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Kirstjen Nielsen
  VP Pence DHS Sec. Nielsen Remarks at Immigration Customs Enforcement  CSPAN  July 6, 2018 6:06pm-6:36pm EDT

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and violent groups especially ms 13. that vicious gang is one of the most violent or inhumane groups in the world. rape, ando is kill, control. this on c-span, and the free c-span radio app. president donald trump will announce his nominee for the supreme court, filling the vacancy left by retiring justice anthony kennedy. watch seen of him live on c-span or or listen on the a.e c-span radio app today, vice president mike pence spoke to the u.s. immigration and customs authorities. he told them that ice has the full support of the trump administration despite calls by
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some to abolish it. homeland security secretary kiersten nielsen introduces the vice president. [applause] hello.elsen: i would like to start by saying .appy belated fourth of july i help everybody had opportunity to take time with their families. i would like to take the activity to thank the great men and women of ice. as we celebrate independence and went to thank you and your families for your service to our country in keeping our communities and country secure. it is also my privilege to welcome our acting director of ice. he has about 30 years of experience within our family and
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within law enforcement. we are thrilled to have him. before i introduce the vice president of the united states who has been an incredible ally and champion of our department, i want to take the opportunity to thank him. wantt the opportunity -- i to have the opportunity to meet some of you and to hear about the challenges you face each day. the men and women across the agency are vital to our homeland security mission. you have my undying respect and appreciation. i would like to take the opportunity to highlight a few of your missions because there are so many. mr. vice president, before you
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strengthen homeland security and public safety, dismantling and disrupting organizations. you protect our country by investigating crimes against our country's travel, trade, and financial systems. i would be remiss if i don't mention your expertise and experience in cyber crime. everything that you do in trafficking, child exploitation prevention, counter play reformation -- counter proliferation of weapons and your compassion through efficient enforcement and removal operations. it is an honor to serve alongside all of you. i would like to think the vice
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president for spending time with us today. this is my great honor to introduce the vice president of the united states, mike pence. ♪ [applause]. vp pence: secretary nielsen, acting director, and all the courageous americans who every day are protecting national security and upholding public my great honor that a critical time in the life of this agency to address the of u.s.d men and women immigration and customs enforcement. i bring greetings this morning
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from a great champion of law and order. today,anted me to convey a leader who stands without apology with the men and women of ice and law-enforcement at every level. i bring greetings from the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [applause] week, president trump said that the men and women of ice are incredible people. i know that to be true. president sent me here today with a simple message. today at aore you time when some people are calling for the abolition of ice. in this white house, let me be clear. we are with you 100%.
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as the president said last night, we will always stand proudly with the brave heroes of ice at our border patrol. [applause] before i go further, let me give thanks to a few other great leaders. i want to thank secretary kiersten nielsen not just for the warm introduction but for her strong and resolute leadership. stood strong for the courageous men and women of this and the american people and our safety have been advanced as a result. will you join me in thanking the sixth secretary of homeland security, secretary kiersten nielsen.
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let me recognize a new leader -- a man who has spent more than 33 years and forcing and upholding our laws, defending our borders, seeing to the law and order and protection of the american -- but me say thank you to all of you. all of you who are here today, and all of you who are watching across this nation to more than 400 offices of u.s. immigrations and customs enforcement. you are on the front lines of enforcing america's laws and ensuring the vitality of this nation and the security of our people. thanks ande
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admiration of the american people. as recently with the secretary at imperial valley, california. i never fail to be inspired. the truth is, your courage, your determination, your dedication to the law and to the american people inspires me and the people of this country. at this agency as the secretary described, more than 20,000 day, fieldery agents,, investigative
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analysts, they stand for the interest of the american people. we step up to enforce our system day men andis every women of ice confirm criminal illegal immigrants who endanger our communities and pray on -- prey on our most vulnerable. you have thought this gangs like ms 13 and stop traffickers and smugglers who are poisoning our youth and stealing lives of promise. you have apprehended terrorists who have come into our country to challenge our way of life and harm our people. tell thestics don't tale but they are worth repeating. in 2017, u.s. immigration and customs enforcement made 4818 gang arrests and took from the
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street 796 members of the ms 13 gangs. there were nearly 33,000 arrests by ice personnel, criminal arrests, individuals who came to the country illegally and then pursued crime against our people. nearly one million pounds of narcotics were seized by ice agents in 2017 alone. me as a father, ice agents rescued 518 human trafficking victims and 904 children subject to child exploitation were rescued by ice agents across america.
