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tv   Liz Crampton  CSPAN  May 17, 2018 4:45am-4:52am EDT

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create a state-run program in which the federal taxpayer pays for the work states do on job training. no better spot to locate that then there, because we cannot create a one-size-fits-all trading program. i trust our states to do that. comments to the contrary are misplaced. , i woulde forward encourage my colleagues to join me in opposing all of those amendments that are being presented. and to support the work that we have done, so as my colleague just said, continue to move this process forward. gets done, to it move a bill to the president's desk so that farmers across the country can't have that certainty of what the next five-year support system looks like. right, wrong, or different, they deserve that confidence that they will have their farm
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program to back them up, and that their bankers are included as well. asking my colleagues to support hr two. and with that chairman, i yield back. with us is liz crampton, agriculture and food reporter with politico. of the key details of the bill, how long the and funding is for, and what is the current deadline for extending these programs? >> so, the house is gearing up to consider this farm bill. congress is staring down a september 30 deadline. the farm bill addresses a range of policy issues from commodities to crop subsidies, to conservation. of course, the issue that gets the most attention and what takes up most of the funding is the supplemental nutrition assistance program, or food stamps. of the particular
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sticking points is the food stamp program, or snap. tell us more about that. chairman conway is proposing to make some changes to the food stamp program, most significantly, he wants to expand work requirements for recipients known as able-bodied adults without dependence. that proposal has enraged democrats and say it is too harsh and they have walked away from the bill. conway has tot rely on republicans to get the bill done, but not all republican support those changes , and there are various divisions within the caucus on whether or not they want to back adjustments to the food stamps program and what those changes might look like. >> now be heard in the agriculture committee that all democrats plan to oppose the bill. focuses one republicans lobbying for and against the legislation.
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what is the status of support of the bill overall. >> right now, he does not appear that conway has enough votes, but he is working overtime to get some. last night, he told us he is trying to talk to as many members as possible to get theort, but of course, freedom caucus threw a wrench into the freedom process by saying some of their members are threatening to withhold support unless they can get promise from house readership that a controversial leadership bill is brought to the bill. -- to the floor. >> so what changes are we looking for? over 100 amendments were submitted to be considered, and the amendment is stirring up a programebate about a introduced by congressman virginia foxx who aims to introduce market-based reforms, which relies on a complex system of tools that control the amount of sugar that is distributed in
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the u.s.. this is an amendment we have seen before, and what is that it appears she might have enough support to get the amendment passed. hand, hand, isother opposed to the amendment and calls it a poison pill that could sink the farm because he does not want to see changes to the sugar program and is facing a large opposition because a good number of members are saying they will support the amendment. >> if the bill does pass the house, what does it mean? >> the farm bill is essentially dead on arrival. the farm bill is essentially dead on arrival. chairman robert and ranking members have been working together, unlike what we have seen of the house, and president donald trump has also inserted himself into the debate. last week, he called agriculture anders to discuss the bill, said he would like to see work requirements implemented.
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and roberts simply responded that he needs to get to 60 votes, which is a different calculus than what chairman conway has to deal with. the debate on agriculture and food for politico pro. thanks for joining us. the c-span networks, live coverage of the house will begin at 10 a.m. for general speeches, at noon, more work on the farm bill. at c-span2, at 8 a.m., congressional leaders speak at a legislative conference. that 9:30 a.m., the senate returns to debate a budget bill. senate hearing on the national institutes of health budget, and at 1 p.m. eastern, linda mcmahon, administrator of the small business administration has a press club. night on afterwards,
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the book "natural causes." which makes bloor's heavy body ages and dies and is interviewed by the new york times science reporter. >> that is one of the jobs of being old, passing the torch. taking what you know and have accomplished or once done and passing it on to younger hands. afterwards sunday night at 9 p.m. eastern on c-span twos book tv. epa administrator scott pruitt testified at a senate hearing on the annual epa budget. in addition to questions about epa operations, senators questioned him about his travel and whether he got a favorable housing arrangement from a lobbyist. this is over two hours.


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