change. is a terrible sentence. data the confluence of big , conductivity, and artificial intelligence.
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do you know what that does? it revolutionizes old industries, and create entirely new industries. here's an old industry that israel will always great, agriculture, we were always great. now we have precision agriculture. sky,?hat drone in the it is connected to a database in the field, there is good fertilization and irrigation. we can now target the water that we give, the fertilizer we give, down to the individual plant that needs it. that is position -- that is precision agriculture, that is israel. [applause] were always good in water. i want you to see how good we are. we recycle almost 90% of our
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wastewater. the next country, with less than 20% is spain. you can see what israel does for water and the environment. when you take these things, theculture and water, and other technologies we apply in both, we can change the world. we are. i just heard about an african woman in africa that has to walk eight hours a day to get water to her children, four hours one way to a well, four hours back. a young israeli company brought in this technology that improves on moses. they bring water from thin air. they bring water to africa, to millions of people in africa. israeli technology. [applause] that was recently in india, that is my friend. [applause]
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i am showing him cherry tomatoes. this is israeli technology. what i heard there was fantastic. farmers came from the region. there is an experimental farm, they are in a place where israel gives technology to indian farmers. 65% of india's populations are farmers. one farmer says because of israeli technology, i increased my crop field and income four times, as well as changing the world in india, asia, africa, latin america. these are the old industries. now they are new industries. driving theterally
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world. i am talking about the taunus vehicles. we are the world leader in autonomous vehicles, 500 tech companies that sprang up almost instantaneously. the one on the left was just sold for the sum of $15 billion. the interesting thing is that israel said to them here are the keys to our 30 worldwide autonomous vehicle businesses, , israeli technology is driving the world. [applause] thing that you are all familiar with, do you have think accounts? -- do you have bank accounts? you should. you don't want anyone hacking into them or your cars? the planes you ride?
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you need cyber security. israel has become a world leader in cyber security. they invest inh hundreds of israel he start up companies. tremendous companies. between population is eight and 9 million. what percentage of that is the world's population? is 1/10 of 1%. of thercentage do we get world's global investment in cyber security? investment in cyber security? 1/10 of 1% of the world's of global, we get 20% private investment. times aboveing 200
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our weight. times, 200es, not 10 times. here is how the dots connect. tremendoushave this capacity for security and intelligence, and because we capacity tremendous for civilian technology, for making the lives of people richer, safer, more productive. many companies are coming to israel because they want to share with us these benefits. that creates the third great change, the flourishing of israel's diplomatic relations around the world. when i joined the foreign i think we had about 80
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or 90 countries with whom we had diplomatic relations. now, the number is 160. there are very few countries what are we doing with greenland? we have to do something with greenland. they must have some satellite feeds or something we can do. we are coloring the world blue. i have been to africa three times in 18 months. i have been to latin america. can you imagine the 70 year history of israel? a prime minister never went south of texas? went toexas, but we mexico,a, colombia, they say come back, we want more. that is changing. all of these countries are coming to us, india, china,
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mongolia, all of them. we are coloring the world blue. you remember people talked about israel's inflation -- isolation. pretty soon, the countries that don't have relations with us are going to be isolated. [applause] there are those who talk about boycotting israel, we will boycott them. [applause] the good news is very good. and it is getting better.
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is that bad things are getting worse, and they are very bad. that, we haveout .o deal with this challenge specifically, what do we do about iran? of whate behind so much is bad is this radical tyranny in tehran. have a message for you today, it is a very simple one. we must stop iran, we will stop iran. [applause]
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when i last spoke here, i warned, tried to warn, the world about a nuclear deal that was a threat to the survival of israel, the security of the region, the piece of the world. i warned iran's regime had lied to the international community that it could not be trusted. i warned the deal gives iran a clear path toward developing a nuclear arsenal in little more than a decade. i warned that by removing iran's sanctions, the regime would not become more moderate and peaceful, but more extreme and the ledger and, much more -- and be ledger and, much more dangerous. that is exactly what has happened. here is what they are doing today. can you enlarge that?
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can you see that? is descending on our region. iran is building an aggressive empire. iran, iraq, syria, lebanan, gaza, yemen, more to come. now iran is seeking to build permanent military bases in syria. seeking to create a land bridge from tehran to talk to's on the mediterranean. in addition to moving its army, it's air force, it's navy, to syria. to be able to attack israel from closer. it is also seeking to develop, to build precision guided missile factories in the syria, lebanon, against israel.
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i will not let that happen. -- wel not that happen will not let that happen. we must stop you on, we will stop -- we must stop iran, we will stop iran. last week i read about an earlier persian attempt to exterminate our people. they failed then, they will fail now. [applause] never let iran develop nuclear weapons. not now, not in 10 years, not ever. [applause] has made it mp clear that his administration them -- theirt behavior on the region. he will never accept a nuclear armed iran.
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i salute president trump on this, that is the right policy. [applause] the president has also made it clear that it is the fatal flaws -- if the nuclear -- the fatal flaws of the nuclear do your are not fixed, he will walk away and restart sanctions. [applause] we counter iran's aggression, we should always remember the brave people of iran. their suffering, their hopes, their courage, women are jailed for removing their hijabs. hockedt are tortured and s for advocating freedom. we stand with those in iran who
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stand for freedom. [applause] i believe a day will come when this horrible tyranny will disappear, parish, the earth. at that point the people of israel and the people with persia will be reestablished. today, we have payments, tomorrow we have cyrus, friendship, and peace. as we work together to confront there is also potential thatvance the good paradoxically comes from the bad. most in our region know very well that israel is not the enemy.