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we are enforcing our laws and protecting what is most vulnerable. i want you to know that president trump and i, and the american people understand that thisd these statistics, work you do often without regard for your personal safety. men and women of ice, you have answered a call that requires you to put the lives of your countrymen ahead of your own. i want you and your loved ones to know that we understand this. we appreciate the risks that you face. when you come into contact with violent criminals, when you enforce the law and remove drug dealers and gang members from our streets that threaten our
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years,-- in recent tragically attacks on law-enforcement officers have risen dramatically. in 2014, attacks on you and your colleagues increased by nearly 75%. at ice, assaults on your officers nearly tripled. these effects -- these attacks to not diminish your commitment, your courage or determination. i see it as i'm addressing you today. the challenges you face have only strengthened the resolve of this president and this
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administration to stand with you every step of the way. the american people know that the men and women of ice are american heroes. you are doing an important job, often a dangerous job and you are doing it for them. they have both the support and the respect and the resources that you deserve to do the job you have been called to do. the american people support you and they know how important your mission is. press,ave seen in the the heroes of ice are being
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attacked and demon i'd -- demonized for the work you do at an unprecedented rate in recent weeks. ice has been targeted with protests across the country in the public square and social media and for many of you, at your homes. #abolishice has taken its place on the internet. ban, no wachant, no at no border at all protests around the country. ice officers and leadership have had personal information shared on social media and threats to them and their families have followed. let me be clear, the american people have every right to engage in peaceful protest, but these threats against ice officers and their families must
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stop. they must stop now. the sad fact is it is not just the expression of the radical left that has been speaking out against ice lately. the truth is that opposition of ice has moved to the center of the democratic party itself. just when you thought the democrats could not move farther to the left, leading members of the democratic party including candidates for higher office are openly advocating the abolition of ice. senator elizabeth warren, senator kiersten gillibrand, and the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio, have called for ice's
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abolition. a leading candidate for governor of new york actually even appallingly called this agency a terrorist organization. ,et me be clear on this point the american people have a right to their opinions. the type of language being used to describe the men and women of this agency and the work you do every day is unacceptable. it is not just me saying it. these calls from top
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democrats, even today, the liberal editorial page of the washington post had a lead editorial titled ice is the wrong target for your outrage. in the editorial, they haven't knowledged that the 20,000 employees of ice manage more than two partitions. -- more than deportations. they handle cybercrime, proliferation of nuclear materials, child exported -- exploitation. they went on to say that in the washington post, those are all vital and legitimate functions of government, as is deportation. they are not going to be abolished nor should they be.
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the calls to abolish ice are not just outrageous, they are irresponsible. abolishing ice would mean more illegal immigration. country.ming into our ice removed 200-2016 illegal 226,000t -- removed illegal immigrants from our country. ice with thousands of immigrants convicted of breaking our laws including those guilty of 50,000 offenses, weapons offenses, 2000 kidnapping offenses and 1800 homicide offenses. i have already discussed the extraordinary progress in the last year that we made removing
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dangerous and must gang members from our streets. the truth is that the arrests 83% by ice represented an increase from the last full year of the previous administration. that is real progress making a difference for the safety and security of our families and communities. abolishing ice would mean more drugs in our schools and on our streets. seized -- ices of druged 100 tons products that criminals were smuggling into our country. mentioned, 515 human trafficking victims and nearly 1000 victims of human explication. abolishing ice would give terrorists a chance to exploit immigration loopholes.
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that is exactly what happened before september 11. entire -- the tireless work of ice and a law-enforcement community over the last 15 years, i believe that the men and women of this agency over the last 15 years have played a critical role in ensuring that no major terrorist attack occurred on our shores. you deserve to be credited. it is a record of a congressman and security. everyday ice makes america safer and more secure. every citizen in this nation is better off and safer because of the work that you do. clear i want to make it to all of you and to all of those looking on.
