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tv   David Hawkings  CSPAN  July 7, 2018 5:42pm-5:55pm EDT

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president kim agreed to do. no one walked away from that. i had a chance to speak to president trump this morning. i know my counterpart spoke with chairman kim and the course of negotiations as well, productive good-faith negotiations. >> are you any closer to a sense of a timeline or denuclearization? >> i am not going to get into the details, but we spent a good time talking about those things. i think we made progress on every element of our discussion. >> we have got to go. thank you so much. >> president donald trump announce his nominee for the supreme court, filling the vacancy left by retiring justice anthony kennedy. watch the announcement live monday night at 9:00 p.m. on c-span.
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>> david hawking's joins us, senior editor with c cq and rollcall. to keep things running as smoothly and drama-free as possible would be the overarching desire. a largereally not legislative agenda in the weeks ahead. ryan wantconnell and to make progress on the annual appropriations bills. the house announced they will take another appropriations bill the week of july 16. it is a combination bill. passed onelready that combines three of the controversial -- the least controversial bills.
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that has tackle one the financial crisis bills. keeping that real or process going for as long as possible, knowing that, after labor day, there will be some shutdown, showdown drama for sure, that is one prior to for mitch mcconnell. the other priority is moving along on nominations. the the a -- the va secretary nomination that they want to move on. president trump's announcement to succeed anthony kennedy on the supreme court. that will become number one with able it on his parade for the remainder of the summer. >> let me ask you about the process -- going back to appropriations. your podcast had the headline "will the minibus rescue the
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hill's bill?" do you see the process of spending bills any better this year than in prior years? any semblance of regular order? >> there is, particularly in the senate. when the senate passed the i don'td minibus -- have my scorecard in front of me, but i think it was the first time the senate as a standalone appropriations bill in several years. they are trying to show the and -- thatobbyists they can do the routine business of governing. that will help when the big end of september drama happens. the more progress to have on these appropriations bills, the less they have to fight about. in the meantime, the republican majority is at least showing some voters were paying those attention that they can do some of the routine business of
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governing. having said that, there is an almost total lack of correlation between how productive a congress is in a midterm election year and what the voters due to that congress. in other words, there have been some very productive midterm election congresses and voters decided to switch parties, party control anyway. and there have been very unproductive congresses in recent years and the voters have decided to retain partisan control. so doesn't seem to be a correlation. but i think that does not prevent the republican leadership from wanting to keep the routine business going as much as possible. >> on the supreme court nomination, we found out the retirement of justice kennedy before the break. your video had a headline "decoding the high court confirmation process, things japanese story about." we will find out monday night the president's choice. what potential roadblocks are there?
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>> there are fewer potential roadblocks than in the past. this will be the first supreme court nomination in history that begins without any threat of a filibuster. memories, whogish remember back to when neil gorsuch was nominated, when he was first nominated, the senate still had rules in place that allowed -- that essentially had a 60-vote threshold. the filibuster threshold was done away with. for a problem for president trump has gone away. aat does not mean that supreme court justice will be confirmed on a party line vote because the president has a handful of republicans he needs to worry about, principally
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senator collins, murkowski, the republicans who support abortion rights. we think about flake and corker, two who are retiring and are somewhat emboldened. he needs to win them over. if you can't win them over, he needs to hope that he can get at least the same three democrats to vote for his nominee this time that note -- that voted for , joe manchin, joe donnelly, and heidi heitkamp. >> let's ramp up -- let's wrap up talking about the election, joe crowley losing, and the victory of alexandria across your cortez -- alexandria ocasio -cortez. willo you think democrats
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tailor message ahead of them in terms? >> this is a story with multifaceted storylines behind it, not the least of which that mr. crowley was trying to position himself to be the next leader of the house democrats, not the least of which cortezdria ocasio- represents an ideological breakthrough for the democrats. whatthink her message or she wants people to remember as was something i will guess we will hear more and more from democrats between now and the election. not so much from her message of aggressive is a -- progressivism. she wants to eliminate ice, wants medicare to be the sole health care provider for the country, wants free public college for everyone -- those progressive ideas. i don't know whether that's when the democrats will go. but here's what they will listen
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to, which she said time and time again. no -- themocrats, whole country knows who donald trump is. we don't need to spend our campaign talking ill of donald trump and taught people out of people intolk voting for democrats as opposed to donald trump. she says what does dig it is when democrats to get voters a democrats.ote for let's have a proactive agenda, give voters what we will do and not make this a referendum on donald trump because that is a surefire way to fire up his base and make this a more polarizing election. i think more and more democrats will heed that message between now and november. talk about issues, not about shop. rtezlexandria ocasio-co
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winning new york's 14th district over joe crowley. we have been talking with david hawkings. thanks so much. >> thank you very much. >> the c-span bus is traveling across the country on our 50 capitals tour. fairbanks,pped in alaska, asking folks what's the most important issue in alaska. >> the issue most important to me is the environment. as you can imagine, -- on the seafood industry. with environmental changes in my community, that industry has the potential to be wiped out. >> i'm running for governor of alaska. i was born and raised in the state of alaska. i have three platform issues that we are needing to take care of in the state. one is abortion. one is the budget plan.
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and one is giving the money back to the people. from the veto and state of action that took place two years ago and on coming this year. i want to give it all that with interest. i think it is the right of the people to have them be able to keep the resources that belong to the shareholders of the state. thank you very much. >> one thing that has been on my mind lately is a lot of children suffering throughout the united states. people have come in to the borders, etc. i met sent with some of the attorneys general who have not taken mr. trump and others to task for creating this childish -- child abuse. the united methodist church has called their own -- sessions, charged him with child abuse. i would like to see these attorneys general slam these
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legislators for allowing this to happen. that is just one issue. most of all, i want to welcome people who would like to visit alaska generally. we have a lot to offer here. we have beautiful scenery, really nice people, lots of kids who are having fun. this is santa claus wishing you a very merry christmas. >> the big issue for me is the future of alaska. i'm concerned about it. at the same time, i'm really optimistic about it. i'm concerned because we have the highest health care costs in the country, hice energy costs in the country, highest unemployment in the country, lowest educational attainment, rapidly changing environment and this investment in higher education. i'm optimistic, despite all that, because our people strongly support higher education. there's big demand for it here in our state. we lead the world in arctic research and our university has a plan. we are committing to that plan and investing that plan to build
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our people, to strengthen our future so that we are more competitive nationally and internationally as we look to the next century. be sure to join us july 21 and 22nd when we feature our visit to alaska. watch alaska wiese -- watch alaska weekend on c-span. sheila crumble, center for responsive politics. this is highly likely to be a record-setting election, another recordbreaker. we have already seen $1.3 billion raised by all the candidates this cycle, spending about $850 million. that is leading us in the direction of at least matching the $3.8


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