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but it is there indispensable ally in confronting our common commonges and see think opportunity -- seizing common opportunities. this is true for egypt and jordan, israel's longtime peace partners. it is also true for many other countries in the middle east. israel remains committed to achieving peace with all of our neighbors, including the palestinians. [applause] president trump has made it clear he is committed to peace. i have made it clear i am committed to peace. we appreciate the effort of president trump's superb team, jared kushner, ambassador david friedman, thank you all for your hard work. [applause] peace, president bought has to embrace these and stop supporting terror.
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raise your hands high if you agree with me that president of bosch should stop paying terrorists for murder dues. [applause] you know how much he pays? he pays about $350 million a year to terrorists and their families, each year. of the less than 10% total palestinian budget. it is an incredible number. the terrorist who murdered this beautiful family and their three children, including a three month old baby girl. he pays this murderer. over the lifetime of this
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killer, he will be receiving $2 million. i have a message for him. stop paying terrorists. [applause] does this send to palestinian children? it says murder jews and get rich. i believe he should find better use for this money. to build roads, schools, hospitals, factories, build life, don't pay death. invest in life and peace. israel hopes the passage of the taylor force act will make clear to him that america has zero-tolerance for terrorists. [applause]
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ladies and gentlemen, i have spoken about the good and the bad. there is plenty of both. i want to end with a few words about the beautiful. that's very kind of you. [applause] i love you, too. thank you. who planted her? [laughter] i am talking about the beautiful alliance between israel and the united states of america. [applause] the beautiful alliance that has brought all of you to washington, the alliance you work to be stronger and make better. what is it made of?
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it is made of our shared values, that is the wellspring of the great alliance between our two countries. all you have to do is leave this around twoou walk blocks from here and you see these majestic monuments. you could learn from them all about our common values. they come from a certain book, a great book. a good book. it is called the bible. that all of us are created in the image of god. those words inspired jefferson when he declared in the declaration of independence that all men are created equal, all women, too. [applause] that book inspired abraham
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lincoln in the darkest days of america's civil war. he found inspiration in the words of our radius king -- greatest king. the worst the divided america would heal in the judgments of the lord our true and righteous. just as the stirring words of the prophet amos inspired the great martin luther king when he stood before the lincoln memorial and promised to carry on his struggle until justice runs down like water and righteousness like a mighty spring. these values are an inseparable part of america's story. there are an integral part of israel's story. together, we are writing a new chapter in our common story. a story of freedom, justice, peace, hope. it is because we are inspired by the same ideals, because we are
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animated by the same valleys. america and israel have forged an internal bond that can never be broken. thank you, aipac. god bless israel, god bless america, and god bless the israel-america alliance. thank you all. ♪
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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> tonight on c-span, to campaign rallies in the special u.s. house race. in pennsylvania's 18th congressional district. former vice president joe biden at an event in support of democratic candidate conor lamb. then-president trump speaking at a rally for republican candidate rick saccone. the special election is this tuesday. to fill the seat of republican congressman tim murphy, who resigned last year. you can watch starting at 10:00 eastern on c-span. "q&a," formert on u.s. order patrol agent francisco cantoo talks about his book the line becomes a river, a memoir of his it brings is and what he has learned about our immigration system since leaving the board of joe. >> the woman was pregnant, --
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border patrol. >> the woman was pregnant, that's what she couldn't keep up. they were drinking filthy water. and made it to a village the border patrol got called. i was supposed to take them in. i started talking with them. it turned out that this pregnant woman had grown up in iowa. she spoke perfect english. she was a schoolteacher in iowa. i think her husband saw that we were talking and had a connection. he leaned over and said can you just -- can we skip the arrest? can you drive us back to the border and let us cross into mexico? hesitate, i said no, this is my job. i took them in.
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what i remember about that encounter is i remember asking their names. i remember introducing myself to them. i remember wanting to remember them as they had this collection. i wanted to home them in myi way mind. i wanted that woman to be safe and for the child to be safe. a couple hours later i went back out on patrol, i was sitting in my car and i'd completely forgotten their names. sticksson that encounter with me so much is i think that is the first step in dehumanization, forgetting what make someone individual. >> sunday night at 8:00 on c-span's q&a. competition,ar's we asked students to choose a provision of the u.s. constitution and creative a video illustrating why it is important. students competed for the chance
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to win cash prizes and we entries from 46 states. goes tot prize winner two students from montgomery blair high school for no trespassing. the first prize winners of our high school central category are from whitefish -- whitefish bay high school in whitefish bay, wisconsin. winner for high school west goes to capital high school from boise, idaho. the first prize for middle goes to survival of the veiled face, the constitutionality of abortion.
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the special citation for creativity goes to the documentary, be true to the constitution. finally, we are happy to announce our grand prize winner from dallas center high school in grimes, iowa for their documentary old enough to fight, -- oldugh to vote good enough to vote. seen 2900me we have videos and we are just calling to say you won the grand prize. [cheers] it was this years topic such an open ended question. we had time to focus and when i looked online and got the contact information for the person who authored the 26th amendment, i thought we have to do this. we have to get in contact with the person.
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evennt you males, we sent more emails. 26 different amendments we looked at and evaluated and there is a lot of controversy going on right now. we found something that related to us and what really affected amendment we were able to get in touch with people in iowa and around the country. we got to work as soon as we could. >> the top 22 winning entries will air on c-span in april and you can watch every student documentary online at some of the nations top state education officials convened in washington, d.c. on monday to discuss k-12 education, career training


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