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under president donald trump, we will never abolish ice. as the president said, we will never fail to applaud and expand and empower this agency. president said recently, we are not abandoning ice, it is just the opposite. republicanh majorities, president trump has already given this agency new funding. this year we increase your baseline budget to $7 billion. the president has called on congress to give additional resources of more than $1 billion for 2019 including the hiring of 10 thousand new ice officers and investigators. help is on the way. we're going to make sure that you have our support.
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illegal immigrants, gang --bers, dangerous criminals so they can't enter our country in the first place. the president has signed into law the largest bill on border security in a decade and we started to build the first 100 miles of the border wall. we will continue to call on congress to come together around immigration reform. to close the loopholes that often serve as a loophole for a magnet for vulnerable families or worse to come across our border. be confident of this. president donald trump and i will always fight for you. we will always stand with you. we know that you are in the fight every day. for the safety and security of the american people.
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we will always have your back. i am here as your vice president to assure you that the american people are with you. as i travel across this country, i can hear the admiration and appreciation that millions of americans have for the men and women of this agency. for the sacrifices that you and your families make every day, so that their families can be safe and secure. we are all grateful for your courage. we are grateful for the risks you are willing to take to uphold our laws and defend our country. nationgrateful that our has men and women of such character and selflessness and are willing to step forward in this cause. men and women of the u.s. immigration's and customs enforcement, i am here to tell you that we stand with you and we always will.
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you,nly will we stand with giving you the resources and respect that you deserve, but i want to assure you that you are in our prayers. i know you are in the prayers of tens of millions of americans who understand the risks that you take, who understand that for many of you when you walk out the door in the morning, it is different, like it is for every law enforcement officer in this country. and your families supported you in this calling and we understand that, soon you go with our support, but you go prayers. for my part, i can't help but words of thee salmist in my hope that you would be confident that his faithfulness would be your
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your rampart. that you will not fear the flies day that as you make a will ever take you ever. that will be our prayer. so thank you for the honor of you addressing you today. importantly, thank you for the service. thank you for what you do for every day.n people of thise the success nation and security of our people. here today with renewed confidence, that you will that,ue to do just despite the criticism that may leveled by some, that i know you will continue to do your job with determination. you will uphold the rule of law. interest of the american people. service your continued
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and courage, with the support of the american people, with president donald trump in the white house and with god's help, will make america safe again. and we'll have all of you to .hank thank you very much. [applause] god bless you. bless you. [applause] god bless the united states. [applause] ♪ ♪ >> president donald trump will his nom fee thor the supreme court filling the rack
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kansi left by retiring justice anthony kennedy. watch the announcement live monday night at 9:00 p.m. c-span and c-span. org or listen on the free c-span radio app. day night on q&a, on thece journalist washington post magazine article lost and loaded another lord on the late reverend and their church in newfoundland, pennsylvania. up int is going on is a co min ling of aligion, politics and guns to degree we have not seen before. still is small church. aboutis no question that. shawn has worldwide following. be maybe 200d people in the congregation
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pennsylvania, 500-1,000 worldwide. you can follow the web cast every week, but it is that inmingling of passion and america and what, what does this say about us as a culture and what -- is this any -- is this any precursor what we may see down the road m when you get the genie mixingthe bottle of guns and religion of any society, it is usually problematic. at 8:00y night eastern on c-span's q and a. book tv recently visited membershill to ask of congress that they are reading this summer. book byo read a new john called "the soul of america" i have heard him discuss it. it is about the history of this country and how we have
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timeshrough some tough and i understand by the book andews, it is inspiring i can't wait to read it. i also hope to read a new one of thef favorite american presidents, it is dealnhower, this age of eisenhower, it is by professor william universityf the of virginia. when i was little boy, i had of meeting dwight eisenhower answer has always ispired me and i think he now rated one of the best presidents in american goingy and i am also to read chris matthews kennedy, ibobby think that chris matthews has thisan excellent job in regard and, of course, we commemorate this year, the the anniversary of tragic assassination of senator kennedy and so, these books at the hope to lists to read this summer.
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>> book tv wants to know what you are reading. send us the summer reading book tva twitter at or instagram at book post it totv or the facebook page, tv. book tv on c-span2 sell vision for a serious reader. next, a book tv exclusive. city's tour visits into or leans, louise man. to learn more about the literarystory and life, for seven years now we traveled to u.s. cities bringing the book scene to our viewers. you can watch more of our tour. 88888888888888888888888888888888 8888888888888888888888♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