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tv   Rep. Mc Carthy on CNN State of the Union  CSPAN  June 3, 2018 1:27pm-1:31pm EDT

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kevin mccarthy. >> one argument in the memos is the president could simply end this with the power of the pardon. could he also pardon himself? >> it will not happen. it is a hypothetical point. nothing limits the presidential federal crime,m not state crime to the president will not do that and he will not give up any of his heart and powers or any other future president pardon powers. that he will not do that. in the memo if he will not do it? is it a veiled threat, if you push it too far, look what we can do, we will end your probe? the guyre not asking who wrote the memo. i am not sure i would have written that. hollow it is sort of a promise. >> do you think it comes across as a threat?
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>> almost impractical. the president of the united states pardoning himself would just be unthinkable. it would lead to probably an immediate impeachment. the senate would be under tremendous pressure. president trump is no need to do that. he did not do anything wrong. has power toent pardon. it is part of the checks and balances and that is why the at, was there any collusion in the process? we have gone on for more than a year. >> this is about targeting political allies and this is about russia more broadly. >> is that the basis for why the president pardon? does the president have the power to pardon? theill look at it that question is very clear. the president does has the power
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. >> do you think he has the power to pardon himself? what do you think? do not think that would be a legal question. the president has not said he will pardon himself. aredn't not know why we talking about this. i do not think he should pardon himself. >> there is a huge psychological literature about wilson. it but i have the sense it reduced him to tangles and things like that that i did not feel i could deal with on the .trength of my own knowledge some people have said his stubbornness in late -- in later life -- later life was a reaction to his father's
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strictness. they could point to one story were his father made him revise a thing he wrote 100 times. the suppositions are that wilson resented this, that he was a good boy and put up with it. inn you read every mention, his letters of his father, they are worshipful. word to had an unkind say about him. a presbyterian minister. at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. >> now, a discussion on the role of social media and democracy and how to regulate technology companies, hosted by the cato institute, about 90 minutes.


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